Fantasies At Valentine’s Day Party Part 2

“We had better stop,” she said quietly. Her son’s hands were on her upper thigh, scant inches from her pussy.

Mother and son held each other’s eyes for a moment. Derek smiled and attempted to sit back on the stool, using his mother’s thighs for leverage. He was embarrassed that what started as a mother/son conversation slipped into inappropriate conduct.

“I need some sleep,” he said groggily.

He lacked sleep, had too much bad coffee as he drove across the country, and the liqueur left him disoriented. His hand slipped on his mother’s thigh, and the side of his hand bumped against her pussy. The wet heat of Camilla’s pussy coated his hand as it slid up her smooth silken skin. He felt tremors in her thighs as he squeezed.

Derek leaned forward to kiss her good night, anxious to end this inappropriate interlude. However, his hand pressed against the wet heat of her naked vagina.

Camilla sighed and opened her legs, softly moaning. The tip of her son’s finger slipped between her engorged vaginal lips. So wrong, so good, she thought. Her hips pumped forward, and she gasped when Derek’s finger buried itself in her hole.

When Derek rubbed her G-spot, her pussy flooded, and she thrust forward reflexively.

“Derek! When did you get in?”

His sister Carol’s sleepy voice coming from the hall caused mother and son to bolt upright. Derek snatched his hands back as though he had touched fire. Camilla quickly pulled her gown down and smoothed it with her heart pounding.

Dear God, she thought. What am I doing?

“Hey, Squirt!”

Derek bounded to his feet, crossed the room, and met his 22-year-old sister coming down the hall. She was barefoot, dressed in one of his old t-shirts. He thought he could see the outline of her panties as she stepped into the media room.

“I got your squirt,” she laughed as he wrapped his arms around her waist, lifted her into the air, and spun with her in his arms.

“Put me down,” she squealed, laughing.

He sat her down and held her at arm’s length. “So, how is the professional student,” he teased.

“Mister, I’ll have you know my master’s dissertation was approved. I’m ready to leave the nest and enter the cold, cruel world!”

Behind her children, Camilla was dealing with what had nearly happened between her and her son. She could still feel his hand against her wet pussy, the tip of his finger parting her labia, then rubbing her G-spot. It was years since anyone did that

Her nipples were so hard they ached. She mentally shook off the nascent lust, sighed, and stood up. Carol saved them from…! From what? Realizing a fantasy? They were both adults. She sighed again. It was just as well. Fucking her son would make life very complicated.

“You guys keep your voices down. Your father is still asleep.”

“Mom, you know dad could, and has, slept through earthquakes!”

Carol felt her brother’s bulge against her thigh when she wrapped her arms around her brother’s waist and affectionately squeezed him.

Derek and mom seemed unusually close together when I came in. Their heads were almost touching, and his hand was on her thigh. What the fuck!

“Look, ladies! I’m exhausted. Let’s talk later.”

“Come on, old folks! I’ll walk you to your room.”

Derek swatted her behind with his open palm. “Watch the old folks crack,” he laughed.

Carol rubbed the delicious sting in her butt with both hands. She also had fantasies about her brother.

“OUCH! Watch those heavy hands!”

“Are you coming, mom?” Mother and son held each other’s eyes briefly.

“I’ll rinse out these glasses and be right behind you.”

Fantasies are just that! Fantasies, Camilla thought. Building your air castles is alright if you don’t try to move in and set up housekeeping. Or, she added, you actually fuck your son.

Upstairs, Carol followed Derek into his room, jumped on his bed, and sat cross-legged on it. Through his fatigue and the effects of the liqueur, he could see the cameltoe created when his sister’s panties pulled tight across her vulva.

“We need to talk about Chandra.”

“Squirt, I’m exhausted! Whatever it is, it will wait until later.”

Carol paused when Camilla poked her head in the door on her way to her bedroom.

“Good night, children! Keep it down, will you? I need to sleep and have to finalize the party arrangements.”

“Okay, mom,” the kids said in unison, then looked at each other and smiled. They waited until they heard their parents’ bedroom door open and close.

“Be quick! What about Chandra?”

Derek’s body ached with fatigue as he pulled his t-shirt over his head. He was still confused about what nearly happened with his mother. He had experienced normal teenage fantasies about his mother.

