Four On One Family Fun Part 2

One final bit of resistance made Belle fight back as she tore herself away from him. That little part of her that was more like his mother and her sisters asserted itself. But she was under a real man’s primordial spell, bewitched by ancient magic, and couldn’t break free as he offered to make true decades of pretense.

The thought of being passed around between her handsome nephews, with Andy being the one to drag her to them, thrilled Belle. The idea of freeing her sexuality completely, without any restraint, was irresistible.

Yet, she still resisted… She still waged a battle for innocence in the face of taboo sin! And it was a battle she didn’t want to win.

“Andy— We— We can’t do this. Your mother will kill me.”

“She doesn’t need to know,” he replied. His voice seemed so definitive; his hold on her became even more potent. “Neither of your sisters will hear about what happens here today.”

“So, that’s it? You want to share me with the boys?”

Andy looked wicked and sweet all at once. “They worked on your car as much as I did—”

“I— I don’t know if I could handle you all,” Belle confessed breathlessly before summoning some nerve. She laid a hand on Andy’s crotch, feeling his big cock straining against his jeans. Experiencing its firmness and size, while taking in his masculine scent, turned Belle’s dial up to twelve.

Andy was feeling high too.

“Final offer: You either earn the keys to your car, or we keep it forever. Money’s off the table now, Aunt Belle. There’s only one form of payment we’ll accept.”

“Forget about the car,” Belle exhaled. “I want you, dammit. You boys have really grown up… I’m thinking things I shouldn’t think and feeling ways I shouldn’t feel. But I’ll never be able to get the thought of having you out of my head if we stop now. The thought of having you big strong men take my payment by using me is playing out like a movie in my mind. I can see myself on my knees for you— Fuck. I’m— I must be losing it.”

“Don’t fight it,” Andy implored, sinking his fingers into her arms.

Belle melted under his grip. “You think I’m some slut — you want to treat me like a whore. Well, so be it. Take me into the shop and bend me over and fuck me hard. If your cousins want to join, fine! But I want you inside me… I want to pull down your pants and touch your cock and feel what it’s like to grip my darling nephew’s shaft and wrap my lips around it.”

“Well shit, you’re as naughty as I imagined,” Andy growled.

“I can be even naughtier. I can be everything you imagined and rock your world so hard that no other woman will ever do it for you. You’ll regret this, darling nephew. You’ll never find another toy who can play as hard as me.”

As the two family members met for another fiery kiss, Belle could feel the frustration behind her nephew’s passion. He wanted to drag her in front of his cousins and brother. Grabbing her hand, he made his intentions clear one last time and spoke as though there’d be no more chance to back away.

“Let’s go settle your bill.”

Belle giggled as her little black purse bumped into her hip. Andy dragged her along, and she followed giddily. Her stilettos made the most pleasing tap-tap sound as excitement made her look tipsy, and arousal made her all silly.

From their stations around the shop, Belle’s nephews turned their attention to the couple as Andy put a hand on his aunt’s shoulder and pushed her onto her knees. Her thoughts turned to automatic, and her fingers worked quickly. She knew if she didn’t act fast, she might have second thoughts. Or, worse, he might reconsider it.

Unbuckling her nephew’s belt and pulling down his jeans, she helped his hard cock spring free. The length and girth surprised her. He wasn’t massive, but he was certainly big… The shaft was oddly beautiful — a flawless rod that seemed made for her, with a little pool of pre-cum begging to be tasted. Its geometry and composition made her drool.

Gripping Andy’s gorgeous cock, Belle wrapped her lips around the tip and gave it a little kiss. Then, she pulled back, extending her warm tongue as she ran it along either side of his hard length.

Belle had completely forgotten they were being watched until brothers Dylan and Luke made childish hollering sounds. She turned to them, rolling her eyes, as Andy explained what was going on with a loud growl that seemed to come from an animal spirit. He didn’t tell a story; he issued a command.

“We’ve agreed to a payment plan for her car,” he said, pushing out his chest as he took charge. “You’re welcome to join, but I get to be first. Each man is owed his due.”

Luke was no longer the big man but was all too happy to tag along. It was Andy’s show now, and he was a far better man for the job.

