Husband Finds Wife’s Sex Tape Part – 2

That would be his revenge.

All things considered he thought it was a good plan and was looking forward to executing it, but he couldn’t stop thinking about the rest of the video. He had stopped himself earlier from watching it any further. He knew he had seen enough.

There was no reason to put himself thru more pain. Another part felt he needed to see what else was on there, no matter how much it hurt, no matter what it did to him.


He went downstairs. He grabbed his laptop from the coffee table in the living room, then walked over to his study. No one would bother him there. If Lauren woke up, she might find it funny he locked himself in the room, but he didn’t really care. If she pushed him, he would happily drop the pretense and confront her.

He opened the laptop, waited for it to boot, opened the folder and pressed play. The video player opened to full screen. He lowered the volume enough so that it was barely a whisper, but he could still hear it. The video started as it did last time with Larry in the hotel room. Jake fast-forwarded to the part he left off earlier. After Larry came on her face, the screen turned black, but it came back on again, this time showing Lauren slipping off her panties while Larry filmed.

“Fucking gorgeous,” the older man said.

When they came back into the room, Larry ordered them a bottle of wine and took off his sweater. She noticed how well the older man filled out his shirt. He had nice broad shoulders and decent biceps. After ten or so minutes, the wine came and he popped it open, pouring her and himself a glass.

“What should we toast to?” he asked.

“To new friends.”


They clinked glasses. The wine was good. She licked her lips to taste it. He re-filled her glass as he glanced at her wedding ring.

“What was the hottest sex you ever had with your husband?”

She looked a little startled by the question. At first he thought she wasn’t going to answer, but then said, “After college, I worked in a bank. It’s a small branch. Most of the customers were locals, people I saw around town….

Lauren remembered when Jake coming into her branch. “Good morning, Lauren.”

“Good morning, Mr. Austin.”

“How many times have I asked you to call me Jake?”

“It always slips my mind.”

It didn’t. She thought it was inappropriate to call him by his first name, not because of bank rules, but because she was very attracted to him. The problem was she had sworn off dating for a while. At least a year, she promised herself at the time. She couldn’t catch a break.

“As I’ve told you, Mr. Austin. I’m not sure that’s allowed.”

“Why wouldn’t it be?”

She didn’t have an answer.

“We can buy a hot dog across the street and go for a walk. Get to know each other.”

“People could get the wrong idea.”

“Honey, I’m asking you take a walk, not proposing marriage.”

“I’m sorry,” she smiled, but he was waiting outside for her when she came out for lunch. Not hovering by the door, but across the street with two hot dogs in his hand. He smiled at her invitingly and she couldn’t help but smile back and cross the street. They took a short walk around the block. Lauren didn’t expect to hit it off so well with him in only thirty minutes. They talked a little about his days in the navy and her college years. She told him about her job and aspirations and he told her about wanting to earn his law degree. They started dating and had lunch almost every day for weeks. She knew she was starting to fall in love with him until he said, “I want tell you something.”

They were on their usual walk, eating hot dogs, smiling at each other.

“What is it?”

“Actually, I don’t want to tell you, but I think I have to.”

Lauren said nothing and waited.

“I had sex with another girl.”

Lauren’s eyes watered. “Your right, you shouldn’t have told me. Why did you tell me?”

“I was being honest.”

“Some things you should keep to yourself.”

“I disagree. I think people should be honest with one another, especially before they get married.”

“Excuse me?”

“We’re going to get married, sweetie,” he smiled.

“Are you fucking crazy,” she said, pissed. “I’m not marrying you. I’m done with you!”

Wiping the tears from her eyes, she walked away into alley behind the bank. As she started to punch in her access code to the employee entrance, she could feel him behind her. Twice she typed the wrong code in the panel. She was nervous. On the third time, the light on the panel turned green and she opened the door. Jake grabbed her elbow and spun her around.

“Don’t touch me!” she screamed, yanking her elbow free.

He reached behind her and closed the employee door. She slapped him, hard. He pushed her back against the closed door and roughly pinned her arms above her head. Her chest rising and falling as she breathed heavily. She expected someone must have heard her scream and was coming to the alley. Jake thrusted his hand inside her skirt.

“No, don’t,” she sighed softly, eyes closed, enjoying the way he rubbed her pussy.

She heard someone on the other side of the door behind her. The doorknob moved but Jake held it to keep from turning. He was so strong. He slipped two fingers inside her. She kissed him. The doorknob stopped moving. He let go of the doorknob and wrapped that arm around her waist, holding her tight.

“OH, fuck!” she cried into his mouth. His fingers were prodding her deep.

Lauren kept telling herself to stop, that it was enough already, but it went on and on. Their mouths had locked. She closed her eyes and could hear the sound their kisses made, smacking together repeatedly, and the familiar wet sound of her pussy as it became nice and juicy. She pumped her hips, riding his long, bony fingers all the way to one of the most powerful orgasms she had ever had up to that point. When they finally parted, he left her breathless.

