How Can He Get Revenge – Part 1

Ted Black was seventy-two years old when he lost his wife. It was a stroke. He went out for a run in the mid-morning, and when he got back, Ella was asleep in her chair. Except she didn’t answer his greeting. And he couldn’t wake her.


And, he noticed at last, she wasn’t breathing. He called 911, but he knew it was no use. He wasn’t a doctor, but he knew anyway. He hugged Ella, kissed her forehead, and let the EMT’s in. They did what they could, but she was gone.

They had been married at twenty, and their fifty-second anniversary had just passed last month. They had a long weekend at nearby resort. A great time. Lots of sex. Well, for them, at their age. They’d had sex the day she died. Ted hoped that didn’t contribute. He thought not.

Ted was in pretty good shape for his age. Ella maybe not so much. Even before she died. She’d been an attractive woman, somewhat overweight. Still sexy, though. She had a nice smile, was a retired librarian, and knitted.

Ted was a lawyer, working from home doing research for other lawyers. The couple were well-off and he didn’t need full time work. He’d work out for an hour each morning, except Sunday. Then, after lunch, he’d work on research for three hours or so.

They had three grown children, two married. There were four grandsons, and a granddaughter. All of their children had been raised in their current house, which they bought at age twenty-five. The family descended on the house in response to the news.

Ted was in some sort of shock. He had bouts of darkness, some pretty bad. But he wasn’t totally out of it. Seeing the family was good for him. The memorial service was held at a nearby VFW hall, and very well attended. Ted spoke. He didn’t get through the entire speech. His kids all spoke.

Then they all went home. Twelve days after he walked into his house to find death, Ted was living there alone. All the family were at least one hundred miles away. They called, skyped, emailed. That was okay. Ted went back to working a week after the service. It wasn’t normally all that challenging, and needed minimal concentration. He was good at it, though.

One thing — he never missed his morning workout. He was a creature of habit and those workouts sustained him. Some of his family, and some neighbors, thought it odd. But he had his sanity and emotional stability to see to.

A month after Ella’s death, Ted went through her belongings that had been left behind by the children. Her clothes fit their daughter and one daughter-in-law. Her yarn and knitting kit went to her circle of friends. He sold her car.

Ella had a stack of notebooks at the top of her closet. Ted took them down and set them aside. There were fifty-two of them. He decided to read them later, when he was more stable.

Ted slipped into a monastic existence for some months. Thanksgiving came and he went to his daughter’s house, where his other daughter brought her family. His third daughter, Bess, the single one, couldn’t make it. Ted had a fine time, lots of nostalgia.

Ted had noticed that his hour-long morning workouts were getting easier for him. He had to add some distance to his runs, and some weight to his dumbbells. He was also gaining weight. And, when he finally considered it, he saw it was muscle. He had lost the small pouch in front, and some of his double chin. He didn’t understand it, but it was all right with him.

After some time, Ted picked up the notebooks. They started soon after the marriage, and ended the day before she died. They were not super detailed. One notebook per year. But they covered everything well, and brought back memories. It took him a month to go through them all.

Their marriage had not been all sweetness and light. Ella could be a pain in the ass, and so could he. He could also be so involved in work that he didn’t pay her enough attention. Long and intense trials happened to him fairly often. Trials that lasted months. These times were mentioned in the notebooks, with some frustration. But after a while, it seemed as if she got used to the trial absences. His heavy trial schedule lasted for about fifteen years. The first three he saw her frustration. After that, the trials were mentioned and that was it. In one of the middle notebooks — middle of his trial years — he noted a list of things to do. The last thing there was ‘see to my needs.’ It made him wonder, but he put it aside.

He did consider that when he was in a particularly intense work situation, the marital bed was not very often the scene of sexual relations between them. He had always made time for the kids. But at times he had forgotten his wife — forgotten to engage with her sexually. Maybe once every two weeks. Maybe once a month at times. Thus the ‘needs’ sentence made him uneasy. But, no way to know now.

Just a fortnight before Christmas, Ted decided to do at least some decorating of the house. He went into the attic and got out some boxes of Christmas decorations. There were more notebooks underneath some old tree skirts. There were four. Bound journals.

