The day started busy as normal, mostly university types. They never usually spend much, but they are regular custom. I think that was why Charlie took me on, to bring in the punters. They were always trying to hit on me, I think I was looked at as the experienced older woman even though I was only a year or two older than myself.

I am Lisa and at 21 years old, this was my first steady job, working in a high street bakery shop. God, it was boring, but it was a job, right? I didn’t do well at school, I relied on my looks more than my brains. There was no getting away from it, people classed me as beautiful, and I played on it. I had done a few photo shoots for clothes catalogues when I was 14-15 and expected big things to come from it, it didn’t, but I know it will.

Johnny is Charlie’s son; he is two years older than me and my steady boyfriend for now. He works here Saturdays when it is really busy, that’s how I got to know him. He could easily be a model himself; he is gorgeous. It feels weird when we go out at weekends to clubs, I am used to the people looking at me, so it is sometimes a bit disconcerting when I see females everywhere we go, go to mush when he walks by them.

He took my virginity when I was 18, and it was a revelation to me. All the girls at school told me of the pain when you were first penetrated, but for me it was pure pleasure from the first moment of entry. I found I loved sex and wished I had started much earlier. Johnny took advantage of my love for it, and we fucked every opportunity we could, he even got on his knees once behind the counter and licked my ass while I served two old ladies currant buns. He adored to suck on my pussy, and I let him do it to his heart’s content.

We had been together for about six months when I noticed a change in the attention that he was paying me. I had moved into his flat above the shop two months previously and loved the time we had in private together. He started going out with his friends more and more, when he came home, he was stinking of booze and more importantly, perfume.

He got auditioned around this time to do a shoot for a women’s perfume commercial, he got it. I was as jealous as fuck; it should be me doing them not him. But I did the right thing and pretended to be ok about it. He was to be eye-candy for the lead actress. What with him going out more and now getting a leading perfume commercial, he was leading the life I should be leading.

One Friday after a particularly hard day at the shop he came home a bit worse for wear, he had been to the pub with the boys. I was not in the best of moods and was a bit angry with him.

He took a long velvet box he had from inside his jacket pocket.

“For you, I bought it with the first instalment from the ad money.”

I opened it and it was beautiful, a silver chain with an opal in a lovely tasteful setting of small diamonds.

He turned me and put it around my neck.

“To match the sparkle of your grey/blue eyes.” He said.

All my anger evaporated as he kissed the back of my neck fixing the clasp. I melted.

He turned me and kissed my lips, his breath smelled of alcohol with a tangy pungent taste to his lips. Much the same taste as I get from him after he has gone down on me. I shook it off as my imagination and we made love late into the evening, it was our best session in ages. He ate me to orgasm after orgasm, it was perfect.

The next night he was out with his actor buddies again, leaving me at home yet again. Saturday night, 21 years old and here I am sitting indoors watching movies on a Saturday night alone. I decided to ring Tammy, my old best girlfriend from school to see if she was busy, as luck would have it, she wasn’t, and we hit the town together.

It wasn’t too late when we got to our old local nightspots, around 10pm. Tammy and me were the “it” girls at school, we had the pick of the boys. They hung around us like flies, she was a slut though, dropping her panties to anyone that asked nicely, my legs stayed shut. I gave the odd blowjob or handjobs, but that was as far as I went. She had not changed at all; all she could think about was getting laid.

“Damn girl, I hear you are steady with Johnny Chivers? What I would’ve given to have him on top of me.”

“Oh, fuck off Tammy, he is out of bounds.”

“I know, but a girl can dream can’t she. But seriously, what is it like to have that hunk of man-meat between your legs?”

“Ha, ha, you have not changed a bit have you Tam. His dick is ok, but his tongue is the thing, fuck, he can do magical things with his tongue.”

Just then our conversation was interrupted by two fit men standing at our table trying their luck, asking us to dance.

Tammy answered for us both, “Yes please.”

I shot her a smoldering look as if to say, “fuck you” Tam, but the taller one was already holding his hand out to me. I could hardly say no now especially as she was already out of her chair heading for the dancefloor.

His name was Colin, and he was nice, but I was taken. It was flattering but I didn’t need his hand squeezing my ass as we danced. I swatted him down every time he tried. He saw Tammy with her tongue down his mate’s throat and took it that I was the same.

Over his shoulder I saw my Johnny sitting at a table on the far side of the dancefloor surrounded by beautiful women, they had a bucket of champagne and were obviously oblivious to everything around them.

