Four On One Family Fun Part 3

Their faces lusty and manful.

Meanwhile, out of sight, her daughter was making silent love to her cousin in the same room. Belle wondered what they were doing… Whether they’d kissed or more… Whether her darling daughter was trying to fit Brick’s monster cock into her tight virgin pussy…

Rising to her feet, Belle struggled to find balance on her tall stilettos. Andy and Dylan had to steady her, and she appreciated their help. She pointed to a chair and told Luke to take a seat. He’d earned his wage by fixing her car; now he got to extract payment. If he wanted a tit-job, she’d give him the best damn tit-job he’d ever get.

As he took his seat, Belle gripped the band of her panties and sent them to the floor. Then, stepping out of them, she gave the boys their best view yet of her most private parts. Her pussy was shaved bare, as they might have imagined — perfectly groomed for lots of hard sex. Her ass was shapely and firm. Her thighs were wonderful. She was skinny but had shape. She was thin, but she had form.

Belle beckoned Luke to spread his legs wide and knelt between them. His cock was upright and couldn’t have been harder. His face was expectant.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to suck it?”

“Later,” Luke declared.

Belle shook her head and laughed under her breath. She might have looked young and glamorous, but these boys seemed to think she could last forever. It was a tall task, especially since she’d partied through the night and into the morning. She didn’t know if she’d survive another minute, but she knew she wanted to go forever.

There was still much of the boys left to explore… They were naked; she was naked. Every inadvertent glance at a Sunday lunch — every uncontrollable morsel of thought — that might have seen them wonder what secrets laid underneath their clothes, could now be brought to fruition. They were vulnerable, bare, primed… Primed for the primal, the basic… Pure sex.

Licking her lips, Belle looked into Luke’s eyes and decided on her next move. Spitting into her hand first, she stroked his hard cock and got it nice and slick, distributing the oozing pre-cum and making it ready for the next stage. Next, she shuffled forward, positioning her body to squeeze his cock between the softness of her full breasts. As she began moving, lifting her ass up and down to make his big rod slip and slide between her tits, he started pumping his hips.

“Yeah, baby,” she purred. “You like that. You like fucking your aunt’s titties.”

“I fucking love it!”

“Good boy!” Belle praised. “Cum for me, baby. Cum all over my tits, darling. I want to feel your hot spunk all over my chest.”

Luke groaned, grabbing his head as he experienced a life-changing orgasm. He fired thick wads of cum all over Belle’s chest, her chin, and his legs. It was a massive load — a one-in-a-thousand eruption triggered by the forbidden feeling of taking a member of his own family and the taboo rush of telling her how he liked it and making her fulfil his desire.

Belle sat back and took a breath. She looked into Luke’s eyes, then into the eyes of all the other boys standing around her. They looked like her sisters’ sons.

The family resemblance was undeniable.

Doing what she’d done before, she took her own nipples in her mouth. As she played with her breasts, she licked clean and swallowed down the freshly deposited cum. Every dollop was a blessing, soothing her sore throat. Once done, she scooped up a little drop, dribbling from her lips, and sucked her fingers clean. There was still loads of cum all over her face, and she spread it over her skin with her palms. She rubbed her nephews’ seed into her cheeks like it was the latest, greatest and most luxurious moisturiser ever developed. All the while, she was moving her body into position.

Belle shifted and arched her back. She remained knelt but raised her hips to invite the boys to the next part of their adventure. Looking over her shoulder, she wasn’t surprised when Andy was the first to sink his hands into her asscheeks and kneel behind her. His hands felt dominant and in control, and none of his assertiveness from earlier had faded.

If anything, the time spent with their aunt had firmed the boys into men as she helped raise her sisters’ sons by giving them her body.

Dylan lined up behind Andy, with Luke waiting at the back. Jamie had taken the seat where his older brother received a tit-job and tapped his aunt’s shoulder to draw her attention. She smiled at him.

“You want me to suck you off again?”

