First Time Obsession

I’m gonna write a short story:

They go out on a date. He treats her nice and she treats him like a king. Listening to him telling each other jokes. Laughing all night long. He whispers something in her ear like at the end of the night before they enter the hotel. And he walks away. She’s left standing there thinking nothings gonna happen.


Of course now she’s even hornier than when he told her his story of his first time. So she goes in the hotel room and gets in the shower.

She washes up and then gets out. With the towel still around her she walks to the bed and sees a note there. It says put this on and handcuff yourself to the bed. Instead, she throws the note away and waits for him to come back.

Thinking, how dare he whispers in her ear, see you tomorrow then just leaves a sexy note. She waits behind the door wearing what he asked her with the hand cuffs in her hand. When he enters the room hoping to see her there lying on the bed helpless, she grabs him and tries to slam him on the bed struggling to put him in handcuffs. She’s so nervous that it takes a minute and he was letting her at first.

But gave up and decided to push her off and turn her around. And then hand cuffs her. He whispers in her ear, you think you can take me? She’s so nervous that she kinda giggles and then just stares into his eyes. He smirks and takes the handcuffs off. He walks to the other side of the room and then looks at her. Now she’s confused.

She starts to get up but then he charges at her and puts her on his lap face down. He spanks her for 15 minutes. And she likes it a lot. Her ass is red and his hand is warm. He lets her up and she can barely walk.

But only cause she’s so turned on. He tells her that’ll teach her to try and dominate me. And she gets on his lap facing him and starts kissing him. He grabs her and he lies her on her back. He’s caressing her side and then she moans, her body shivering. He says to her are you ready.

And she just looks at him in disbelief because of every moment leading up to that moment. That night said to her that nothing sex like would happen. She didn’t believe him. She was waiting to be punished.

And just then he takes his hand the one that was caressing her and moves it to her vagina. He lifts her nightie and he tries to stick a finger in. She’s so tight and wet and turned on that she lets out a moan. He’s opening her pussy. And then she asks him will you go down on me.

And he looks at her smirks and says not yet. And so he takes out his dick. As he stands up. And then gets back on her and puts his legs around her head and neck with his penis on her face. He tells her to open her mouth and when she smiles and says no. He stops smiling and puts it harder on her mouth. Until it goes in. This she really enjoys because she is submissive and begging for it.

The next day they’re showering together. They’ve already gone out on their date and it was even better than the first time if that’s even possible. Because now she’s so even more obsessed with him being her first and being with him and just being close to him that she’ll do anything. While they’re in the shower, he says to her to turn around and she does happily. He hugs her. And kisses her neck.

She turns back around and kisses him on his chest going down but then he stops her. He turns the water off and they get out. They dry off and they both start making out and lie down on the bed on their sides. And this time he doesn’t have this I’m gonna punish you attitude. He starts going down on her and she starts moaning. She tells him to stop and he doesn’t stop, knowing she doesn’t want him to stop cause he can see how good it feels to be licked in that area.

The next day is their last day together. It is finally time she thought to herself. He’s finally gonna take me. He’s finally gonna not make me wait. I’m gonna get to feel his big dick inside me. His name echos in her head all the time. She imagines moaning his name all the while he’s inside her. Jordan breaks her concentration as they drive to the hotel. They go up to the room after being on their date. They take a long shower and get ready for bed. Instead of sleeping, they talk for hours.

And it’s the 5th-hour she’s thought about him inside her. She can’t get it out of her head. She just looks at him sitting on the bed all sexy. And then she starts to think maybe this is part of his plan. To get her to be all over him. To beg for him. So she gets up to go to the other side of the bed where he is and gets on her knees. She looks at him and says. I’m gonna suck your dick. For 2 hours. And then you better fuck me.

Her mouth wraps around his dick. He’s moaning loudly towards the end and instead of the full 2 hours, she gives up and stands up. He tells her you’re not done yet. And then she’s taken by surprise when he stands up with her only to push her down by the shoulders and hold her head up, spit in her mouth and then push her head down on his dick. Until he cums down her throat.

He says I’m tired and says let’s just talk until we go to sleep and she throws a fit and says no I want you inside me. And he just looks at her and smiles and says not yet.