Friends From Work Meet Couple Part – 2

With Jack fucking Linda with the biggest cock she’s ever experienced, her gaping mouth hovers over Don’s dick with her eyes closed and mouth wide open, drooling saliva. Linda yelps with each thrust, and moans each time he withdraws.


We watch another few minutes before I lean forward and nip at Yvonne’s earlobe. “I love watching my wife’s endeavors, but I can’t continue watching without cumming.”

Silently Yvonne takes my hand and leads me to our bed. As her legs dangle from the edge of the bed I push them apart and drop to my knees, bringing my mouth to Yvonne’s flowing gash.

Yvonne is gasping when she falls back on the bed, arching her hips. Then as her gasps turn to whimpering moans, I ease first one, then a second finger inside until I find the fleshy growth and start rubbing it hard as I suck her clit. In moments she is moaning and chanting in rhythm to my thrusting fingers, “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck I’m cumming,” and suddenly my face is being sprayed by her juices.

I tenderly cradle Yvonne until her breathing returns to normal before crawling between her widespread legs. She quivers as I position the head of my cock at her slit. Sucking air between my teeth, I say, “My mouth had the desired effect. Now let’s see how you react to my cock.”

A superhuman effort is needed to avoid cumming while fucking Yvonne into a screaming orgasm. Under me her breasts heave for several minutes, until she says, “You just earned something special birthday-boy. Where do you keep the lube?”

I retrieve the lube from the nightstand handing it to Yvonne. She pours a liberal amount on my cock and spreads it around. Then handing me the tube she gets on all fours, and says, “Lube it up good, and go easy until I get used to the size.”

Several minutes are needed to fit my cock into Yvonne’s tight ass. But finally I’m balls deep and maintaining rhythmic thrusts. But as much as I would have liked to pound into her for hours, my motor was wound a little too tight to last for more than a few minutes.

Ten minutes later, Yvonne is scurrying to the restroom to freshen up as I lay exhausted on the bed. When she returns Yvonne gives me a playful swat on the ass, and asks, “Did I meet with your approval?”

“Don’t even go there. You know full well you’re one of the sexiest creatures alive. My only wish is we become part of your little group, and this becomes a regular occurrence.”

Yvonne laughs, “You have my vote, and from hubby’s reaction I’d say Linda has his.”

Linda is on the sofa riding Jack cowgirl on our return to the party, but what stops me in my tracks is Don fucking her ass. Several moments of studying her thrusting back and forth on their cocks is needed to determine her squeals are expressing her joy and not pain from engaging in the one act she’s always refused me.

Yvonne had long since moved on and left me nursing a beer on the patio when Linda joins me. She silently stares at our guests frolicking in the pool for several moments before asking, “Are you upset?”

“Why would you think I’m upset?”

“Because I didn’t see you come out here.”

“And I am supposed to make sense of that?”

“You saw me with Jack and Don, and I didn’t notice you watching.”

“No problem. You were enjoying yourself. It happens.”

Linda took a long pull from my beer. “Big problem. I refused you what I allowed Don to drive me into a blind ecstasy doing.”

“You have a valid concern. But this isn’t the time or place for this discussion. Enjoy yourself in any manner you choose. But keep one thing in mind.”

Linda’s head tilts, and she asks, “No restrictions?”

“None. The only consequence is whatever you engage in is prima facia consent for me to enjoy.”

“Do you mean …”

I nod. “You will want to include ample lube for our next date night. Your ass is mine.”

By six o’clock clothes have long since been abandon. I spent the last half hour in an apron on the grill and platters of burgers and hot dogs are on the patio table. Then the doorbell chimes and Don answers it naked. Those unlucky SOBs who had to work today are arriving to ensure the festivities continue into the night.

I do a double take as Reanna walks out the back door with her husband in tow. Not because of her beauty, even though she is a very attractive lady. Reanna is the most straightlaced woman I’ve ever met. She shame bates players on her game to stop using foul language and refuses to work on Sundays because she needs to attend church.

Reanna is a sight to behold. At over six feet, she is towering even taller tonight on five-inch stilettos. Her blouse is unbuttoned to her naval and the half globes of her cantaloupe size breasts strain to spill free. Atop her long statuesque legs, her firm ass threatens to rip the fabric of the tight leather skirt.

She reaches me, wrapping her arms around my neck and pulling my face into her cleavage. “Sorry about arriving so late. That asshole Mark wouldn’t give me the day off.” She relaxes her grip and I savor her exotic perfume a moment longer before pulling back. A smile forms as her eyes roam over my body. Wrapping her hand around my cock, she says, “Look what we have here. I hope he’s not done for the day.”

