Girlfriend Cheats With Her Friend

Tom feels his phone buzz in his pocket and reaches to see what it was. He looks and sees a text message from his girlfriend, Beth. Upon opening the text, he is greeted by a full frontal nude picture of Beth’s sexy body.


The text reads “I got tammy to take this for you 😉 I hope you like the next few even more!” Tom is taken aback by his girlfriend’s naughty behavior. She is usually a very well-behaved girl, but this previously unknow side of her is undoubtedly hot. Tom replies “Damn baby, that is so hot. I can’t wait to see what comes next ;).”

Tammy looks at Beth’s phone and reads Tom’s reply. She grins and places the phone on the bedside table as she looks down to Beth and says “He said we are good to go and that he can’t wait for the second pic. Get up here and get ready for my big cock!”

Beth pops Tammy massive cock out of her mouth and looks up to her futa best friend “Mhh baby, I can’t believe you hid this from me for so long! Your cock tastes so good and these huge balls won’t stop churning up more and more delicious cum!” Beth reaches up and grabs Tammy balls in her hands. A single ball is too big to fit in her dainty palm, so she uses both hands to hoist up a single cum-filled nut and enjoys the heft behind it. “Oh baby… I can’t wait to have these unload inside me!” Beth moans as a shiver travels down her back. A low rumbling sound begins to emit from Tammy’s large sack, and the sound is followed by a quick upward jerking motion of her throbbing cock. Beth gasps in surprise as the dripping cock slit opens and a thick shot of creamy goo splashes over her full chest. Another thick rope follows the first as the thick goo begins to drip down Beth’s impressive chest and onto her tight tummy.

Beth looks from the throbbing cock down to her drenched chest and lap in amazement. “Holy shit Tammy! You covered me with that load. Warn a girl next time, and I may have been able to do something sexy like try and swallow. Can you keep going or do you need a break to recharge?” Beth begins to absent-mindedly rub the warm goo around as she massages her tits and tummy.

Tammy scoffs as she opens Beth’s photo app and takes a picture of the mess Beth has become. “Oh don’t worry about me. That was just some pre-cum. There is so much more for you in these babymakers, and it is just aching to come play!” Tammy takes a second to look at the picture on Beth’s phone, grins, and sends it to Tom. “Your boyfriend does not deserve those fat tits. I’ll show you what a real cock can do for you.”

Beth looks up at Tammy and bats her eyes while she says in a mock-cute voice “Awhh, did Baby’s big big cock get excited by my soft kisses? How can I ever make it up to you?! These balls are so full they couldn’t even hold in all the sexy, warm load they made for me! How can I ever make it up to you? I guess I won’t be needing these…” Beth begins to slowly take off her cum stained panties in a slow seductive wiggling motion.

Tammy becomes impatient with Beth’s supposed stalling and reaches down to grab ahold of her shoulders and helps her onto the bed forcefully. She grunts in reply “Stop fucking around Beth, I am so pent up from your hours of cock sucking that I could blow at any minute! I’ll be damned if I don’t feel that tight cunt of yours wrapped around me first.” Once Beth is on the bed, Tammy positions her on her back and spreads her thick thighs apart, revealing Beth’s dripping pussy. “Fuck that looks so hot! I can’t wait to pump you full of hot cum, Slut.” Tammy purrs as she lines her huge cock head up with Beth’s waiting womanhood.

Beth takes a loud gulp as she watches Tammy’s monster approach her pussy. She begins to shake with anticipation as she imagines what Tammy’s foot long fuck pole will do to her most sacred place, and she cannot take her eyes off those accompanying nuts that sway pendulously with hours’ worth of backed up cum. Beth gasps as the cock head presses against her pussy lips, spreading them apart.

She can already feel her tight pussy protesting the invading behemoth. “FUCK baby, you are soo big!” Beth moans as she reaches down and spreads her pussy further apart for Tammy. Soon the mushroom thick head pops into her waiting pussy, and the next six inches follow swiftly. Beth is suddenly lost in her first earth shaking orgasm as she begins to babble and moan incoherently.