Jake smiled at her, pulled his hand out of skirt, and handed her an engagement ring.

“That’s the best engagement story I ever heard,” Larry said, feeling a little jealous of her husband. He was setting up the camcorder in the room.

Lauren shook her head. “I don’t want to talk about him anymore and that doesn’t go on tape.”

“Of course not,” Larry said. “I’m not even recording yet.”


“I’m going to go pee. We’ll start when I come back.”

She nodded. Lauren could hear his stream in the bathroom. She really liked him. He had this way about him. It was wild. The thought of sleeping with another man should make her very nervous, but she wasn’t the least bit nervous about it. Larry came out of the bathroom and sat on the bed. He patted the spot next to her and she sat there.

She noticed the camera wasn’t on yet. This was a private moment between them. He placed his hand on her thigh, then leaned over and kissed her. He was a damn good kisser. She felt sparks flying. She felt warm all over.

“Oh, Larry,” she moaned, feeling his hand.

He was rubbing her crotch. Lauren liked the rubbing. She looked back up at his beautiful blue eyes and kissed him again. This time they lapped their tongues together. His palm moved up and down faster on her pussy. She moaned softly and unzipped him, retrieving his big cock. It was much harder than earlier. She could barely close her fingers around it. It was like touching a slab of concrete, except concrete wasn’t cold and lifeless. What she had in her palm was warm to the touch and throbbing.

She stroked it up and down as they kissed, feeling the way it kept swelling in her hand. Larry moaned and groaned. After a few minutes, she couldn’t close her fingers around his cock. She looked down at his crotch and her eyes bugged. His cock looked to have grown to over double digits. She needed both hands if she wanted to do a good job stroking it, but then she smiled, changing her mind. She leaned her head down on his lap.

“Mmmmmm,” Larry moaned as she felt his cock pushing past her nice warm lips. Her teeth grazed his shaft a little too much, but he wasn’t complaining. She was a good little cocksucker.

Lauren lifted her legs up on the bed and kneeled next to his thigh. Her head down on his lap, her ass up in the air. His arms were long enough that he could reach over and caress her butt. He gave her a little spank. She yelped with her mouthful. The corner of her mouth smiling. He smiled back, trying not to cum. She was moving her mouth faster.

“Slow down,” he said, and she did, but then she started working that tongue. She massaged the sides and underside of his shaft, slithering it around his cockhead.

He forced himself to think about anything but cumming. He was good at that. He thought about quitting the business and settling down. He was getting up there in age and for the first time in his life he wanted more than just sex, maybe someone like Lauren, but women like Lauren didn’t settle down with porn producers. He wondered if he could go back to car sales. He had a friend that owned a used-car lot, but selling cars was sleazy. He had to lie, a lot. Sometimes withhold information and sometimes talking someone into buying something he knew they couldn’t quite afford. He didn’t like it. He did real estate too and it was better but not by much. He hated dealing with the sellers and the buyers. The sellers wanted this price and the buyers wanted this and both parties went after him, blaming him when they didn’t get what they wanted. Thinking about houses made him think of marriage and marriage made him think of Lauren. He didn’t want to think about Lauren now. His balls were screaming to explode. He didn’t want to cum again. Not yet. He remembered the day she called him up. The way they hit it off the phone, like talking to an old friend. She had that way about her. She didn’t want to meet and had no interest in making a movie with him.

“Not that I’m complaining, honey, but why did you call me then?”

“Honestly, I wanted to know what it’s like?”

“What’ what like?”

“You know…fucking on camera. Having people see you that way.”

Larry chuckled. He knew he had her when she said that.

At the same time, with his cock in her mouth, Lauren was thinking about the first time she met Larry. He talked her into meeting him in the city.

“What city?”

“Whatever city you want. For you, I’ll fly anywhere.”

“You can’t be serious,” she laughed, flattered, knowing he meant it.

She debated for days about taking him up on his offer, going back and forth, writing pros and cons list, changing her mind at least a dozen times before she actually showed up at a little Brazilian restaurant. They ate well and talked like old friends. She confessed that after he messaged her on Instagram, she googled his name and watched dozens of his videos, playing with herself as she saw him fuck those girls.

“You’re kind of like a rock star,” she said, looking at him like a love sick schoolgirl.

“I wouldn’t say that now,” Larry grinned.

He reached for her hand. She pulled hers back but they stared into each other’s eyes for a moment and only a moment, but they both felt it. A spark. A Brazilian band started playing up on a stage. The place suddenly became loud and packed and a whole lot of fun. A waiter stopped by and said drinks were half price for the next hour and Lauren and Larry took advantage. They had beers at their table and shots at the bar counter. She could smell the alcohol on her breath as she talked. She kept looking at the couples hitting the dance floor.

“Do you want to dance?” Larry asked.

She nodded happily.

They hit the dance floor. Larry clapped one on her waist and gripped her right hand with his hand. He led her around the dance floor with sweet steps. She swayed with him, moving her hips beautifully to the fast rhythm, and laughing as he twice dipped her.