“Uh huh,” he nodded.

“Naughty boy.”

Belle took Jamie’s hand and started stroking his cock. It was stiff from base to head, firm under her fingers. She glanced over her shoulder, watching as Andy edged forward. His cock pressed against her pussy. Then, as he struggled a little to find the right hole, she made a sudden realisation that made her feel really special.

He’s a virgin, she realised. Who better to his first than his mother’s sister and his favourite aunt?

Andy found his place and began slowly pushing deeper into her pussy. He may have been a virgin, but he felt good inside her. He filled her up, slowly exploring as he experienced making love to a woman for the very first time. And not just any woman at that.

As she let Andy settle, Belle began paying Jamie’s cock the attention he desired. She licked it, played with it, sucked it a little… She didn’t give him her full concentration, preferring to first register every inch of Andy’s cock as it sank deeper and deeper into her wet slit. Jamie understood, brushing aside her hair, letting her experience it. He was being loving after he’d been so rough, and that’s precisely how Belle liked her men.

It’s how her sisters raised their boys: To be strong and stern but also to care and be kind. They may have been young and sometimes brash — they may have had a hundred flaws — but they were ultimately warm, sincere, and lovely.

When Andy’s cock was finally sunk to its hilt, embedded deep inside his aunt’s pussy, Belle closed her eyes. It felt like every atom in her body turned to face her heart — a heart that pounded love and sex and magic in alternating beats. Then, opening her eyes, she giggled, having bathed in love and ready to embrace lust.

“Oh, baby,” she moaned, “you feel so big inside me. Don’t just tease me, darling. Fuck me hard, or else I’ll tell your mother you’ve been a very bad boy.”

“You wouldn’t,” Andy gasped, not entirely confident Belle was playing.

“I would, darling. I’d tell her you were a horrible tease. I’ll say, ‘Your baby boy got me all hot and bothered.’ How do you think she’ll respond? Huh, baby? Do you think your mommy will tell you to fuck me harder? Is that what you think? She will, won’t she? She’ll make her baby boy fuck me as hard as I want!”

Andy groaned. The image Belle conjured hit a sweet spot and his hips began to move involuntarily. He sawed in and out of her pussy. His cock had already blown one load, so it would take a while until the next. He took his time, exploring, knowing he didn’t have to rush — that he had all the time in the world as Belle sucked off Jamie and he took her from behind. His tenderness made her toes curl, and soon, for the first time in his life, he felt the incredible euphoria of making a woman reach her climax.

“Ohhh, damn! Oh, baby,” Belle mewled. “Tha— Tha— Ahhh…”

The feeling of his aunt moaning around his cock as she experienced an orgasm made Jamie empty his balls into her mouth a second time. The torrent of cum came as a surprise to her. At first, she seemed to gag — a desperate gag — but she soon adapted and swallowed every last drop as ecstasy competed with necessity in an epic and incredible struggle. She wanted to gulp it all down and turn her mind to what was happening behind her!

Andy started moving his hips faster and with even more determination. Finally, he announced he was about to cum, like he wanted instructions. She knew what he was doing: Asking for permission.

Her nephew wanted to know if he could cum inside, and the answer was a resounding yes. Belle wanted him to paint her insides with his seed. She wanted to… She wanted to be all creamy and to feel his cum leak down her thighs as he ruined her silky wet cunt. Then she wanted every other nephew to do the same.

Belle didn’t say a word, sucking on Jamie’s cock like a delicious lolly as Andy did exactly what she hoped. He buried himself inside her, depositing his load deep into her womb. The feeling overwhelmed her, and an after-shock orgasm thrilled her body.

After a while, Jamie gently lifted his aunt’s head from his lap so he could stand up. He wanted to join the line of boys patiently waiting their turn, eager to defile their sexy socialite aunt. Andy took his place as Dylan grabbed Belle’s hips and teased her freshly fucked pussy. She looked up at her favourite nephew, her eyes translucent and cheeks red with life.