Tammy is impressed with Beth’s fortitude and ability to handle so much cock so quickly. She is slightly surprised as Beth’s pussy begins tightening around her cock and hot pussy juice begins to spray from the junction of cock and pussy, splashing her huge balls and tight tummy. “Oh fuck, Slut, you have an even tighter pussy than I imagined! Tom must not be working with much down there if you are this tight after years of dating.” Tammy grunts as she begins to feel her balls pull up towards the base of her shaft. “Oh shit… Not yet!” Tammy gasps as she reaches down with both hands to grasp the base of her thick cock.

Tammy closes her eyes tightly as she squeezes the base of her cock equally tightly. She moans to herself “Oh fuck, fuck, fuck. I can’t cum yet…” Tammy notices Beth’s tight choker collar and quickly reaches for it. “I’m going to borrow this!” Tammy gasps as she pulls the choker from Beth’s neck and skillfully clasps it around the base of her throbbing cock.

Not a second later and Tammy throws her head back and grasps Beth’s thick hips in her hands. She screams “Fuck! I’m cumming! I’m cumming, Slut! Take this monster cock!” Tammy begins to force the remaining six inches of cock into Beth’s stretched pussy.

Tammy feels waves and waves of pleasure shooting through her body, and they only grow larger as she feels her swollen sack press against Beth’s soft ass. She has buried her entire foot long pole in her new Slut. Tammy begins to feel the waves of pleasure come slower and slower, and what is left behind isn’t the feeling of relief she is accustom too after a body shaking orgasm, but a ravenous hunger and need for more.

As Beth comes down from her mind-numbing orgasm, she begins to focus back on reality. She is met with the shocking sight of Tammy’s hips pressed solidly against her plump ass and a vacant look in her eyes. But what grabs Beth’s attention most is the visible bulge protruding from her tight tummy. She begins to open her mouth to tell Tammy to slow the fuck down, but all that comes out is “Cock!.. Huge.

Belly… Full! OOhhhhHO YES!” as another, slightly smaller, orgasm shoots through her lower body. Beth reaches both her hands towards the bulge in her belly and feels the throbbing of her lover’s massive cock inside her. Each heartbeat felt through the bulge in her tummy seems to press her hands further and further apart. Beth notices this and lets out a soft “Oh…” before she is rendered unconscious by another reality altering orgasm.

Tammy begins to gather her thoughts and notices the same bulge Beth was babbling about a few seconds prior. She mumbles “Oh god.. I’m so big.” A slight burning can be felt in her cock and balls. Tammy reaches behind her to feel her balls and is met with a colossal sack resting in a crater in the bed that is rumbling audibly and hot to the touch.

She gasps as the realization hits her, “What have I done…” But the revelation is short lived as the burning sensation in her cock steals her attention back to the bulge in Beth’s tummy. Tammy watches in awe as the bulge steadily expands further up Beth’s tummy and large veins can be seen forming as their shapes press through the taunt belly.

Tammy tries to pull her monstrous cock from her friend, but the sensations coursing through her body leave her weak and the grip of Beth’s continuously spasming cunt won’t let her pull out. Tammy realizes that she will need to cum to free herself from her friend’s ravenous pussy. She grabs ahold of Beth’s hips even tighter and begins to leverage herself forward and backwards, grinding her massive invader against anything that presses against it, including Beth’s hands as she attempts to jerk Tammy off from the outside. Soon Tammy’s attention is directed to the bedside table, where Beth’s phone is ringing.

Tammy grabs the phone and looks to see 25 missed calls from Tom, and another coming through now. A smile spreads across Tammy’s lips as she moves to press the vibrating phone against the fist size bulge in Beth’s belly. Tammy freezes in place as the phone’s vibrations begin to stimulate her cock head in a way she has never experienced before. This new sensation coupled with the familiar sensation of a tight cunt squeezing her monster begin to send her over the edge.

