Fantasies At Valentine’s Day Party Part 3

“Okay! Okay! It sounds like you two are having too much fun! Send Chandra home, and I’ll meet you at the mall!”

Chapter 07

Under the sterile glow of the fluorescent lights, Camilla drug Derek from store to store. She was as giddy as a schoolgirl hanging on her son’s arm as she pointed through windows, at first one frock and then the other. Like most women, shopping was a visceral experience.

“OOOOHHH! Look at these!”

They were standing in front of a dress shop appropriately named Flashy Flirts. The dresses ranged from a one-shoulder, provocative mini dress with a skintight fit and revealing cut-outs along one side to a sheer translucent mini with matching underwear and a halter top, all listed as clubwear.

“Mom, don’t you think those are a little too…” Derek fumbled for the right word.

“Young,” mom said, her head cocking to one side and her eyebrows climbing into her hairline.

“Revealing,” He finished diplomatically. “After all, this is a dinner party, not a night out at the club.”

“Oh, poo! You are like your father! No sense of adventure. Let’s go in!”

Ruefully shaking his head, Derek let his mother lead him in. The lone clerk, a perky slender blond with a large chest, smiled brightly as they entered.

“Good morning! How can I help you?”

“I’m looking for something for a Valentine’s Day party,” Camilla said.

The clerk’s eyes flicked from Camilla to Derek. Her plastic smile warmed, and her eyes became flirtatious when they settled on him.

Camilla stiffened as the clerk openly flirted with her son. Her hand tightened on his arm, and she leaned her head on his shoulder.

“My FRIEND is helping me shop for a Valentine’s Day party.”

It took a moment for Derek to process what he had just heard. His mother said he was her friend. What the hell was going on?

“We have a full line of Valentine’s Day-oriented frocks from a simulated diaper with wings and pasties for your nipples to a dress that emulates a string bikini using red ribbons and a bow over the derriere.”

“Let me see both those and that blue number in the window in red.”

The clerk looked professionally at Camilla’s figure and diplomatically said: ” size 10?”

Camilla blushed and nodded. The clerk retrieved several outfits and led them to the dressing rooms in the back. A small sitting area was at the end of the hall leading to the dressing rooms.

“You can sit here while your friend changes or accompany her into the dressing rooms. I’ll be upfront when you decide.”

After a few minutes, Camilla poked her head out of the curtain. She looked up and down the short hallway leading to the store proper.

“Mmmm, could you come in here? I don’t want anyone to see me in this.”

Derek did this dozen of times with Anne. Sometimes it was a zipper she couldn’t get quite close. Then, like now, with his mother, it was something they did not want others to see.

Camilla wore a sleeveless and legless outfit that simulated a baby’s onesies with a zipper up the back. It was about two sizes too small. The crotch of the onesie pulled into her vagina. Her meaty pussy lips hung out on either side. It split her ass cheeks with one on each side of the crotch. A pair of wings added to the ridiculousness of the outfit.

“What do you think?”

“Uh…mom, you have more showing than covered. I mean, all your lady parts are hanging out.”

“Yeah! I guess you’re right,” Camilla said, assessing the onesie in the mirror

Derek suppressed an urge to kiss her ass as she faced away from him, twisting and turning in front of the mirror. Camilla’s butt looked incredible. He thought her ass would do wonders for a thong. He wondered if she had any thongs. Then cursed himself for creating a cock hardening image of his mother in a thong.

Camilla fumbled, twisting and turning, trying to reach the zipper.

“Would you help me, baby? This thing is so tight I can’t get to the zipper.”

Derek rested one hand on his mother’s hips as he struggled with the zipper. When it finally came down, he was sweating, and his stiff cock was a prisoner in his tight jeans.

Camilla began to pull down the front of the onesie with her back to him.

“I’ll wait outside.”

Camilla turned sideways, letting him see her breast in profile. Her nipple was rigid and extended. Her breasts were a warm pink color and sagged comfortably on her chest.

“Huh? Oh, sure!”

Derek stepped outside, for some reason, feeling guilty. She WAS his mother. The feelings he was having were disturbing. The pneumatic clerk stood at the end of the hall, smiling at him.

