Helen And David’s First Time Together

Helen was nervous,,, she had had this moment in her head for some time now but wasn’t sure how this was going to go. She’d had him on her mind for what seemed like forever – ever since she learned to give her body that ultimate pleasure.

It had happened quite by accident when she was in the shower; after soaping her body she was rinsing off with the shower head, going down and rinsing her freshly shaved pussy (not that there was that much hair there anyway) when she realized how good that jet of water felt against her clit.


Helen had kept it there, focusing the jet of warm water on her clit, feeling the pressure build and build – the intensity causing waves and waves of pleasure as she reached her first ever climax, unsure what even was happening to her body but wow did it feel good ….

Helen jolted herself back to the present. She glanced down at herself and hoped he’d like what she was wearing.. a plain but very short blue skirt – it could have passed as a gym skirt – and a tight white blouse; her firm tits pressing against the fabric and her nipples hard and visible even through the cotton bra she had on. She’d taken extra care with her choice of knickers today, forsaking her usual plain white cotton for some that were a little lacier and – she hoped – sexier.

Helen steeled herself and knocked on the door – it was labelled room 27. She had been here many times before but never with the plan she had in mind this afternoon.

“Come in.” His familiar voice came right through the door and made her stomach tense. She opened the door and walked towards his desk. David was tall – much taller than her 5ft2 frame and she felt apprehensive as he looked at her…

He smiled, easing some of the nervousness and butterflies she felt.

“Hello there, Miss Helen. What can I do for you?” There were so many possible answers she had to that simple question…

Helen decided this was no time to be anything less than bold and she took the decision to perch her bum cheeks on David’s desk.

She blushed. “I thought you wanted to see me, Sir?”

David looked puzzled. “I’m sorry – it’s been a busy day. What were you told?”

Helen looked into his eyes. They were blue-grey and seemed to see right into the very depths of her desires. “I was told what I was wearing wasn’t OK for work and that you needed to check,” she replied.

David cast his eyes over the pretty blonde thing in front of him. She not only looked OK she looked utterly captivating and he could feel a familiar swelling in his crotch as he noticed how her skirt (already short enough as it was) had ridden upas she sat on the desk. He crossed his hands over his lap, not wanting her to notice the effect her legs were having on him, yet as he looked he could had sworn she opened them ever so slightly as he looked… yes, he was certain now. He leaned back in the pretence of stretching as if to relieve aching shoulders, but his eyes were drawn to Helen’s ever rising skirt hem. There was even a flash of white lace he made out as she parted those soft thighs even more. God, David wanted her. But was it reciprocal?

“You look fine to me, Miss Helen,” he replied. “In fact, more than fine!”

Helen smiled. “You’ve always been nice – even if you do scare me when you shout sometimes!”

David returned her smile. “Well I’m sorry – but sometimes young ladies can be naughty and need to hear a raised voice. Or even be spanked!”

Helen could feel her insides turning somersaults. God she wanted this man, wanted him to touch her.

“Do you spank hard, Sir?” she asked.

“Do you think you could take it, Miss Helen? I tell you what, let’s just pretend you have been less than a good girl and we’ll see!”

David stood up, making no further effort to hide his hard arousal which was now evident to anyone who looked more than waist down. He reached out and lifted Helen to her feet, moving closer as he did so. “I think I know what you really want, Miss Helen. Am I wrong?”

Unable to trust her own voice, Helen just shook her head. In for a penny, in for a pound she said to herself and leaned forward until their lips met. His kiss was electric and she felt his tongue part her lips slowly but also insistently and she responded in kind, feeling herself getting wet already as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

He broke off. “Was that good?”

Helen nodded.

“Good. Now sit back on the desk,” David ordered.

She did, opening her legs for him as she placed one thigh either side of his body. His hands reached down and slid their way up the tender inside of her thighs. Helen gasped as his fingers brushed against her swollen pussy lips – she couldn’t wait any more and reached her hands down, unbuckling his belt and unzipping the suit trousers which were now struggling to contain his throbbing cock. She wanted it. Needed it. Not that her boss knew it but she was still a virgin yet knew that was a state of affairs that would definitely be short lived.

David’s fingers pressed against the thin – and by now wet – lace that covered her pussy, her clit throbbing as his insistent fingers moved the material to one side and then entered her. She was soaked – he slid two fingers inside her effortlessly and rubbed his thumb against her clit. Helen moaned. Christ, this was better than the shower head!

In one swift movement before she even realised what was happening, David lifted her off the desk and slid her wet lacy knickers down, ripping them slightly as he did so, but Helen didn’t care. She wanted him in her. Now.

David leaned forward and she could feel the head of his cock pressing against her tight opening. She opened her legs further to allow him better access and gasped as she felt inch after inch of his cock slide inside her, filling her up and giving her sensations she didn’t even know were possible.

“This is your first time isn’t it?” he asked, gently stroking her hair. Helen nodded Christ how could he know that?.

“Then we’ll go gently – but in the future, you’re going to get it harder and faster. Understood?”
Another nod.

David held her closer, feeling Helen’s hips buck against him as he fucked her. Gently at first as he had promised, but then – and somewhat bending that promise if not actually breaking it – harder. Deeper. It seemed he was going to tear her in half, but the pain was overridden by the pleasure of her clit grinding against him and with each stroke she came closer to orgasm, until she could hold it back no longer. She came; wave after wave of pleasure washing over her and just as it was starting to subside she felt him tense up as he got ready to fill her with his hot sticky cum – something she had craved for so long.

She felt it shoot up inside her, feeling his cock contract and throb as he filled her, looking deep into her eyes as she came again on his hard cock.

Eventually it subsided and he kissed her tenderly.

“Time for you to run along now my Miss Helen, but I expect to see you here tomorrow. Clear?”

Helen nodded demurely. “Yes Sir.”

in fact, she couldn’t wait and couldn’t resist a parting shot over her shoulder:

“Think I might get a spanking from you tomorrow too then?” She stuck her tongue out and walked home, all the while feeling David’s cum dripping out of her sore but very happy pussy. What will tomorrow bring, she wondered to herself….