I just needed to be laid

I came home from work with a surprise for my wife. A vacation to Jamaica.

Two weeks later!

“Jimmy, let’s go our flight leaves in two hours.”

She is upset she can’t find him. Jimmy walks into the house from the garage,

“Sandy, cars packed you ready to go?”

She is in the kitchen laughing, boy is she nervous. She walks out hugs Jimmy.

“Yes, I’m ready”


The ride to the airport took forty-five minutes. Sandy talked all the way; she was so excited. Jimmy’s company paid for an all-expense trip to an all-inclusive retreat. The trip was a gift for 25-year anniversary with the company.

While she was talking away Jimmy just sat there admiring her. She was 39 years old, Jimmy 46. She was well tanned and beautiful. She was about 5’10” to his 6’6″. Jimmy was in great shape running his third Boston Marathon. He ran for a cause, making money for a local orphanage. Sandy was Scottish. She had Black hair, down to the center of her back. Petite in frame because she also loved to run.

He admired her physical appearance, nice firm breast 36C and a 30 waist, 32 hips. He wondered if she trimmed her bush after he saw her new bathing suits. Then the car came to a holt. Sandy noticed his bulge in his pants, giggled as they thanked the porter for taking their bags.

When they got inside Jimmy checked in while Sandy herself got caught up thinking of Jimmy. When they first met at a party, he ended up in a office looking for someone. Sandy jumped right into his arms for a wonderful sexual romp. It had to be fast. When they finished, she felt like she just rode a horse. She was confused. She heard the guy she was set up with had a small dick. She didn’t care, she needed to be fucked. When she left, she returned to her friends and they talked about how the guy she was to meet was outside on the phone. She turned white. Who was she with just now.

She told her friends she was going for a drink; did anyone want one. They all said no thanks. So, she is sitting at the bar when this man stood next to her to order a drink. She froze, she could smell her perfume on him, and his colon. She said hello. He returned her greeting.

He asked: “May I buy you a drink.”

Sandy: “That would be nice, a martini please”

They walked over to a table where you had to stand.

Sandy looked at him, and she was a bold woman.

“I hate to start off a conversation like this, but you wouldn’t have been in an office with someone just now?”

“He smiled and said yes he was.”

Jimmy asked her if she would like to step outside a moment. She walked out with him and he turned and kissed her.

“I was looking for my boss and didn’t know what to do when I was pulled in and was in the arms of a naked woman.”

“I don’t know what to say, you must be a horse. I was told the guy I was meeting had a pencil dick.” They both laughed.

“Right now I feel wonderful, I needed a good screwing.”

They went home together that night, married two weeks later.

Jimmy: “Nancy, you okay we have to go.”

She smiled and looked at his pants.

He looked down. “I see it still keeps your attention.”

She giggled and they got in line, security, then to the plane. She was happy they were first class, even if they were only going to Jamaica. She slept most of the way, Jimmy had his hand under the blanket when the lights went off holding her breast and sneaking a peek at her pussy, yup she shaved. Plane was landing, now the long ride to the resort.

They checked in and were escorted to their room. It was to the Clothing optional section. She wanted to add some spice to their life. Jimmy felt there was no need but was ready for whatever she had in mind.

She unpacked, he helped put clothing and items away. Then they took a long romantic shower. They dried and went out to lay on the terrace. They talked and decided what to do the first day. For now, they would just sit on the terrace. They were on the fourth-floor suit, looking over the nude beach and sitting area. They looked around, no one was out there. So, they lathered up and relaxed.

Sandy sat there looking at her husband wondering what women were going to think of him when they see his massage cock. It was relaxed now at 9″ and will reach 12″ excited. It was 5″ at the head, the rest was 4″. She wished she could take it all in, but she loved what they could do because of its length. Jimmy smiled seeing her looking. It started to grow, and she started to laugh. She reached over held him until she started to give him a hand job, she had learned how to get his head in to her mouth by now so she teased him a little before starting to really move on his hand job.

