Friends From Work Meet Couple Part – 1

The familiar apprehension began the instant I hung up. From the very beginning, the right words never came to mind when dealing with Linda. Our relationship began with me handing her a valentine card because I couldn’t find the words to ask for a date.


From our backyard resting high on the hill south of Reno, Linda sits at the patio table facing the hypnotic light show filling the horizon. Without diverting her gaze from the valley below, she acknowledges my arrival by saying, “Thanks for coming straight home.”

“You made it sound urgent.” Linda shrugs, and I ask, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” she says in a voice barely above a whisper.

“Nothing? Is this something I’ll be blamed for?”

“Sounds like a guilty conscience. What did you do?”


The pungent silence hangs in the air until Linda says, “Something’s missing in our relationship.”`

“For instance?”

“The excitement in our lives.”

“Are you saying we should find a new adrenaline builder?”

Linda nods. “Something like that.”

“Fantastic idea, baby. I’ve had the urge to try hang gliding lately.”

Linda diverts her eyes. “I was thinking more about the lines of where we took our friendship with George and Barbara.”

“You mean …” Linda nods. “Wow, I didn’t see that coming.”

Linda quickly broke eye contact. “Just a thought. We don’t have to if you’re not interested.”

“I don’t have a problem with this, but since moving here, we have formed no friendships coming close to what we had with George and Barbara.”

“Give it some thought and let me know what you think.”

“I’m sure I’ll be able to think of nothing else.”

My mind drifts back to the point our lives changed forever. After growing up in the farmlands around Merced California, we married out of high school. Then, five years ago, during an unusually hot summer, we choose to celebrate Linda’s twenty-fifth birthday by escaping the heat in Lake Tahoe.

One evening, an outing to the casino led to an impromptu encounter with a casino manager who suggested we apply for blackjack dealers. On a lark we followed his suggestion, and much to our surprise, we were hired.

Only intending to spend the summer kayaking and mountain biking in paradise. We rented a house and set out to enjoy the area while waiting for real world job opportunities to open. When the snow started falling we were left with no option other than buying season tickets at Heavenly Ski Resort.

Our coming from a small town where we knew everybody to a resort destination where we knew no one took some adjusting. We joined coworkers on the slopes during the winter and kayaked with them on the lake during the summer. During the slow season, the casino included a fifty percent restaurant discount in our paychecks. We would regularly meet with coworkers for group dinners during this time of year. But our association was more in the fashion of office friendships.

Two years ago, I took a promotion with the same casino and we moved to Reno. Linda also transferred, but remained a part-time dealer while I took a supervisor’s position. We found a custom house with an in-ground pool overlooking the city at an unbelievable price in an upscale area and moved in.

Until now, we’ve been the perfect Valentine’s Day couple focused on ourselves. Over the weeks since Linda’s revelation, little was mentioned about our discussion. Then tonight, I arrive home shortly after six to find a strange car in our driveway. Linda had the day off and coworkers coming over to enjoy the pool on a hot, sticky day isn’t unusual.

On the patio overlooking the pool, Stacy, a fellow dealer, and my wife are sipping margaritas in their bikini’s enjoying the late afternoon sun. Linda greets me with a smile. “Hi baby, there are more margaritas in the blender if you’re thirsty.”

I take a seat beside them. “No thanks. What’s up with you two?”

Linda places her index finger to her lips. “Don’t tell anybody. It’s a secret. We’re planning your birthday party,” Linda said, bursting into laughter.

“Nothing elaborate, I hope?” My mind races as I take in Stacy’s five-nine frame. Clad in a bikini, she has the body of a competitive swimmer, long and lean with the face of an angel.

Stacy bites her lower lip, and asks, “Is half a dozen couples skinny dipping in your pool casual enough for you?”

I divert my gaze to conceal the warm glow rising from my neck. “Now I know you’re joking. No way is Linda getting naked at a party.”

With arched eyebrows Stacy says, “Linda isn’t who I’m worried about.”

I do a double-take at Stacy before turning my attention to Linda, who shrugs with a mischievous smile. Before I can reply Stacy slides her long lanky frame onto my lap. Her skimpy bikini does nothing to inhibit her shapely ass from encompassing my cock. In moments any attempt to conceal my erection is abandon as I grasp her by the hips.

Stacy springs from my lap, spins around and straddles me. Her arms snake around my neck, and a moment after our lips meet, her tongue is probing my mouth. “Are you up to discussing your party with a threesome?”