“Is everything okay?”

“Uh…yes…she is changing into another frock.”

“Well,” she said suggestively with a hand on one hip and that hip cocked to the side, “if there is anything I can do…!”

Derek smiled back and took a tentative step toward her. She was interested, and he was like a sailor in a storm. Any port…or pussy…would do.

“Derek, could you tell me what you think?”

Camilla poked her head through the curtain, startling her son. He smiled at the clerk and shrugged his shoulders.

She had on the sheer red dress without the panties and bra. Derek could see her shaved Mons and her pendulous breasts.

“What do you think?”

She pirouetted, first with her hands in the air, then with them on her hips.

“Uh…mom, you should have put on the panties and bra. I can see…everything!”

“I tried,” she said, indicating them lying on the bench seat, “however, the bra is 34C, and I need a 38C. And the panties were a worse fit than the onesie.”

She stopped him as he turned to leave the changing booth.

“Why don’t you stay? That is if seeing your old mother’s body doesn’t disgust you.”

Camilla knew she was crossing a line. However, she was enjoying this time with her son. Besides, keeping him in the dressing room kept him from the sales clerk.

As she spoke, she pulled the sheer dress over her head.

“MOM! You’re naked!”

“Well, then turn your head! Or would you rather be out there flirting with that clerk? She is so obvious!”

Her back was to Derek as she spoke, her large ass inches from his face. He wished he could say he did not know what came over him. He couldn’t. He knew what he was doing. It was something he had fantasized about for years. It cost him a relationship with his ex-girlfriend. Instead of moving in with a friend or getting a hotel room, he drove across the country.

Derek leaned forward and planted a kiss on his mom’s ass cheek. Camilla gasped and jumped. Then, without turning around, she leaned forward with her hands on the mirror.

Somehow, she knew it would come to this. The sexual attraction between her and her son was too strong. Perhaps if they hadn’t experienced coitus interruptus the other night when Carol interrupted them, the fantasy wouldn’t have been so strong.

Derek buried his face in her ass, his tongue exploring the cavity between her ass cheeks. He tongued her asshole, slid down, and French kissed her pussy.

Camilla groaned, grinding her ass into her son’s face. Derek’s tongue felt incredible, but she knew she had to stop him. She recovered, standing and pulling away from him. She had the oddest look on her face when she turned.

“I…uh…should try on the red ribbony dress.”

Derek’s blood roared through his veins as he sat back against the wall. Camilla stood naked in front of him with no false modesty. Another barrier had dropped, and an inhibition lowered.

She felt no embarrassment standing naked in front of her son. It was not like being nude before her husband but more like letting a lover ogle your body. She took the dress from the hanger.

“Do you think your father would like this?”

Camilla’s pussy lips were engorged and gleamed wetly.

“If he doesn’t, he is crazy.” Derek licked his dry lips, accepting that he and his mother had taken another step in this courtship dance.

Facing her son, she placed one hand on the wall and stepped into the dress.

“I better put my panties on! I’m so wet I might stain the crotch.”

Derek again grasped her hips when she turned to pick up her panties. He buried his face in her ass. This time he would not let her pull away. Instead, his tongue probed her dripping wetness to her clit, tonguing it, dueling with the tip of his tongue.

Camilla groaned and thrust her rump back against her son. She did not resist when his hand moved around her hip, and he began fingering her pussy while sucking her clit from behind. Her breathing was harsh and loud, her hips trembling.

“Oh, God! Oh my god! I’m going to cum!”

Still sucking her clit, Derek added a second finger, turning them around and massaging her G-spot. The trembling in her hips became a quake as her entire body shook with her orgasm.

“Fuck! Fuck!” A clear liquid oozed from her pussy and coated her thigh.

Derek’s fingers slipped from her pussy when Camilla sank to her knees. He watched her cum kneeling in a fetal position in the dressing room, bent double with her head on her knees and her arms clutching her belly.

Derek undid his belt, unzipped his jeans, and pulled out my cock. He stroked his tool, determined to relieve the pressure. Camilla’s eyes widened, and she smiled when she turned and saw him.

