Guy Falls In Love For Girl

I heard noise coming from the empty apartment next to mine, I went out to meet my new neighbor and was pleasantly surprised by a cute if not a little trashy blonde girl moving in. When I offered to help her, she gave me a big hug and I was in love already. She was so beautiful I could not believe my luck having her move in next door.


I got to know her story as we unloaded the uhaul truck, she was a single mother trying to make it work with baby’s daddy Derrick who just got sent to jail. He was abusive to her and kept her like a piece of property. She had the only job, because he refused to work and support her and their child. Christy had been living with Derek in his moms basement but she couldn’t stay when Derek got sent to prison because of his sexual predator brother Damien.

Damian was a thug, big mean and dumb as a rock. to make it worse he had an uncontrollable sexual addiction, his criminal sex charges include rape, incest, prostitution, bestiality but he never went to jail because he did all this when he was a minor! Without Derek too protect her it would not be safe for her to stay there.

After we had all of her things moved in she was so thankful, she gave me a huge hug and a kiss on the lips! I gladly accepted when she offered to buy pizza and beer. A 12 pack later and we were naked on the floor catching our breaths after the best sex of my life! Granted I had only been with 1 woman before her but she was a absolute goddess and I was in love.

We spent all of Saturday and Sunday together and she asked how I felt about her having a child. I told her I love her and her son whether he is mine biologically or not. She said she wanted to introduce me to Derek junior tomorrow, which I was very happy about.

I was ready to meet Derek junior and pictured our cute family together. When I met Derek junior I was shocked by two things, first Derek junior was black! Second was Christy introduced me as her boyfriend, I could not have been any happier, except for the fact that everyone would know that Derek junior was not mine just by looking at his skin color.

The next six months we’re having on earth with my new family, I had never had sex so often and so good. Then Christie dropped the bomb that Derek was getting out of jail in three months and assured me she wanted nothing to do with him and wanted to be with me forever.

Sadly Derek would always be in their life because of Derek junior. Then Christy came up with the idea of me adopting Derek junior, then Derek senior could be out of our lives forever. I didn’t think Derek would go for it but when Christy filed papers for back child support he quickly accepted her offer.

I couldn’t be happier because as part of our discussion was for me to adopt Derek junior then for Christy and I to be married. Christy and I agreed that we would wait six months after our wedding for her to go off birth control and make a child of our own to share, it would be a blended family but it would still be mine, I was a lucky guy!

My luck just kept getting better I must have gotten Christy pregnant the first week she was off birth control, and we could almost see her baby belly immediately. Christies pregnancy make sure very grumpy and mean, it was all I could do to keep her happy during the next 8 months, yes eight months the baby’s water broke and we were off to the hopitial to have our baby.

Today was going to be the best day of my life We were going to have our baby together. Holding her hand caressing her head in the delivery room we knew from the ultrasounds we were having a baby boy and we’re going to name him Mark junior, I was about to be the proudest new dad ever!

When I heard my boy cry for the first time I turn to see our little baby boy for the first time. As I gazed at the beautiful black baby boy the doctor handed to Christy I felt like I was going to pass out and throw up at the same time.

The next thing I know a nurse just taking me by the arm to the waiting room and setting me down in a chair and telling me to take deep slow breaths. The African American nurse pulled down her mask, gave me a big smile and whispered in my ear, “welcome to the new world order, how proud your family and friends will be, welcome to white slavery” she started giggling and walked away.

I said in that chair for over an hour thinking every thought possible. Several nurses stopped by to ask if I was OK, I think that black nurse must have told everyone in the hospital about me.

The only thing I knew for sure is that Christy owed me an answer. After I stopped crying and got my courage together I walked into Christies room where she was breastfeeding Mark junior the contrast of the black baby sucking her white breast made the vomit come up in my mouth again, but I swallowed it down and I asked what happened?

Christy gave me a big smile and said she is sorry that she did like me but she loved Derek and always will, he gives her everything she wants and more, everything except money and health insurance, that’s why she needed me. She thanked me for adopting Derek junior because now I will be paying alimony and child support to her for at least the next 18 years.

Derek has since moved into my apartment that I’m paying for. Christy got the apartment, Derek junior and Mark junior, along with the car in the divorce. Left with no car and no money and no place to live. So I had no choice and took Derek up on the offer of living in his moms basement or he’ll throw my belongings on the street and I would be in a shelter.

After my belongings were moved into the basement Damian let me know it was his house and his rules being over a foot taller than me with a 100 pounds more muscle there was no question he was in charge. he said my house, my family, my rules, and ordered me to take off my clothes I get on my hands and knees facing away from him. Fearfully I looked down between my legs as he undressed, his face was ugly and mean with a penis that looked the same, freakishly long, cone like shaped, that kept getting fatter and fatter to the base.

He grab the back of my neck with one hand holding me tight while lining up his penis with the other I begged him to use lube, he responded “I have a strong cock I don’t need lube”. that was the last thing I remember before I blacked out

When I woke up I felt like I was run over by a truck. I could barely move, my asshole felt like it was on fire, every muscle in my body ached, I was covered in sweat, spit, cum and I think piss too. Finally everything came back to me realizing where I was and what had happened, I put my head down to cry.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, I heard Damien on the phone talking about his new white pussy open for business and how much he’s going to charge for it while it’s still clean and tight.



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