I fantasize about my coworker…

**Hi! I want to preface this story by saying that this is 75% fiction. Details were changed to protect the identities of myself and him. No names will be mentioned. I really do fantasize about my coworker, but it is strictly fantasy and I by no means want to act on my desires. I just wanted an outlet to let out my fantasy.**

I work at a gas station. Just a regular employee amongst others. Basically just another 9-5 type of job. I work with this guy who’s younger than me. I’m 41, I am not the most attractive. I’ve got a “mom body” but I like to think I’m curvy a bit. I have plenty of insecurities with myself. Skin discolorations, belly full of stretch marks from my pregnancy, I could go on and on. Why and how I even got a man at all. Is beyond me.

My coworker’s 28. He’s not the most attractive or handsome by other people’s standards, but I find myself fantasizing about him. I personally found him attractive. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s his ability to not give a fuck about anything. Say what he’s thinking and knows exactly what he wants. It’s when they know what they want and they’re not afraid to come and take it, turns me on to no end.

Some back story… I’m taken, a boyfriend of 8 years. He’s good to me and my son. He’s perfect in many ways but sex wasn’t always the best, because he wasn’t into any sort of B.D.S.M or anything. Not that sex was boring. It just wasn’t what I wanted. And I’m not even into the really hardcore shit either. For me, I just want him to take me. No need to try to seduce me. Bend me over and fuck the shit outta me. Smack me. Tell me my pussy is his and no one else’s. Call me a whore. Etc. My boyfriend and I… I admit we barely have sex anymore. Mostly because we’re tired, busy, or even sick.

My coworker, he’s taken as well but I’ve also seen his eyes wander at other women. Even compliment them to my face, in which I would just shake my head and laugh. But for as long as I’ve been an employee there. I’ve been fantasizing about him. He knows all about my kinks. Why I told him even before I began fantasizing about him. I couldn’t even tell you. It was something to talk about, I guess. Sex is always interesting in any conversation.

But I’ll never forget that night…

We were working a shift. There were 3 of us, we typically have more than 3 or 4 people in a shift but during graveyard hours. It’s not unusual to have less than 3. The store was pretty much dead on this night. He and I had decided to go stock the soda cooler to full. There was CCTV everywhere except in that cooler. As we were stocking it. We went on about our usual banter and laughter. My 5 ft self had to reach for a pack of sodas. He decided that that was a good time to reach right above me.

He stood right behind me now. So close that I could feel his body warmth against my back. I held my breath and stood very still. That was basically the way it went when he got that close to me at any time on shift. I didn’t even look at him. I can feel my body instantly respond. I was shaking and my pussy was wet.

I’m not sure but I think he sensed how tense I got, and I’m not sure if he meant to reach over me so closely. But it happened that way. Both of our hands extended to reach different brands of sodas. From different levels of shelving. Neither of us moved. I felt him respond to me. Like he could sense how horny I got. I felt his hard cock behind me. I didn’t dare react. I was nervous. My pulse slowed in time with my breathing. I was just completely frozen on the spot.

We both snapped out of it, and I pretended not to notice his hard-on when I grabbed the soda case and stocked it, he did the same. I was about to open the door & toss some boxes out onto the store floor. As I almost pushed the door to exit. He stopped me right there and locked the door from the inside.

I didn’t bother turning around. I didn’t want him to see how flushed and horny I was. He didn’t say a word. I could feel him move closer and approached me from behind. He gently pushed my body against the door with only my hands stopping me from being completely crushed against it.

My breathing got heavier. He began caressing me on the sides of my body, feeling me up, even grabbing my boobs. Lacking in cup size didn’t stop him from playing with my nipples, which were hard as rocks… I closed my eyes as I whispered almost inaudibly. “What… what’re you doing?”

“I think you know exactly what I’m doing…”

He grabbed my neck with his left hand, as his right began to undue my belt. I said “what if people see? All they have to do is look close enough and they can see everything… and this is wrong. Completely wrong. We are both taken. I don’t want to do this.”

As I said this, he finished undoing my belt and slipped his middle finger into my warm and wet pussy. Despite my words. My body failed to agree with them. I gasped from both the sensation of his finger, and how cold his hand was, due to handling sodas. He whispered into my ear, which made me even hornier…

“Your body betrays you… you’re lying your ass off right now. I think you want this more than you care to admit. Like the slut you are…”

I had no more objections… that’s all it took for me to submit to him. Never mind that we both had partners, never mind that we were both at work. Never mind that we could be caught. In that moment. I didn’t give a shit. I needed him, I craved him…

He took my silence as his answer, and he began fingering my pussy. It was absolutely soaking at this point. He then began playing with my clit. I couldn’t take it anymore. Especially when he whispered in my ear. “Yes, bitch. Cum for me…” I felt my body slightly grind against his finger. I came, my body shook as I tried to catch my breath. I tried not to scream, I managed to finish cumming quietly.

He said “good girl…” into my ear. Not wanting to waste time. He released me, undid his belt, and took his cock out. It wasn’t big nor was it small. But it was so hard. Harder than my nipples. I felt it with my hand and eyed it lustfully. He stopped me. Physically turned me and said “turn back around bitch. I didn’t say you could move. Put your hands back where they were.”

