I don’t love him Part -2

She was going to spend 3 days with Jared as his wife on a pretend honeymoon. It would be her first extended time alone with another man since she was married 10 years earlier.

She and Jared thought it would be romantic to pretend to be newlyweds on their honeymoon.

Also She purchased several sexy outfits, bikinis, and lingerie for their rendezvous and was devious in her planning.


Robbie was amazed at the level of planning she put in place and was jealous of the effort she was putting into this guy. The love he once had for her was gone now. Feeling this level of betrayal had removed every last drop of love he had left. It was over and time for Shelly to feel the pain.

On the way to the hotel, Robbie called Shelly and only got her voice mail. He left a message telling her he loved her, and things were really hectic at work. He said he loved her and would see her in ten days.

Shelly called him back an hour later, wanting to make sure he didn’t get suspicious about anything. She had to finish sucking Jared’s cock for the third time that day before she called Robbie. She told him she loved him and that the kids were at their friend’s house.

The other lie was she told Robbie that she was ordering pizza when the kids came home and that they would be watching movies all night, and how much she missed him. She said goodbye and told him she loved him more than anything else in the world, and that she couldn’t wait until he came back home.

Robbie wanted to throw up and just couldn’t believe how she lied so easily to him. He arrived at the hotel and gave his car to the valet. Robbie checked with the front desk clerk to see if Mr. and Mrs. Blake Roberts had checked in earlier. His anger grew when the desk clerk confirmed that the Newlyweds Mr. and Mrs. Blake had checked into their honeymoon suite yesterday.

He checked with the six restaurants at the hotel to find out if they had reservations for that evening. Sure enough, the main restaurant confirmed their reservations for 6 pm that evening for Mr. and Mrs. Roberts. Strategically selecting the best viewing location, Robbie carefully kept his eye on the couple all through dinner without being noticed. When they were both leaving the main dining room, he was already in position outside the entrance. The plan was to appear as if he was mindlessly entering the restaurant at the same time they were leaving.

He saw the newlyweds holding hands after they paid the bill and were about to leave. Everything was perfectly timed. He navigated himself into position at the exact second they were leaving. He purposely turned the corner to bump into them at that precise moment.

Shelly’s date was almost knocked over as Robbie ran into him as everyone turned to look. They both staggered a little and regained their balance. With a smile, Robbie took a step back and spoke to his wife’s date.

“Oh, I’m so sorry, excuse me,” I declared. I then noticed Shelly and stood there for a long moment with her mouth open, acting shocked, and surprised. She paused there in her sexy dress wanting to run and hide. Her worst fear had just arrived. She froze with her eyes open wide and in complete shock. Caught!

“Shelly, is that you? What are you doing here?” I said with a practiced expression. Jared had not realized who I was and what was going on for several minutes.

Robbie then took an obvious step back and looked at his wife in a way to act shocked at her outfit. He couldn’t believe how she looked. She was wearing an extremely short dress, with a low cut top and no bra, nylons, CFM pumps, along with glamour makeup and hair. God, I wish she dressed like that for me; he thought to himself.

“Wow, that is some outfit Shelly. I’ve never seen you look so sexy. And who is this? I’m really confused Shelly.”

Shelly knew she was caught and tried to think of something to say but just stood there with her mouth open. She tried to gain some composure and said, “Robbie, what are you doing here. You’re supposed to be in Jacksonville.”

“Well, change of plans, you know how my job works after all these years. But what the fuck is going on here? You’re dressed like a slut in a sexy dress with some guy? Let’s walk out to lobby and talk,” I nearly shouted while grabbing her arm.

Once in the lobby, Robbie started talking again.

“When we spoke earlier you said you were going to stay home with the children. What are you doing here and who is your date?”

“Robbie, It’s not what you think.”

“It’s not what I think? It’s not what I think? I said twice in an amazed voice. I looked down at her hand and then into her eyes, “Where are your wedding rings? Holy shit, have been cheating on me?”

She looked at her ring finger and her large diamond ring was gone and replaced by the thin gold band her lover gave her for their pretend honeymoon weekend. She wanted to run and hide but there was nowhere to go. “Robbie, I love you. This means nothing.”

“What means nothing? You’re not wearing your wedding ring? Why are you wearing a different gold wedding band? Look how you’re dressed. You have never dressed like that for me before. You’re out of town with some guy, not wearing your wedding ring, but some new gold band? Are you leaving me for him, is that what this is about? You say it’s not what I think but it sure looks like something is going on here.” I continued to increase the pressure and was enjoying every second of her dismay.

I turned to the Tennis Guy and in a strong voice asked, “Why don’t you tell me what’s going on?”