Tammy throws her head back once more and begins to moan “Yes, Yes, YES! Here it comes baby. Take this fat cock, Slut! I’m gonna make you fucking bulge with my hot cum! I’m CUMMING!” Tammy’s moans ended as a scream as she is rocked by the most robust orgasm she has ever experienced in her life. She can feel the pleasure bounce from her throbbing cock to her toes and back. But soon she feels something pressing against her thighs and ass, and she is quickly reminded of one thing… She forgot to take off the cock choker!

Tammy’s swollen ball sack has expanded to gargantuan proportions between her legs. They are around the size of basketballs and beginning to grow faster due to her current orgasm. Tammy realizes this is becoming an emergency as her cock begins to swell further outward as well. Not wanting to seriously injure her friend, Tammy focusses all her effort on her cock and begins to squeeze her pelvic muscles with all the strength she has. The bulge in Beth’s stomach has reached her lower ribcage and begins to expand further as Tammy builds pressure in her womb wrecker of a cock. Suddenly a loud SNAP can be heard echoing through the musty, sex filled, room; The ruined cock choker falls to the bed as Tammy’s cum rushes from her balls into her cock.

Tammy lets out a triumphant roar as the pressure is released from her swollen sack. Her cock swells one last time as the hot cum is forced up the garden hose thick cum vein, bulging it outwards. Beth lets out a subdued whimper as her already stretched hole is forced to its absolute max to accommodate the oncoming flood of cum. Both Beth and Tammy watch as the bulge in Beth’s belly shows the first, high-pressured, cum shot blast into her belly. The first shot causes an additional bulge to form in the girl’s stretched belly, directly above the throbbing outline of Tammy’s monster cockhead. This blast is followed by another. And another. The room is filled with low rumbling sounds from Tammy’s overstuffed nuts as they produce more and more thick cum. Each rumble is quickly followed by a gurgling-sloshing sound as the thick load is forced into the bulging cum vein and is pumped into Beth’s ballooning belly. Tammy continue to empty her balls into Beth until she looks 9 months pregnant with twins.

Beth finally works up the strength to speak softly and pleads “Tammy… Please, I can’t take any more. My belly is so full I feel like I’ll burst. Oh god, I feel so full…” Tammy hears her friend’s pleas and is shaken from her daze of orgasmic relief. She grabs the base of her cock with both hands and begins to back off the bed, dragging her cock out of her friend’s overstuffed womb. One last burst of cum finally forces the thick head out of Beth’s pussy, and a torrential burst of thick cum is released form the girl’s bulging belly. Tammy’s colossal cock is now closer to 20 inches long and thick as a liter soda can; finger thick veins travel up the glistening shaft and pulse with each heartbeat. Tammy continues to cum as her cock lurches and sprays load after load over the poor girl. The volley of hot cum has such force behind it that, as one spurt rockets towards Beth’s huge tits, the thick white rope pushes her heavy tits apart as the rogue blast travels to her face, covering her completely in thick, hot cum.

Once Tammy’s overstuffed nuts have returned to their normal apple size, the flow of cum decreases to a trickle and Tammy falls face first onto Beth’s massive cum belly, unconscious.

Tammy wakes to find Beth has cleaned herself up and is sitting on the side of the bed. Her belly is still bulging noticeably, but far less than before. Tammy groans and says “Hey babe, I see you cleaned yourself up. Sorry about the mess.”

Beth replies “Oh don’t worry about it, I would do it again in a heartbeat. Hey I was thinking, would you be able to send one last picture to Tom.. I forgot to take one before I cleaned up… I hope he isn’t too mad about not seeing the true aftermath.”

Tammy grins and reaches for Beth’s phone one last time. She takes a picture of Beth as she strikes a pose in all her post coital glory. “He will love it”, she says as she presses send. “So Beth, same time next week?”