I listened. Put my hands against the cold door once again. He pulled my pants down. My ass was exposed. He smacked it, bit it, fingered me some more. I just wanted him to shove his dick in me already. But I wanted to wait patiently.

He leaned against me from behind once again. This time. I can feel his cock against my shirt.

He once again fingered me like before. Grabbed my hair and pulled. And with the smirk I can hear in his voice. He whispered. “your pussy is so wet for me. How bad do you want it?”. I could barely talk as he kept fingering me. “please… *moans*”

“I don’t know, you don’t sound like you actually want it. Tell me once more… How much do you want it??”

“Please… *moans in between words and his finger* FUCK ME ALREADY!” I said in a somewhat loud and hungrily, desperate tone.

“Good girl…”

He shoved his dick in me. And I gasped. “oh fuck!”

He didn’t move. It was like he was savoring the feeling of my pussy. All I could do was close my eyes and just take it.

He thrust hard in me. It was hard enough to push the door open. If it hadn’t been locked from the inside. It would have opened up to expose us. After that first thrust. He began fucking me. He kept his left hand on my neck, and he moved the one he fingered me with and pressed it against my right hand. Pinning me in place. Even if I wanted to move. I couldn’t.

In and out, in and out… I could feel myself writhing in pleasure. His dick felt so fucking good. My head was spinning. Even though it was cold in there. I felt hot all over. He removed his hand from my neck and turned my head to kiss him. We kissed as he continued fucking me. My impending climax built and built as I began to move into him. He could feel me about to cum. I almost screamed. He covered my mouth and said in my ear. “Shut your fucking mouth!”

My climax was muffled by this. I basked in this pleasure. In this moment. Just reeling. My head was still spinning. I was on a high and I wanted more. I wanted more of him. He also wanted more of me too because he pulled out. Spun me around and lifted me up by my thighs. I was once again pinned against the cold door but this time. I was facing him.

I finally got a good look at him. His eyes matched my look of lust perfectly. We were both breathing heavily and stared at one another for a brief moment. It was a silent look of understanding. That this was never going to happen again, and we were never going to bring this up. This was something that we would take to our graves and never speak of again. I knew though, that I was going to keep reliving this moment. Maybe it was because I knew this was wrong. Maybe it was because I knew the appeal of doing something forbidden was far too enticing to ignore. Maybe I just needed a taste of him…

Whatever the case, I just knew. That I wanted him to fuck me more. To take my pussy one more time. He slipped his dick into me; I was so wet he went in with no problem at all. How he managed to get me in my favorite position. I’ll never know. The men I’ve slept with have never been strong enough to lift me.

He proceeded to fuck me. This position however, allowed my clit to also be stimulated, which is why it’s always been my favorite position. I was on cloud nine. The pleasure high I had earlier was tenfold. I wrapped my legs around him and rode him to match his rhythm. I held onto him tightly and his head was buried in my neck. I can feel him bite me there. If we weren’t at work. I would have begged him to draw blood.

I take pleasure in a little darkness and a little pain. He understood this but knew we couldn’t do much more than that. As we were at work. Our tryst was so rudely interrupted by the sound of our radios going off by our other coworker.

Asking us why we’re taking so long to finish. He managed to grab his radio and tell them that we were almost done. I knew we had to stop eventually. How the customers who did grab drinks while we “stocked the soda cooler” didn’t even notice us, boggled my mind.

He hesitantly pulled out, and I already felt the absence of his dick gnawing at me. He gently put me back down and we put ourselves back together again. Making sure we had nothing out of place. Not even our hair. We weren’t even done with the cooler, but we had to move on. We didn’t want to be caught.

After we finished fixing our appearance. He backed me up towards the cooler door. I couldn’t look at him at the moment. I was in shock at what we had done. I was in shock that I wanted more. I was trying to calm down and make my face stop blushing, because I was pretty sure that that’s what it was doing. He turned me to face him, grabbing my face somewhat forcefully, with the hand position of one about to throw darts. If that makes any sense. Squeezing my face together as he said. “We are NOT done”.

I didn’t say a word. I didn’t need to. I knew we weren’t done. I just stared at him. He let go of my face and traced my lips with his finger. Downwards on my neck and my nipple, as he pinched them hard. I moaned in response to the pain. He then drew me closer to him, squeezing my ass. And kissed me hard, biting my lip. As he did this. He unlocked the door and pulled away from me. He came out first carrying boxes. I had to take a moment. Stop and really steady my breathing. I’ve never been great at hiding my reactions to these things.

I finally opened the door and exited the soda cooler. All I could hear next were the sounds of the third coworker hollering about taking too damn long in the cooler, that there was a long ass line. I apologized. While he just stood there and laughed. I looked at him briefly.

We shared a look and went on about our shift normally. Well… as normal as I can even muster. Now more than ever, I felt my face flush and my body temperature rising when he was nearby. Or when he got close to me.

We clocked out at the end of the night, in the morning. I sat in my car, thinking about how much I couldn’t wait to finish what we started…