I Remember Mother – Chapter 1

Description: Mom takes me back to college, a trip for just us two. Will I take her when we are back at the motel, alone together ?



It was the trip to college, for my sophomore year. My mother had flown down with me to north Carolina, dad stayed in Connecticut unable to get free from business. My mom had never seen my college, so she accompanied me south, intending to stay several days. We arrive in Greensboro fine, but our luggage was lost somewhere else. The airline assured us that it would be delivered the next morning.

I registered and received my dorm room assignment that afternoon. We went out to a local restaurant. We both enjoyed the leisurely meal and split a couple of bottles of wine. I drove my mother back to the motel in the rental car we got at the airport. It was still early, and my mother suggested I stay a bit longer since it would be Christmas before we saw each other again, once she returned home in a couple of days.

We ordered some another bottle of wine from room service and started to reminisce about day’s gone-bye. When the wine was done, I got up to leave, but my mother suggested that I was too inebriated to drive back to the dormitory. I agreed, but said I didn’t have anything to wear to bed since our luggage was lost. My mother pointed out that neither did she, but that we could sleep in our underwear since we tended to be somewhat casual about our state of dress at home.

“Or undress,” she said with a titter. A sign that the wine had effected her too. I was more than ready to get comfortable so I stripped down to my jockey shorts. My mom looked a bit astonished at me and said, “David, I didn’t expect a strip tease show!” She let out a short laugh.

“I’m sorry mom,” I stammered, “I didn’t think getting undressed in front of you would embarrass you.”

“Oh it didn’t Sweetie, it’s just that it was a little unexpected.” Then she got up and began to undress too.

When she took off her blouse and skirt it was a slow and sensuous experience. She turned her back to unbutton her blouse and then stood in profile as if to let me see her figure. Then, facing me again, she unsnapped her skirt and dropped it slowly to the floor. As she bent to pick it up she turned her back to me, once more and as she did I could see the full length of her crack outlined by her tight bikini panties.

Now she stood before me in just a frilly bra and skimpy panties. She kicked off her shoes toward me and broke my staring gaze at her lean and sexy body. She worked out and kept herself in good shape, looking years younger than other women her age. “Like what you see?” She was grinning as she spoke.

The question caught me off guard and I blurted out “God! Mom you’re so beautiful!”

“Thanks honey, I appreciate the compliment, both spoken and silent.” At my puzzled look to her last remark, she explained. “I mean your cock standing at attention, silly!” I looked down at my dick and sure enough it was erect and firm. I must have turned beet red and my words of apology stuck in my throat. “It’s OK, dear,” she reassured me, as she sat on one of the two double beds. “I’ve known for years that you found me attractive. Ever since the time I caught you spying on me from the closet.”

I sat on the other bed as my knees shook with reaction. The memory of that day rushed into my mind. I had been hiding in the large walk-in closet in my parent’s bedroom to spy on my naked mother. I had been doing this for several weeks at the end of summer just before I started seventh grade. I was thirteen at the time. I would sneak in after my dad had gone to work, while mother would be in the shower. She usually left her clothes laid out on the bed. She changed her mind one day about what to wear. When she opened the door of the closet more than the crack I had closed it to, she discovered her nude son masturbating his young hard-on.

But she hadn’t screamed or balled me out then, she just said I should go to my room and that dad would talk to me later. My dad was very understanding. (It seems he had been caught himself peeking at an aunt.) He told me that mom wasn’t upset. She understood about a young boy’s curiosity. He made it clear, that I was not to violate my mother’s or their privacy again. Then he made sure that I had the facts of life straight, correcting a few misconceptions, which I was confused about.

My mother and I never had spoken about that day with each other until now. “You must have though me pretty perverse to do that to my own mom.” I blushed again.

“No! It is actually normal for a young man to be interested in his mother. They have a name for it.”

“I know,” I broke in, “it’s called an ‘Oedipus complex’.”

“All boys go through a stage where they are in love with their mothers, but it passes.” She continued.

“What if it doesn’t pass?” I queried.

