Her Son Becomes A Dogger: Part -2

Then he suddenly got out of the car. As I watched him walk away I started to cry. I’d been OK with Dogging when it was a secret, but my Son knowing about it made me realize that what I’d been doing wasn’t glamorous, it was just sleazy.

And worse, David, my pride and joy, was as bad as me. He was also a Dogger.


When I heard the tap on the window I nearly jumped out of my skin. I was going to tell whoever it was to fuck off, and if it was that man again then I really would kill him and eat his liver.

But surprisingly, it was David, so I let him come in.

“We are going to have to talk about it, so we might as well do it now and get it out of the way.”

That was sensible, and very mature of him. Then he noticed my tears. When he wiped them with a tissue, I thanked him by giving him a big smile.

“This is my first time.”

Everybody says that when they get caught, but I believed him, and not just because he was my Son. It was now my turn, but should I lie? I decided to tell the truth.

“This isn’t my first time. I’ve been doing it for years.”

That was a lot for him to take in about his Mother, and it was a while before he spoke again.

“So why do you do it?”

That was an obvious question to ask. I was going to give him an honest answer, and without toning it down.

“It’s exciting. I like sex. I like to be fucked by lots of different cocks.”

The look on his face told me that I’d gone too far. But I’d said it so there was nothing that I could do about it. Then he smiled.

“That was way too much information.”

“It was, now what about you?”

“I’m nineteen, always chasing pussy. I’ll try anything once.”


He nodded.

“Even fucking your Mother?”

It was a joke, and he was supposed to laugh. But he wasn’t, and it wasn’t because he regarded the suggestion as offensive. He was seriously considering it.

When he said yes, my body responded. My heart started to beat faster, and my pussy started to get wet. However, I was still in control.

“That’s not a good idea.”

“You’re right.”

Him saying that lowered my guard, so when he put his hand onto my breast it took me by surprise, and that gave him time to find my nipple. But even then I could have stopped it if I hadn’t hesitated. Those extra seconds gave my nipple time to swell, and then it was too late.

His other hand was now on me as well. It was just on my knee, but it was exciting me as much as if it was high up my thigh, near to my pussy.

When he moved his head towards me, so that we could kiss, I lowered the hood of his jacket. He was a handsome man, with brains and a personality. He could have his pick of women, but he wanted me. But not as much as I wanted him.

We were kissing, and his hand, that had been on the outside of my T-shirt, was now inside, trying to get into my bra. I’m a busty woman, and the bra was tight, so he was struggling.

When I stopped kissing him, I could see that he looked worried, and I knew why. He thought that we were going to stop. That was silly, I couldn’t stop even if I wanted to. What we were doing was wrong. We were crossing a line that should never be crossed. But I didn’t care. This would only end when his cock was deep up my juicy pussy, and he’d fucked me to the best climax that I’ve ever had.

“My top and bra need to come off.”

His face was a picture. Gone was the worry, replaced by a silly grin. I wanted to laugh, but I didn’t, because he wouldn’t find it funny.

This was a lot better, my big breasts were now out, and he was no longer interested in kissing me. Instead, he preferred to suck my nipple.

When he raised his head so that he could switch to the other nipple, I helped him by moving my breast towards his mouth. He thanked me by sucking long and hard on it. That made me utter a loud moan. It was a noise that was more animal than human. And he wasn’t ignoring the other one. That nipple was receiving the expert attention of his fingers.

“Open your legs.”

I did, and without any hesitation, even though I knew that doing it was wrong. This time he didn’t put his hand on my knee, he put it on my right thigh. The anticipation of what was going to happen next, made me shudder.

When his hand started moving slowly upwards, my pussy got even wetter. His fingers were at the hem of my panties, only inches away from where I wanted them to be. I held my breath as I waited for them to move that short distance. Then I had to breathe again, because his hand wasn’t going towards my pussy, it was going away from it.

“We shouldn’t be doing this.”

That was true, but now wasn’t the time for him to get cold feet. My pussy was on fire, no, that was an understatement. It was an inferno, and the only thing that was going to extinguish the flames was him emptying his balls into my pussy. There was no way we were going to be stopping!