He pulled them out and set them aside. He put some lights up outside, and a lighted Santa. Nothing inside. He was headed to his daughter Anne’s house for the holiday. His daughter Bess — the youngest — was also to be there. He was looking forward to seeing her. She had been a late born child, and was thirty-four. She was also a lawyer, and had never married.

Ted was noticing more and more that his physical condition was improving. His sore knee wasn’t sore anymore. His right wrist, almost immobile, was now supple. He could shoot a basketball. He discovered that when he picked one up as he walked by a court. There were some kids playing. The ball went out of bounds to him, about thirty feet from the hoop. He picked it up and, before he thought much about it, sent a shot at the hoop. Swish. The kids were impressed and whistled. He waved and walked on.

But he was now truly puzzled. That wrist. Arthritis. But now, no more. He was staring at it when he bumped into a woman coming out of a convenience store. She spilled her soda. He apologized profusely. She was a MILF. He noticed that right away. She noticed him noticing, and smiled at him. She was a darkish blond, brown eyes, tall and stacked. She wore a loose top and yoga pants. It was quite warm for December. Thank God for global warming.

She said, “Please don’t worry. It’s only a soda. But maybe you should pay attention some to where you’re going.”

“I’m not normally a klutz. I was distracted by my wrist.”

She looked at him, puzzled. “Why?”

He said, “I’m Ted, by the way. My wrist was almost impossible to move a month ago, and for some years. But now…” He raised it and flipped it around.

“You mean you’ve recovered mobility?”

“Yes. I have no idea what happened. And the rest of me is improving also.”

She didn’t know exactly what to make of this. She was forty-eight and had been hit on by men all of her life, since she was fourteen. But this wasn’t quite that.

She smiled at him. “What rest of you?” She was a doctor, and her practice was filled with mostly older people. She wasn’t quite a gerontologist. But close.

“All of me. I….I don’t….” He stopped, blushed. He realized what he must sound like to her. ‘All of me…’ Sounded like some come on.

She started laughing at him. She couldn’t help it. His embarrassment was so cute. And, so was he.

She said, “I’m Mary Graves. Maybe you can replace my Pepsi?”

“Oh, sure. Come on.” He waved her back into the store, and she got a can of Pepsi, which he paid for.

They came out of the store, and it turned out she was walking as well, and in his direction. They strolled along the sidewalk, and she said, “I’m a doctor. I deal a lot with people who have arthritis. Which you had and now maybe don’t. So, I’m interested in how and why you’ve recovered mobility.”

“I have no idea, Mary. Doctor Mary.” He smiled.

The walked by the basketball court where he’d swished his shot. One of the kids saw him and they all started hooting at him. They called him ‘Swish.”

Mary watched this. A kid tossed Ted the ball. He swished it. About thirty-five feet, by her estimation. He got a round of applause. He took a bow.

As they left the immediate area of the court, she asked him, “When’s the last time you could’ve done that?”

He paused, thinking, “Maybe fifteen years ago. I was pretty good at basketball.”

“And, when did you start to notice improvement?”

“When I walked by this court a few minutes ago, and swished a shot. That’s why I was staring at my wrist.”

“Well, okay. Has something happened lately to you? Some life change, workout routine change?”

“My wife died. End of July. It was a stroke. I came home and she was gone.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry, Ted. I know it must be difficult. When that happened, did you change your workouts, or something?”

“No. I knew if I gave it up — the workouts — I might get even more depressed.”

“Hmmm. Well, there has to be some explanation. Makes me wonder. Aren’t you curious?”

“Now I am. Now that I swished those shots. And, I don’t mean to be forward. But, when I bumped into you I noticed right away how good you looked. That’s a difference from before.”

He was blushing a little. But he thought of it as a statement for purposes of medical diagnosis.

“What do you mean — noticed?” She glanced at his crotch.

He saw. “I mean that. Sorry.”

She chuckled. “No apologies needed. Yet.” She glanced down again. It made him even harder. Fully erect.

Mary was flattered. She was divorced many years. She was a free agent, but didn’t get regular sex. Guys hit on her. She almost always shot them down. Now this cute guy was hard just talking to her.

She looked at him. He was red with embarrassment, but didn’t look away. Now, he was making some effort. Maybe to get her. But still cute. Lacking in any romantic finesse.

She smiled at him again. This time it was more than a friendly smile.