Arching my eyebrows, I say, “I think he might be persuaded for another performance after dinner.”

Reanna pouts. “Okay, I’ll mingle until you’re free.”

Randy, a swing shift bartender, slides his arms around Reanna, cupping her breasts. “Get that dress off, you magnificent bitch. I fantasized about fucking you all day.”

She pushes her ass into his crotch. “That is the best offer I’ve had all week. Get those clothes off and get busy, big-boy.”

As Randy and Reanna took off, I took a walk to check the activities. Of those frolicking in the pool, those not fucking are about to.

In the dark beside the patio, I couldn’t make out who was on her knees giving Steve head. But she waved over her shoulder when Steve said, “Happy Birthday, great party, bro.”

Before I can reply, an arm slips in mine. “He’s right, it is a great party.”

Misty is smiling up at me, looking like a dream come true. My taste in women leans toward the long and lean, but Misty is the exception. She is well under five feet, but perfectly proportioned, and standing naked beside me, I’m learning just how perfect. “Thank you. Welcome to the party. I didn’t see you arrive.”

“You and Yvonne were busy,” Misty grins.

“Sorry, hope you found something to occupy your time.”

“I did,” she shivers, mashing her breasts into my biceps. “My plans are working out perfectly.”

“Plans you say?” Misty nods, and I smile, “would you mind sharing those plans?”

Her delicate hand grips my cock. “I saw you and Yvonne …” Her eyes close as she squeezes my manhood. “I wanted you, but knew I needed a little help to get ready.”

“Did you receive the help you needed?”

Misty nods whispering, “Tom fucked me, and with his cum lubing my pussy, I think I can handle your magnificent cock.”

She threw her arms around my neck when I bent down to kiss her. “What say we find out?”

In the living room, I can’t think of the name of the graveyard bartender who has Linda bent over the back of the sofa. Whoever he is, he’s doing a fine job of pounding her into an orgasm. Misty’s tongue darts over her lips. “Linda is certainly enjoying herself.”

From the edge of my bed, I study Misty’s body as she stands before me. “I have always admired your body, but seeing it now, my God lady, you’re perfect.”

She leans forward to hover over my cock. “I’m about to be stuffed fuller than ever experienced. Go easy until I get accustomed to the size.” Misty stares into my eyes as she laps at the pre-cum coating the head of my cock before asking, “how do you want me?”

“What’s your favorite position?”


“Perfect,” I said, following her onto the bed. Misty lowers her head to the pillow, holding her ass high. The inside of her thighs glisten with juices as I trace the head over her slit. Ten minutes of easing inside has most of my cock buried.

Another few minutes of slow stroking, and Misty glances over her shoulder. “I may be small, but I’m not fragile, so fuck me like you’re out of control.”

My withdraw is agonizingly slow, then with the head between the phat lips of her labia, I unspring my hips slamming balls deep inside, and Misty’s pleasurable gasp echo’s through the room. Again and again I pound into her until her pussy is flooding over my dick and she’s screaming incoherently.

As I hold myself deep inside, allowing Misty to quiver through her orgasm, my head snapped toward the door when I heard, “My God, that was the most erotic thing I’ve ever saw.”

Shocked, I discover Pam, a straight laced mother of two and day shift dealer for the first time tonight. She’s the lovely lady in her mid-twenties who you watch your language around, standing at my bedroom door with her mouth open and a hand between her legs.

Before I find my voice, Misty says, “There’s enough for two if you want to join us?”

Pam doesn’t reply. Instead, she climbs on the bed, placing an arm around my shoulders and staring at the point of our union. She stretches up on her knees, kissing me with urgency. Misty pulls free during our embrace and when our lips part Misty is smiling as her finger jabs into Pam’s pussy.

In moments, the girls have me on my back and Pam is riding me as hard as she can. Misty kneels next to me, giving me something to play with while Pam has her fun. After watching my cock sliding in and out of Pam, Misty asks, “Did you have it all the way inside me?”

“Every time I bounced against your ass.”

Time passed, but I do not know how much until we lay together with a young lady snuggled in each arm. We lounged, joked, and teased one another as we recuperated. I caught fleeting glances of people checking on us, but in the dark hallway didn’t recognize who they were.

When we finally left the bedroom I discovered Linda on her back on the living room floor. I didn’t recognize who was fucking her, so I concluded it must be a coworkers husband. It didn’t matter, and Linda was indisposed to introduce him, so I left them to find something to drink.

