Hot summer love blossoms for a small family of three

One hot summer night I was awoken from a deep sleep by my mother’s loud passion as the unmistakable sounds of masturbation were coming from deep within her bedroom. It was very late and I’m sure she felt my sister and I had long ago been asleep and could not possibly hear her.

I quietly made my way out into the dark hallway in my nightshirt and panties and proceeded to masturbate right along with her as I listened to her carefully.

The next night when I opened my bedroom door and saw my older sister Beth standing at our mom’s doorway with her hand stuck down her panties, I was completely shocked.

But truth be told I was headed out there to do the same thing again myself as I could hear my mom’s deep raspy moans and groans coming from within her bedroom again just as the night before.

While Beth and I were very close and had shared a whole lot of things in the past, this was reaching way out there into seriously unchartered territory that neither of us had ever voluntarily mentioned to one another before.

I mean, after all, this wasn’t just about us masturbating, it was about us masturbating right along with our very own mother for fucks sake!

But now it had suddenly become quite obvious that Beth already knew all about our mom’s late-night adventures just as well as I did. I watched closely as my big sister vigorously fingered herself right outside the door while mom moaned and groaned loudly from the other side just a few feet away.

Beth was completely oblivious to my presence, or so I thought at the time.

When she seemed to spasm all over and her knees suddenly weakened and buckled beneath her at the far end of the dark hallway, I saw her quickly glance in my direction and her mouth suddenly fell open just as she reached full climax and she slowly melted to the floor beneath her while withering in ecstasy.

I quietly shut my door and slipped back to my bed where I quickly stripped off my wet panties and found my hot throbbing clitoris and was soon licking my sticky fingers clean as I drifted off to sleep after a rather intense orgasm of my own.

Beth at nineteen years old was quite a “looker” as they say, she was a green-eyed long-legged freckled-faced raven-haired beauty that immediately turned every head in any room she entered.

Her nineteen years of growth had left her with a stunning body that was well-rounded in all the right places, and she was exactly what all the young men called a “real hottie.”

I had almost every reason to hate her but as her eighteen-year-old baby sister Emma, I just simply adored her like there was not a tomorrow and I seemed to look up to her more and more with each passing day.

Beth was my best friend in the whole wide world, and we shared everything from eye shadow to panties and razors and of course our deepest darkest secrets.

I knew I could never intentionally hurt Beth in any way whatsoever and that I would never tell mom what I had seen her doing that night outside her door. It would forever be our little secret, but I also knew that Beth didn’t necessarily know that yet, so I figured I would maybe just have a little fun with her for a bit before I finally let her off the hook and tell her that her dirty little secret would always be safe with me.

Beth and I could have passed for twins, we both had the same long dark straight black hair, green eyes, and freckles. Beth was just a little taller than me and her tits were just slightly larger than mine but that’s pretty much it except for a tiny little birthmark I had on my right cheek.

But as pretty as each one of us may have thought the other one was, we both knew without a doubt that our mom Corrine was the real beauty in the family. She had shoulder-length wavy jet-black hair and deep dark blue eyes with somewhat large perky tits that seemed to jut from her chest like cone-shaped mounds of soft pillowy flesh.

She was just a little bit heavier than Beth or me, but she carried the weight very well and her wider hips and broader shapely ass jiggled invitingly as she pranced around and drew many a stare from anyone who may pass by. Beth and I had even noticed several women checking our mom out on many different occasions and while I can’t speak directly for Beth on the matter, I often found it to be quite stimulating myself.

Beth and I often joked with her and with one another while in her presence about how she simply put us both to shame in the looks department. She would just laugh at us and say we were both crazy, but it was quite obvious that even she knew she still looked very good for a forty-year-old mother of two nearly grown teenage girls.

She even still flaunted it a bit on occasion, which Beth and I both found to be quite amusing most of the time.