It seemed fitting to say something, but what could she say? Memories of the boys flipping burgers at barbecues and kidding around with each other flooded her mind. She recalled birthdays and special events, their high school graduations, and their pride when they announced to the family they’d be starting their own business.

Belle didn’t usually go for the sentimental stuff, but she felt it at that moment — at the strangest of times, with her naked on her hands and knees. Emotions hit her like a freight train, and she didn’t know what to do with them. Maybe regret took a ride in one of the carriages that steamrolled her mind; perhaps guilt was a stowaway in the same cabin as happiness. What they’d done and what they’d still do was wrong, but she didn’t care. She’d never cared.

Society’s rules only apply to Belle when they allow her to have fun and live her life. At all other times, she was an unashamed rebel pursuing hedonistic delight. Now, she had found her idea of heaven, and a devil like her was most welcome to float on its clouds.

As Dylan pushed his cock inside her, grabbing her hips and pumping his own, Belle felt too good to feel guilty. Ahead of her, Andy took his shaft in hand and tilted it back. It was hard for a third time, fully erect and virile. He moved until he sat on the edge of the chair and lifted his balls.

She’d teased him there earlier, which is when he realised he wanted more…

“I only do that for very special guys,” Belle smirked. “Luckily, you’re my favourite nephew.”

Holding onto his thighs, Belle lowered her face to Andy’s taint and ran her tongue against the sensitive skin. He edged forward some more. She adjusted her pose some more. The sound of sweaty skin slapping against sweaty skin filled the room as Dylan humped her hard from behind. She trembled, feeling each reverberation as her soaked pussy threatened another climax. His firm thighs and hard cock jackhammered her hard, and the flick of her tongue and kiss of her lips took on kinetic power.

Andy cleared his throat. His voice strained.

“That’s so nice,” he whispered, running his thumb along Belle’s soft neck as she tongued him between his asscheeks. She swirled, licked, and kissed before turning to his balls for a moment. As she tugged on each, he shuddered. His cock twitched.

Belle sucked in her cheeks, pulling hard on her nephew’s full bags. She had him on edge; she controlled his orgasm. But she only had so much presence of mind. Her toes were curling up, and her body was tensing.

Belle was being rammed harder and harder from behind, and the feeling was about to make her pop. As the next climax reverberated through her bones, she released Andy’s balls and exhaled before quickly turning her tongue back to where it started — deep down where no one had ever touched before. His cock twitched violently, and a third load of the day oozed from the tip, pouring down the long and beautiful shaft like white-hot lava as she teased him with her tongue between his legs.

The chain reaction completed itself as Dylan became the second nephew to deposit a load inside his aunt’s womb. His warm jizz found its way deep, deep, deep… Oh, so deep within her tummy.

“Wow,” she whispered, resting her head on Andy’s lap. She was exhausted, but there were still two boys left… Luke and Jamie.

Thankfully, there was a moment of rest as they all took a beat. But it wasn’t perfect silence… A familiar female voice made the faintest of sounds. An equally familiar man’s gruff tone joined it.

“Mmm, that’s so nice,” she whispered.

“Yeah?” the man asked.

“Yeah, cuz… Fuck me a little harder, Brick. Just a bit.”

“You can take it?”

“Yes… Yeah, I think I can take all of you. It… It only hurts a little.”


“No! No… Don’t stop, baby. It’s good. It’s so fucking good…”

The voices died down. They were replaced by low grunts as Brick pushed his monster cock deep inside his cousin’s pussy. Ruby’s moans increased, rising in volume and pitch until they could’ve easily shattered glass.

As Belle heard her daughter’s intense cries of ecstasy, she felt a maternal urge to spectate. She squirmed to get away from the boys, hopping onto her high heels, shuffling a few steps, and falling over as she landed on the hood of the red muscle car the boys had been working on earlier. The new position was just right to give her a good view of Ruby and Brick.

