First-time visit to a sex club

Let me start at the beginning,

We are a mature couple who are very sexual, we just cant get enough of each other, my name is Dave, I am quite tall, average body shape, carrying a few pounds more than id like, 7″ thick uncut cock that i like to keep shaved and heavily tattooed.

The wife is Jacky, shes also a bit taller than your average, with what i consider a good body for a mature lady, just how i like them, a bit rounded, cuddly almost, cracking pair of tits with huge erect nipples.

Now we are an outwardly normal couple, none of our friends know any thing about our sexual adventures, although some have given it a lot of thought and asked probing questions. We like to keep them guessing and give very little away, but we never deny anything either, we are the talk of our circle of friends for sure.

We like to keep the two lives separate and that makes it even more exciting, we dont fancy involving friends.

Mind you we were at a dinner recently, the wife was wearing a remote controller vibrator and im in control, damn I love watching her squirm as I change the settings while she is talking to someone, its fun and hot all rolled into one. We had a huge amount of fun with it, especially after Jackys best friend who was sat next to me, leaned in and told us that the couple sat opposite us, lets call them John and Sheila, liked to broadcast their sex sessions online.

I couldnt help but look at Sheila differently from that moment, it was then i noticed that she had a smouldering look about her, and she appeared to be paying Jacky and I a lot of attention.

I put two and two together and came up with the answer, she appeared to have worked out that i was controlling Jacky with my phone, yes thats it she had worked out what we were doing with the vibrator, now that was hot. A thought we still talk about, how we should have maybe let Sheila in on our secret, maybe another day.

Anyway, we like to talk dirty with each other, and let me say, anything goes, and I mean anything!

Im bisexual and Jacky is bi curious, well that’s how we like to describe ourselves, but trust me, our dirty talk goes way past that.

Our sex life is amazing, enhanced by our love of dirty talk, so it was no surprise to either of us really when our talk turned to “whats stopping us” actually living our pillow talk?

Tabboos, fear of the unknown, trust, jealousy, all these things immediately came up, I mean did we really want to have sex with other people, hell no, it was exciting dirty talk, fantasy, I mean come on its just in our heads, isn’t it??

So we continued to talk about it, read about it and talk some more, then I stumbled on a sex club or swingers venue close to home, that ramped up our dirty talk to another level, my god our sex life got even better.

Looking back we both arrived at the same decision at the same time, lets go to the club and see what its all about, so we discussed a set of rules and boundaries for some time leading up to our first visit, we were both massively excited but apprehensive, I mean, what if we got pounced on by a bunch of strangers, led into having sex beyond what we wanted with these people and how could we face each other after knowing that we had fucked around, that’s not what we wanted!

Turns out all our fears were unfounded, it was relaxed, no pressure from anyone and being naked in front of others was actually ok. Our first experience went like this

On the chosen night, we took some pics of ourselves in various poses in a state of undress and Jacky in her underwear for a bit of fun and to get us in the mood, well to say we were bricking it would be an understatement, on the way to the club we stopped for a bit of dutch courage to calm us down, arrived at the club and rang the bell, door opened and in we went, and it was actually ok, butterflys went away, we had a drink and a look round the place, yeah it all looked good if a little quiet.

Very quickly we went and got out of our clothes and into some robes, so far so good. We sat and chatted to a couple, Gordon and Mary for awhile, surprised at how easy it all was, then we suggested, lets go in the hot tub, good idea Gordon and Mary said.

We climbed in and settled into the warmth, damn that was great, there were another guy and two girls on the other side who were making out a bit.

I sat down on the seat with water up to my chest, Mary was next to me on my left, Gordon at right angle to Mary on her left and Jacky just crouched in the water in front of me, we chatted for awhile.

Jacky was quickly on me, kissing and being flirtatious, bobbing about in the water, her gorgeous 38d breasts with huge sticking out nipples clearing the water every time she came up to me, I got a massive hard on, now I just consider myself as normal to small, yea I know it’s a guy thing, but at 7″ im just not convinced that its anything much, and right there with another couple only a foot away, I pulled her into me and sucked on her nipples, grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled her onto my cock, her face lit up light a searchlight going on as I slowly pulled her pussy down my shaft until I was bottomed out, fuck me, here we were having sex with others watching.

Everything just faded out of sight as we got it on, it was very clear to all that we were fucking, and we enjoyed showing off. Jacky was really bouncing up and down on my cock, here fabulous tits rising up out of the water with every upward movement.

I was aware that as I was sat next Mary, we were touching at times, Gordon was sat sideways to us, smiling, staring at Jackys tits and licking his lips, wow that was hot.

