Hot Sex With Beautiful Couple

Friday night finally! I decided to grab a few drinks with a couple friends right after work. We needed to relax. We walked over to a local bar not far from the bank.

It was busy already. Seems everyone downtown had the same idea. Grabbed a table and ordered our round. People all over, tables filled up quickly. Scanning the room, watching the activities, Round two started, then quickly turned into three.

We were having a great night. Laughing and talking, we needed it. I excused myself to run to the bathroom and that’s when I noticed him, then her. Beautiful couple.

They smiled as I walked by making my way towards the bathroom. There was a small line. Why this bar decided to have a large one person bathroom is beyond me. I thought convenience stores were known for that.

As I stood waiting I felt someone bump into me. I turned to look and there he was. The man from the table I had just passed. He smiled and leaned closer.

“Excuse me. This hallway is Crowded! Between the people in line and the overflow from the filling bar area. So how are you?”

I politely responded “Well, thank you. Crazy week, trying to relax and enjoy the night.”

He smiled and spoke once more “I can relate. We are too. Did you need some help relaxing?”

About that time the woman he was with walked up and said “Hello” looked his way and said ” And what are you doing bothering this pretty lady?”

Smiling at him then back at me. The longer I stood there the more tipsy I became…that last drink was strong. They were both just staring and whispering, the smiling at me.

I had no idea what was happening until the woman slipped behind me and I felt her hand caress my butt slowly. I instantly shivered and a warmth grew between my thighs.

He then leaned closer and asked ” May we join you in the bathroom?” The music so loud all of a sudden and her caresses moved to underneath my flowing skirt. I flinched but caught myself pressing into her hand.

The bathroom door opened and I was next. He looked at me smiling and walked me to the door, she following close behind locking the door behind her. There was a large vanity he pushed me against as he starting kissing me tenderly, his hands on my face, then neck.

I feel hands under my skirt pulling off my panties. It was her. His hands roamed down caressing my breasts then unbuttoned my blouse to expose my skin.

I feel fingers between my thighs, then between my wet lips, she was there rubbing my clit. I looked down and she was under my skirt her fingers working magic within my wetness, I was so wet, so hot.

He pulled my bra below my breasts leaned in sucking my hard nipples, his tongue circling each other over and over. She kept rubbing and rubbing then I felt her tongue plunge into me.

I spread my thighs open for her. Grabbing her head, shoving her into my dripping pussy wanting to cum on her beautiful face.

He kept sucking and biting my nipples as my moans grew louder and louder. My hand finding its way inside of his jeans stroking his clock roughly.

She licked me hungrily, sucking my clit, diving her tongue inside me as he continued. I grasped her head as my climax grew closer shoving her face hard into me, fucking her tongue as I explode all over her.

I came so hard against her tongue I felt faint.

Quickly she moved, pulled my skirt off, he turned me around and plunged inside of me. She laid on the vanity in front of me, her dress removed, she began pulling me toward her breasts, I began sucking them as he thrust into me.

Sucking her nipples, biting as my fingers made their way between her thighs. Fuck… she was drenched and moaning as I rubbed her and sucked her nipples.

He was grabbing my breasts and thrusting harder. I kept sucking her nipples harder and began fingering her. I felt the throb of his cock growing as he continued fucking me.

I couldn’t take it I had to taste her. I moved quickly to her wetness and plunged my tongue in. Devouring her, fingerling her hard. Sucking her clit as he thickened inside me his moans growing louder, she was so close, her voice trembling as she starting saying “oh my God!”

I fingered deeper, hard, licked her, sucking her until I felt her quiver beneath me and my fingers felt her warmth flow. Licking her, tasting her passion.

I feel myself ready to explode once more, he thrusts harder, deeper as I cry out, she leans up and begins sucking my nipples hard. He reaches around grabs my throat and squeezes as he and I explode together.

Slowing his thrusts, he releases my throat and kisses my cheek sweetly as I feel her licking my nipples gently, making her way up and kissing me deeply.. Pulling out, pulling his pants up, he assisted his lady off the counter, helping her dress.

She straightens herself in the mirror as he assists me adjust my clothing and dresses me. I stared at both of them for a few moments and they smiled.

Making their way to the door kissing one another then turning back to say “Thank you.

This was a beautiful affair. ” I smiled as they left, finally used the bathroom, adjusted my hair, makeup, rinsed my mouth and head out to get back to my friends.



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