Husband’s Friend Fucks His Wife

My wife and I met and married young. We’ve been together since she was 16 years old and I was 19. She was a virgin when we married and has always been very conservative when it comes to sex. She claims to have never masturbated in her entire life (except when I’ve asked her to during sex). After having 2 kids and being married for over 20 years, sex dropped to the very bottom of her list of priorities.


Like most women, she’s self-conscious of her body. She put on a little weight after giving birth to our 2 kids, but damn is she hot. I make sure to remind her how hot she is every chance I get. She has curves in all the right places and I’ve heard the local university kids make comments about wanting to to things to the hot MILF whenever we go to the local spots.

About a year ago, in order to spice up our lackluster sex life, I decided to introduce toys into the mix. She was hesitant at first, but I found that she thoroughly enjoyed whenever I used a larger dildo on her. I would make sure to whisper in her ear if she’s enjoying how deep and good Mike is fucking her, and that would always push her over the edge into a huge orgasm. Mike is my wife’s best friend’s ex-husband. He’s tall, handsome, in good shape, and financially well-off. So he remarried soon after the divorce. We don’t see him as much any more, but every time we do, he makes sure to let my wife know how hot she is and if I weren’t his friend, he would have totally married her.

My wife would always giggle and tell him to stop as she squeezed his muscular arm and push him away. I would always catch them devouring each other with their eyes and then quickly look away. It would drive me mad with jealousy, but also turn me on so much. I ran into Mike at the mechanic one day and he mentioned his wife was on a business trip that weekend and he was going to be home alone. He asked me how my hot wife was doing and if we had plans that night. My kids were going to be spending the night with friends. So I invited him over for dinner and some drinks. I could tell he was looking forward to seeing my wife (we’ll call her Deb from now on). He gave me a big smile and said, “I’ll be there.”

I got home and told Deb about the plans and her eyes lit up. It just so happened that we used Mike (the dildo) that morning and Deb commented, “I wonder what the real Mike is up to.” after her explosive orgasm. Deb and I had talked many times about my desire to see her being pleased by another man and Mike’s name always came up. However, it always ended with her saying, “its best to keep fantasies where they belong. In our imagination.” She was perfectly happy closing her eyes and imagining that Mike (the dildo) was the real thing.

I figured it would be a good time to mention it again while she was preparing dinner, but she still wasn’t convinced that it would be a good idea. She finally admitted that the thought of it turned her on, but she doesn’t think she would ever go through with it. I told her that I would never push her to do anything she didn’t want to. However, if she wants to hook up with Mike tonight, I would totally be on board with it. She looked me in the eyes, gave me a kiss and went to shower.

I could always tell if the probability of sex was high depending on the underwear my wife wore that night. I walked to the bedroom as she was showering and saw that she laid out laced, red thong underwear and matching, sexy bra on the bed. I knew, that at least I was going to get some from her that night. I decided to take the opportunity to call Mike while Deb was showering. I was straight forward with him and asked if he would fuck my “hot wife” if she and I would both agree to it. I must have shocked him with the question because there was an awkward silence of about 10 seconds. He then responded that he hopes it’s not a trick question, but that he’s going to be as forward in his response as I was in the question. He made it clear that he’s wanted to fuck Deb since the day he met her. The only reason he hasn’t pursued anything with her is out of respect for our friendship. I told him that I was OK with him pursuing something with my wife as long as its tonight.

I could hear that Deb had finished showering and Mike was on his way. So I ran upstairs to take a shower and what a sight. Deb was sitting on the bed rubbing lotion all over her delicious body, but I couldn’t stay to help. I was on a mission. I took a shower, changed and went downstairs to find my wife dressed very provocatively. She wore the same dress she wore the last time we went on a double date with Mike and his ex-wife. That night, Mike had playfully mentioned how he could almost see my wife’s butt crack whenever her I danced. She must have remembered and wanted to give Mike a show tonight.

On queue, Mike arrived to the house and I let him in. He took one look at Deb and the flirt-fest began immediately. Between Mike and I, we through every line we had on Deb that night and I could tell she was enjoying every bit of it. We finished 4 bottles of wine between the 3 of us; I think Deb downed 2 of them herself. She excused herself to go freshen up. I took the opportunity to switch seats with Mike so that Deb would have to sit next to him on the love seat.

When Deb came back from freshening up, I know she was ready to have some fun. She had taken off her bra and I could see her nipples were super hard. Mike noticed too and said, “WOW. With all due respect to you Deb and Mike, but you are fucking smoking hot and I can’t think of anything right now except ripping your clothes off.” Deb giggled and said as she stumbled and sat next to him, “Oh stop it. You are such a joker.” She then realized that Mike and I had switched seats and asked, “What are you boys up to? Are you trying to confuse me?” She started laughing uncontrollably and Mike began to rub her leg, inching closer to her lady part. She realized what was happening and stopped laughing immediately. So I decided to break the tension by pulling Mike (the dildo) from the drawer.