Belle certainly felt that way as she turned her attention back to his cock, lavishing it with sweet female attention. She guided him into her mouth, sucking hard as she reached the midway point, hollowing her cheeks and pulling back. She began making love to his perfect shaft, closing her eyes at first, then turning them up to look at him.

She worshipped her nephew’s cock like a zealot returning to the place of her first divine revelation. She savoured him. His manly groans were as heavenly as his shape, taste, and texture — the girth that stretched her lips and the length that teased the entrance to her throat as it slid in and out of her mouth along the slope of her warm tongue. They were being watched, and she was putting on a show, arching her back and playing her part. The role of the harlot, the vixen, the whore… All the things she wanted to be for her big boys.

It wasn’t long before Andy announced he was going to explode. Belle would’ve happily swallowed every last drop, but he pulled away. She knew what he was thinking: His brain was still in fantasyland, and he wanted to paint her like a pornstar. Belle put her hands on the floor, closed her eyes and opened her mouth.

His aunt could’ve sworn she felt something like a mother’s pride as Andy’s hot cum covered her lips, tongue, cheeks and chin. The warm sticky liquid shot from his cock with some force, coating her. He groaned, milking every last drop from his pumping shaft before tapping the side of her cheek with its length. It was a debasing, degrading thing to do. It was over the line, deviant, naughty, dirty… All things she loved and was happy to indulge.

The youngest and ‘softest’ of the cousins had been the first to make his mark. He showed the other boys he could take control.

Andy wasn’t some pushover. Not anymore.

Belle wanted to give him a gold star, but he was so hot for her she didn’t have the opportunity to praise him. Grabbing a fistful of his aunt’s hair with one hand and lifting his shaft with the other, Andy got her sucking on his balls. She was all too happy to comply, taking one then the other before handling both at once. She surprised him by going places he never thought any woman would go, craning her neck so she could run her tongue against his sensitive taint.

Andy’s young cock was already primed again, and now it’d last much longer… The thought alone made Belle reach to hike up her disco-ball mini dress and touch her pussy. And the thought alone made them stop their work between her legs as a sudden pulse riveted her body. She suppressed a moan, but her whole body shivered.

It wasn’t an orgasm — not yet. Instead, it was a taste of the endless pleasure that would soon rock her body.

“C’mon, boys,” she mumbled, breathless and sexy all at once, leaving her nephew’s cock and balls sloppy with her spit. “I owe you at least three grand, and I seem to have misplaced my wallet.”

Not one of them — not even Andy — had expected Belle to keep her word and collect the car. They certainly didn’t think she’d come straight from a night of partying, looking like she was ready to head straight back into the city’s swankiest clubs for another dozen hours of debauchery. And there was absolutely no way they could’ve imagined she’d be paying her bill with her body.

Soon, Belle was surrounded by dashing men with muscled bodies on show. They were busy discarding their shirts and dropping their trousers as they circled their prey.

Turning to Dylan and Jamie, their sexy aunt took a cock in each hand and paid them compliments. They could’ve been twins; their bodies were as alike as their boy-band hair and handsome faces.

“Oh, lovies… You’re so hard. Does it hurt being this hard? Am I making your long, thick cocks groan as I touch them?”

The brothers moaned softly. “Fuuuck, Aunt Belle. That feels so nice.”

Belle giggled, shuffling on her knees to face their other brother, Luke. “My, my… That’s a pretty thing you’ve got hanging between your legs.”

He swallowed hard.

“May I touch it, darling? Can I give it a little kiss?”

Luke barely made a sound as he welcomed her. Placing her fingers underneath his hard cock, Belle lifted it tenderly and kissed the tip. As she tasted his precum, she let the taste stay in her mouth.

“Yum,” she blushed. “Family really is sweet.”

Her nephews’ were her new favourite drug.

Finally, Belle turned to the last of the boys: Brick. Looming over her, he was a hulk, solid and tough. Like his brother and cousins, he wanted to play along (who wouldn’t?). But he was also shy and unsure. He may not have been a rocket scientist, but he knew right from wrong, and fucking one’s aunt seemed both brilliantly good and sinfully bad.

Unlike the other boys, Brick hadn’t unsheathed his cock completely. So his aunt was left looking at a massive bulge underneath his underwear. The sight confirmed it would be significant, but as she shimmied down his boxers and it sprang free, she was surprised at just how big it really was.