“Let me do that for you, darling.”

Camilla knew they would inevitably get to this point. They were only fooling themselves when they denied the obvious. They loved each other as only a mother and son could. However, they wanted to fuck, not make love, but fuck. There was an undeniable animal attraction between them.

She took her son in her mouth and began to bob on his shaft. Their eyes held each other, acknowledging what they had not verbalized. Derek had just licked and fingered his mother to an orgasm in a public dressing room. Now she was on her knees, sucking him off.

The societal strictures were off! They no longer cared about being caught or seen. There was only the incestuous lust of a mother and son for each other.

The curtain swayed gently as though brushed by a breeze…or someone. They didn’t care which!

Derek had an overwhelming urge to cum in his mother’s mouth. Perversely he thought that would seal the deal, committing them to each other. He gripped Camilla’s head and fucked her mouth, not needing the niceties of a long blowjob. He needed to get off. Like the animals they emulated, he wanted to mark his territory.

Derek groaned as he shot his load into the mouth of his kneeling mother.

It had been a week since he came. His load was large and thick, shooting into his mother’s mouth like a firehose of sperm. Derek was dimly aware of the curtain moving again as Camilla gagged, her son’s cum drooling down her cheek to her neck. Finally, spent, he collapsed against the wall, his tool falling from her mouth.

Camilla sat back on her heels and wiped the remnants of their illicit act from her face. When she opened her mouth to speak, Drek pointed at the curtain and shook his head.

“We have an audience!”

Camilla’s eyes widened. She briefly considered pulling back the curtain and letting the sales clerk in. Instead, she stood and pulled on her dress.

“I think we should go now.”

They heard hurried footfalls as the clerk moved quickly to the front of the store. Derek zipped his jeans and buckled his pants. He knew their life had changed as he followed his mother out of the dressing room.

They smiled brightly at the flustered clerk as she rang up their purchases. Derek caressed his mother’s behind as the clerk watched and bagged the purchases.

Chapter 08

Later, they sat in the food court with assorted bags on the floor. So far, they had not directly addressed what happened.

“So what happens now, mom?”

Camilla took a spoonful of her vegetable stir fry, chewed, and sipped her Coke.

“I’m not sure, Derek. I have never been in a situation like this.”

“Well, neither have I…mom.” He smiled. “It feels so strange to call you that after…what we did!”

“Camilla! Derek! There you are! I have been looking all over for you.”

Derek and Camilla stood as Suska walked toward them. First, Camilla and Suska embraced, then Suska turned to Derek, wrapped her arms around his waist, stood on her toes, and kissed his cheek.

“It’s so good to see you.”

“Suska, as always, you look fabulous!”

The heat rose in Suska’s face. Not only was Derek good-looking, but he was also a charmer.

“For an old woman,” she added, demurely dropping her eyes.

“For any woman! You and mom are like a fine wine; age only improves you.”

“WOW! Keep that up, and I’m yours!”

Camilla’s eyes moved from her friend to her son. The image of her son fucking Suska popped into her mind. She experienced one part of her fantasy. Why not the other?

Chapter 09

Sixty-year-old Arabella Krone sat with her legs crossed at the ankles and her dress pulled up around her thighs. She felt unusually warm. The Valentines Day dinner party was a great idea. Otherwise, she would never have the nerve to wear this sheer red dress.

A matching undergarment covered her from the upper mid-thigh to just above 40DD jugs. However, the remainder of the dress was sheer with heart-shaped cutouts. The faux garter belt attached to red thigh-high nylons. The 5″ Louboutin heels added the tight touch.

There was a time before Arabella met her husband when she reveled in showing off her body this way. She had warm fuzzy memories of Valentine’s Day frat parties 40 years ago when she paraded around wearing nothing but heart-shaped red panties.

She shivered and felt an unaccustomed moistness between her leg as she recalled being fucked by several fraternity brothers that night. Back then, she was a real slut, literally and figuratively taking all cummers. The party ended in a bukake with the frat boys spraying cum over her and her sorority sisters.