My face burns as I try to catch my breath. “What the hell is going on?”

Stacy arches her hips, rubbing her pussy over my shaft. “Linda was right.”

“About what?”

“My being impressed with your package.”

“Okay, you’ve had your fun. Now jump up before Linda starts using us for target practice.”

“You really don’t understand, do you?”

“I understand enough to know this aint happening.”

The corners of Stacy’s lips turn up, forming a smile. “Silly boy, your wife approached me with this idea, not the other way around.”

I answer Stacy while facing Linda. “Are you saying …”

“I’m saying your wife wants to open your marriage.”

“Come again?”

“I probably will if you agree. She’s all for you having fun and her turning it loose with the guys.”

Unable to comprehend the scenario, I ask, “Which guys?”

Stacy reaches between us, grabbing my cock. “We formed a swingers’ club made up of friends and several coworkers. Our husbands are as eager to fuck Linda as you are to slide this inside me.”

To my surprise, Linda is standing beside me. “Let’s take this inside. You’ve begged me to agree to this for years.”

All three of us are naked on reaching our bedroom. Still considering the possibility, I freeze beside the bed until both ladies drop to their knees in front of me with open mouths. By rotating my hips, I move my cock from one mouth to the other while each stares into my eyes.

Being a gentleman, I wait until Stacy pulls back, sliding my cock from her throat before asking, “Are you sure Bob is good with this?”

She nods, and says, “He’s waiting for my call. Should I give him a ring, letting him know everybody is onboard with him coming over to fuck Linda after work?” Stacy flicks her tongue over the head of my dick, lapping at the flowing pre-cum. With a wink, she says, “I’m sure fucking Linda will make his day.”

Stacy stands taking Linda in her arms. “How about you? Are you open to fucking my husband?” Linda shrugs with a giggle.

Stacy runs her hand between Linda’s legs, and says, “One thing’s for sure, you’re ready to fuck somebody.”

Bob doesn’t answer Stacy’s call, so she leaves a message and returns her attention to Linda. In moments, she’s on her hands and knees with Linda sprawled supine in front of her. In seven years of marriage, not once has my wife expressed an interest in women, yet grinding herself into Stacy’s probing tongue has her in ecstasy.

We form a daisy chain where I’m eating Stacy while she works on Linda who is giving me head. Then we change positions repeatedly. Finally, I fuck Stacy while she sucks and licks Linda. Stacy’s ass swaying and thrusting back into me became too much. Unable to prolong my orgasm, I held myself deep inside and began filling her pussy.

An hour later we are halfway through our drinks and still naked when the doorbell wrang. When I didn’t move, Linda asks, “Aren’t you getting that?”

I cocked my head with a mischievous smile. “He’s here to fuck you, not me.”

Bob enters the living room with his arm around Linda’s waist and an ear to ear smile. He kisses his wife and asks, “You guys started without me?”

“We needed to strike while the pussy was hot,” Stacy said with a laugh.

Bob runs his hand between Linda’s legs. “No problem. I love sloppy seconds.”

Linda parts her legs and says, “Whoever is having me next will be my first of the night. Questions on how ready I am to get started?” Linda’s tongue darts over her lips as she kisses Bob, and whispers, “Our spouses have me ready to climb the walls in anticipation, so get your cock inside me before I scream.”

Linda drops to her knees in front of Bob as he rips his clothes off. She studies his throbbing dick for a moment before taking him into her mouth. He savors her sloshing mouth for a few minutes before moving into position behind Linda. “We can finish that another time. I’ve dreamed of your pussy for so long I can’t wait another moment.” With that, he sinks his dick balls deep inside Linda and starts bucking.

Stacy is suddenly stroking my cock. The squishing sounds of Bob’s cock slamming into Linda’s saturated pussy fills the room. Stacy sucks my earlobe, her hot breath tickles as she says, “Is Linda being fucked as exciting as you imagined?”

“Far more than I expected.”

“You need to make this more than just being fucked for her.”

“I don’t follow?”

“She’s never experienced two men at the same time. Allow her to suck your cock while Bob fills her pussy. She’ll thank you afterward.”

Linda’s eyes spring open as I trace pre-cum over her lips with the head of my cock. She takes a firm grip as her tongue slithers along the underside as I slowly sink my cock in and out. For a woman used to raising such a fuss about me cumming in her mouth, finds no problem devouring my cock fresh from Stacy’s cum filled pussy.

Stacy stands, extending her hand, and says, “Let’s go skinny dipping.”