She was naked, so she didn’t care where he hit her, she aimed for her small breast. A few minutes later he let go, it landed on her breast first time. Second time it went over the terrace, where they heard a scream. They started laughing as he finished. She looked over, and saw an old naked couple complaining that some bird had just shit on her hat. They went inside fast,

Sitting on the bed, holding each other laughing, they smiled at each other and kissed. She gets up, shower time again then lunch. At lunch Sandy thinks she sees someone she knows, then forgets it as she laughs. How could they see anyone so far away.

Jimmy looks at the water, “Sandy lets go to the ocean.”

“Yes, let’s see how many heads you turn.”

“All I care about is yours.” She kisses him. They walk down to some chairs, and disrobe. She went to the water first, all eyes on her. He undresses and Sandy is watching. She couldn’t believe how many people dropped everything and put their hands over their mouths. Jimmy was enjoying the attention.

They swim out to one of the corners, just relaxing and enjoying the peace and quiet. There were more people coming into the ocean many waving, but all seemed to keep to themselves. Day after day they did the same thing. Until the fourth day. At dinner the couple behind then were talking about an office party several years ago with another couple. One of the men started talking about how he was to meet a woman in an office but was delayed buy an overseas call. When he showed up no one was there, but there was a huge pool of cum on the floor. So, I guess some other guy had a good time. Never knew who I was to meet.

Sandy got up and ran to our room. I got up and everyone turned to look at me, I smiled and started to leave. What did Sandy see?

She wouldn’t speak when I got to the room, she wanted to leave now. She cried and I convinced her maybe some time in the ocean would help calm her. She agreed, we put on our robes and headed to the chairs. Once again there were just a few people there. A couple of ladies waved at us; Sandy knew why. But she started to laugh when he dropped his robe, the woman were fanning themselves. They walked to the pool, nothing blocking them. Sandy wanted everyone to see her man. She never thought that anyone would be interested in her. They were swimming for an hour and more people started to enter. Some pointing at them.

“Sandy you are really enjoying yourself, aren’t you?”

“I am now, I’m sorry I freaked out at the restaurant.”

“I was surprised, are you sure you are ok?”

“I want to be honest with you, but not now ok? I want to enjoy this moment, but I will tell you when we go sit down.”

He said ok and they relaxed a while longer. Jimmy wanted to go in and relax. So, they started to walk in. Sandy started to shake; Jimmy held her tight. Then they heard a hello.

“Hi Jimmy boy, are you and Sandy having a great vacation.” They were waist high in water, they could see everything. Sandy almost laughed but was scared at the same time.

Jimmy went over and shook his bosses hand. When Sandy got close enough Frank said wow Sandy you look hot. Sandy thanked him for the complement. They talked a little while.

Yea, not sure where my wife is, but she’s here. From behind Sandy is slapped by her friend Sue.

Frank: “Oh there you are. I see the two of you know each other.”

We smiled and hugged, never seen her naked, and she was hot. It felt funny hugging another woman’s bear breast.

“Sandy and I are going to walk in while you two stand here talking.”

Sue and Sandy ran in, Sue was uncomfortable naked, but with Sandy near her she felt better. Sandy noted she was at least a C cup, large bush and beautiful in all ways.

“Sandy, I had no idea you were coming here, are you ok?”

“Sue is that the man I was supposed to meet?”

“Yes, he came to me and said the dumb phone call messed up his night, so I went home with him. Been with him ever since. He’s a nice guy, but it looks like you hit the jack pot, I’ve never seen a penis so large.”

“He was the man in the room that night.” They both laughed.

“Well, maybe he’ll find his way into my room tonight. I couldn’t imagine how much of that you can fit in you.”

“Not much, but it has its advantage.”

Then they watched the men walking up, they looked at each other and started to laugh.

“You sure we can’t switch for a night.”

Sandy laughed. Wow is she glad Jimmy walked into that room.