“It’s OK, I want you to finger me.”

But that didn’t work. His hand, that had been between my legs, was now opening the door. I needed to say more, something that would make him stay, and I needed to say it before it was too late.

“I’ll tell your Father.”

That was pathetic, but it was the only thing that I could come up with, and of course, I wouldn’t tell him. Even if I wanted to, there was no way that I could do that without him also knowing that I was a Dogger? But surprisingly, it had worked, at least for now, because the door was closed again.

“That’s silly, I know that you’d never do that.”

“You’re right, but please stay.”

Then I used my heavy artillery on him. I widened my eyes so that he’d look at them, and then, in case that wasn’t going to be enough, I started to cry. He responded in the way that I knew that he would, by hugging me.

As he held me, with my naked tits squashed against his chest, I whispered in his ear.

“Mummy wants you to finger her wet pussy. Are you going to be a good boy and do it?”

He hesitated before answering me, and that was a worry, but when he eventually said, “Yes Mummy,” I shrieked with delight.

This time when his hand went between my legs, it didn’t stop when it got to the hem of my panties. His fingers were now touching them, trying to find the most responsive part of my pussy. The jewel in the crown, my clit. It didn’t take him long to find it, and he knew when he had, because I moaned loudly. And it got even louder when he started to rub it. This was good, but it would be better if he would also finger me.

“Take my panties off, I need some fingers deep up my pussy.”

As soon as I’d lifted my bottom up, he was pulling them down. He quickly got them down to my ankles, and then off.

This time, two hands went between my legs. I’d said that I wanted ‘some’ fingers in my pussy, and I’d been expecting two, but he’d generously given me three. I’m not complaining, I just wish that he’d warned me before thrusting them deep into me. My response to that had been to gasp, and for some reason, that had amused David.

Two fingers from his other hand were now on my clit. It felt wonderful, and then it got even better when the fingers that were in my pussy started moving.

I was proud of him, he knew how to excite a woman with his fingers. And I just knew that he would also be good at fucking, but that was for later, after his skilled fingers had made me come.

Most young men, when they are lucky enough to be enjoying a pussy, get carried away. They move their fingers in and out too quickly, and they rub that sensitive little pebble too hard. But not my Son. I was impressed, he was as good at this as Oliver was. Everything that he was doing to me was perfect. He was slowly taking me towards a climax. I was enjoying the journey, but the best part was going to be when I arrived at the final destination.

And that wasn’t far off. My breathing was laboured, and there were the usual feelings in my pussy that were telling me, that very soon, I was going to come. Seconds later I did, and with a force that surprised me. It was all-consuming, and when it was at its peak, I almost fainted.

Most times I like to come twice, and sometimes it even takes three to satisfy me. However, I need some time between them to recover. But not tonight. As soon as the first one was over, I was eager for second helpings.

“That was wonderful, now get your cock out. I need to be fucked.”

His face said it all. His expression was that of a little boy in a toy shop that has just been told that he can have anything that he wanted!

He was now trying to take his jeans off, and he was all fingers and thumb. It was as if he’d never done it before. I wanted to laugh, but I managed to hold it in. Eventually they were off. His underwear wasn’t a problem.

I was looking at what I was going to get, and my smile was an indication that I was happy with it. It was slightly bigger than his Father’s, so I’d say that it was seven inches, or thereabouts. So it wasn’t massive, but it was impressive in another way. It was thicker than your average cock.

“What do you think?”

He’d said it with confidence, so he was expecting me to praise it. And I was happy to do that because it was indeed a nice cock.

“I like it,” and then, after looking at it again, I said, “I like it a lot.”

My pussy was begging to be fucked, but it would just have to wait, because I now wanted his cock in my mouth. I didn’t bother asking him if that was what he wanted, I just lowered my head. His Mother was offering to suck his swollen member, so there was no way that he was ever going to say no.

I have full lips, and they were on the head of his cock. I was savouring it, taking my time. There was no need to rush.

