Fucked for job

This is the incident in my life, which I could not forget till date, I still remember very well what happened to me and how it happened? Because this was my first sex experience, which I did with a non-male. By the way, I never thought that I would ever have sex with anyone other than my husband and this was my first fuck, so I felt very strange.


Friends, it is a matter of those days when I started living in Mumbai with my husband just a few days after the marriage and it was a completely new place for me. I had no acquaintance with anyone there and so after a few days, I was very bored sitting alone at home, so one day I told my husband that I too had taken permission from him to do the job and they also wanted Were I to do any job, my time would also pass and my mind would also keep on doing it.

Friends, I had completed my studies from a good college to my B-Com till a few years before my marriage and I also did a computer accounting course in Nashik, so I had a little job experience, so my husband asked me and Said that he has told his boss about my job and his boss has promised him that he will get me a small job at one of his friends there.

I wanted to do something on their own following, so I decided to see any news about the job at newspaper. Then I saw the news in the newspaper and went out for an interview at someplace in the morning and I reached for an interview.

Friends, I went to two to three places and gave interviews, but I did not get any specific answers from there. I now felt that I would not get a job, but I was very sad about that because even after so much of my studies and my hard work, I was not getting the fruit that I was expecting. Then I was sitting for an interview in one place, then it was 6 o’clock in the evening and then someone from reception asked me to go inside, so I was wearing a blue colored saree and blouse of the same color at that time and On entering, I saw a man sitting on a chair and talking on the phone.

Then I went and stood near that chair and he did not even ask me to sit, he was talking on the phone and sometimes he was looking at the bulge of my body. While talking on the phone, he was often looking at the bulge of my chest. Now I understood that this man is looking at my body, but I ignored and kept looking around and I gave him a good chance to see my body and whenever I was looking here and there, he would pay his attention to my body.

He would hang on the limbs and laugh and talk on the phone. Then it went on like this for a while and then he finished his talk and kept the phone and asked me to sit down.

Then I started feeling good going somewhere. His name was Mr. Mehta and on top of his table was placed a plate of Mr. Mehta’s name, after reading which I came to know his name and after asking some straightforward questions, I handed over my file to him and then he started telling me.

Mr. Mehta: You have done the job before, Miss Aruna, but you do not have that much experience and it is very important to have more experience for this job.

In: Please Sir, give me a chance, I will not disappoint you at all, please once, I will do all your work diligently.

Then as soon as I said this, he gave me a smile and turned eyes on my chest, and then I also realized that maybe I have said something wrong or have said too much. Among friends, she was telling him about her job, but she had taken some other meaning of all those things. Because of this, he used to constantly stare at me with dirty eyes, but what would I do now?

Mr. Mehta: Yes, but even before you, the people who came to interview for this job and all those people were willing to do everything for this job.

Friends, I now saw him with great surprise after listening to him and I had understood the meaning of his words. I understood his bad intentions.

Mr. Mehta: I mean they were all ready to do a very good job, let’s be okay now you tell me why you want to do this job?

In: Because I get bored with being completely alone at home and I always like to do some work in my life and to get ahead in life, it is very important to have a job.

Mr. Mehta: Yes, you are very right to say that, I believe that your thinking is very good, but I believe that it is very easy for any woman to move forward and a beautiful woman like you is very comfortable. You can move forward a lot in your life.

In: Sorry, but I did not understand the meaning of your words.

Mr. Mehta: Well, let me keep your document right now, you keep this card of mine and call me tomorrow, I will tell you everything.

Friends became very happy and I thanked them with a smile and started getting up. I was quite sure that he must have seen the scene behind me on my way back. I was very tired during the day’s interview, I reached home and told my husband that today we ask for food from outside, I do not have the courage to eat food or feed you. Then after hearing this thing from me, he brought food for us from outside and then we sat down and ate food and then some

We had fun in late bed and after that we fell asleep, waking up early in the morning the next day and after finishing all my work I called Mr. Mehta.

In: Hello Sir, I am speaking Aruna. Did you recognize that I met you in your office yesterday and then you told me that I should call you?

Mr. Mehta: Yes, I recognize, but I am in the meeting right now and I will talk to you later.

Then he cut the phone after telling me so much and I started working in my home. I started waiting for the phone and after some time I got a call from their number.

Mr. Mehta: Hello Aruna.

ME: Yes sir, what did you decide?

Mr. Mehta: I want to tell you the truth that a friend of mine has told me that a woman has to hire me at the same place and that is why you forgive me because I cannot give you that job.

In: Sir, please give me a chance to see me, I will do the job with a lot of heart.

Mr. Mehta: See, I do not like to talk around at all, because by doing this, a lot of time is wasted and now if you want, I can talk to you freely?

In: Yes Sir, Say No?

Mr. Mehta: Look at my friend’s saying that the woman who is coming on the job is my compulsion to keep her on the job if you want me to put you on that job then what will I get in return?