Shelly looked at Jared in fear not knowing what he would answer. “Dude, relax. It’s like your wife said, nothing’s going on. There is an awards banquet here at the hotel, and your wife was kind enough to escort me here to support your country club. She was just doing me a favor, everything’s cool man.”

Now with a wide smile, I tried not to laugh at this jerk, “Oh, I see. So, she’s being nice and she’s just here as your date for the ceremony. Let me ask you a question. Are you sharing a room here at the hotel? And don’t lie because I’ll want to see both rooms before I leave.”

They both looked down at the floor not saying a word. Shelly spoke first.

“Honey I love you, please don’t be upset. It was just going to be a few days here and nobody was going to know.”

“So, you’re here with him for a few days, sharing the same room, having sex, not wearing my wedding rings, and only a new gold band. Oh my God! Are you here pretending to be his wife? Are you on your honeymoon?” Already knowing the answer and acting shocked, I did not let up.

“Honey it’s not what you think,” she said trying to convince me that her infidelity could be explained.

With fake rising anger, I spoke loudly, “Answer the fucking question! I’ll go to the front desk and get the answers, so unless you want to be embarrassed, you better start talking. Are you staying in the same room? Answer me!”

“Yes,” her tears flowing.

“Are you having sex? And remember I’m not an idiot.”

“Yes,” Shelley answered sobbing

“Here’s the big question. Are you pretending to be his wife?”

Major sobbing and tears, “It’s not what you think, baby.”

“ANSWER THE GOD DAMNED QUESTION! Have you checked into this hotel as Mr. and Mrs. Rogers?

In an embarrassed and tearful voice, she said, “Yes.”

“OK, I get it. I’ll leave you and your new husband alone. I’m going back home and contacting an attorney in the morning. We’re done, Shelley!” You’ve thrown away my love, our marriage, and our life together, all for some fun with this faggot tennis player.”

“No! No baby, please I love you and you don’t understand. I don’t want a divorce! You’re my husband and I can’t lose you. Please try and understand, I don’t love him, it’s just something I needed. Please understand.”

“No, I don’t understand. OK, I’ll give you another chance to explain it to me so I will understand. Tell me why I should be OK with my wife sleeping with another man and pretending to be his wife?”

Again, she pleaded, “Please try to understand. It was just supposed to be for a few days, and I needed this, it’s just sex, I don’t love him, I only love you.”

“That’s it? I should be OK with you sleeping with another man for a few days so that you can have some fun. Do I have that right?”

Shelly was now hysterical, sobbing between her hands. She realized what she had done and did not have a good excuse. All she could do was beg him to understand her need for sex with someone else.

“Robbie, I’m so sorry, I was stupid, I didn’t think. I love you; this is just about sex. I know that sounds bad, but we can get past this. I just want to be with you, please forgive me.”

I just sat there not saying a word. The tennis guy was getting annoyed and impatient and spoke up. “Hey, dude, back off a little. Can’t you see how upset she is?”

I turned to Jared and gave him the look of death, “Shut the fuck up, asshole, and get out of my face. Leave me and my real wife alone, you’ve already destroyed our marriage, isn’t that enough for tonight?”

He got up and put his hand on Shelly’s shoulder and said, “I’ll be in our room, babe, come up when you’re done.” She pushed his hand away violently not wanting to have anything to do with him at that moment. I laughed at that. All of a sudden she wanted no part of her lover, and I was enjoying all the action.

I continued to taunt Shelly as she sat there still sobbing, “Honey, don’t be so rude to your new husband. I guess I’m ruining your honeymoon, aren’t I? We both know you want this, and that you don’t want to be with me anymore. We both know that you don’t love me, or you would not have cheated and disrespected me like this.” Jared was gone and we were alone for the first time that night.

“Stay with me, please,” she said with pleading eyes. “For a few minutes. Tell me, how long have you been with him?”

She lied again and said it was the first time they had been together. He was still amazed about how easily she could lie to him. “Shelly, did you ever disrespect me with him? You know, say bad things about me, or berate me while you were together or screwing him in bed?”

Lying again, “No baby, I would never do that. I love you so much, you mean everything to me. You have to believe me. Let’s just leave and go home and be together right now.”

I took out my phone and shut off the audio recorder that had been recording the entire event, I then started a playlist of their dialogs I had arranged over the last 6 months.

“First of all, I know you’ve been cheating on me for the last two years. Secondly, can you explain this to me?” The audio started loud and clear:

Audio File 1: Don’t worry about him, he doesn’t have a clue.

Audio File 2: I hate having sex with him, he’s so boring in bed.