“It’s as thick as your wrist,” Larry said out of nowhere, almost shouting over the loud music.


“You know what,” he smiled. “It’s thick.”

“I’m not sure we should be talking about this,” she laughed nervously as they danced.

“Why not? We’re both adults.”

“I’m married.”


“My husband wouldn’t like it.”

“I don’t give a fuck what he likes.”

She said nothing, but he could see it turned her on.

“What do you want Lauren? Tell me and I’ll give it to you”

“I think I want to go home.”

“You want to know what I want?” Without waiting for a response, Larry whispered in her ear. “I want to stretch your pussy with my fat cock on camera.”

He kissed her.

Lauren knew she should have slapped him, if only she didn’t enjoy the kiss so much. He was an amazing kisser. He wasn’t in a hurry about it like Jake. Larry savored her mouth, wrapping his arm around her waist and pulling her tighter. She felt his cock twitch. She kept telling herself to stop kissing him, that it was enough already, but the kiss went on and on. Their mouths had locked. A few people were staring at them but she didn’t care. She wrapped her arms around his neck and closed her eyes. Despite the music, all she could hear was the sound their lips made, smacking together repeatedly. She could have kissed him for hours, feeling the way his cock growing near her thigh, but they finally parted. He left her breathless, flushed, and horny.

The next few minutes went in kind of a blur. She was a little tipsy as a waiter, or maybe a manager, asked them to leave. Larry thought that was a good idea and asked her if she wanted to get a room. How could she say no after that kiss? But that’s when Jake called and told her one of the kid’s was sick. She rushed to the train station and by the time she arrived home she was sober and her daughter was feeling better. The fever was way down. Later that night, she e-mailed Larry and told him she wanted to shoot a movie with him.

Lauren coughed as Larry’s cock came out of her mouth. It was pointed straight up like a sundial. A sundial covered in saliva. Her mouth was drooling again. Larry tasted amazing, like a lightly-salted steak. It made her hungry. That’s why her mouth watered so much. Larry helped her take her shirt off again. The black bra she wore was pushing her tits up and together on her chest, forming mountainous cleavage. With one hand, he reached behind her back and expertly unsnapped the clasp. The bra popped open and he removed it. Her breasts jiggled free.

Without support, her big round globes fell into shapely tear-drop shaped orbs. She didn’t have the high tits she used to when she was a college girl, but she wasn’t a sagging old lady either. She was natural. Larry tasted just how natural they were, latching his mouth onto her tits.

The heat of Larry’s lips closing around her tit felt incredible. She threw her head back and moaned. The act didn’t quite remind her of breastfeeding her babies, but it didn’t not remind her of it either. There was definitely a motherly awareness to it. She cradled the back of Larry’s head as he alternated back and forth from left to right, making loud suckling noises. Lauren looked up at the ceiling and just enjoyed it. She hadn’t had her tits sucked like this in a long time. Her husband loved doing it but was terrible. Her breasts were very sensitive and the slightest bit of pressure could make her extra horny or cause her terrible pain. One time, Jake’s mouth clamped too hard and hurt her so much she had slapped him away. He took better care to be gentle after that, but he overcompensated. He was way too gentle. She could hardly feel it. It was infuriating. She wanted to scream at him to suck them!

Larry on the other hand was incredible. Not only with his mouth. His hands were gentle yet firm. He squeezed the sides and cupped the undersides, pressing his fingers into her soft flesh, pinching and twisting the nipples enough to make her scream but not in a bad way.

She heard her phone ringing.

“Oh, not now,” she thought. She knew it was Jake. She was not going to answer it, not with her nipples rock hard in another man’s mouth. It stopped ringing, then started up again. Not now, not now, she begged. Her tits were engorged, swelling with heat.

What if it was an emergency?

She asked Larry to stop. He took a little too long to release her tit, but once he did, she grabbed the phone from her purse and as she knew it would be, it was her husband.

“Hey,” she said on the phone, sitting back on the bed.

“What are you doing? Where are you?”

Larry climbed off the bed and stood in front of her.

“I’m still shopping.”

“Isn’t it kind of late?”

“I’ll head home soon, I’m with some friends.”

“I thought you said you were shopping.”

She watched Larry unbuckle his belt and the sound was loud, but Jake said nothing. Larry pulled his slacks down and the buckle hit the hardwood floor. Like he was trying to get her caught but Jake said nothing.

“I’m shopping with friends.”


“Melissa and Angela.”

Larry pushed her down on the bed with the phone still on her ear. As she talked, he undid the button on her skirt.

“You don’t like Melissa and Angela.”

“I like them,” she lied. They were work friends she couldn’t stand but why was Jake asking questions? Did he not believe her? Maybe someone did see her and called him? She pictured a friend of his seeing her out with Larry at the park.

“What’s wrong, Jake?”

“Nothing,” he said. She could hear his TV in the background. He was flipping thru channels. “Just bored. Wondering what you were doing.”

“Oh, okay,” she smiled.


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