He thought about his mother many times after he graduated college and moved across the country to start his career. Many times he saw her partially dressed. They were a few times she was naked. In retrospect, it seemed she welcomed those moments.

He shook his head and struggled to focus on his sister’s words.

“Well, when she heard you broke up with Anne and was coming home, she broke it off with her boyfriend.”

Carol eyed her brother’s toned body appreciatively. He did not have the proverbial six-pack. Still, it was obvious he worked out.

“What did mom do? Take out an ad in the local newspaper?”

Derek kicked off his shoes and slid his pants down over his hips. He was dimly aware that even though his hard-on had subsided, he still had a chubby. However, he and his sister were accustomed to seeing each other in varying stages of undress.

“Chandra still has the hots for you, big brother. She is going to ask you to be her partner for dinner.”

Chandra and Derek had an intense affair that lasted three years after she turned 18. He was her first. He took her from a shy chubby 18-year-old Indian girl to a lusty 21-year-old woman who loved a cock in her pussy.

Carol eyed her brother’s package. Chandra had shared with her how his cock filled her. They discussed it some nights as they lay in each other’s arms.

They bought and shared a strap-on that Chandra said approximated Derek’s cock. Carol loved for Chandra to fuck her missionary-style with the toy. She said things to Carol Derek said to her.

Chandra called Carol a sexy good pussy bitch who fucked like a whore. When they 69ed, Chandra would suck her clit while fingering Carol’s anus like she said Derek did to her. There were times in her and Chandra’s sex play when she imagined it was her brother fucking her.

Initially, she was concerned that her brother broke it off with Chandra because he became aware of their casual bisexual relationship.

However, Chandra confided that her father disapproved of her marrying outside of her race. In their culture, she needed his approval. Derek did not take it well. Eventually, he moved to the Midwest and hooked up with Anne.

“Out!” Derek hooked a thumb toward his bedroom door. “I need sleep!”

“Come on, Derek! I promised her I would talk to you.”

“Out, or I get naked!” Derek hooked his thumbs in his shorts’ waistband and began sliding them down.

“Okay! Okay,” Carol said, raising one hand and partially covering her eyes with the other.

“Besides, I need my glasses to see SMALL things.”

Giggling, she ducked under his outstretched arms and scrabbled for the door. She felt the sting on her ass as he swatted her on the way out.

Back in her room, Carol texted Chandra. ‘He’s home and looking as delicious as ever.’ A few moments later, she got the thumbs-up and kiss emoji.

She lay back in bed and slipped her hand down her panties. As she played with her pussy, working herself up to a satisfying orgasm, it was not Chandra or any of her casual male lovers she fantasized about. It was her brother.

Chapter 04

It was nearly noon when Derek finally woke up. He lay in bed, staring at the ceiling, thinking of his life without Anne. The drunken wisdom of his buddy tempered his intense feeling of loss. His friend said the best cure for a lost pussy was another pussy.

While Derek disagreed with the crassness, the essential wisdom was true. He needed to get back into the dating scene.

Someone knocked on his bedroom door. “Are you decent?”

“I’m decent! Come in!”

Camilla opened the door. Derek lay propped up on pillows in the bed, the sheet covering his body from the waist down.

“Derek, I need to talk to you about the party.”

His mother was standing in his open doorway, wearing the robe AND the gown for the pink peignoir set she wore last night

“Okay, mom! In a minute. Is dad here? I didn’t get a chance to see him last night.”

“He is LONG gone. He and Frank have some new clients they are schmoozing. He’ll be gone until later this evening.”

Camilla’s eyes roamed over her son’s athletic body. He was taller at 6′ 1′ and more muscular than his father at the same age.

Camilla was conscious of the effect she had on her son. She knew he voyeured when he was a teenager. At first, it disturbed her. She worried that he was becoming a pervert.

However, she came to enjoy his covert ogling of her. As her sex life with her husband declined, she came to enjoy her son’s fascination with her and her body. It let her know that at least she was attractive to one man, even if it was her son.

She sat on the edge of his bed and turned toward him, drawing one knee on the bed with the other on the floor.

“I have two things to talk to you about.” Camilla fumbled with the hem of her gown. This would be an awkward conversation in the cold light of day and sober. “About last night! I…uh…!”

Derek interrupted her, anxious to get past what happened.

“Look, mom. We were both high, and things went further than they should have. We are adults. Let’s put it behind us.”