Then she met Frank. She was never sure what she saw in him. Maybe because he knew what she was and accepted her anyway.

For most of the night, she watched Derek sitting by the pool with his sister and that Indian girl in his red Chippindale outfit. He had a feral quality that stirred her latent wildness. The skintight pants emphasized a significant bulge. There was a time…! She licked her lips and shook her head. Those times were long gone.

“I’m sorry, Camilla. I guess I’m a little high. What did you say?”

“I asked you,” Camilla laughed, “if you wanted another glass of wine.”

“What is that stuff we had before dinner? Give me more of that.”

Camilla glanced to where Derek, Carol, and Chandra sat chatting. Carol’s arm draped around his shoulder; her other hand was on his thigh. She wore a red dress with broad velvet band bands covering her breasts and vagina with red mesh filling the open spots. A large red bow covered her derriere.

Chandra wore a red legless sleeveless onesie. Her large breasts and ass looked obscene in the tight-fitting outfit to Camilla. Or was that jealousy? Derek’s stroked her thigh as the three giggled over some private joke.

“You need to be careful with the bhang. It’ll sneak up on you.”

“Let it sneak! My husband is passed out on the couch next to yours. So my excitement for the evening is getting drunk.”

“Pour the corn,” Suska said drunkenly from her perch beside Arabella. “We may as well get drunk. My husband is too old, and yours is too drunk for any Valentine’s Day hanky panky.”

“Look, I’ve got to go pee,” Derek said.

He tried to stand, first pushing Chandra’s hand off his crotch, where she surreptitiously caressed it most of the night. Then his sister’s hand was on his other thigh. For some silly reason, probably enhanced by the alcohol, they called themselves the Three Musketeers. Somehow that morphed into a conversation about threesomes.

“Need any help,” Carol asked, grabbing her brother’s cock through the spandex pants.

“Watch, Sis! I may take you up on that!”

“Don’t you dare…unless I’m there to help.” Chandra leaned her head against Derek’s hip as he stood.

The room spun slowly around Chandra. Her skin felt alive, sensitive to Derek’s hand caressing her thigh. Tingling sensations coursed through her body.

She reached over, grasped the waistband of his pants.

“Whoa, there, girlfriend!”

Derek quickly looked at the bar where his mother, Suska, and Arabella were drinking.

“You keep that up, and I’ll have you on your back with your leg spread right here.”

“Should I take this onesie off or push the crotch to the side?”

“Chandra,” Carol squealed in fake outrage.

She was as high as Chandra. Several times she “accidentally” touched her brother’s tool. Initially, he looked surprised and pushed her hand away. Later in the evening, after several glasses of bhang, he covered her hand, pressing it onto his crotch. Finally, she decided the strap-on she and Chandra shared was not nearly big enough.

“Be right back!” The room had a pleasant fuzziness as Derek moved from the pool area to the bar.

Arabella eyed Derek as he walked toward her. Dear Lord, look at that bulge, she thought.

“Are you leaving,” she asked Derek as he walked past her.

“No, Arabella! I need to answer the call of nature.”

Derek and his mother’s eyes locked. Their affair in the dressing room changed the dynamic between them. They knew the question was no longer if they would have sex but when.

Several times during dinner, she rubbed his crotch with her foot under the table. When he was helping her serve dinner, he would lean across her and stroke his cock across her ass.

“Shit! Well, let me know when you come out. I need to go also.”

“Arabella, you can use the one in the master bedroom while Derek uses the hall bathroom. Derek, show her where it is.”

Arabella stood, wobbled, and placed a hand on her barstool for balance. Derek grasped her elbow and guided her around the corner and down the hall. The pressure on his bladder increased as he walked.

“Here you go, Arabella,” he said, pointing across the hall. “The master bath is in there on your right.”

Unexpectedly, she turned and gripped his crotch in her liver-spotted hands.

“Why don’t I go in here and help you with this?”

Derek grabbed her hand and tried to pull it away.

“You’ll hate yourself in the morning,” he laughed. “Let go before I make a mess in the hall.”

