Her Brother Makes Her Woman

It was a Saturday and my parents were away visiting friends. It was just Beth and me. I was in the living room watching TV. I looked down the hallway and saw my sister coming out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her body.


I couldn’t control myself. I got up and walked down the hall. I took off my shirt and shorts I was wearing and let them drop to the floor.

I knew if I opened her bedroom door things would changed drastically. I didn’t knock. I opened the bedroom door and there was Beth standing there naked.

“Chris, get out of here!” she shouted at me.

I had no intention of leaving. I walked inside and stood right in front of my sister. I saw her eyes darting to my cock. I am around eight inches in length and my cock tends to hang down. I could see that Beth’s nipples were rock hard. I had to act.

“I have been thinking about you for the longest time,” I told her.

I stepped even closer and placed my hands on her chest. Beth let out this sigh. I lowered my face and took her nipples in my mouth. Beth lost her composure. She threw her head back as I got her aroused with my mouth. I took my one hand and rubbed it across her crease. Beth was wet down below. I wanted to do more than just touch my sister’s body. I pushed her down onto the bed.

Her legs were spread but I pulled them even further apart. I got on top of the bed and took my cock in my hand. I started rubbing my mushroom head over her pubic mound. This got Beth wound up. It was the moment of truth. I began to push in past her pussy folds. Beth let out this loud noise. Her pussy was so tight. I was pushing in and out trying to get my erect cock all the way inside her.

It took some minutes but I had my dick buried all the way inside Beth. I rested my prick there and let Beth feel my length.

“Fuck me Chris!” She cried out to me.

I slowly pulled me cock back and then I buried it the whole way. My balls were hitting against her ass. I circled around inside her pussy in order to stretch her out. Beth finally gave in to me. She strapped her thin legs around my back. We got into a fucking rhythm. Beth was pushing back against me as I filled her belly with cock. I lowered my face and we had a long soul kiss. I was breaking in my sister. I planned to have her more than this one time.

I pounded her pussy for at least a half hour or more. Beth told me I needed to pull out before I came. I was so far gone by now. I ground my hardness deep into her belly. I could feel my nuts pinching. I was getting close. I didn’t say anything. I shot a geyser inside my sister’s unprotected pussy. Beth’s eyes went wide as she felt the heat of my cum enter her belly. I kept squirting my load. All I could think of was my seed hitting my sister’s eggs. I was finally empty. I pulled out and Beth got up and ran to the bathroom. She reappeared some minutes later.

“What were you thinking? I’m not on any birth control.” She screamed at me.

I know it was damn stupid of me. I just felt so good taking my sister with my bare cock. I let Beth cool down a bit before I said anything.

“You wanted that as much as I did,” I told her.

That didn’t make Beth any more happy. I pulled her down and I kissed her tits. I could see that was getting to her. I didn’t want to say it but I wanted my sister a second time. I was on my back. I told Beth to climb on top of me. She seemed reluctant but she got over top of me. I pulled her down close. Her mound was rubbing against my prick. It didn’t take much to get me hard again. Maybe Beth saw it in my eyes. I was going to have her a second time.

When my cock was finally hard, I guided my shaft to her opening. I had my hands on her hips and I pushed down. I slid in so much easier this time around. Beth couldn’t fool me. She wanted my cock again. Beth worked up and down my bone. I brought my hips and gave her every inch of me. I was able to bring my hands up to her tits. I pulled on her nipples. Beth cried out as I worked my magic. I knew I was probably empty but it didn’t matter. My sister’s pussy was going into convulsions.

It felt like a vise was gripping my dick. We went at it hard. Later Beth told me she had all these small orgasms. I did manage to give her another small dose of my cream. By this time there was no use fighting it. She already took a big creampie from me. Beth collapsed onto my chest. My cock was still inside her as we got ourselves together. Beth wasn’t as upset as the first time. The damage was already done. We ended up showering together.

We had a few hours Sunday morning before our parents returned. I got Beth to get on all fours. I placed my hands on her hips and I slid inside her warm pussy. This time Beth wanted it badly. She was begging to be fucked. I fed my cock deep inside her pussy. There were no inhibitions this time around. Beth was now my fuck partner. I gave her more of my hot cum that morning. I thought about what might happen but I was filled with pussy lust.

We finished our lovemaking and were all cleaned up when our parents arrived back. They wanted to know how the weekend went. I said that everything went smoothly. Now that our parents are around it has become more difficult to have sex together. A few times we went out to a wooded area nearby. I took my sleeping bag along and we fucked on top of that. Beth rode me hard in the outdoors.

It was a good thing no one was around. My sister would get loud as she took my cock in her tight pussy. You might have guessed it, I fucked my sister with my bare shaft. I know that we will pay for this down the road. I just can’t give up my sister’s hot pussy.