“Good! I’m glad you understand,” Camilla said, patting his thigh.

Camilla was suddenly aware her peignoir set had ridden up, exposing her legs to her upper thigh. Only the gown hem prevented her son from seeing her pussy.

I wonder if he saw it last night? Did he see and feel how wet I was?

“So, what do you need me to do, mom?”

Derek’s eyes flicked between his mother’s bare thighs and her face. Careful, he thought. An erection now would be embarrassing!

“Your father hates doing this. It has been years. But I would like a man’s opinion…!”

Derek broke into her rambling dialog. “Mom! You are running on! Tell me what you want!”

“I…I need to go shopping for a dress for tomorrow. And I may also want something a little sexy for your father. Would you mind going with me?”

“Oh, sure! No problem!”

“Really? Your father hates shopping with me.”

“Look, I shopped with Anne all of the time. She said I have a good eye for women’s clothes.” He smiled devilishly. “And if that sexy something is lingerie for the AFTER the party, I can help with that also.”


Camilla bounded to her feet, unaware that her gown slid up in the back, exposing her round ass. Her son did, and his cock plumped, thinking how close they came to having sex last night. Carol’s arrival was fortuitous.

“I’ll fix you something to eat while you shower and dress.”

Camilla could barely contain her excitement as she flew down the hall to her bedroom. She stripped off her robe and gown. Then she realized she was not home alone as she usually was. As she closed her bedroom door, she looked down the hall. She felt odd seeing her son’s broad back, with only a towel around his waist, entering the hall bathroom.

He reminded him of his father at that age. At 26, she and Larry had an active sex life. They routinely shared each other with close friends. She wondered if Derek and Anne were as adventurous as they had been.

Impulsively she decided to call Suska and invite her to go shopping with them.

Chapter 05

Suska lay in her platform bed, her knees drawn up and spread and her feet firmly on the cotton sateen duvet. She touched herself as she thought about her conversations with Camilla. Her grey-streaked ebony pubic hair glistened with her wetness as she fantasized about Camilla’s husband fucking her. Her hips pumped slowly up and down; her breathing was slow and deep. A thick white cream oozed from her overheated sex.

Camilla confided that she and Larry used to have an open marriage. She said she had many male and female lovers during that time.

Suska wondered if she had licked the other woman like she and her sister used to do. She sometimes fantasized about eating her friend’s pussy while her husband Larry fucked her.

Suska’s tongue was out of her mouth, stabbing at the air, imagining Camilla’s pussy was above her. She groaned loudly. Her nostrils flared, assaulted by the overpowering aroma of her need.

The image of Larry dissolved into an image of Derek when her finger entered her cunt. For years, she fantasized about him while masturbating. She recalled his slim muscular body in speedos several summers ago. She and Camilla were lying out by the Abercrombie’s pool. Their daughters, Chandra and Carol, were horsing around with Derek.

The girls would jump on his back and try to pull him underwater. He would reach behind him, pull them over his head, and throw them in the water. He looked like a god as he stood in the pool with water streaming off his muscular body.

Suska felt a tingle between her thighs as she imagined what the bulge in his swim trunks looked like. She imagined it standing pink and stiff, perhaps with water droplets clinging to it.

Suska had never sucked a cock. Sanjay never asked her. He demanded she bathes, trim her pussy hair, and lay on her back while he fucked her. It never took very long.

She recalled the women at the country club talking about long, languorous fucks. She squirmed in her lounger as she heard them discuss long sex sessions fucking and sucking their husbands or lovers.

Her back arched as she plunged her finger deep into her aching twat. Her hips pumped up and down. She took her dripping wet finger from her pussy, opened her full lips, and sucked her fingers. The musky saltiness caused her to flashback to her older sister. She recalled them lying wrapped in each other’s arms. Her pussy leaked copiously as she remembered their tender explorations.

They had started with affectionate kisses. By the time Suska’s parents announced her betrothal to Sanjay, they had progressed to long sweaty sessions laying head to toe, fingering and kissing their intimate parts. She lusted for the fragrance of her sister’s sweet pussy.

Her older sister’s labia had lain open like the petals of a flower. So tiny and so fragrant. Like a bee stealing nectar from a flower, her tongue had explored her sister’s depths.