Arabella pulled him into the hall bathroom, clutching his cock.

“Arabella, You need to stop before this gets out of hand.”

She dropped to her knees and tried to pull his skintight pants down. “Just let me suck it. I want to remember how it feels to have a stiff cock in my mouth.”

Derek looked down at the wife of his father’s business partner and shrugged. A blowjob was a blowjob! He figured she would be too embarrassed to bring it up after the party.

“Okay, but let me pee first.”

Derek struggled and finally got the skintight pants around his hips. Before he could turn to the toilet, Arabella grabbed his cock and stuffed it in her mouth. Unable to hold it any longer, Derek began peeing.

He was intrigued and disgusted to see Arabella gulp down his urine. She moaned softly, rucked her dress up around her waist, and finger fucked herself to orgasm while he emptied his bladder into her belly.

When he finished peeing, his cock dropped from her mouth, and she tumbled to her side, passed out drunk. Derek stood over her, his cock out, the last dribbles falling on her face.

Now that was a first, he thought. Pissing into Arabella’s mouth had a kinkiness he enjoyed, though he didn’t think he would like it regularly.

In a moment of clarity, he realized what he had done. He decided the best course of action would be to leave Arabella in the bathroom and tell his mother she had passed out.

“Oh, my lord!” Camilla exclaimed when he told her. She looked over at Frank Krone, sitting on the couch snoring. “Get him up, and I’ll call an Uber to take them home.”

“Mom,” Chandra said, “Carol and I will let the night nurse go.”

“Okay, dear! I’ll be along shortly.”

Chandra and Carol stopped in the path in the woods leading to the Patel house.

“That was so hot with your brother feeling us up and us playing with his cock!”

Carol pushed Chandra against a tree, cupped her ass, and passionately French kissed her.

“We’d better stop,” Chandra said, “what if someone catches us?”

“If it’s my brother, I got dibs on him fucking me first!”


Camilla walked over and shook her husband, and Frank awoke. “Come on, Cowboys! The party is over, and the saloon is closing.”

Thirty minutes later, the Krones were gone, and Larry stumbled to bed. Suska and Derek sat at the bar, with Camilla still acting as bartender.

“Great party, Camilla!” Suska held up her brandy snifter containing the golden-hued bhang liqueur.

“And it looks like the bhang was a hit.”

“Thank you! What do you think, Derek?”

“This stuff is like an aphrodisiac. It gets you going.”

“How would you know that, ” Suska asked, leaning into Derek. “You’ve drunk this before?”

“Mom and I drank some the other night when I got home.”

“That doesn’t explain why you said it was an aphrodisiac.” Suska took a swallow, and a light went on in her head. “Unless you two got high and did something naughty.”

“Suska, that is outrageus! You’ve had enough!”

The color rose on Camilla’s face, and she felt warm.

“You’re both blushing! Come on! Dish the dirt! What have you guys been up to?”

“Let me walk you home,” Derek offered, trying to change the subject.

“I don’t need an escort! I’m just 100 yards across the yard. But why won’t you guys fess up?”

“There’s nothing to fess up to,” Camilla said.

Camilla had a sinking feeling in the pit of her belly. Suska was like a terrier when she took hold of something. She would figuratively shake it until it surrendered.

Suska was high and horny; otherwise, she would have never done what she did. She stood on her tiptoes, wrapped her arms around Derek’s neck, and gave him a passionate tongue-filled kiss.

Startled, Derek gripped her waist, intending to push her away. Then he glanced over Suska’s head at his mother. She raptly stared at them with her hand rubbing her sex through her costume. He realized but didn’t understand that his mother was enjoying watching them.

Sober, he might still have pushed Suska away. High on the potent liqueur and with the tacit approval of his mother, he returned the Indian woman’s kiss, forcing his tongue into her mouth as he cupped her ass and pulled her to him.

Suska moaned into his mouth as his hands pushed her panties aside, squeezing and separating her ass cheeks. She felt herself be lifted and sat on the barstool. In a moment of prescience, she realized what was going to happen. At 56 years old, she would experience her first cock other than her husband’s.