Alone in the pool, Stacy wraps her legs around my waist and asks, “How are you doing with all of this?”

“Shocked, but enjoying everything so far.”


“What brought this on?”

“We enjoy playing with other people, and Bob had the hots for Linda. I finally did him a favor by asking her if you two were interested in a little adult fun.”

“I guess Linda found an attraction for Bob as well.”

Stacy nods, and says, “When I told her about Bob she found the idea exciting.”

“Was she concerned with what my reaction might be?”

Stacy arches her shoulders with a mischievous smile. “Linda’s exact words where Bret gets a hard-on every time he sees you. So we might as well try it.”

“Did she mention how embarrassing concealing my erection at work is?”

“No, and I didn’t mention noticing.”

“That explains the four of us, but what about this party you were talking about?”

Stacy reaches between us, positioning my cockhead at her entrance. As I lower her on my dick, she says, “Swinging is a prominent pastime in the club. We’ve made friends with everybody, from topless cabaret dancers to cocktail waitresses. Who’s attending is still in the air. But I assure you, an entertaining day tomorrow.”

I pull her close, and say, “As long as you are here, I’m sure I’ll have no complaints,” before driving my tongue into her mouth.

Stacy stops sucking my tongue long enough to say, “And I assure you, the girls are going to enjoy getting to know you better.”

Stacy is still bobbing on my cock when Linda and Bob come out of the house. His arm is around her waist as she lazily strokes his dick, and Bob asks, “Bret, if I knew this was happening, I’d have called in sick today.”

“From what our wives tell me, this is just the prelude to my birthday party tomorrow.”

“Speaking of the party, I have conformation from six couples and I didn’t see Shelly or Barbra from VIP services tonight.”

My dick twitches at the mention of Shelly and Barbra. Both are the stuff of wet dreams whose job is to ensure our high end guests are happy with their stay. “What time do you guys have this thing scheduled to kick off?”

Stacy says, “You know the casino life. Some people are working day shift, others are working nights. A few have the day off and plan to make a day of it.” She kisses me. “I plan on being here around noon to give Linda a hand setting things up. Bob will join us after his golf game.”

An hour after Stacy and Bob leave, Linda stares sheepishly in my direction from her side of the bed. “Are you alright with all this?”

I nod, easing her legs apart. “There is one thing I’m dying to discover.”

Linda studies me closely as I move between her widespread legs. Ever so slowly I part the lips of her labia and as my cock twitches, white gobs of cum flow from the caverns of her love canal. In fascination, I trace a fingertip between the folds of her pussy, savoring the slickness. “Give me a second to fulfill my fantasy of sinking my dick in your cum soaked gash and I’ll let you know.” With an arch of my hips my whole eight inches is driven balls deep inside the slipperiest confines I’ve ever experienced.

Linda’s legs wrap around my waist as her mouth opens and her eyes close. A moment is needed to catch her breath, and ask, “Well?”

“I think I’m in heaven.”

Nothing about our encounter resembles making love. We are fucking with an unbridled passion unexperienced in years. For the next half hour, our communication is limited to grunts, gasps, and obscenities.

When I catch my breath, I ask, “Does that answer your question?”

Linda moans, and says, “Enjoy it now. After tomorrow, the next few days will be spent with an ice pack on my pussy to reduce the swelling.”

“You might be right. One thing is for sure, you will have a broader variety of suiters to pick from over the next twenty-four hours than any time in your life.”




Stacy and Linda have the kitchen table loaded with snack trays and munchies when I come in from cleaning the pool. I ask, “The pool’s ready. What’s next?”

“Sit the snack bar up as a bar and turn on some music.”

By one o’clock it’s ninety degrees on the back deck, and everything is ready for our guests. Then, before I can take a seat, the doorbell sounds. Yvonne and her husband, Don, are on the front steps with Celia and her husband Jack behind them. “Are we on time?” Yvonne asks, holding a tray.

“Your timing is perfect. Welcome.” I took the tray leading the way inside. We engaged in idle chit-chat. I can’t think of anything appropriate to say to potential sex partners, so I just do my best to maintain a friendly air and avoid overstepping any bounds.

Both Yvonne and Celia greet Linda and Stacy with hugs and giggles. Then they take a step back and Don and Jack greet them with kisses and hugs. Don hugs Linda, then kissing her. His hands slowly ascends her body until he’s squeezing her ass.

“Your home is beautiful.”

My attention snaps back to Yvonne. “Thank you. We lucked out finding it.”