The next morning, as we all three sat at the kitchen table over coffee and toast Mom was her talkative self but Beth seemed to be a little quieter than usual and kept nervously shifting her eyes in my direction as if she desperately wanted to ask me something in private.

After mom left for work Beth just sat there glaring at me a moment before she finally blurted out and asked, “You’re not even going to say anything about it are you?”

“About what?” I played dumb.

“Stop it, Emma, stop it right now, I know you saw me in the hallway last night,” she softly wailed.

I was a little shocked as I hadn’t been for certain sure that she saw me standing there in the dark watching her, and Beth only called me Emma when she was being dead serious about something.

“Yeah, so what?” I asked while laughing at her. “I have seen you out in the hallway once or twice before you know?”

“Oh, please stop it, Emma you know exactly what I’m talking about, I know very well that you watched me masturbate with mom last night!

“Oh my god!” I played dumb again while pretending to choke and then spitting coffee everywhere, “I thought she was crying and you were just checking in on her,” I loudly blurted. “I was just about to ask you what was wrong with her, holy fuck Beth what in the hell do you mean you masturbated with her, what in the fuck does that even mean anyway?”


Yeah, Beth what, what in the hell is it now?”

“You can stop your little fucking charade already Emm, that’s not the first time I was ever out there in the hallway at night you know, and I just so happened to see you doing the very same thing just the night before, now what do you have to say about that you conniving little winch?” she laughed aloud at her cleverly worded question.

I felt my advantage suddenly slip away and become replaced with red-hot embarrassment as I jumped up and ran for my room while partially covering my blushing crimson face with my hands. I could hear Beth laughing at me as I blindly stumbled off and away from her as fast as I could.


“Emm, please don’t be mad at me, I won’t pick on you about it anymore I promise,” Beth pleaded through my closed and locked door. “Besides we were supposed to be going to the beach today remember?” she softly belted. “I also have a little confession to make, and if you will let me come in, I will tell you all about it, I promise, ok?”

“But I’m so embarrassed” I mumbled through the door.

“It’s ok Emm don’t worry about it, it’s not all that bad, you saw me doing it too remember, besides we will get through this together, just like always you know, just you and me kiddo, ok?”

After I let her come in, she sat on the edge of the bed beside me in her skimpy white bikini and then reached over and pulled me closer to her and looked at me seriously, and said, “First off, just so you will know this about me, I’m not all that much into guys and I almost always think about girls when I play with myself.”

I suddenly felt hot butterflies flurry around in my stomach and I immediately wondered if she had ever used the thought of her very own little sister to masturbate with, and somehow from the look on her face, I quickly determined that not only had she thought of me that way before but she must have known exactly what I was thinking at that very moment as we both suddenly blushed a deep dark red and then very quickly turned from one another’s nervous yet curious gaze for a moment.

“Was that your confession?” I mumbled a moment later.

“Sort of,” she said softly, “but there’s still a little more that I think you may need to know about.”

She then suddenly put her hands over her eyes and face and softly mumbled through them, “When I saw you in the hallway first the other night at mom’s door I stood at my cracked door and watched you play with yourself, and I masturbated along with you, then I made it a point to be out there first last night because I wanted you to watch me too!”

I was shocked as I suddenly realized what Beth was saying, and then I softly said, I masturbated after I watched you too you know?”

“Yeah, I know,” Beth muttered, I listened at your door too.

“I’m not sure what all this means exactly,” Beth continued to mumble as she stood to leave, “but I expect it’s something we both need to think long and hard about.”


“Yeah, Emm?”

“What you said earlier, you know about always thinking about girls when you play with yourself?”

She suddenly stopped me mid-sentence and said, “Yes Emm, I remember, and I probably shouldn’t be telling you this, but it’s always the thoughts of you and mom that work best for me.”

I suddenly swallowed hard and gulped loudly as I inhaled a lung full of air as Beth continued to speak softly, “It’s the thoughts of hot passionate sex with you and mom that really get my motor racing, they’re the ones that really get me good and wet, you know what I mean kiddo?”