“Then, maybe he gets his wish and maybe he doesn’t,” said my mother with cryptic look on her face. Her eyes seemed to be amused by something, but I was unsure of what.

“You didn’t stop being a naughty boy after that.” She went continued. “You were at our door lots of times when your father and I made love.”

“You knew about that!?” I was flabbergasted.

“Oh, yes! We knew, but there didn’t seem to be any way to make sure that you would stop, so we just let you.”

“You don’t do it as often now days as back then.” I commented.

“Yes,” she sighed, “your father has medication that makes it difficult to maintain an erection.” She explained.

“Don’t you get horny then?” I asked.

“Sure I do,” she smiled. Then she changed the subject abruptly. “How about you? Gettin’ any lately?”

My family has always been open in talking about anything between us, but I sensed a new level of intimacy between my mother and myself. It was a mature woman and a grown man, friendly with one another, discussing a adult subject in open honest way. It was also the most erotic conversation I ever had in my life. There I was in my underwear, talking to a gorgeous woman who was also sitting in her skimpy underclothes. A woman I had always, and mostly (so I had thought) secretly desired. And we were talking about sex. My head felt like a balloon.

But I had the presence of mind to answer her question. This time I was honest by design. “Mom, I’m a virgin. I’ve never gotten the chance to screw a girl. I’ve done most everything else, but not that yet.”

“Twenty and still a virgin! Son I think it’s good you haven’t done it yet. When you’re young; hormones are raging, emotions are high, caution is small and with AIDS and other diseases around it is a big risk that somebody might get pregnant or sick.”

“Well I know enough not to have unprotected sex, but I still can’t get laid!” For some reason this struck us both as being hilarious. We laughed so hard my sides hurt and I got up and went over to the other bed and kiss mom. “I love you mom.” I said, and gave her a big hug. The embrace felt good with my mom’s tits poking me in the chest and I smelled the aromatic combination of her sweat and perfume. “When did you lose your virginity, mom?”

“Earlier than you. I let my boy friend in high school have it after our Junior prom, I was 17. He got me tipsy on wine just like you did tonight.

“Only I’m not planning on seducing you.”

“No, I didn’t think you were,” she said with a hint of regret.

“Well,” I replied, feeling emboldened by the personal confessions and my proximity to my lovely, semi-nude mother, ” If I did, would you let me?”

“David!” She exclaimed with mock outrage, “for goodness sake, I’m your mother it wouldn’t be right to fuck you!” It was the first time I’d ever heard the “F” word spoken by my mother when she wasn’t swearing. It stunned me momentarily, but aroused me too. And now my dick was beginning to grow again. I made an excuse to go pee so that I could jack-off in the bathroom. By now I was so horny it wouldn’t take very long to get my rocks off.

Just as I got in the bathroom my mom rushed in and cried, “Me first!” She pulled her undies down in front of me and sat on the pot. I couldn’t see much but the top of her pubic hair. It still was extremely exciting. “I’m sorry but when you said pee it triggered me too, and girls can’t hold it as well as boys.”

“That OK mom, I can wait.” I said, as I heard her piss tinkle in to the toilet. Suddenly, an inspiration popped into my head. “Actually, the sound of your urinating makes me have to go right now!” I spoke the words as I dropped my shorts to the floor and began to piss into the shower stall. Of course, since I was still mostly hard it came out as sort of a fountain. But I had managed to find an excuse to show my mother what a “big” boy I was.

“You have grown since your closet days.” My mom said. She had stopped peeing but remained on the seat. I finished too, and turned to her with my pants still down. I had to ask the question, which all guys will ask one way or another at some point, although, not many to their mother, much less with their cock just about in their mom’s face. “Am I as big as dad?”

“Does it get any bigger?” My mom asked, knowing from earlier the answer was yes indeed.

“It gets to be over seven inches,” I boasted slightly.

“Let’s see. Make it as big as it will get honey. Then I can answer your question.” I started to stroke my member. My mother stood up and now I could see all of the wonderful dark triangle of hair down between her legs. Then she took off her bra.