With beer in hand, I held court from the patio table, greeting guests as they passed and watching the couples in the pool, until Misty and Pam came by at one point. They informed me it was time to open my presents.

From my chair in the living room, I opened my gifts. Most were gags, such as the trophy of the back half of a horse. Everybody got a kick out of the riding crop. I was trying to figure out why somebody would give me such a thing when Misty says, “Oh daddy, I’ve been such a naughty girl,” as she laid across my lap.

I playfully swatted her ass as everybody laughed. In a stern tone, she said, “I was terrible and need to be spanked.”

The leather flap smacked on her ass and she moans, saying, “A little harder, please.”

I do my best to avoid striking twice in the same spot as Misty yelps and cries out for more. After a dozen or more swats, she’s moaning and climbing off my lap, leaving my hard cock swaying. Before it registers she spins around and sinks her flowing cunt on my cock. She only needs a couple bounces to be screaming out her orgasm.

To my surprise, Misty climbs off my lap to reveal another lady waiting her turn. After the third lady leaves my lap with red welts on her ass and her juices on my cock, Stacy ignores Linda’s protests as she leads her to me. “This winch was extra naughty tonight. Show her no mercy.”

“And what misdeeds has she done?”

“She’s hogged all our husbands, letting them take her in the hole of their choice.”

“Is this true, young lady?”

“No, I only fucked five of them.”

“Who was the gentlemen you failed to please?”

“I don’t remember.”

The crop whistled through the air before smacking her right ass cheek. “It was George. He’s the only one I haven’t played with yet.”

“Sounds only fair for you to at least suck his dick.”

“I’m too tired tonight. I promise to do something special for him next time.”

“George, do you want to wait until next time to get your dick sucked?”

“I was looking forward to having it done tonight.”

“Then come over and let her blow you.”

Linda’s breaths are coming in pants as the crop slaps against her left ass cheek with a smack. “And don’t just give him an open mouth to fuck, winch. You owe him your best blowjob.”

She holds his cock steady, bringing her mouth to him. The crop finds her ass again. Linda withering over my cock as she sucks his dick soon had me hard. “Jump up, I have something else in mind.”

Keen for something other than the crop, Linda jumps to her feet. “George, take a seat.”

He took my seat, and I eased Linda over the arm rest. “There you go. We don’t want you getting a kink in your neck.”

Linda relaxes as she goes back to work on Georges dick and brings her gaping asshole into view. The instant she feels the head of my cock position at her backdoor she stiffens. Having allowed another man to fuck her ass earlier, she knew protest was useless, and steadied herself for my eight-inch cock for the first time in our marriage.

Soon Linda is meeting my thrusts with her own. She’s twisting and stroking George’s cock as she urges him on. Stacy wraps an arm around my shoulder as she watches my dick appear and disappear. A nibble on my ear lobe and she whispers, “Give it to her good. She’s discovered she likes anal.”

With one hand stroking George, and one on her clit, Linda worked herself into a fervor. Soon she’s gulping hard as George fills her mouth, and I’m adding my deposit to whomever left their load earlier this evening.

The party continues until shortly after three, when I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer. But as Linda and I went to bed, others were still enjoying themselves. I thanked everybody for making this a special night, and said, “Will the last one out the door lock up before they go?”

This party started a precedence, we regularly met with one of these couples on our days off. Parties were common, and our sex life was off the charts. The strangest aspect of all this sex is it drew Linda and me closer together.

Six months later, Linda’s waiting alone at home when I arrive after work. She welcomes me with a kiss and asks, “Do you know what Monday is?”

“Yeah, it’s my day off.”

“It’s Valentine’s Day. Do you have anything special in mind?”

“You mean besides sleeping in?”

Linda rolls her eyes, “Just when I thought you found your romantic side. Our relationship started with a Valentine Card, did you forget?”

“You’re right,” I say reaching into my inside coat pocket. “I guess we can use these if you insist.”

“What do you have there?”

“Two first-class tickets to the Bahamas for next Sunday.”

“Just the two of us?”

“Yeah, I thought I might spoil you a bit. Is that romantic enough for you?”

Linda jumps onto my lab, saying, “It’s a good start. I hope you’re not planning on sleeping.”

I tenderly kiss her lips. “I have a suggestion.”

“I’m listening.”

“Being our relationship started with a Valintine Card, let’s declare Valintine’s Day as our day.”

“To be celebrated by just the two of us?”

I nod. “Regardless of what’s going on in our lives, this is the one day for the two of us.”

“Oh my God, you do have a romantic side.”


The End