Audio File 3: I won’t leave him; I love him but just not for sex.

Audio File 4: I stay with him because he’s a good provider and father, I’ll never let him go.

Audio File 5: Baby, you’re ten times better in bed than my loser husband.

Audio File 6: I love your cock, and the way you turn me on.

Audio File 7: My pussy belongs to you, not him.

Audio File 8: On our honeymoon, I want you to take my ass, he’ll never have that.

I told her there were over 50 audio files, each one mocking me and degrading their marriage. “Your contempt for me was beyond anything I would have ever imagined. Your comments are much more than ‘sex play,’ they were hurtful and disrespectful. Unfortunately, your words will haunt me forever.”

She had never looked so apathetic, shocked, sad, and basically destroyed, and I loved every second of her knowing she had killed our marriage, and nothing would be the same for her again.

“Shelly, this is why we’re through. I can’t handle your lies any longer. I’ve known that you’ve been cheating and fucking other men for at least the last 2 years. What you don’t know is that Jake called me that night he shot his wife and your ex-lover. He heard who was on the phone with Linda, and how you loved Blake’s big cock. I’ve known about your infidelity, how you’ve lied to me, disrespected me all this time. I wanted to see just how far you would go, and you never slowed down. You’ve made it clear by your actions and comments, that I’m nothing to you but a good provider and father.”

“You can stop the charade and your lies because I have audio of all your calls and texts. I know how you feel about me, our sex, and how bad a lover I am. You see, I know it all, and soon everyone will if you don’t do what I’m going to ask. You corrupted my brother’s wife, helped her become a slut just like you, and I believe you have some responsibility for that tragic day. You encouraged her to be with Blake, you even set up their date! And because of your actions and cheating ways, she and my brother are dead.”

“I’m so sorry, I’m sorry. Please forgive me,” she said with her head in her hands, sobbing uncontrollably.

“I’m sure you must have wondered why I happen to be here tonight. It wasn’t an accident. I knew about your plans for this week. When I realized what you had planned was so unbelievable, I just had to see it for myself. I even knew about your plans to play husband and wife on this trip and remove me from your life. I have to admit, that was painful to hear, and hurt me more than you’ll ever understand.” Shelly never stopped crying.

“Shelly, you pissed on your vows, threw away our marriage, disrespected our children. Even worse, you were involved with my sisters-in-law’s affair and death. There is no coming back from this. I suggest that when you are done with your honeymoon, you don’t come back home. I think you should stay at your mother’s house. You better tell them what you did, because if they call me and ask me why we’re apart, I will tell them the truth and share everything you’ve done.” I waited a long time before I continued allowing everything I’d said to sink in.

“I will be reasonable, but you will sign the divorce papers without contesting the settlement. If you do fight me, I will expose all of the videos and audio I have to everyone, including your parents. The children are old enough to decide who they want to live with, and after we explain your infidelity, lies, and deceit, I believe they will live with me. Shelly, what’s really sad about this is that I loved you with all my heart, and I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. When Jake told me about you I didn’t believe it. I didn’t want to believe it, but I learned the horrible truth and my heart was broken. You need to live with this guilt and loss of love forever. We will never be together again.” I stood up and left Shelly still sobbing and drove back home.


I never got over my brother’s death. Even the revenge and betrayal of my wife never brought peace. Five years later I met a woman at a coffee shop, and we became close friends. I never married again because I could never trust another woman as I had before. We dated for several years and remained friends.

Shelly had a nervous breakdown and was hospitalized for a year after the divorce was finalized. She was never welcomed back to the town that learned about her involvement in the death of Jake and Linda and her betrayal of her family. She lost custody of the children and only saw them every other weekend. She spent several years in a deep depression for what she had done. As long as she continued to take her medication, she was able to live on the divorce settlement and her job as a receptionist at the Real Estate office in her new town.

The children grew up without any problems because I kept them safe and sheltered. The town rallied around me and the kids which allowed us to lead a normal life. Shelly would never get over her loss of love, her children, and the wonderful life she once had. She went to bed every night reflecting on how many lives she had ruined, and how her life was destroyed by her selfishness and narcissism. Shelly became active in the church and eventually turned her life over to the church, hoping to find forgiveness.

Oh yeah, Mr. Tennis Pro was jumped one night after leaving another married wife. He suffered two severed Achilles’ tendons after he was taken down by the stun gun.

His tennis career had ended at that moment. When the police asked him what had happened and what he remembered, he kept quiet and didn’t say. However, he did remember a voice and got the message loud and clear. He could not place the voice but decided not to share the message with the police.

He will never forget what he was told, “Stop Fucking Married Women!”



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