I just nodded yes as I exhaled loudly and then felt my pussy twitch and tremble at the very thought of Beth eating me and mom out.

“I really shouldn’t have told you any of that,” Beth suddenly mumbled to me and then laughed nervously. Her face suddenly turned beet red as she mockingly licked her lips and winked at me, then quickly turned and left in a heated rush.

I was left sitting there feeling quite stunned but also with a warm fuzzy sensation beginning to build and boil deep down within my loins, and I was pretty damn sure I had just fallen head over heels in love with my big sister!


Later that night I guess neither of us could sleep because just as the moans and groans began Beth tapped at my door lightly and when I open it, she held out her hand and quietly asked, “Are you coming?”

She led me off down the dark hallway to our mom’s bedroom door where we stood hand in hand in the dark and quietly masturbated along with our mother.

Beth quickly came first, but I soon followed as she squeezed my hand tightly and then pulled me close to her and I trembled and shook in her arms while I buried my face deep into her neck to muffle my cries while I vigorously fingered myself to an explosive orgasm.

Afterward, Beth led me hand in hand back to my room and as she tucked me back into bed she bent and kissed me gently and I softly whispered into her open mouth, “Oh Beth, that was the best orgasm I ever had, I’m still shaking all over.”

“I know kiddo, believe me I know, it was for me too,” she whispered back, “now try and get some sleep and I will see you in the morning.”


The following night after Beth quietly led me to our mom’s door, she released my hand and gently reached over and pulled my panties aside and held them there for me. We quickly brought ourselves off together as we carefully held each other’s panties to the side for the other.

“That was so very amazing,” Beth whispered into my open mouth as she later tucked me in and gently kissed me goodnight and I could feel her soft wet lips still twitching and trembling as they pressed against mine.

The next night just as Beth reached to pull my panties aside and hold them there for me, I quickly moved a little faster and slid my hand down inside the waistband of her panties and cupped her slick wet mound.

As she gasps loudly and her sharp fiery gaze suddenly found mine in the dark, I could see the hot burning lust-filled desire in Beth’s eyes as she quickly released the leg opening of my panties from her grip and then gently slipped her hand beneath the waistband and down inside of mine as well.

As we stood listening to our mom and gently caressing one another’s stiff wet clitoris beneath our fingers neither one of us lasted very long at all and we were both soon coming together while we sank to the floor and kissed one another deeply as we shook and spasmed uncontrollably in each other’s arms.


“We need a plan, Emm; I just can’t go on living this way.” Beth laughed aloud.

Yeah, I know what you mean,” I laughed back. “I could sure use some sleep tonight, good lord when in the world is mom going to take a break already,” I giggled.

That night Beth came to my room very early, way before it was time for mom to get started. She gently took me by my hand as she quietly closed my door and then led me back to my bed where we lay there in the dark and began to kiss each other passionately.

We fondled and sucked each other’s tits softly as we fingered one another vigorously until we quickly brought each other off and then we slowly drifted away into a deep slumber while still trembling and holding each other tightly.

When I awoke the next morning, I was still curled up in a ball in Beth’s arms and she was still clutching me tightly to her.

The next night we lay on the floor in front of our mom’s door in the 69 position and quietly slurped away at each other’s sloppy wet cunts as we listened to her masturbate just on the other side and we both came very quickly over and over again sometimes coming right along with our mom way up until the wee hours of the morning when we were all thoroughly exhausted.


“We could let her catch us you know” Beth spouted softly over breakfast one hot mid-summer morning right before we were due to leave and spend the day at the beach.

“What?” I gasp loudly as I spat a mouthful of milk across the table.

“Yep, don’t be coy with me, you know exactly what I mean Emma, we could make a lot of noise outside of her door one night and let her catch us masturbating right there along with her.