Then I lifted Jacky off my cock and just stood up in the hot tub, my cock sprang out of the water like a missile, jeez ive never seen it so big, Jacky wasted no time and dived down, wrapping her lips around the swollen head, her eyes locked on mine as she started sucking my cock all the way to the bottom, something she has tried but never managed before, but this time it went all the way into her throat, she held it there as she stared at me then, she looked across at the other woman, I followed her gaze and looked at her, her mouth was open, her eyes were wide in amazement, she was staring at Jacky swallowing my cock, Gordon was in a similar state, they both appeared to be in shock, I mean I had noticed that he had a smallish cock, but hey maybe it was a grower not a shower.

I took two hand fulls of Jackys hair and started to move her head up and down, fucking her mouth, she gagged a couple times but I kept going, all the while looking at this Mary next to me, then after a minute or so I pulled Jackys head up and off, leant down and kissed her deeply, thrusting my tongue in her mouth, fuck I love the taste of cock on her lips.

Jacky fell backwards into the hot tub splashing about in the hot water, then came back towards me, Jacky grabbed hold of my cock and pointed it at Mary, wow she was quick, no messing, she opened her mouth and leaned forward swallowing my cock, so I did the same to her, grabbed handfuls of her hair and started to face fuck her, Gordon was stunned, he froze, mouth open as I face fucked his wife.

But that wasn’t for long as Jacky stood up and pushed one of her amazing tits into his mouth, he greedily sucked on her huge nipple, quickly forgetting about his wife.

I pulled her off my cock, told her to stand up and turn around, pushed her in between her shoulder blades and as she bent forward I rubbed my cock head across her pussy lips until they started to part, just then she pushed back as I went forward, my cock slipped in her all the way, I grabbed her hips and started to fuck her, slowly at first then quickly picked up the pace as I smashed hard into her juicy cunt, water was going everywhere.

Meanwhile Jacky had positioned her self on the pool edge, her long legs wrapped around Gordons waist as he fucked her hard and fast, all the time watching me nail his wife.

After a few minutes, I slipped out of her and said to them all, lets take this to a play room.

We all climbed out of the pool, quickly toweled off and went in search of a room.

As we entered a big playroom, I was on a high, and I wanted more, but what I wanted I didn’t know how well it would go down, we all got on the huge bed, but instead of going for one of the girls, I looked at Jacky, she just nodded, so I went straight to Gordon, pushed him back onto his back, then I went straight down to his cock, its wasn’t very big but it was nicely formed, I waisted no time in getting my lips around it, got into a slow rhythm of bobbing up and down on it, swirling my tongue around the head as I came up, just to sink it back into my mouth, sucking gently then very hard before rising back up.

I looked across at the two girls and they were sat back watching me sucking Gordons cock, suddenly Mary sat up and told me to lie on my back, I rolled over and laid down so I was across the bottom of their feet, she then told her husband to get in a 69 with me, which he did in a very fluid movement, needless to say I was very happy about this, I love a good cock in my mouth and 69 is my favourite, he started thrusting in my mouth I could feel his pubic bone meeting my chin, his balls slapping against my forehead, my hands on his ass cheeks helping to pull him deeper into my mouth. Mmm I was in heaven.

This went on for a short time until I felt a change in his rhythm and a hardening of his cock, I knew what was coming, I pulled him as deep into my mouth as I could until he exploded down my throat, I didn’t have time to think, just gulp all that lovely cum straight down, not letting him go until I felt his cock soften, slowly it slipped from my mouth, he squeazed it to get the last drops of cum out which I licked off and swallowed. He rolled over and we both looked across at the girls, damn now that’s fucking hot, they were both locked in a 69, greedily eating each others pussys, Mary was so good that she licked Jackys cunt until she came to a howling shuddering orgasm, Jackly is very loud when she cums and a real handful to hang onto as wave after wave of pleasure swept through her.

As Jacky came down from her orgasm Mary rolled off coming to rest with her face right by my still hard cock, I hadn’t cum yet and nor had she, there was no asking, she got up and straddled me holding my cock to her pussy, them just slipped all the way to the bottom and started to grind her pussy on my pubic bone, then she got into a rise and fall action, I could see here pussy every time she rose then slide back down to make my cock disappear inside her, riding me like her life depended on it.

It wasn’t long until I could feel the cum starting to rise in my balls, I pushed up to meet her downward move and shuddered to an amazing climax, held her hips locked down as I shot my load deep in her, she could feel each pulse of my cock, we stayed like that for a minute or so then she sliped off of me, my cum oozing out of her cunt and running down her leg, she immediately straddled Gordons face and told him to lick it all out,as she herself reached a shuddering orgasm, holding his head locked between her thighs.

Jacky was lying there with the biggest grin on her face ive ever seen, she crawled over to me and kissed me deeply, wow that was so fucking hot she whispered in my ear.

Jacky and I got up and thanked Gordon and Mary for a hot session, our first ever session, then we went back down to the hot tub, climbed into the lovely hot water, I sat back where I had been before, she straddled me and we held each other, kissing and stroking each other for some time, then after awhile we got dried, dressed and went home. slipped into bed and fucked each others brains out all the while talking about the nights action at the club.

Are we going back?? You bet your fucking life we are!!