“Holy fuck, Brick,” Belle cried. Even the boys seemed startled and impressed as they glanced at the massive appendage.

Brick’s cock was the biggest Belle had ever seen by a long shot. She suddenly realised she planned on giving the boys all her holes, but that Brick would be simply too big for any of them. Not her mouth, not her pussy, and definitely not her asshole.

He couldn’t read her thoughts and tell she was trying to find a way to break the news he’d have to settle for a handjob. He could, however, tell she was impressed by his features, and he smiled as a result.

The boys looked at each other and at their aunt. They were stroking their cocks, edging towards her… It was five-on-one, and they had the advantage. The grins on their faces couldn’t be wiped off by anything, even as there was a sudden intrusion. It was an invasion, and the sound of horrified discovery and shock followed!

The sound of a girl screaming drew their attention to the frosted glass door that was the only barrier between their sin and the outside world.

Belle turned to face the noise, but she didn’t need to look at the screamer to figure out who it was. She’d gotten so carried away in the shop she’d forgotten her freshly 18-year-old daughter, Ruby, had been taking a call outside while she waited for her mother to get the car.

Like her mom, Ruby was straight from a night spent clubbing, possessing the same endless and insatiable appetite for fun. She wore the same outfit she’d worn the day before — the one she paraded around in next to the balloons announcing her age. The blue crop top and mini skirt took on a new level of sex appeal, and her family members — even her mother — were in the sort of mind that they thought she looked… Hot.

Ruby’s next move was pure instinct. Instead of turning to the door and running away, she locked it.

“What if someone catches you?!” she scolded, scrunching her brows.

Only after Ruby had said those words did she realise they were the wrong ones. Her reflex should’ve been to condemn what they were doing! Hell, she should’ve thrown up at the perverse sight! After all, she was looking at her mother on her knees, surrounded by her cousins’ hard cock… Hard cocks that already looked slick and sloppy… Her mother’s face was coated in a layer of cum — a pornographic scene that must’ve just been painted.

Ruby’s throat closed up and her neck began to sweat. Breathing became harder, and she felt an unfamiliar hit — far hotter than anything ever before — spread over her body from between her legs. Fighting arousal and disgust on two fronts, she was on the edge of a full-blown panic attack. Sucking in her lips, she controlled her emotions. Tears were forming in her eyes.

Belle could see all of this, but Belle had become so enveloped in her persona — in the character she played — that her first instinct was far from motherly.

No, it was motherly… It was just a different kind of maternal love. A more primal and simplistic instinct.

“Thank god you’re here, baby,” Belle declared, exasperated. “You can give me a hand. These cocks are too much for one girl to handle.”

Ruby was aghast. Her mother had always been one of those people, but she’d never gone so far. Sure, they’d even partied together a little, but she never imagined her parent inviting her into an orgy! Never mind an orgy with five family members!

“Wh— What?! What the fuck are you doing?”

Belle shook her head, almost disappointed by her daughter’s reluctance.

Suddenly, Brick stepped forward. He had the face of a husband who’d been caught in bed with another woman. He shuffled, walking awkwardly with his trousers tussled at his feet and his massive cock half-hard and waving about. His eyes bore straight into Ruby’s and seemed to say, ‘I’m sorry for betraying you.’

The boy had always loved her; she’d always known that. Belle knew it too, and she blushed, thinking how sweet young people could be when they fall for each other.

As Brick got closer, Ruby couldn’t help but smile. She snorted, chuckling under her breath as she took his outstretched hand.

“What the hell, cuz?” she asked.

Brick wasn’t bright, but he was honest and plain. “She needs to pay for her car.”

“Oh? It’s just business.”

Smiling, her cousin seemed glad she ‘got it.’

Ruby continued: “So, you were going to—”

“No! No… Maybe a little… But you know… I… I… Uhm—”

“You love me and only me?”

Brick’s whole body turned a soft shade of red as his cousin shook her head and refarded his body. She couldn’t help but linger as she bore witness to his massive cock. It was so big a full-blown erection that swole it to its full magnitude could only get it halfway up.

Ruby was intrigued.

“Tell you what, Brick,” she declared, “let’s find a nice corner and have some fun. I’d rather not see my mother get banged, but I wouldn’t mind… I wouldn’t mind having some fun of my own.”

Looking on, Belle smiled. “Brick, darling, she’s a virgin! Please, be gentle with my little girl.”