Yvonne smiles as she flips her long, curly auburn hair. God, she is beautiful. As much as I wanted to I find asking if she would like to fuck unacceptable. So instead I ask, “Why don’t I give you a tour?”

She hooks an arm in mine, ensuring her breasts are mashing into my bicep. “I would love to, if you could do me one favor.”

“Sure, what do you need?”

“Relax, I won’t bite.”

I point out the living room, hallway bath, the guest rooms, and finally the master bedroom. As we stood beside our king-size bed Yvonne wraps her arms around my neck and gives me a toe curling kiss. As our lips part, Yvonne traces her tongue over my lips, and she says, “You aren’t planning on fucking me before offering me a drink, are you?”

“Certainly not. Sorry if I gave that impression.”

She pooched her lips into a pout. “So you don’t want to fuck me?”

“No, or I mean yes, very much so.”

“Yet you haven’t touched me. If you really wanted me, your hands would be all over me.”

“Trust me, I want to, but this is a first for us. As much as I want you, I don’t want to lose Linda more.”

“Very insightful. Your wife should always come first.”

I take her face in both hands and kiss her passionately. “Give me a chance to ensure Linda is open to this. If she is, I assure you I’ll rock your world.”

She arches her eyebrows. “I can’t wait. Is this the first time you and Linda have played with other people?”

I shrug. “Back home, there was a couple we grew up with. But we have never been with casual associates or strangers.”

Yvonne hooks an arm in mine. “Shall we continue the tour?”

Don and Jack are laughing with Linda in the kitchen. I suppress my urge to inquire how she’s doing with all this and continue to the pool with Yvonne. Celia is sunning in a lounge chair in a micro-bikini, ogling her body with Yvonne on my arm seems wrong, so I didn’t.

Yvonne dips her hand in the pool to check the temperature, and says, “It’s warm.”

“About 85 degrees, just right for moonlight swimming.”

She scans the yard and says, “I can’t wait.”

A gasp escapes my lips coming into the house as Don lifts Linda’s dress over her head. Then, dropping to his knees, his face is waist high as he pulls her panties down her long legs. At the same moment, Jack is removing her bra. When they have her naked, they lead Linda into the living room.

“Are you a voyeur,” Yvonne asks. I nod, and she says, “then you’ll get a thrill out of this.”

Don takes Linda in his arms, kissing her passionately, while Jack undresses. Then Jack turns Linda to face him while Don strips. Linda’s mouth slowly opens as she fixates on Jack’s foot long monster. Her eyes slowly rise to lock with Jack’s, and he smiles with a tilt of his head.

Linda reaches out, the whistle of her sucking air through her teeth fills the room as her hand can only encircle half his shaft. Jack’s hand on her head prods Linda to her knees. Linda giggles as she strokes him with both hands. She nuzzles the head against her cheek before tracing her tongue along the underside from the base to the head. When she has the head wet, Linda gorges as much as she can into her mouth.

Yvonne arches her hips as I grind into her ass. My hands slowly caress a path from her stomach to her breasts, and as Linda pleases Jack with her mouth, Don’s finger is probing Linda’s pussy from behind.

Yvonne asks, “This is the first time you’ve seen Linda with two men, right?”

My gravelly voice surprises me. “Yes.”

“Are you alright with watching? We can go to the bedroom?”

“No way can I miss seeing how much of that anaconda she can take.”

Don enters my wife, and as he starts thrusting I’m bunching Yvonne’s dress in my hands until her pussy is exposed to my touch. Yvonne tilts her head against my shoulder and says, “You realize he’s getting her ready for Jack.”

“And you realize seeing that happen will generate the most God awful urge to fuck you.”

“In that case, quit wrinkling my dress and take it off.”

Once we were both naked our attention returns to Linda just as Don twirls her around to face him. My wife didn’t hesitate. In one fluid motion, Linda’s head comes around and she has Don’s cock in her mouth, almost like she rehearsed the move beforehand. But I didn’t have time to ponder this revelation before Jack spit on his cock and moved behind Linda.

Jack slides his dick between Linda’s legs, running his shaft over the length of her pussy until it glistens with her juices. Then Linda reaches between her legs and positions him at her entrance. An arch of his hips probes the head between the lips of her labia. He takes a firm grip of her hips, pulling her onto his shaft, and with half his dick inside, Jack begins slowly stroking. A full five minutes pass as each stroke drives more of his cock inside until Jack’s pubic bone is finally slapping against her ass.


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