The two cousins embraced as lovers.

Ruby sat on a workbench, having swept all the tools onto the floor, as Brick hugged her trembling body. Her gorgeous legs were wrapped around his giant body. His epic cock had disappeared inside her tight virgin hole, stretching her soft pussy lips to their maximum. Her lip quivered, and her eyes were wet. She was in the most beautiful place she’d ever visited, and it was all happening inside her — in her soul.

Belle’s heart swelled with pride, and her body melted with motherly love. Then, just as she was at the peak of delight, she felt two manly hands grip her ass. Luke wanted his turn He was a man in heat, an animal who’d been driven too far, who’d been teased too much, and needed to unload his sexual tension deep inside another animal — a real woman… The kind of woman who could take it and give it better than no other.

Call her a slut, or call her a whore. It’s not an insult if she says it herself and owns it. Belle was being what she wanted to be, and that day she wanted to be her family’s gangbang skank.

Luke’s hard cock slammed into her with increased vigour — a man on a mission, a man taking control, a man extracting payment for his hard work on her car. His aunt shuddered, reaching an immediate climax as the chemical bliss of sex mixed with the spiritual high of seeing her happy daughter grow up and lose her virginity.

“Fuck, baby,” Belle whimpered. “That— Agh! That feels sooo good.”

As he felt Belle’s pussy clench down hard on his swollen member, Luke was pushed over the edge. He exploded inside her, firing jets of cum overflowing and leaking from her as he pulled out and pushed back in to ensure nothing was wasted.

Belle felt she’d been fucked enough for a lifetime, but the boys were far from done. As soon as Luke withdrew his cock, Jamie replaced him. She was overloaded, overstimulated, overjoyed… Her eyes rolled back and she moaned so loud the whole city could’ve heard it.

“Ohmigod! Oh! Oh, fuck!”

Jamie chuckled happily — a naughty boy enjoying a naughty game. He slammed his hips hard and sank his cock to its hilt as Belle’s next climax brought her off the car’s hood and back to the floor. Before she crumbled, she saw her daughter’s eyes turn to meet her. Both women smiled. Both were over the moon.

They’d been pushed hard.

The handsome men of their family were almost too much to handle.

Spotting her purse out the corner of her eye, Belle began to crawl away from the boys and towards it, but insatiable Andy was soon on top of her. As he speared her from behind for a second time, cutting the line, it was clear chaos now reigned. The boys were no longer taking turns; they were taking what they wanted and what they could get, and they’d tear her apart to get it!

Jamie kneeled next to her and presented his aunt with his hard and raw cock. It was a young, fit shaft that was thick and long and could go a hundred rounds in quick succession. It was cock that had just been inside her pussy, and that no doubt carried her own taste.

Belle was exhausted, but she also didn’t want to stop. Taking her nephew’s cock in her mouth, she let the boys spitroast her as her body trembled and shivered. Orgasms no longer came like lightning. They were thunder. They were constant and unending, and her body had never felt so good. Her mind had never been so numb yet so gloriously alive.

Andy’s voice pronounced half-words and broken syllables as he announced he was about to cum inside her for a second time. Another load was deposited deep inside her womb. She felt like a mare being bred, and it was a feeling so divine!

Belle pulled her mouth from Jamie’s cock just as more of his seed spilt into her mouth, coating her cheeks. She was so tired, collapsing completely. Dylan was quickly inside her from behind, picking up where Andy had left off. He came quickly, but he’d also recover quickly for yet another round. Belle was way tighter and softer than he’d ever have dared imagine, and his eyes rolled back as even more cum flooded her cunt.

My purse, Belle thought, crawling away on her stomach as fast as she could before one of the boys grabbed her again. Her body was so raw and spent it could hardly move. She was sore but in the best possible way. As she reached the little black bag, she tore it open and dumped its contents onto the floor. Among all the crap she kept in it was a little bottle of water-based lubricant. She lay flat on her tummy, breathless, holding up the little bottle in the sky as one of the boys grabbed it.