He said, “Mary. You’re…..a beautiful woman. It’s been so long since I was free to do this. I was married fifty-two years.”

Mary stopped dead in her tracks. She stared at him, amazed.

“How old are you, Ted?”


She said, “Geez, Ted. You look like a guy in your fifties.”

“I’m not. I have a driver’s license to prove it.” He hadn’t thought much about how old he looked. He was never carded when he bought beer. He had always looked pretty young, because of his shock of brown hair. No grey.

Mary was looking at his crotch again. She saw that he had maintained his erection. No hiding it. Ted saw her looking again. He decided to take a chance.

“Interested?” He was still red-faced.

She said, “Yes. My place is just around the corner.” She thought of it as medical research.

And she didn’t feel at all threatened by this man. She had her needs, and was in a dry spell.

She opened her door, and ushered him inside her living room. They stood about six feet apart, looking at each other.

Ted said, “I don’t know what to do anymore.”

“Well, lets go upstairs to my bedroom. Then you can take off your clothes and I’ll take off mine. After that, I’m sure you can recall some thing to do.” She took his hand and led him up the stairs.

Mary and Ted stripped off quickly, then took stock of each other. Ted was overcome with lust for her. She had large breasts, and an hourglass figure. She was perfect.

Mary was also pleased. This guy was old. Maybe. But he was ripped, and large as well. She decided to suck his cock. So, she pushed him onto the bed, and knelt between his legs. She kissed and licked him, almost teasing. It occurred to her that he might not last long. But if he came once, maybe he’d last a while the second time.

Ted came about twenty seconds after she sucked him into her mouth. He groaned, trying to hold off. But it was a lost cause. Shot after shot of semen came from him, directly into her mouth. And Mary gulped it all down. In truth, she was thrilled by this. When his orgasm was fading, she slowly pulled his dick out of her mouth, looking him in the eye. She had his last, dribbling shot on her tongue. She licked her lips.

Ted got hard again as he watched her lick her lips with his come on her tongue. His wife Ella had never done anything quite like that. But Mary….oh, man.

Mary saw he was hard again. She was fleetingly amazed at that because of his age. But she wanted to feel him inside her, so that thought was just a flash. She pushed him back on the bed, on his back. She straddled him, and slowly lowered herself down onto him. He was bigger that any guy she’d had since college. She savored the feeling of being fully filled up by hard cock.

She moaned, “Oh, oh, so good. You feel so good” She kissed him with her salty lips, and put her tongue into his mouth. He started pumping into her now. He was strong, and he bounced her up and down. She came around his big dick. Came very hard and fast. The sensation filled her belly, and she screamed something incoherent.

Ted watched her come, with her eyes closed and her blond hair hanging down onto his face and shoulders. It felt silky. He was in heaven. Her face during her orgasm was the single sexiest thing he’d ever seen.

She opened her eyes after she came. Ted was looking at her, eyes wide. She giggled and kissed him. Then she started humping herself on him again. She wanted more. And she got it. Ted stayed hard through two more intense orgasms for her. But the last one pulled him into his own. He pulsed into her. He felt her gripping his dick as he did that.

Then it ended and she collapsed onto him.

She said, “I did this for medical research.” A dreamy voice.

“Well, I believe we’ll need more data.” She rolled off him and snuggled into him. It was six o’clock. Dark. But she got hungry.

“Are you hungry?”

Ted realized that he was. They walked, naked, to her kitchen. She made them ham sandwiches. They ate, naked, at her kitchen table. By the time he finished his sandwich, Ted was ready to go again. Mary noticed.

She beat him upstairs to the bed, where he fucked her missionary style for a good twenty minutes. Longer than either one of them had experienced for years. Mary had a series of rolling orgasms, culminating in another grand one when he finally went off.

They got up and showered. She invited him to stay the night. He had no one at home to answer to, and readily agreed. At three o’clock she woke him up, sucking his dick. He turned her over on his face and licked her until they both came again, she before he.

In the morning he fucked her in the shower. She had work at eight. He left at seven-thirty, after having watched her dry off and dress. It was so sexy to see her dress. Hide her fantastic body. Piece by piece.

His house was only six blocks away. He got there at quarter to eight and sat down at the kitchen table. He couldn’t believe how lucky he was to meet Mary.