From the corner of her eyes, she saw Camilla move from behind the bar and stand beside them. She reached down, took her son’s cock in her hand, and positioned it at Suska’s entrance.

“Fuck her, baby! Fuck her good!”

Camilla placed her hand at her son’s back and pushed

Suska screamed as his massive tool split the butterfly lips of her cunt and sank into her creaming tunnel. The initial pain was almost unbearable, causing her to try to shrink away. Derek wouldn’t let her. He held tight to her hips and pumped his dick slowly into her hole, lubricating and opening her up.

“Relax, Suska! Just relax!”

Derek pumped slowly into the tightest pussy he had ever fucked. It was a struggle not to cum.

“Do you like it, Suska,” Camilla whispered, ” do you like the feel of my son’s cock?”

Camilla had her arm around Derek’s waist, watching his shaft pump in and out of Suska. She was fascinated at how her cunt lips withdrew and flared as her son pumped in and out of Suska’s tight hole.

Suska tried to speak, to beg Derek to stop. The pain was almost unbearable. Only an unintelligible gurgle came out.

“Here, let me help!” Camilla kissed her son, then reached between them and rubbed Suska’s clitoris. It was larger than she recalled from their make-out session in the pool but just as sensitive.

“Oh fuck,” Suska finally screamed, reacting to her clit being rubbed. Her hips slowly thrust, meeting Derek’s strokes, and her pussy lubricated. A creamy foam covered her pussy and Derek’s shaft

“It’s good, isn’t it?”

Camilla stepped over and pulled off her girlfriend’s top, exposing her big jugs. She leaned down, took a nipple in her teeth, and gently pulled on it while stroking Suska’s clit.

Suska exploded, spewing a clear thick stream of pussy juice that splashed off Derek and finished by dribbling on Camilla’s hand.

“I think she likes, momma,” Derek said, his back undulated as he quickened the pace. “You like my cock, don’t you, Suska?”

Suska looked from Camilla to Derek, too stunned to speak. The pain was nearly gone, and she felt this incredible fullness.

“Say it, girlfriend! Say I like you fucking me!”

Camilla took her other nipple in her mouth and nipped at it, causing Suska to flinch.

“yes! Yes! I love it! Don’t stop!” Suska’s hips began to pump, matching Derek’s thrust.

She felt a sensation like electricity coursing through her body. She felt an overwhelming urge to push. It was the same urge she got when she gave birth to her daughter, but it was different. She opened her mouth to warn Derek and Camilla but was too late. She orgasmed explosively again, spewing her essence over Derek as her pussy clamped down.

“Aww Fuck! Fuck!”

Her body flopped about as though she were having a seizure while her cunt spewed a seemingly endless stream of cum

Derek arched his back and pumped hard to keep his dick in her spasming pussy. Her pussy tightened so much that it forced him to cum, filling Suska’s pussy to overflowing

Spent, Derek leaned forward, resting his forehead on Suska’s. He felt two hands gently pulling him back.

“Move, baby,” Camilla said.

She pushed him onto a barstool and knelt between her friend’s spread legs.

Camilla smiled at the mess her son left her to clean up. His and Suska’s cum dribbled from her pussy onto the stool and from there to the floor. She rested her hands on Suska’s thighs and buried her face in the Indian woman’s twat

The taste was as incredible as she had always imagined!

Derek sat on the stool with his cock dangling and his costume matted to his body by sweat and cum. He watched his mother clean his cum from Suska’s pussy. Suska was purring and holding Camilla’s head between her legs.

Derek stood, gripped his mother’s hips, and pulled her up.

“Don’t stop eating her! I want to fuck you while you do!

He positioned his semi-hard cock at his mother’s hole and effortlessly slid in. It was a homecoming! He had exited this pussy years before, and now he was back in it.

“OH shit!” Camilla groaned

She pumped back against her son’s cock, realizing one fantasy. She knew there would be many more.

“Fuck, mommy, baby! Fuck her good!”

Suska knew this was the first of many times. As good as it felt having Camilla lick her, she couldn’t wait until it was her turn to get fucked!


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