Ruby cursed her mother for exposing her secret, and Brick nodded obediently. He’d be slow and gentle with his cousin — as slow and gentle as he’d always imagined. The two found a place away from the main action, walking hand-in-hand until they were out of view and had some privacy.

Belle took a deep breath, turning her attention back to the four boys around her. The young men had grown a bit impatient. Their hands worked their hard cocks, keeping them nice and firm as they waited for their aunt to pay her dues.

Dylan and Jamie stepped forward as one, taking up places on either side of Belle. She grabbed their hard lengths, kissing one’s crown and then the other, stroking, slowly beginning to suck… She took one in her mouth as she tugged on the other, alternating. Once she felt ready to challenge herself, she took them deeper. Their stiff cocks began to test the entry to her throat, threatening to dominate and destroy her.

The brothers edged closer together, crowding her and making her feel small as their muscled man bodies loomed over her thin and pretty party girl physique. They were sweaty and doused in masculine deodorant. Their scent and figure made her sooo wet, and she found her hips swaying involuntarily as her pussy craved friction.

Feeling overdressed, Belle reached for the hem of her dress and pulled it over her head. She unclasped her bra and threw the garment aside, revealing her ample breasts and puffy nipples. They were hard as diamonds and looked unreal.

“Damn,” Dylan muttered, followed by a similar proclamation from Jamie.

Gripping their cocks, Belle brought both boys to her mouth. She sucked on their two heads at once, stretching her lips. They groaned as their aunt teased them and then turned her attention to each boy individually. She began sucking them, building steam until, eventually, their hard cocks were being slammed down her throat.

Something changed suddenly. Putting one hand under her chin and another atop her head, Dylan took control away from his aunt. He manhandled her, fucking her face as hard as he liked. She gagged and choked and spat. His cock got sloppy as he quickly passed his aunt to his brother. Jamie was even less gallant than Dylan. Taking a handful of her hair, he used her like a cheap sex toy until she felt his cock pulse. It was embedded deep in her throat, sending cum straight into her core!

Belle had her hand down her panties and was rubbing her pussy like mad as she swallowed the first wave of Jamie’s load. She pulled off him as the second hit, and it coated her already cum-stained skin, making her look even more pornographic. Her devotion was quickly turned back to Dylan. The sight and sound of his twin-like brother cumming and the warm feeling of his aunt’s lips as he slid his cock along her tongue and into her throat made him blow his load too.

He gripped her head and kept her in place, making her swallow every last drop. Belle was all too happy to savour the taste. She’d experienced the wonder of ambrosia — the perfection of her family’s spunk — and she was an addict.

Luke was the last man standing, and Belle turned all her attention to him. She looked messy and used, but she was far from done, and the sight of her ravished face only made his cock strain even harder against its own limits. He took a place right before his kneeling aunt as she wrapped both hands around his hard length.

“Your cock looks so good, baby,” she said, hamming it up like she was an actress in a smutty movie. “You want your auntie to suck your cock? Like I did your cousin and your brothers?”

To Belle’s surprise, Luke shook his head.

“No,” he said, “I want to…”

“What, baby?” Belle purred. “You can ask me anything. Haven’t I always been a good aunt? I love spoiling my nephews rotten.”

“I want to cum on your tits.”

Aunt Belle couldn’t help but giggle. It was such a juvenile fantasy, but one she was more than happy to indulge. Or, at least try…

“My boobs aren’t big enough, darling,” she teased, cupping her large breasts. Luke was momentarily speechless, giving her a chance to show off as she lifted one boob and brought her mouth to a nipple. Lipstick smeared over it, as did the cocktail of cum from the band of cousins. She gently bit it, pulling on it, making the boys desire her even more.

God, she thought, how did we end up here?

It seemed like she was only finding out about her sisters’ pregnancies yesterday. The halcyon days spent at family gatherings, innocent and pure, numbered in the thousands as she’d watched the boys grow into men. Back then, she could have never imagined they’d end up where they were now — in a grungy mechanic’s shop with her on her knees, hand down her panties, wearing nothing but the aforementioned undergarment, her heels, and a seductive look on her face. Luke standing in front of her, with the rest of her nephews by his side.

Their cocks are full-grown and desirable.

Their bodies are hard and sweaty.

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