I was looking straight into the rosy nipples of her full breasts. The tits were a soft pink and white shade textured by some blue veins which shown through the translucent skin. Her nipples were erect like pencil erasers. I could see the indentations where the milk that once feed me had come from. And now the woman who had given me birth stood before me naked except the panties at her ankles. I couldn’t get any harder, it was my best, 7 1/2 inches at least!

“Yes you are as big as your father is, David. At least as he used to be.”

Suddenly she bent and drew up her panties, though she didn’t put her bra back on. “Let’s get to sleep now darling, we got a lot to do tomorrow to get you ready for classes.” Disappointed that I still hadn’t jerked-off yet but too embarrassed to confess my urgent need, I agreed.

Once in my bed, my mom in the other, I thought she would fall asleep quickly, then I could ‘make love to my pillow’, pretending that is was mom, as I had done so often in the past. She fell quiet and her breathing seemed slow. I started my motions to bring myself off. As I did it a little more vigorously, getting into my mother-fucking fantasy, the bed began to rock.

Wouldn’t you know, it squeaked!

“David?” My mom called softly. “can’t you get to sleep honey, or were you having a wet dream?”

“Well, if you must know,” I said somewhat exasperated with the frustrating situation, “I was trying to masturbate. All this sexy talk and intimate atmosphere, has gotten me so horny that I have to, even if you’re in the same room!”

My mother turned on the light by her bed. “Come over here baby, I’m sorry to make you so frustrated. Bring your pillow and sit up at the end of my bed. I think I know a way to help.”

Unsure of exactly what she had in mind, but willing for any help, I threw off the covers, then realized that in doing what I usually do, I had slipped out of my underpants and was naked with a hard on before my mother again. But since she said she was about to help me in that task, I brazenly moved between the two beds with my straining boner.

I made myself comfortable at the end of her bed facing her, my pillow behind me and my raging hard-on pointed straight at her. She then, pulled down her sheet. She had not put her bra back on and mom’s stupendous mammaries were once more again in full view. But she didn’t stop there. She kicked off the sheets entirely and I was surprised that her panties were gone too! “I like to sleep in the raw too.” mother explained.

Then she parted her thighs, drew up her legs and I gazed on my piece of paradise. There was her whole crotch opened to me. The bushy brown wedge of hair was split by coral pink lips and a dark red crevasse of vaginal grotto set in the middle of all. I began to stroke myself without thinking about anything else but to burn that sight into my memory and thinking about how I wanted to be putting what I was handling into that wonderful sex hole.

As I was doing this, again inspiration made an outrageous idea come from my mouth before I thought of what it was that I was suggesting. “Play with yourself too, mom!”

“Yes! Darling let’s come together!” She began to finger her clit, then put her middle finger right inside her cunt!

I was almost out of control now. I came toward her, “I want to see it closer, mom!” I got between her legs and looked down at my beautiful sexy mother fingering herself for me. Driven with lust, I asked something I never would have in a saner moment. “Mom, when you knew that I was outside the door to your bedroom listening to you and dad … fuck (I used her word) did you ever think about doing it with me?”

“Yes, baby, I did sometimes. Your mother is just as naughty when it comes thoughts about incest, as you are.” Her fingers moved even faster and deeper.

“Feel how hard I am for you, mom.” I took her hand and put it on my hot cock. “Let me do it for you, too.” I continued. As she stroked me and I pushed two fingers deep into her pussy and began to saw them in and out of the wet hole.

This was all too much for us and I began to squirt gobs of cum on her tits and tummy. This was her cue to release herself to an orgasm and she bucked her hips up and down as I tried to keep my fingers in her.

We both collapsed into each other’s arms. My mother kissed me after a few minutes of catching our breath. I slipped my tongue into her mouth and we French-kissed for several minutes.

“Wow! Was that wild or what?” she exclaimed. “The girl who gets you for a lover won’t be disappointed, David! But you mustn’t tell anyone about out little ‘episode’ tonight baby.”

“I know mom, don’t worry. But can I sleep with you tonight, I mean, just cuddle not anything else. Unless you want to…”

“No, Sweetie, we mustn’t go that far, but yes you can be in my arms tonight.”

We snuggled together, and fell asleep.


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