In: Yes sir, tell me what do you want?

Mr. Mehta: If you could give yours?

Friends, it did not take me long to understand what they wanted from me? So I immediately understood the meaning of that matter and told them not to and then hung up. Friends, I was very stressed about hearing that, so I did not want to increase my tension further by telling my husband this, so I did not tell my husband anything.

Now the same evening my husband told me that his boss told him that one of his friends has a job there and you have to go there tomorrow and give your interview and by the way, giving an interview is just a job. I am sure, I am very happy to hear that I have finally got a job and now I will not be brought up by that very poor man.

Then my husband told me that tomorrow my boss is going to come to our house himself, so you should be well prepared. Friends, I knew my husband’s boss very well already, we had already met two to three times before and I know very well that he is a very good person.

Then I started waiting for them in the next day and at around 6 in the evening I got a call from my husband and he told me that he is coming home with the boss and after hearing this I immediately freshened and wore an orange colored saree and I had already made breakfast for them. At home I welcomed the boss and then my husband and his boss kept talking and I was busy giving them tea snacks.

Boss: I am going to my friend’s office in Prakash, if you say that I take Aruna with me too, she will be interviewed there and I will introduce Aruna to her myself.

Prakash: Yes, sir, your idea is very good. Aruna you get ready quickly and go to interview for your job with the boss.

Friends, I was feeling a little strange that I would go to my husband’s interview with my husband’s boss in his car and that too the evening time, it was all a bit strange, but I was very happy especially my heart Regarding the job because I was completely new in a big city like Mumbai, so it was a big thing for me to get a job there and then he was my husband’s boss anyway, so I have to accept his point now Hut was necessary.

Boss: Yes okay Prakash now we go and my driver will leave Aruna back at home after our work is over.

In: But Prakash would have come with you too?

Prakash: There is no such thing, Aruna, you go away with them and now I cannot come with you everywhere in any way and then you have to do the job alone and anyway I am very tired today.

Then both the boss and my husband Prakash were now laughing and I also accepted his point and now I was ready to go with the boss. I took a copy of my document with the boss and sat in the back seat with him in his car.

I noticed that his driver was a 20-22-year-old boy, it was a black colored Skoda car. It will be around 7 in the evening when we leave the house. Then while walking, the boss and I were talking here and there. Then after some time the boss slowly moved towards me, due to which his thigh was now touching my thigh.

I was a little bit on the side, but again they were stuck with me while talking and in the talks, the boss lifted his one hand on my thigh, but I did not protest against this. Seeing this, he spoke to me and again put his hand on my thigh and after a while, he started caressing slowly, now he was talking to me too. Friends had now understood very well that the boss is interested in me, but I also did not give him any special sentiment, after listening to his words in the bus, he gave a little smile.

Friends, Prakash’s boss was a very rich person and he had Prakash’s job in my hand and now my job too, so I did his activities

Ignored it. I also thought that if we keep the boss happy then our family will also get support, but their antics had increased now. He had put one hand on my shoulder now.

I looked at his eyes and gave him a smile and what was it? As if they were waiting for this opportunity, then they started caressing me in the car and the driver sitting in the front seat was watching everything from the glass, but I did not have much difference, because now I have strong money in my hands. The person had a hand. We reached our destination in a while and then as soon as I got down from the car I remembered that I had come to this place even before that. Then both of us went up from the lift and reached the top floor, while on one side there was the office where we had to go.

Then as soon as we went in, I was very surprised to see all of them as soon as I went in because Mr. Mehta was sitting on the chair there and as soon as we came in he laughed out loud and shook his hand with the boss and When they looked at me, they gave me a smile and said that you please sit, they said that to me and friends, they were probably very surprised to see me and together with them Too.

Boss: Mehta this is Aruna, I told you this.

Mr. Mehta: I already know him because he came here to give his interview two days ago and look at the fate, I refused and he too laughed both of them and then haha haha

Boss: Well, it’s good that you guys already know each other.

Friends, I started getting very tense and I started thinking in my mind whether I should do this job now or not? Then the boss got a call from someone and he immediately got up and left the cabin. I and now Mr. Mehta was in the cabin.

Mr. Mehta: Forgive me, Aruna, I told you a little too much on the phone yesterday. I should not have said that the right thing is that you are so beautiful that despite my consent, all that came out of my mouth on the phone, please forgive me.

Friends, after listening to all these things from his mouth, I felt a bit fine and so I also gave my answer to him. I told him that okay sir, there is no such thing and now I will be very happy to work with you, I will do my work with heart.

Mr. Mehta: Ok, so from tomorrow you come to your job, I love to meet you and once again I will ask you to forgive me.

In: Yes, okay, I will do all your work with great effort, I will not get any complaint from you. You just see my work once.

Then the boss gave a voice to Mr. Mehta and he left. I was sitting in the same place and he was standing outside. I could hear some of their voices inside me. By the way, I did not know everything that had happened between my husband and his boss and Mr. Mehta.