“Look what I found honey!”, I said. She couldn’t believe I had pulled out her favorite sex toy while we had a visitor. I told Mike that it was her favorite toy to use and that it shared his name. Deb was mortified, but Mike saved the evening by telling us that he has fantasized about being with Deb so many times and that if he had a sex toy, it would be called, “Deb”. Deb started laughing again and said, “Oh stop it” and placed her hand on Mike’s upper, inner thigh. I could tell she was feeling very comfortable at this point. So I told Mike that Deb loves massages and that we should take it to the guess room.

Deb walked to the bed and laid on her stomach. I was envious of the red thong that had the honor of riding between her beautiful butt cheeks. Mike looked at me as if asking for approval. I asked Deb if she wanted Mike to give her a message and she said, “yes”. Mike walked over to the bed, rubbed oil on his hands and began to message Deb’s neck and back. He worked his way down to her left leg only so slightly touching her ass. I guess that was his way of teasing her. He continued with a foot massage and worked his way to the other foot. Then he worked his way up the other leg and only so slightly grazed between Deb’s ass as he worked his way back to her back and neck.

He took off his clothes and turned Deb on her back. She looked at his erection and said “wow”. I could tell she was a bit intimidated by the size, but also very turned on. Mike (the dildo is 8 inches long), but the real Mike was longer and thicker. Mike removed her top and began to massage her breasts and hard nipples. He worked his way down and massaged the front of her right leg. He then switched to the other leg and worked his way up. I thought he would graze her pussy and continue moving up as he did with her back, but he rubbed it with his middle finger instead.

Deb gave out a loud gasp of pleasure as he continued to rub her pussy. She looked so beautiful and sexy as she began to touch both of her breasts and nipples. I’ve never seen that look of pleasure on Deb’s face before. I was so excited. I walked over and began to lick and suck on her right breast. Mike continued to rub her pussy and suck on her left breast. It didn’t take long for Deb to have her first orgasm of the night.

Mike didn’t wait for Deb to recover from her orgasm. He immediately went between her legs and began to lick and suck on her delicious, wet pussy. Deb gasped and let out a loud exhale of pleasure. I walked away and sat on the couch to enjoy the view. After a few minutes, she looked at me with the most gorgeous expression I’ve ever seen and called me over. I walked over to the bed; she grabbed my penis and began to suck it like she’s never done before. Less than a minute later, Deb had her second orgasm of the night. It’s a good thing too, because I was about to cum and didn’t want to do so just yet.

Deb demanded that she be given time to recover and enjoy her second orgasm. The three of us laid on the bed (Deb in the middle). I could tell Deb was feeling sexy by the look on her face. A few minutes later, she turned to me and started kissing me passionately. Her ass was towards Mike and he cautiously began to rub and squeeze her butt cheeks. Deb opened her legs as to invite him in. He touched her wet pussy, rubbed some of the massage oil on his penis and then penetrated Deb’s deliciousness. At this point I was about to explode and cum all over Deb as she was jerking me off while Mike thrusted deeper into her. I hopped off the bed and walked over to the couch again to enjoy the view. Mike and Deb caught their rhythm as Mike thrusted harder and faster. I could tell Deb was about to have another orgasm and then it happened. Deb let out a scream of pleasure as she came. I thought she would stop, but instead, she got on top and started riding Mike while he alternated between squeezing her erect nipples and rubbing her delectable ass. I could hear the clapping of Deb’s ass against his lap. Deb moaned as Mike penetrated deeply, hard and fast. Then she let out the loudest moan I’ve ever heard as she had the first squirting orgasm of her life.

At this point, Deb had 4 incredible orgasms and was ready to call it a night. Then I guess she realized that neither Mike or I had cum yet. So she asked me to lay on the bed while she sucked my penis. She stuck her ass in the air and on queue, Mike took her from behind doggy style. I was so excited that I came right away. Deb and Mike continued for another 10 minutes or so until Mike finally reach his climax. He pulled out his big cock and came all over Deb’s back.

The three of us laid in bed for a few minutes, until Deb said that she was done and wanted to sleep. So I dismissed Mike and he went on his way. As much as Deb enjoyed the experience, we never did the same with Mike again. My wife felt guilty because Mike is married. We still see Mike once in a while and he still flirts with Deb, and she still enjoys it, but nothing more than that. FOR NOW.