Hot And Bothered With My Step-brother

‘I just had a nightmare,’ I whisper from the doorframe of my step-brother’s bedroom.

He stirs awake but the naked girl in his bed does not. He turns on the bedside lamp and I can see he’s naked under the sheet covering his waist. Ben pushes into a sitting position, and whispers that he needs a minute. I nod and head back to the living room, feeling just damp my panties are getting.


My first semester of university was starting next week and I was crashing with my step-brother’s couch until my dorm room would be available. It was great seeing Ben again after our parents broke up few years back and I was really grateful that he answered my call two days ago and offered me to stay with him. He had always been the pretty boy but grown up he look downright sinful.

It all because of that inky black hair he liked to run his hands in, the hard ridges of his abdomen sculpted from playing hockey since he could walk, the slightly tortured expression he used with all the girls and of course, his voice was the epitome of sexy. And I was not immune to my step-brother’s charms.

I don’t know when did I start seeing him as more than my brother, but after hearing him bring that woman earlier, I felt more jealous than ever. Did I pass their door and pressed my ear to it? Fuck yes. Did I slip on finger in my panties when the woman moaned about how big he was, how deep he was fucking her? Absolutely. It was glorious, but I wanted more.

It took some time to get around to my idea. I used to have a lot of nightmares growing up and after each of them I would usually go to sleep in my mom’s bed. But after she got married with Ben’s dad, she told me I couldn’t come there anymore, that I was a big girl. Well, I kind of switched my route and started going to Ben instead. I would knock in the middle of the night and he would lift his comforter and I would slip inside. His front pressed to my back and his arms tightly wrapped around me.

He was my safe place for a long time, never turning me away even after he was in high school. But, once our parents divorced, Ben was already a twenty-something grown-up living away and I convinced myself that he had better things to do then comfort their teenage step-sister.

Now I snuggled myself in the cocoon of blankets and waited for him to come. When I heard his steps, my pulse spiked and my core trembled in anticipation. Ben slipped behind me and his arms settled firmly around me. Heaven.

He grunted and I made a noise at how good, how right it felt. Ben was naked except for his briefs and that little material did nothing to protect him from my wiggling ass.

‘Is this good, sis?’ He said in his sleepy voice, burring his nose in my hair. ‘Feeling safe?’


My nipples were practically diamonds poking my tank top. It reminded me how forbidden it was to want him, how wrong it was to want it so badly. I wiggled closer, intertwining my fingers with his and placing them over my breasts. He hadn’t seen me since before I started developing my figure and I was wondering what he thought about me.

Did he like the fact that my tits could fit into his palm?

Did he enjoy the fact that my ass was soft and round?

I heard his sharp intake of breath and felt him pulling his groin away from my ass. I smiled in the dark, wondering if I managed to make my step-brother’s dick hard. He was not making it easy, but since he didn’t outright push me away, I wasn’t letting myself get discouraged.

‘I’m always feeling safe with you, brother,’ I whisper and push my ass back in his lap.

Definitely hard. The woman tonight had been right, he was hung like a horse. I briefly wondered if he would fit me since he was double my size in every aspect. Somehow, that thought that he would stretch me made me vibrate with restless anticipation.

‘Yeah?’ He kissed my shoulder, making me shiver. Was that his tongue I felt or did I imagine that? ‘What else you’re feeling, sis?’

Now he intentionally rubbed his hard on between my ass cheeks, groaning in the process. I froze for a second, overwhelmed by the realizations that he wanted me. That Ben wanted to fuck me just as much as I wanted to fuck him.

Untangling or fingers, Ben slipped one hand beneath my tee and cupped my breast, while his other passed the waistband of my shorts and touched where I was so wet for him.

I moaned and shifted so he had better access to my pussy.

‘I’m feeling things I shouldn’t,’ I say as his finger grazes my clit.

‘Oh, sis,’ he bit into my neck softly. ‘This cunt is dripping. You want your big brother to make it better?’

‘Yes!’ I arch my back and feel my hips following his finger. ‘I want that so bad.’

Ben chuckled and started fucking me with two fingers while his other hand was pinching my nipple. I was surrounded by him, his smell, his warmth. It was like every part of me was settling into place.

‘Why didn’t you sit on my dick when you came to wake me? I’ve been hard for you since you cane here.’

Busy riding his fingers, I forgot to answer. The truth was: I wanted to barge in when he was fucking that woman, pull her away from him and have Ben fuck me instead of her. In front of her.

‘You got a hungry little cunt, sis. You’re so tight, it might hurt a bit when I put my dick in you, but you won’t mind, would you?’

‘Please,’ I begged when an orgasm slammed into ne. ‘Oh, please.’

I shook for a long minute, breathing fast and feeling my every muscle contracting. Ben kept his mouth on my neck, sucking and nipping at the sensitive skin, telling me how good I was milking his fingers. With one last shiver, I managed to settle a bit and that was when Ben sat up. The fingers that glistered with my juices were in his mouth and his eyes were holding mine captive.

He was hungry alright.

‘Hands and knees, sis. Ass up – your big brother is going ready to fuck you now.’

Facing the armrest of the couch, I arched my back and waited. A slap on my ass found me before Ben’s dick rubbed on my swollen pussy. I looked over my shoulder at him and barely contained my moan. He looked primal and intimidating and I shivered with need.

‘Fuck me, big brother,’ I begged when he brushed the tip at my entrance. ‘Make me come,’

He groaned and pushed all the way inside me, stealing my breath.

‘Fucking tight cunt,’ he bit between gritted teeth, hips jerking with each movement.

I had been right, we were a tight fit. Ben was impossibly thick for me, stretching me until the whisper of pain tingled my spine. I felt so full, so possessed, so safe. And when he moved, I saw starts blurring the edge of my vision. His hard drives were stroking me in the most delicious ways while his fingers teased my clit at the same time was pumping himself into me.

I whimpered helplessly as he stated fucking ne hard and fast.

‘Are you gonna be a good sister and let your brother cum inside your cunt?’ He whispered roughly in my ear.

‘Fuck yes,’ I rasped and pushed back with each thrust.

I was getting close and he was too. His dick was witching and growing hotter by the second.

‘Fill my pussy up, big bother. Fuck me real good.’

That did it. My words seem to push him over the edge, making him spurt hotly inside me. Thanks to his continuous massage on my clit, I manage to come at the same time, our moans ringing loudly around us.

He pulled out of me and we both fell back on the couch, tangled and naked and spent.

‘Your cum started leaking,’ I giggle as he pressed kisses on my neck.

‘Then I’d have to make sure I replace it soon,’ he hummed and hugged me tighter.

It felt like a dream to know this will keep happening, that my University experience would be enhanced by fucking my step brother on the side.