“This is so good.”

I’d only just started, it was going to get a lot better than this. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw him. His face was flat against the window and he was leering at me. David had seen him as well because he was opening the window. When it started to go down, the man stepped back. It was Alex.

“Can I join in?”

While continuing to service David’s cock, I shook my head. I’d come to the Dogging site to meet him, but now, because my Son was with me, I no longer needed him.

“Sorry the lady says no.”

That wasn’t the answer that he was looking for. His smile had now gone and he was looking angry.

“She’s no lady. She wants to fuck her Son.”

Now that he’d said his piece, he should go. But he wasn’t moving.

“You have two choices. You can leave, or I can get out of the car and rip your head off. Don’t make me do it.”

He’d said it calmly, in a matter of fact way. If I was Alex, I’d fuck off while my head was still attached to my neck. And he did, with his tail between his legs.

I wanted to laugh, but something was stopping me, it was a fat cock in my mouth.

It didn’t take me long to get him to the edge. I was a mature woman with years of practice. I was an expert cock sucker. And now that I’d got him there, I was determined to keep him there for as long as possible. I’d been bobbing my head, but now it was still. The slightest movement was going to make him reach it.

“Finish me off.”

He was desperate to come, but he was going to have to wait a little while longer.

“Please, I’m begging you.”

It was time to make him climax, any longer and it would be cruel. When I bobbed my head, taking in as much of his cock as I could manage, it made him come. As he spurted into my mouth I greedily swallowed it, and when he’d finished, and his cock was out of my mouth, I licked the head clean. I love the taste of cum!

“That’s the best blow job that I’ve ever had.”

That was nice to hear, but was doing it a mistake? I wanted to be fucked, and now there might be a long wait before he was able to get hard again. Then I had to smile. He was nineteen, and there was a pussy that was eagerly waiting for his cock. Him getting ready to fuck wasn’t going to be a problem.

When I looked down at it I was pleased to see that I was right. It was already fully erect.

“How do you want to do it?”

He was being a gentleman, letting the lady choose. But tonight I was no lady, I was a bitch on heat.

“I want you to fuck me from behind,” and then I said more, and it shocked him.

“You are joking?”

I shook my head.

“It’s something that I’ve always wanted to do, and tonight I’m up for it.”

“We could do it another time.”

“No, it has to be tonight. Do what your Mummy says.”

After giving a deep sigh, he said, “OK, but don’t blame me if it goes horribly wrong.”

We were now outside the car. I wanted him to fuck me on the grass. This was going to be a first for me. I’d been Dogging lots of time before, but I’d always stayed in the car.

“We can do it here.”

He was pointing to a place at the back of the car.

“No, we can’t be seen from there.”

“That’s why I picked it. So you don’t want some privacy, you want everybody to see us?”

“That’s,” then it took him a few seconds to find a suitable word to describe it.


I had to laugh. When I’d finished I said, “You are my Son, and we are going to fuck. That is outrageous. Compared to that, anything else is small potatoes.”

That shut him up, and when I pointed to where I wanted to do it, he didn’t say anything, so I took it as a yes.

It was in front of the car. Before getting onto all fours I took my skirt off.

“Take your top off, and your socks”

He did, so now both of us were naked.

“Some people are looking at us. Please tell me that you don’t want them to join in.”

That was a step too far, even for me, but I was tempted to tease him by telling him that I was up for it. I could say that I did want them to participate, and for as many as possible to do that, but that would freak him out. It was best to calm him down by telling him the truth.

“It’s just you and me. Tell them that they can watch, but no touching.”

He looked relieved. When he went behind me, some of the watchers came towards us. One of them already had his cock out.

David was supposed to tell them the rules, but he wasn’t saying anything, so I spoke.

“I want you to watch us fuck. But that’s it. No touching.”

“That’s not fair, I want to fuck you as well.”

Before I could speak again, one of the men came to my rescue.

“That isn’t going to happen. When a lady says no, she means no.”