“That’s the craziest fucking thing I have ever heard Beth why on god’s green earth would we do something like that?” I suddenly burst out.

“Because I want to eat her out Emma, don’t you?”

I swallowed hard and suddenly felt my mouth go dry as I thought just a brief second before loudly blurting out “Oh yes Beth, oh my sweet goodness yes, yes I do Beth, yes I do!”

After somewhat catching my breath and then watching Beth begin to grin devilishly at me, I quickly said, “Beth, oh Beth, as badly as we may both want this, it is still a super crazy idea, letting her catch us masturbating right along with her is one thing but her letting us eat her out is in a completely different world altogether, just how in the hell are we supposed to pull that one off?”

“Yeah, it is a pretty wicked idea,” Beth said, as she winked at me and then continued, “But don’t worry we will figure something out as we go along, anyway I’m pretty certain our first step should be to let her catch us masturbating right along with her,” and then she stood and walked away while quietly giggling to herself.

After returning from the beach late that afternoon Beth and I made sweet passionate love in the shower before finally preparing a small dinner of chicken and fresh garden salads as we eagerly anticipated our mom’s return home from work that evening.

After we had all eaten mom was soon relaxing in the hot tub with her usual bottle of wine. Beth and I both knew mom was nude beneath the hot rolling water and Beth soon began prancing around in front of her in a very tight pair of cutoff jeans which left her ass cheeks exposed and a very sheer see thru white halter top.

As I watched carefully, I noticed that Beth’s attire did not go unnoticed by mom as her eyes seem to follow Beth’s every move around the room. I quickly took the cue and left to change into something more comfortable myself.

When I returned in a skimpy bikini with all intentions of joining mom in the hot tub, I found Beth sitting on the edge of the tub with her feet in the water and her legs spread wide in mom’s direction.

Mom’s eyes were wide and glassy as I watched her cautiously slip glances between Beth’s open legs when she felt no one was looking, she had sat her wine glass down and her right hand had found its way down beneath the swirling water and her collar bone seemed to be flexing slightly back and forth a little and I strongly suspected she was rubbing her cunt with her submerged fingertips.

Later that night as Beth and I lay on the floor at the foot of her door completely naked and gently licking one another I heard the precise moment on the other side of the door when our mom suddenly froze in mid action and quickly switched her vibrator off.

Beth had just roughly kicked the foot of the door with her heal and I heard moms bed springs squeak loudly as she jumped up from her bed and rushed to the door and suddenly snatched it open to find us both sprawled out naked on the floor at the foot of her door in the 69-position just lapping away at each other’s hot little boxes.

She was also completely nude, and she was still clutching the long thick green vibrator as she quickly accessed the situation at hand.

She suddenly screamed upon the realization of discovering us and she quickly backed back into her room and slammed the door closed behind her.

Beth suddenly jumped up and gripped me by the hand and began to tug me gently down the hallway toward my bedroom.

“What now?” I ask while still trying to catch my breath.

“Now we just wait,” Beth said as we sat there holding hands, “It shouldn’t be very long now I don’t think, she didn’t get to cum yet and I’m betting she is extra fucking horny now after seeing us both laying there naked eating each other out like that, just you wait and see,” she snickered.

Moments later there was a soft rapping at my door and Beth spoke up quickly and said, “Come on in mama, we have been waiting for you.”

She was still naked and still clutching the big vibrator in one hand and her ample sized tits swung and swayed forward as she slowly pushed the door open with the other.

She limped and scuffled her way to the edge of the bed as if she were in a daze and seemed almost as if she were sleepwalking and Beth and I both reached up and gently pulled her down to us onto the soft downy bed covering.

Beth and I both took turns alternating between her firm ripe succulent tits and her slick warm wet box as we both bought her off time and time again and we gave her many shuttering orgasms throughout the rest of that long hot summer and as it turned out mom was pretty damn adept at giving them herself!

The End*****************

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