Boss: Mehta This woman is the wife of a servant who works in my company, I have got it buried in the car itself, you take care of it a little bit.

Mr. Mehta: Okay, very good man, let’s eat together, huh.

Boss: Yes, why don’t you also eat, but in the first place.

Mr. Mehta: Okay and you tell me how is it going?

Boss: All is going well, but give me a cabin.

Mr. Mehta: Yes, yes, why don’t you take my cabin to work, I am going out now, right bye.

Then Mr. Mehta left after saying so and my husband Prakash’s boss came inside. They locked the cabin from inside and immediately stood up and hugged me and kissed my neck. His hands started caressing my ass over my sari.

In: Please sir, not all of it yet, some other day.

Boss: Come on, Aruna, if you want to go ahead in life, all this needs to happen quickly, I will give your husband a good chair and his money will also increase.

My refusal to listen to my husband’s advance in friends now suddenly turned into a contract. He took me to the bathroom attached to the cabin when he got a call, it was an urgent call and because of that he had to go out of the way suddenly.

Now while talking on the phone, he said that he was just coming in 30 minutes, he was engaged in some important work and then I was happy to hear this and I started feeling very happy thinking that today I survived, but my friends, to think all this, to be happy was absolutely wrong. Now he stood behind me in the bathroom and immediately he put his hand on my head and bowed me down.

I bowed a little in front of him and now he started to open his paint, then I immediately understood that it was right in a hurry, but now this one is definitely going to fuck me and as soon as I bowed, he immediately lifted my sari completely. Due to which, they started seeing my panty and then without delay, they immediately pulled my panty down with a jerk, due to which my panty moved down and my beauty Trannies medium now being completely naked was in front of them.

Now they could see the sight of my pink pussy from behind. He took his cock out of paint and put a little spit on it and put it in my pussy from behind.

Friends, their push was so strong that because of that their cock went inside tearing my pussy, due to which I felt very painful because of one

She was standing and because of which my pussy hole was less open and her thick cock from above pushed my pussy very tremendously. I felt as if someone had deliberately put a thick stick in my soft innocent pussy.

That pain caused a scream out of my mouth and after a while I got a little quiet and started enjoying his bumps with him. Friends, he was constantly being pushed on my pussy and wanted to scream, but he could not scream and he was in a hurry and after 5 to 7 minutes of tremendous bumps, he pulled out his cock and then he handed. He shook his cock and removed his semen from outside and then he went out of the bathroom.

Then after he left, I cleaned myself and then came out in the cabin wearing a panty, by then Mr. Mehta had also come, so he told the boss that I will leave Aruna till his house, if you want to go away And then the boss went out of his job. Now Mr. Mehta and I left for home in his car, he was giving me a smile and I could not understand how to talk to him.

Mr. Mehta: Aruna, don’t worry at all, all this happens and all these things happen in a city like Mumbai, I told you earlier that it is good for a woman to move forward in life that she is with Giving and what you have done today, your decision is right that you have become more experienced and a jobber.

Friends, Mr. Mehta’s easy way of talking attracted me to him and if I tell the right thing about my mind, then I was very happy today for my new experience and my new job.

In: Thank you very much Mr. Mehta Ji, because you always talk a lot. I had misunderstood you so much, for that you must forgive me once.

Mr. Mehta: Yes, it is all right and Aruna, I like you too, but unless you do yes, I will not even touch you, you can do your job without any worry and you do not have to fear me. When your heart wants to take the promotion, then you tell me, I will give you promotion hahahahahaha.

In: hahaha by the way you joke so well

Now I too gave them a smile and then came to my house. I asked them to come to my house, but they postponed me saying that I will definitely come in next time you call me and then they left and I am very happy to come inside the house and give my husband my job Told to be sure Then Prakash told me that I knew very well that you had to get this job.

When I asked my boss to recommend you, I thought in my heart that I got this job because of my 10-minute work and I started smiling and two boyfriends before my marriage. If I were, I never felt anything like this in not telling all these things to my husband.

The next day I started my job and I was given a very good job of accounts. I had a job to help Mr. Vinay in his work, due to which I got trained in a lot of accounting information, I would have done that job for about a year, but then I left that job on my own free will. It was and now I started working in a firm somewhere else, but several times a year, Mr. Mehta and I spent our days in the hotels and we had a lot of fun in the office too.

Then my husband too, after a few days of his own choice, left his job and opened his own grocery shop, but friends, even after that, my relationship with my husband’s boss lasted for a long time and whenever he does, he calls me I used to go and do it immediately. Then after my husband quit his job, my relationship with his boss also ended.

I had a job with Mr. Mehta for only one year and after getting good work experience, I got an offer on a good post in another trading firm and I got a job there. The boss there was 50 years old and he used to keep me as his daughter.

I did not have an affair there, but I left that job last week as well.


The end.