Finally Got My Satisfaction

My heart was in my throat as I got behind the wheel of my husbands car. I start the engine and back outta the driveway. My mind is going a hundred miles a minute with thoughts of what I’m doing.

After I drive a safe distance from the house and text Vince one word “address”. After he responds I plug the address into the GPS on my phone. Only 15 minutes away good as long as I don’t dawdle I should be fine.


The entire drive I’m excited and scared at the same time. I can’t believe I’m doing this. I sing along to the radio as I drive trying to keep my mind on the road and not what I’m about to do.

As soon as I arrive I get outta the car and freeze, which door is it. I text Vince, he says to come around back. I find the fire escape and start to climb.

He’s waiting for me at his back door and let’s me in. I follow him to his bedroom. I lay on the bed and start to babble incoherently about anything I can trying to get my pulse to slow down.

He slowly lays on the bed beside me. I’ve know Vince since we were kids and started sleeping with him when we were teenagers. I make a joke about how my husband thought I wore matching underwear for him and tell him he can look if he wants.

He slowly lifts my shirt to take a peek at my bra. I carefully take off my jeans to show him my panties. My hands are shaking so much I fumble with the button.

As soon as I lay back down he starts playing with my clit through the sheer black fabric and gets me off in record time. As he runs his hand over my thighs I’m surprised at how rough his hands are.

My husbands job doesn’t give him calluses, soft hands from a soft job. Vince’s hands show that he works hard at his job. He slides my panties slowly down my legs, seeming to marvel at my freshly shaved pussy. He lays beside me again and inserts a finger into my hot wet center.

I can’t help it, I squeeze his finger with my muscles. He starts slowly with one finger, then adds another, then another.

He starts finger fucking me. I can’t help but moan and writhe under his ministrations. Soon I’m begging him to please fuck me. I need is hard cock inside me. He kneels between my legs and slowly lowers himself on top of me splaying my thighs open.

He stops just before he enters me, silently asking again if this is ok. I smile and nod slightly. The exquisite feeling of his big hard manhood slowly pushing inside me make me moan. I tilt back my head and roll my eyes in the back of my head.

I had forgotten how good he felt inside me. As I run my hand up and down his arms, I can feel the bulging muscle of his biceps. Definitely a physical labor job. So much stronger than my husband. He could definitely overpower me and take what he wants from me if he wanted to. That simple thought turns me on even more.

I can’t help but moan and arch underneath him as he glides in and out of me filling so much I think he will split me in two.

As I moan louder her fucks me harder. By the time I’m about to cum he’s fucking me so hard I can hear him smack against my ass with each thrust.

I scream his name while we both orgasm. It was better than anything I had had in the last 8 years. I know how amazing it is by the way my vision goes slightly black around the edges. If I let myself I could fall asleep right then and there.

Vince slowly gets up and finds some baby wipes. After he heads me a couple I stand and clean myself up.

I get dressed thinking about how I want him to do it again. I don’t want to go back home but I know I can’t stay in his apartment.

I find my keys and wallet, dreading the walk back to the car. As I start to exit through the back door he spins me around and kisses me deeply.

As I turn back to the door he says “Next time I hope we have more time. I can really make you beg then.” He smack my ass hard slightly pushing me out the door.

As he closes the door behind me and I start down the stairs I can’t help but replay the whole thing in my mind. It may have been quick but it was amazing and I can’t wait until I can sneak out and do it again.