I don’t love him Part -1

Jake had suffered his entire life with migraine headaches and sometimes they became debilitating. His last attack was over a year ago and he was thankful for each migraine-free day.

If you’ve never had a severe migraine then it might be difficult to relate but I can assure you the amount of time you suffer, and the pain level can bring on a desire for death. You just want the world to end and let you die in peace.

That level migraine was rare for Jake, but he knew when they started he needed to pay attention to his body and rest, as he has learned to over his 35 years. Even though he was a large muscular man, something as simple as a migraine headache can render him useless.

It was a Wednesday morning when he recognized the signs starting to appear. The double vision, dizziness, and gentle throbbing. He knew he couldn’t chance driving in case this came on fast and ordered a taxi to take him home.

He told Geri, his secretary to cancel his meetings today and he would update her later about coming into the office tomorrow. These headaches can last a week and he wasn’t sure how bad this one would be and wasn’t taking any chances.

He got home and took two Depakote tablets, grabbed an icepack, and made a beeline to the sitting room, which sat next to their large master bedroom. He had a chair set up in the corner that he used for these rare occasions. Jake would put an icepack on his head along with an eye covering to keep out the light and just try to meditate, no thinking allowed.

Today he did just that. He felt it coming on strong and got on the chair, put the ice pack on his head, covered his eyes, and tried to relax. With the lights in the sitting room off and the curtains closed, he sat there for about two hours, and it seemed as if this migraine would not be the brutal ones he was so afraid of having. With any luck, he might be able to function in a couple of hours.

He heard some noises from downstairs and assumed it was his wife of 10 years and decided to just remain seated as he was not ready for conversation. Linda was familiar with his condition and learned to leave him be until he is over his attack and always tried to be quiet and leave him rest when she knew he was home.

Apparently, Linda was not aware Jake was home, as his car was not in the driveway, and of course, there would be no reason for him to be home and would need worry because she knew he comes home at 6 pm every night, like clockwork.

Jake was able to block out the noise and just float in his meditation and control the attack, which was working. But suddenly he realized that Linda wasn’t alone. He heard another voice, and it was a man’s voice. He opened his eyes and realized his wife was coming upstairs to their bedroom and somebody was with her.

He remained still and silent and listened closely to their conversation. She was on her cell phone, and they were both giggling. He found it strange and thought he might be dreaming until he heard her talking to Shelly, his brother’s wife. He instantly came back to reality when he heard her speaking.

“Oh Shelly, I’m with him now. Thanks for setting up this date and I hope you’re right about the size of his cock. I just hope my pussy isn’t as sore as yours was last week. He said he will call you tomorrow to set up another date. I’ll give you a full report later on, I have to go. Thanks again.”

The pain in Jake’s heart was now suddenly worse than the migraine. He didn’t know what he was going to do and realized they had no idea he was there, why would they. The sitting room if off to the side of the bedroom and the chair he was in was out of sight. He had a front-row seat to the action, completely hidden from the performers.

As he sat there his blood boiled which didn’t help his headache, he felt nausea from the migraine and the event in progress. His heart was breaking, and tears started welling up in his eyes as he realized the woman he loved and cherished just ended their marriage.

Completely silent he sat and listened as he heard pants-dropping on the floor and this guy announcing how beautiful my sexy wife’s tits were. Jake was falling down a black hole with no way out.

He heard them get on the bed and then listened to his wife tell this guy “Blake,” how big his cock was and how she wasn’t used to handling something so big and wondered if his cock will fit inside her pussy.

His anger was rising as she asked him to put that big cock in her mouth, and seconds later he heard his future ex-wife slurping and sucking with a gusto he hadn’t seen in years. In fact, she hadn’t taken his cock in her mouth in years and complained that she didn’t enjoy doing that with him.

Restraining himself with all of his willpower, he waited and waited for the right moment to introduce himself into their world and he didn’t have to wait long. After about five minutes of Linda sucking this guy’s cock, she told her lover to come and put that big cock inside her.

Giving him a few minutes to get inside his wife and both of them enjoying each other, he knew it was time to say hello. Controlling his pain and anger he stood and gained the strength to face the two lovers in their marital bed. He walked very slowly and quietly to see Linda’s legs pinned behind her ears and her lovers’ cock deep inside her pussy.

He really didn’t need to be quiet because the lovers were making quite a racket enjoying each other’s bodies. Linda was looking up into Blake’s eyes begging him to fuck her harder when she noticed Jake in the corner of her eye, standing right next to her as she betrayed him in their bed.

“Fuck! Honey what are you doing here. I can explain,” she yelled out trying to get Blake off her. Blake would have none of her protests and with all of his weight on top of Linda, he continued to fuck her as she looked pleadingly into Jake’s eyes yelling at Blake to get off her. That was too little, too late.

The pain from his head and heart was too great. Jake walked over to his night table and took out his loaded Glock G45 and placed a slug directly into Blake’s left temple. He immediately fell on top of Linda, who lay there in shock with Blake’s body bleeding on top of her.

With tears in his eyes, Jake looked down at Linda and said, “I loved you with all my heart, and you’ve taken everything I loved away from me. My heart is broken,” he said as he put the next bullet into her head and watched her life force leave her body. The two lifeless lovers now lay together on the red-stained sheets.

Jake picked up her cell phone and called his brother Robbie and spoke in an eerily calm voice for someone that just committed a double murder.