The guys spoke happily among themselves, but Belle couldn’t make out a word of it. The next thing she felt was the steady flow of liquid between her asscheeks, then three hands spreading it around. Next: Too many fingers to count, teasing her tight asshole, testing the rim, slipping, slipping, slipping…

As one of those fingers pushed into Belle, the aggression and lust of the young men surrounding her became apparent once more.

She was their ragdoll. Part of her was scared that they’d break her; that they’d tear her apart. But she knew they were good boys, and they made her feel amazing.

Chaotic thoughts made Belle’s heart and head pound. They were her family! Her sisters’ sons and boys she’d seen grow into men. It was oh-so-wrong but oh-so-right.

It was all as fate intended.

Belle laid on her cheek and turned her eyes to see sweet Andy, sweaty and exasperated, descend on her asshole with his stiff cock pointing straight down… He looked almost adorable. She closed her eyes, wincing as the swollen shaft pushed its way into her tightest hole. He bored into her slowly. His sounds were unpolished and real.

Andy grunted like a weightlifter attempting a personal best, pressing ahead even as he faced incredible resistance.

Up to a point, Belle could’ve easily drifted to sleep, but as his hard cock reached deeper inside her, it was like her body had been set alight. Her eyes flew open, and she cried out. Andy was scared he’d hurt her!

She was in pain, but was good pain! The kind of pain people experience once and spend their whole lives chasing.

Belle had never experienced an anal orgasm before. It was like someone pointed a firework at her stomach and lit it up. As the sparkly flame hit her body, she burst with it. For three seconds, she was overwhelmed and to a pulp. Then, suddenly, it was like all the tiredness had been wiped away, and she had energy again — more than she’d ever had before. Pushing herself up onto her hands and knees, she begged for more.

Her words weren’t words. She spoke in tongues, but the boys understood. There was a little scuffle behind her as the men found their places. They would’ve hit each other for a chance to take one of her holes, but they knew there was plenty of their favourite aunt to be shared.

Soon Belle felt a second cock enter her. It aimed for her pussy and drove right at her core. As the two remaining boys crouched by her face, she developed some kind of face blindness. She no longer saw their eyes, mouths, cheeks… She only saw hard cocks — big and thick — demanding to be satisfied.

Forget family, her brain cried out. Forget love and tenderness and how cute you think they’ve always been.

This was an inferno. This was a group of people reduced to their bodies — bodies that sought pleasure with the mad fervour of addicts and fiends. Belle gave the boys her pussy, asshole and mouth all at once. They filled her, making her airtight, as the only oxygen entering her system came through her nostrils. At times, it felt like she could burst as they filled her body. They came time and time again, and she came with them. Her head lolled back and forth; her lungs became weak. She tasted and felt, and experienced. She lost all sense of time and place.

It could’ve been seconds, minutes or hours, but when the boys were done, and Belle rolled onto her back, it felt like she’d died and been reborn. There was cum leaking out of every hole, coating her face, pussy, asshole and back. She felt whole and complete, but mostly she felt like she could pass into a coma and sleep for a month.

Opening her eyes, Belle smiled as a pleasant surprise greeted her. Ruby was sitting on the red Pontiac, looking down at her mom while holding Brick’s hand. She wore the same blue mini skirt from her birthday, and you could see the insides of her thighs were slick. Her lack of underwear revealed her creamy pussy — no longer a virgin. She dazzled her pretty eyes at her mother, having recovered from the earlier shock. Obviously, she had her own fun, and the two women, mom and daughter, smiled at each other.

Around them were five well-spent and pleased boys.

Together, they made quite the family portrait.

After a few minutes, Andy helped his aunt onto her feet. “I’ll go get your keys,” he said.

Belle smiled. “Don’t be silly! That was hardly worth three grand. I’ll see you boys next week for my second instalment.”

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