Girl Sex Demon Wakes Me

It happened at midnight and At first I thought it was the cat jumping up on the bed again, but then I realized this was something much heavier.

My eyes shot open but all I could see was darkness. I looked down to the foot of the bed and gasped. A girl lay there staring up at me. She had fiery red hair, piercing blue eyes and a wicked smile on her face.

“Who are you? And what are you doing on my bed?” I asked.

The girl groaned, and rolled her eyes. “Can’t remember what you asked for in your dream? Typical human!” She raised her body up to a sitting position.

It was only then I realized she was naked. Her olive coloured skin shimmered in the darkness as she moved. Her hair draped over both her pert breasts.

I shook my head. “I’m sorry, I have no clue what you mean.”

The girl raised an arm and pointed at herself with a long slender, red nailed finger. “You asked for me. In fact, you begged for me…and here I am.”

“I didn’t beg for anything.”

“Your cock says otherwise,” she grinned and peeled back the top of my underwear popping my cock out into the open air. It was hard. I hadn’t realized it was hard, but once I did a wave of desire spread over me.

“Who are you?”

“I am what you begged for in your sleep. I am your desire. I am pure pleasure in one tight body,” she hissed and lowered her face so my cock was just inches from her. She glared at it with a hunger I had never seen in a woman before. “Are you ready?” She whispered and ran her tongue over her blood red lips.

Before I could object, the woman sunk my hard cock into her mouth devouring every inch of it in one quick motion. My arms flung to the side as I gripped the bed sheets. My hips bucked upwards as every stroke of her wet mouth slid up and down my hard shaft making my nerves tingle.

She groaned as it only took a few strokes for me to explode into the back of her throat. She lifted her head up gasping for air and let out a loud high pitched laugh that made her breasts vibrate in her chest.

“Is that all you’ve got?” She laughed again then looked down at my cock. It was limp. “That won’t do will it?” And with a flick of her hand, I was hard again.

“Wow. How did you do that?”

“I am a God after all, the god of pleasure, and you summoned me in your dreams,” she hissed and clambered up my body, balancing the sweet spot between her legs just above the tip of my cock. “Now, I’m still hungry,” she growled. “and you are going to feed me until I can’t feed any more!”

She slammed herself down on me in one quick motion and held me there, deep inside her. “God your a big one aren’t you?” She said as she placed one hand around my throat, and the other hand on my chest. “now feed my little cunt with your essence, feed me!”

She screamed and started bouncing. She slid up and down me like an animal. Her eyes started to glow red as she got faster and faster. Sweat started glistening off her skin and her screams got louder and louder with ever thrust down onto me.

“Fuck me,” she screamed, and slapped a and down on my chest. I obeyed without question. I wanted her, I wanted every inch of her hole. Something awakened in me. I wanted to violate every part of her body and make her beg for me to never stop. I wanted to take control and make her squeal.

I sat up and pushed her backwards. We rolled over still inside each other.

She was on her back now, her long legs spread wide, inviting me inside her. As if in a trance, I bit her right nipple, then the other making her gasp, then smiled as sunk myself as deep as I would go into her.

“Make me feel it!” She screamed. Every thrust I made started to make her whimper and shake uncontrollably. “Keep going, I’m close!”

I kept going, kept pounding and thrusting harder and harder as her squeals turned into cries of pure pleasure.

“Take me to heaven, feed my little cunt with your big dick!” She gasped as my next thrust started sending us both over the edge. She cried out, with an expression of wonderment and pure exstacy etched across her face. “Keep going, keep going forever,” she groaned.

I kept going, I kept thrusting until she let out a high pitched scream that sounded like it could shatter windows. Her hips bucked upwards, her back arched, her face contorted into a look of beautiful agony as her body writhed and wriggled through one earth shattering orgasm and I filled her insides with hot sticky whiteness until it gushed out onto the bed.

She collapsed back into the bed breathing heavy. I lay on top of her, still inside her. A minute of silence passed as we both lay there, catching our breath, until she sat up quickly and flicked her wrist again making me instantly hard.

“I’m still hungry,” she groaned and pumped my cock with her hand. “Don’t leave me hungry now boy,” she whispered then clambered onto all fours facing her tight butt in my direction.

“You want to go again?”

“Why don’t you?” She said looking over her shoulder at me.

“This must be heaven,” I sighed and got to my knees.

“Don’t count on it darling, you wouldn’t be fucking like this in heaven.”

I leant forwards and put two hands on her butt. The tip of my cock gently brushed her pussy lips making her groan.

“That hole is serviced honey,” she whimpered. ” Try the other one.”

I moved my cock up to her ass, and slid inside sending a wave of pleasure through my body. She was tight, tighter than anything I’d felt before, but I loved it and began thrusting.

“Don’t be scared,” the girl gasped. “Don’t be a coward. Fuck, me, like a, man,” she said between groans. “Fuck me like you mean it, violate every inch of me lover boy!”

She hissed the last few words as I started pounding harder than ever. Our bodies slapped together. Each thrust sent her squealing in pleasure. I grabbed a handful of her red hair and yanked her back and up just as I pushed into her once more.

“God your so good,” she screamed. ” Your deeper than anyone ever has been. Make me cum big boy,” she grinned then let out a laugh as I moved harder and faster inside her. “Make me cum, make me cum!”

A few thrust later and I was exploding once more, this time in her ass, filling her insides up with my hot sticky load as she screamed out and fought for breath as one last orgasm took hold of her sweating body and shattered her insides.

We both collapsed onto the bed, breathing hard. Out chests rose and fell in unison. I wiped sweat from my forehead and felt my cock. It was hard again. I looked at the girl wide eyed.

She grinned back at me with wicked sexy lips and before I knew it she was on top of me again. She held me down by the arms this time, pinning me to the bed. She kissed the side of my neck then purred as she looked into my eyes.

“I’m still hungry lover boy, now fuck me hard!”