Robbie answered and said, “Hey Bro, what’s up.”

“Robbie, listen closely. I just caught Linda in bed with this guy Blake, who I think was the new tennis instructor. I heard her talking to Shelly before I caught them fucking in my bed. From what I heard; I think Shelly might have been involved with him as well.

You may want to keep an eye on her. Robbie, stop talking and listen to me! I just killed both of them in our bed. I’m not joking around, I don’t want you to suffer what I just went through, find out if she’s cheating on you too. Between these migraines and this betrayal, I can’t take anymore, and I want you to know I love you and I’m sorry. Goodbye Robbie,” and the phone died.

Before he put the next bullet into his own head, Jake called 911 and reported a double murder-suicide and made sure they had the correct address. They found Jake in his migraine chair still holding the gun with most of his head on the adjacent wall. It was a bloody scene when Robbie arrived twenty minutes later.

1 Year Later

I’m Robbie, and Jake was my big brother, and this happened almost a year ago. That was the worst day of my life and has greatly changed my world. Losing my big brother because of his cheating wife was difficult for everyone, especially me. He was my best friend and l loved him dearly. When everyone found out that Linda was having an affair in their own home and was the cause of the murder-suicide, she became a hated figure in this close-knit community.

I was still in a dark place and working on my anger and depression from my brother’s death. I never told Shelly what Jake said and decided to keep a very close eye on my wife. I became paranoid after I heard what Jake said just before his suicide and hired a high-end security company to set up all types of monitoring devices and software. It took two weeks to get everything in place and the monitoring began.

If Shelly was involved with Linda’s infidelity, I wanted to find out the depths of her disloyalty and act accordingly. My pain never weakened, and I became obsessed with learning how my wife was involved in this affair.

Sex between Shelly and I became rare and cold, after Jake’s suicide and the revelation that Shelly was involved in Linda’s infidelity. When I received confirmation that Shelly was cheating on me, I remained angry and unforgiving and only wanted revenge on Shelly who was betraying me and for her involvement with his Jake’s murder-suicide.

Over the year the security firm had provided me with hours damning video and audio of Shelly and her lovers. Watching her fuck other men was painful but after my love for her died what pained me the most was some of the conversations between Shelly and her lovers. Some of those were repeated in my head all the time.

• “Why do you stay with him? I mean you said sex with him is boring and you don’t do half the things you do with me; I don’t get it. Why not just leave him and move in with me? You said he’s not making love to you.

• Do you think he knows about us? No, he’s still grieving from his brothers’ death. He’s been depressed and I don’t push him. I don’t need him as long as I have you baby.

• Look I love him, and I’ll never leave him. I told you since we started this 2 years ago, it’s only sex. I don’t love you, but I love being with you and I love your cock, just like I loved Blakes. You guys were the best thing that ever happened to my sex life. I really miss him, and I can’t believe he’s gone.

• Yeah, I miss him as well. I can’t believe your crazy brother-in-law shot him like that. I hope your husband isn’t as crazy as he was, I don’t want the same thing happening to us.

• Don’t worry lover, I’d never bring you into our home as she did. We have a good thing going and we’ll never get caught. I won’t let that happen, it would devastate poor Robbie, and I’d never want to hurt him, which is why I’ll never leave him. You’ll just have to be satisfied with my pussy and mouth.

• I can live with that beautiful.

After Robbie discovered her debauchery he formulated his plan. Shelly ended up fucking the assistant tennis pro, Jared Roberts, who was promoted to Head Tennis Pro after Blake’s untimely death. Robbie got to listen to his wife seduce Jared and just how manipulative she was. Poor Jared didn’t have a chance.

After a few weeks, Robbie had the opportunity he needed. Jared was invited to an Award Banquet for our Country Club for the best Tennis Program in the area. He called Shelly and told her about the banquet, and she was excited to stay at the Ritz Carlton and get away with him for the night.

Conveniently Robbie told Shelly that he had a 2-week road trip coming up, which wasn’t uncommon. The dates coincidently were during the same time as the banquet. Robbie wanted to make sure Shelly had enough rope to hang herself. Sure enough, the next day she called Jared and gave him the good news. She convinced him to make it a longer trip, a 3 night stay at the Ritz Carlton in Orlando, and she would rock his world.

Of course, getting Grade-A pussy for 3 full days sounded good to Jared and he agreed. Over the next week, that’s all they talked about on the phone and in their texts. It was Shelly’s idea to turn this getaway into a pretend honeymoon, telling Jared she would love to be his new bride, and wife, for those 3 days. Shelly’s idea was all that was needed for them to hatch their plan.

She even suggested getting a new wedding ring for the occasion and to book the honeymoon suite at the hotel to make it more realistic. They would tell everyone that they were newlyweds to get the attention and thrill of being married. She even told Jared that she wished it could be real and that he really was her husband.

Reading all of these texts infuriated Robbie and flamed the embers of his revenge. He was going to enjoy watching her face as she sees everything she loves die.

Shelly spent all of her time getting toned up in the gym. She even had her pussy waxed, a week before Robbie’s trip. She planned to surprise her hubby telling him she shaved it for him to spice things up but of course, she did it for her upcoming honeymoon.

Robbie wasn’t impressed and wanted nothing to do with his cheating, whore, future ex-wife.

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