“Tam, Tam, look over there.”

I grabbed her shoulder pointing to where he was sitting, she managed to get her mouth free from her man’s face for a second to follow my finger.

“Fuck! Lisa, what are you going to do?”

As I watched, he put his arm around one of the women and kissed her.

“Fuck him, the scummy bastard, fuck him.”

I turned to my dance partner and kissed him passionately. He immediately put his hands back onto my ass and we stood there making out. I hoped Johnny would see me, but he was too engrossed in his harem of ladies.

Tammy whispered to me,

“You want to come back to mine and get some revenge?”

It took me a split second to say “Yes.”

We spent the next hour having unprotected sex with our new men at her place. It felt good to have a different man between my legs but all I could think of was johnny. The sex was not even that good, he came within a minute of entering me. He wouldn’t go down on me before or after sex but expected me to give him a blowjob!

I did, then decided to get a cab home leaving her to be double teamed by them.

I got back to the empty flat around 2am, still no Johnny. I poured a white wine and sat alone until the door opened around 3 ish. Again, he was worse for wear.

“Where have you been, I have been worried.”

“Sorry, just out with friends.” He said.

I gave him a half smile, fuming inside.

“You look sexy tonight, why have you got your best party frock on?”

I had to think quickly, “I was hoping you might get back earlier, and we could go out, I didn’t bother changing back into my indoor clothes.”

“Oh, sorry babe, you should’ve rung me.”

Yes, I thought. As if you would be dragged away from your bevvy of beauties.

“I will make it up to you tomorrow, we will go out, ok?”

I sat there annoyed looking at him all smug. An evil thought came over me,

“You can make it up to me now.”

“Sorry?” he looked up confused.

“You can make it up to me now,” I said as I sat on the sofa slowly opening my legs.

“Oh, I can’t babe, I am fucked. Its late.”

“But Jon, I have waited in all night, I need you.”

He sighed, then started to unbuckle his belt.

“No, no, just lick me, I need your tongue tonight.”

I pulled off my wet panties and laid back, opening my legs pulling my dress up giving him access. He crawled over to me and buried his head between my legs.

I was soaking down there; I had not bothered getting cleaned up from earlier yet and I was still full of my earlier encounter. The downright dirtiness of watching him licking and sucking the cum from another man out of my nasty pussy had me orgasming within seconds. It triggered something primeval in me and I loved it. I held his hair and mashed his face into my sex, he came up for air and I pushed him to the floor onto his back. I straddled his head and sat upon his face,


I screamed into another orgasm as soon as I sat down. I covered his whole mouth with my dirty cunt, pushing myself onto him making sure he got his tongue right inside of me.

Eventually he pushed me off saying,

“Fuck me Lisa, what has gotten into you?”

I sat back getting my breath back as he went to the bathroom to clean up. When I made my way to the bedroom ten minutes later, he was fast asleep in bed.

“Fuck you,” I said under my breath, “Fuck you, you will be getting more of the same from now on you cheating fucker.”

I crept into bed and examined his body a little closer, he had hickies on his stomach. That was the moment our relationship changed. I fell out of love with him from that instant.

The next morning as he slept my phone buzzed, it was Tammy.

“Well. What happened?”

“Shhhh, Tam. Can we meet up for coffee, Starbuck’s in an hour ok. I’ll tell you then.”

I went back to the bedroom, looked at him sleeping as I dressed. I met Tammy an hour later and told her what I did to him.

“You dirty, dirty girl. I love it! and I thought I was bad last night doing both of them, but you? Fuck me, that is just plain nasty. I love it!”

It progressed to Saturday mornings, me getting fucked in the storeroom at the bakery by the Uni boys who came in to buy cakes. I took the chance they were clean by how young they were. Stupid looking back at it now, but it served my purpose at the time. I fed them to Johnny when he came by to pick me up when we closed up.

Johnny gave me the bad news that he was dating a model that he had been working with and he dumped me. He was physically sick when I told him that he had eaten at least thirty loads of spunk in the last two months. My payback was sweet.

That was how it started, my fetish for giving my men creampies. Mostly their own but now and again when I find a man kinky enough to try from a different source, that’s when the real trippy orgasms start. God, they are mind-blowing.

It was a few years later that I myself was picked up to model for a big London agency, now I travel the world getting my pick of the best men I work with. It is amazing just how many of them are gay or bi at the top. This serves my creampie fetish perfectly. One day I will settle down and marry, but he has to be willing to indulge in my little fetish to get my hand.


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