But he also couldn’t believe how randy he had been and how well he had performed in bed. And in the shower. It was like he was twenty-five. He was curious about how this had happened. Because, his body had transformed itself in the months since Ella died. He thought he should look around for a picture of himself in his aged state, see if it had aged, Dorian Gray style. Too soon, maybe.

He studied himself in the mirror. He looked like his younger self. But buffer than before. His cock looked a little bigger. It was never small. He always used to have love handles. Couldn’t get rid of them completely. They were gone now. He had the beginnings of a six-pack.

He was sitting at his desk, about to research rejuvenation, when he brushed against the four unread notebooks. He picked up the top one.

Three hours later, his world destroyed, he lay down on the couch in the living room. Ella had been massively unfaithful to him. She recorded it in her ‘X-Rated’ diaries. It had started when she got fed up with no sex during a long trial. She seduced his best buddy, Mick Layne. He and Mick had been friends since high school. He lived nearby. He’d been married, and divorced. He was single when she singled him out. She went to his house and convinced him to fuck her. She described it in some detail. Mick was no prize. He was short, and had always been pudgy. But, at the time Ella needed sex, he was available and safe. So, she fucked him, and fucked him some more. She taught him things. The sessions started out once a week, then sometimes more. When Ted’s trial ended, so did Mick’s luck. Until the next trial. This went on for seven years. A rough guess he made was that they had fucked on over a hundred and forty days.

Then, Ella got bored with Mick. She didn’t cut him off. But she started up with a young guy who worked at her office. Once a week on Thursday afternoons. For a year. Even when he was not in trial. Two missed days, but some impromptu hits. Fifty-six times. With a guy named Brandon Harris. He left for a new job on the other coast.

Then she started with random hook-ups. For about three years, Ella had hit a number of men. Most were strangers. Pick-ups, quick motel sex, with condoms. She never used one with Mick, or Brandon. But she did with these guys.

Finally, she had had several weekends with work colleagues, and customers. She’d go to a resort, or a conference, get fucked and come home. Sometimes she’d get fucked by more than one guy. Always guys.

When Ted retired from trial work, and his load eased, he took Ella on a cruise, and she detailed how she’d had great sex with him on that cruise. And with no one else. The last of the books had recounting of a few hook-ups. Six, to be exact. The last one was ten years ago. Her last page of the diaries announced her intention to become a faithful wife again. Now that Ted was doing his marital duty. And she was slowing down a bit.

She quoted an old song, ‘If you want a do-right all days woman; You gotta be a do-right all nights man.’

Ted was physically ill that evening. Mary called. He let it go to answering. She called again ten minutes later. He heard her ask for him, a little anxious. Half an hour later she knocked on the door. He staggered over and opened it.

Mary was shocked by how Ted looked. She had come over to check on him (and to get fucked). But Ted was a holy mess when he opened the door. She hugged him and asked what happened. She thought maybe there’d been a death.

“I read notebooks that my wife wrote. She was unfaithful to me for years. Years.” Ted sobbed. Mary patted him on the back. She hugged him closer. They sat for a spell.

She began to rub his cock. He began to get hard.

She said, “The best revenge is a life well lived.” She undid his pants and pulled them down. She pushed him onto his couch. He was like putty in her hands. But not for very long. Putty always gets hard when exposed to the air.

Once Ted had come into her mouth, Mary sat next to him. “Feel better now?”

“Yes. Yes, I do.”

“Good. Let’s go upstairs and get you a shower. Maybe I’ll join you.” She had a wicked smile. What could he do? She was making it impossible for him to be depressed.

Mary rubbed him down with soap, and washed his hair. She did not make the mistake of using the feminine shampoo that was in the shower (still?). She used the soap.

Then she led him out of the shower. She dried him off with a nice puffy towel. She paid special attention to his dick. By the time he was dry, he was ready for more than a dry run.

Mary took him from on top, feeling that he might run out of gas if he had to work too hard. She needn’t have worried. He was a beast from below. She was again amazed. He was giving her the best sex she’d had for ages. She had two orgasms before he let loose again. Then she lay next to him and had him explain what he knew from the books.

“She went to my good friend for sex. When I was busy in trial. I suppose that I was inattentive. Part my fault. But she never said anything. Still, I should have fucked her more. But when I was not too busy, and resumed our sex life, she stopped with him. Back in trial, she’s back with him.”


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