That shut him up, and I could understand why. He’d said it softly, because when you’re as big as him, you don’t need to shout. He was towering over the other men. If anybody was to get out of line then he was more than capable of sorting them out.

When David pushed into me it was with some difficulty, because his cock wasn’t as hard as it should be. That was understandable. We had an audience and it was making him nervous.

“Close your eyes and imagine that I’m your Mother.”

That made some of the watchers laugh, but would they have laughed if they knew that I really was his Mother?

It had worked, because after a couple of strokes, his cock was back to its best, and his extra thickness was stretching my pussy.

“She’s such a bitch.”

I took that as a compliment.

“You’re right, a proper whore.”

I couldn’t argue with that. My Son was fucking me at a Dogging site with strangers watching me, so I was indeed a whore.

“She’s old enough to be his Mother.”

“If only my girlfriend was like her.”

One of the men responded with, “Amen to that,” and that made the others laugh.

Now the men around us weren’t just watching and talking, most were also stroking their cock.

“Fuck me harder. Make your Mummy come.”

“The bitch wants it hard, put your back into it.”

This was everything that I’d ever wanted from sex. My Son’s cock was doing wonderful things to my pussy, and there were strangers watching us fuck. I was the star of the show, putting on the best performance of my life.

“If my partner moaned like that in bed then I wouldn’t be here.”

Some of the men nodded in agreement to that.

“Fuck I’m coming.”

Thankfully, that was from one of the watchers, and not my Son. I was close, but I still needed a few more strokes.

“Finish me off.”

“Yes, finish her off, and then pour your hot cum into her cunt.”

David was now doing his best to make that happen. He was fucking me so hard that he was almost pushing me over. Both his hands were on my hips and I was pushing my bottom up as high as possible. No cock had ever been deeper into me than this, and no cock, not even his Father’s, had ever fucked me harder.

When he made me reach it, I screamed, and then I shouted out, “My Son’s cock has made my little pussy come.”

The rest was a bit of a blur. I remembered dropping down onto the grass, with him still inside me, and then seeing stars, but after that I was out of it. When I opened my eyes the men were still there. As David helped me up they started clapping. When I was upright, I gave my audience a big theatrical bow, and it made them laugh. They then started to disperse. The parting words of one of them creased us up.

“Same time next week?”

We got dressed while we were outside. Now that we’d finished, and I was sexually satisfied, there should be some regrets, perhaps even guilt. But there was none of that. I just felt fulfilled, both as a person and as a woman. If I was a hippy from the sixties I would have said, ‘I was one with the universe’. But that was silly, I just felt good.

However, David was subdued. He might be feeling guilty.

“Any regrets?”

He took his time before answering me, and then he said, “No, it was wonderful. It’s just that there is a lot to take in. I’ve had sex with my Mother. And if that wasn’t bad enough, it was done at a Dogging site with a bunch of strangers watching.”

I asked, “Do you want to fuck me again?”

“Of course I do, but next time can’t we do it at home, or at my place. It will be a lot safer, and warmer, doing it there.”

I shook my head, and then I said, “No, away from the Dogging site I’m your Mother, so you treat me with respect. Here I’m a bitch, and you can treat me like a whore.”

Before leaving, he gave me a hug and a tender kiss on the lips. That got my heart racing again.

When I got home I was surprised to see that Oliver was still up, and it looked as if he’d been crying. I was worried, what had happened.

“I’ve done a terrible thing. I don’t know what possessed me to do it.”

He was normally very calm, there wasn’t much that could get him into such a state. Had he killed somebody?

“Tell me what you’ve done.”

“I’ve been to the park. I’ve been dogging.”

He then hung his head in shame. I couldn’t help it, I had to laugh. He was now looking at me as if I’d gone mad.

When I’d finished, I said, “I’m going to tell you where I’ve been, and what I’ve been doing.”

I then told him everything, but with David replaced by Alex. He didn’t say a word until I’d finished.

“Wow, next time we should go together. But David should never know about this.”

I nodded in agreement. Dogging was no longer my guilty secret, but I had a new one.

My Son is now my guilty secret!



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