She moaned as she remembered when her sister had first slipped a finger in her ass. Her startled disgust at her sister’s action turned to a long silent scream as her sibling moved her finger in and out of her aching anus while sucking hungrily on her clit. She remembered her sister’s surprised giggles when Suska squirted her female essence on her face.

Suska’s fingers did figure eights around her vulva. Her finger trailed over her starfish at the lower part of the eight. Her anus twitched, anticipating her invasion. On the upper part of the eight, she touched her clit, sending electric shocks through her body. She imagined Camilla between her legs like her sister, sucking her engorged clit while fingering her pulsing asshole.

She eased the finger on one hand into her ass and began a slow in and out. She sucked the middle finger of her other hand into her mouth and sucked it lustfully. Was this it felt in a threesome? One loved your ass and pussy while the other stuffed his dick in your mouth. How would it feel to have a man’s cock in your mouth while a woman pleasured you?

She flashed back to that day by the pool. Her daughter, Chandra, was on Derek’s back. When he went to pull her off and went to throw her in the water, somehow, she managed to flip over and ended up with her legs wrapped around his neck. She recalled her daughter gripping Derek’s head and squealing. Had Derek kissed her pussy?

Suska was close to climaxing. Her round ass was in the air as her finger flew in and out of her ass. Her breathing was labored, tortured. Her mouth formed a moue as she sucked on her finger. It felt like her husband’s penis when he used to want her sex. Derek’s looked so much larger. Suska stifled a scream as her orgasm wracked her body. Her body pumped with her finger buried deep in her starfish.

Suska collapsed back onto her bed, and her breathing slowed. A light sheen of sweat covered her body. She wondered how she looked after her soul-shaking orgasm. In keeping with the Indian version of Feng Shue, there were no mirrors in her bedroom.

Suska sighed and rolled to a sitting position in her bed. She frowned as she looked at the large wet spot on her sateen bed covering. I must use a towel under me.

Before showering, she padded naked out of her bedroom and walked to her husband’s bedroom through the sitting room. It always made her feel incredibly wicked to walk through her home naked with the residue of her juices dripping from her pussy.

Camilla stood at her husband Sanjay’s bedroom door and watched him sleep, his breathing ragged. She returned to her bedroom for her shower. I wonder if Camilla was serious about a threesome with her and Larry. I wonder how it would feel if it were Derek instead of Larry.

She shivered as she entered her bedroom and turned into the shower

Chapter 06

Camilla was about to hang up the phone when Suska finally answered.

“I’m sorry if you were busy,” Camilla apologized.

“Oh, know I was just getting out of the shower.”

“I can call back later if you like.”

“No, no problem. I’m naked, drip-drying while sitting on the settee in my bedroom,” Suska giggled, “There is no one to see me but Sanjay, and he is sound asleep.”

An image of her friend’s coffee latte skin naked with water droplets on it caused Camilla to shiver. She and Suska had been friends for more than twenty-five years. They were each other’s coaches during their pregnancy.

Her husband, Sanjay, thought it was a frivolous American activity, and Larry was too busy. They breastfed their babies together. She recalled watching baby Chandra suck hungrily on Suska’s full brown breasts. She remembered the dark, almost black nipple. She was always envious of Suska’s exotic beauty.

“Derek and I are going to the mall to shop for my outfits for the party. Come and go with us!”

“I’m not sure. Sanjay is…”

“Chandra is here. Why don’t I send her and Carol to look after her father while we shop?”

“I’m…not sure…!”

Derek smiled at his mother. “Let me ask her.” He took his mother’s cell phone.


“This is Derek!”

“Derek! How are you? When did you get to town?”

Suska was embarrassed. She sounded like a schoolgirl, giddy because a secret beau showed interest in her. In some ways, that was true. Derek fascinated her.

“Last night. You mean you didn’t see the advertisement in the local newspaper?”

Camilla made a moue at her son and reached for her phone. He held the phone away, and she found herself lying across his sitting body with her breasts pressed into his chest and his knee between her legs. A coolness on her behind made her realize it was exposed. She reached back and pulled it down.

“He’s teasing, Suska,” she shouted at her cell phone.

Her sex slid across her son’s thigh when she pushed herself to a sitting position. Later she would look back on that action, and others like it as an entrée into her sexual relationship with her son. It was not a sudden blazing passion but the accumulation of seemingly disparate actions. Inhibitions lowered, barriers dropped, and what seemed impossible happened.

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