First Female Anal Partner

Story Line: The day my wife allowed more than a finger in her ass.

The beautiful woman that I was married to the first time, was a very horny tramp in the bedroom. We could fuck any time of the day at the drop of a hat. We were both ready. Any time.


One day during a blow job before fuck session, I asked her to insert a finger into my ass. I handed her the tube of lubricant. She gave me a funny look but did as I asked. She squirted some lube on my ass hole and rubbed it around. Then slowly inserted a finger to the first knuckle. She looked at me for a reaction and I said, I’m good, give me some more. She continued to slowly insert her finger until it was fully in. I told her to rotate it so she could curl it upward and rub the upper surface of my rectum.

She found my prostate immediately. I gave out a moan that secured her that she found the spot. I exploded into her mouth almost instantly. I held her head in place and shot my load with convulsions and loud moaning. She loved it. She always loved controlling my orgasm and this gave her a new tool. There were times when I would prolong my orgasm long after she had cum several times and she would roll me onto my back and ride me cowgirl with this great grinding move. She had great pelvic muscle control and combined with this riding I never could defend this from her and would cum in no time.

Normally when I ate her pussy, I would insert a finger in her pussy and then two fingers working on her G spot. Her climaxes would be screamers and violent tremors. Then begged me to fuck her with urgency in her voice. We were a couple of real minks. One day while licking that pussy and fingering her, I pressed a finger against her anus. She immediately bucked away with a startled look. I said to just relax and try it.

She settled back onto my tongue and told me to go easy. Taking my time just rubbing the outside of her anus she started to buck and grind on my face. She was getting into it big time and her pussy juices were flowing down over her anus, helping with lubrication.

I inched my finger in her ass and barely got it up to the second knuckle when she went off like a rocket. I had to hold on to her to keep my position between her legs. The screaming and thrashing seemed like it lasted forever. My face felt like a glazed doughnut after having her rubbing her juices all over my face.

She laid there totally spent, panting, then clawed me on top of her and started gurgling ” Fuck Me”. I was so turned on, I was like a machine. I was holding her legs back by the ankles and buried my cock in her wet pussy. She was saying,” Fuck me, Fuck that pussy, Make me cum, Fuck it good, That’s it, Oh shit yeah.” I could feel her pussy start to contract and she started to buck and thrash around while repeatedly saying, ” Cumming, cumming.”

This was such a scene that I cum like a fire hose. My cock was so hard and I could feel the head swollen and pulsating from the blood that had rushed there. I continued to fuck her until my hard-on subsided. We were spent, piled in one mass on the bed. After we calmed down and I rolled off to lick her pussy clean, I lay there between her legs, breathing in her aroma and we began to speak. The talk was all about how great that was and what felt the best.

Needless to say, after that night, our fuck sessions always included anal fingering. As time went on I became able to insert two fingers in her ass. She would almost always ask for the second finger. I would work in one and a few minutes add the other as her juices started to flow. I could insert my thumb into her pussy and work the thin membranes together. This always made her bounce and thrash her hips.

One night while eating her out and fingering her pussy I told her I was going to fuck her ass when she got close to cumming. Her eyes became wide with excitement and her grinding became furious. When I sensed her climax I got up between her legs and held them back to her chest, causing her ass to rotate up and give me access to that sweet rosebud of an ass hole. She began rubbing her clit with a frenzy. I lubed my cock by dipping it in her wet pussy and I slowly slid my dick in her ass.

As the head went fully in her anus she let out an “Oh God” and it was all I could do to stay in the saddle. She became a thrashing animal and her juices started flowing like my cum. Her ass was so warm and smooth. It engulfed my cock while the excitement got the best of me and I came in her ass instantly.

Her climax caused her ass to clamp down and hold me right there at the opening and milked me dry. As she came down, her ass opened and I slid the rest of the way in. I just rested there and felt the receding climaxes of our lovemaking.

That would be the beginning of many an ass fucking. She would soon start to request it. With a wanton voice while I was eating and fingering her pussy she would say ” Are you going to fuck my ass? “. What could I do? Leave her hanging. I would wear that ass out.

She would start to finger her pussy while I got lubed up and move to rubbing her clit and fingering herself while I slid in her ass and began an all-out assault and fucked her like an animal.

She would later request that I fuck her pussy right after she came anally, so a wet washcloth became a regular thing on the nightstand. No need to cause pussy infections and slow down the sex. I would pull out after she climaxed, wipe myself off, and then plunge right into that wet pussy. This would cause her climaxes to last forever.

I always loved her freshly fucked look after one of our sessions. There was a glow about her that made her more beautiful as she blushed as if she was embarrassed about the way she was in bed.