Fucked by Three

Friends, I am your true prostitute and bitch Anju, today I am going to tell you my true story which is an incident that happened to me, I was always very fond of having sex


But I never got a chance to have sex till college, but in college, one guy became my very good friend, his name is Satish and Satish had fucked me for the first time and till date, he has been fucking me constantly And now even after my marriage he has Been fucking me many times.



After college, I started working in a call center and Satish started seeing his family business. He used to take me out of the city like Ooty, Goa many times, but he also addressed me as a married girl. So that no one doubt about us.

Satish got me kissed many times by strangers like the hotel room service boy, the driver, the tour guide and he kept me his prostitute.

Friends, I did not have a sexy dress before so, one day Satish told me that you have to look absolutely sexy and he asked me to dress up, he asked me to wear a saree and said that I should not wear panties and petticoats and my saree is the waist. Tied down Then he took me to a branded dress shop.

There were two people there, they took me to a room and then Satish told them to buy 5 blouses that look absolutely sexy and absolutely cool, but the entire back of the blouse should be unlocked, just stuck on the body… Then a man started measuring my entire body and then he asked me to remove the stole of my sari so that it could measure well.

So I looked at Satish and he said “yes remove it.” So the man asked Satish “what kind of design should be required?” So Satish told him that “half of my boobs should be seen from outside the blouse, it should be a very deep throat.”

So both of them listened to him and looked at each other and started smiling, and then one of them asked how deep you should throat.

So Satish said that “the size of the bra should be equal to the depth of his bra.” So he said that “then we have to take the size of the bra” then Satish came forward and he started to open my blouse and when I refused him, he started pressing my boob in front of him, but I liked it.

She said that she would have to do the same for the sexy dress and now he started to open my blouse and then removed the blouse completely, then he put his one hand on top of the bra and said that “it should be so deep.”

So that man came to me and he pressed my boobs twice as if he was setting something and in the meantime that other man came and stood behind me and he grabbed my waist and told me how much tight I want

And he was taking my measurements, but he was rubbing my boobs repeatedly and the person standing behind me was clinging to my hips and I could feel his erected cocks then Satish said to the man next “Can you give a little deeper throat?”

Satish said “yes why not?” So he said “but now this bra will have to be taken out,” and then Satish smiles at me and tells the man to take it out and as soon as he heard the word from Satish’s mouth, the man behind opened the bra of my bra and The next one pulled him off and all that work happened so quickly that I could not even think about him. So I came out of my own hands with my two hands and covered the big boobies hanging.

Friends, when asked about my heart, I too had started having a lot of fun and now my pussy was also completely wet. So Satish said that “she seems to be blushing?

Now we should remove our own clothes only then it will be fine” and then they all removed their clothes and stood in front of me completely naked. So Satish came a little further and he held one hand on his cock and now slowly started moving his cock.

Seeing all this, both of them also came forward and started pressing my boobs and ass and they removed my sari completely and now I was standing completely naked in front of them. Their cocks were touching my side and all their cocks were at least 7 inches, they started kissing me and pressing my boobs. So Satish said to both of them that “this prostitute is yours today, both of you today.”

Friends, because I like to talk dirty and abusive while having sex, and Satish knows this so he only talks to me while doing sex.

Then he made me sit on my knees and said that suck “my ass suck my cock” and he put his cock in my mouth and he started banging my mouth very hard and a man lay down and licked my pussy. I was feeling very bad because of it, but fun was also coming.

After that, another man grabbed my hair and told me that “I am standing here to see you fuck, who will suck my cock” and saying this he pulled me to his side and forced his entire cock into my mouth. Insisted and kept like this for a while and then started banging my mouth loudly. Friends had already left their pussy water once and now they pulled me and lay on a couch and then the man who was licking my pussy came on top of me and started sucking and cutting my boobs and his cock was my pussy Was rubbing

Now Satish came and He pulled my hair, lifted my neck and put his cock in my mouth, and started banging me loudly, due to which now my breath stopped, tears started coming out from my eyes, but he had to beat his lust Had to be erased. Then the man rubbed both my legs up to my chest and started rubbing his cock hard on the mouth of my pussy. Friends, I was feeling very sorry for him for doing this.

I was yearning for my fuck and my pussy was now craving for cocks. I took Satish’s cock out of my mouth with one stroke and told the man that please put it in quickly I can’t control it anymore and then he lay down putting all his weight on me and he thrust my hair out loud Drew, I was about to scream that then he kissed me and started sucking my lips out loud and pulling my hair even harder and he said that “how can you do bitch so soon? And first of all, you are a prostitute, a bitch, and will you give me naked in the market?”

I was not going to suffer any more pain and so I told him that “yes I am a prostitute wherever I see cocks, I am naked and I want only cocks” now fucking me and then he licks my cock in one stroke Put inside the pussy and then as soon as my mouth was open for screaming, Satish put his cock in my mouth and started fucking my mouth. Then that guy’s cock was going to fall now, so he told me that I am going to leave, then Satish pulled out his cock from my mouth and the man came and put his cock in my mouth and slowly jerked himself. Semen started extracting and I had to drink all its contents.

So Satish now went between my legs and he overturned me in the doggy style and in one stroke put all his cocks in my pussy. Then he grabbed my hair and pulled it backward and started fucking me. Then that other man came and he put his cock in my mouth and he started fucking my mouth. Satish was also fucking me badly from behind and that man was fucking my mouth from the front, then I left my goods for the second time and it continued for about twenty minutes.

When Satish increased his speed, I understood that he was also going to fall, then Satish said that mine too is coming out now and that front man turned away and Satish put his cock in my mouth and he put all her goods in my mouth, and thus all three of them continued to fuck me one by one continuously till 6 in the evening and many times my ass too. So we got up again dressed in our clothes and came out. After that we both came to our respective homes. Friends, this was my story of fucking, in which even after I got married in Satish, he fucked me and others too many times. I now follow her like her prostitute and enjoy my sex.