Family Caught In Power Outage

One evening, everything was as it usually was; the family all together in the living room: the father, George, 45, watching the TV, the mother, Lucy, 41, next to her husband on the two-seater sofa working on her laptop, the daughter, Frankie, 19, curled up on the other two-seater sofa scrolling social media on her smartphone, and the son, Craig, 18, slumped next to his sister idly looking in the direction of the TV. Together, but completely separate from each other.


The living room was bathed in a mash of warm white and cool blue lights from the various devices and bulbs in the room, with the two sofas forming two sides of a square across from the TV in the opposite corner, and bare, carpeted floor between everything.

Lights flickered as usual from the TV picture, but then everything suddenly went dark with the exception of the bloom of light from the laptop and phone screens. Scoffing, Frankie says aloud annoyedly, “Ugh, there’s a town-wide power outage. Everyone is talking about it.”

Lucy clasps closed her laptop and sets it down, and says to Frankie, “Right, phone down. Now!”

The daughter replies, “Aww, but why? It’s not like my phone is affected by the outage.”

The mother clarifies, “Well, I’m thinking we can make something of this time we have. A little group activity, perhaps?”

Frankie’s heart races and her face flushes in anticipation of this activity her mother is proposing, and asks, “What? wh… wha-what did you have in mind?”

With a coy glance around at everybody, Lucy explains, “Your father and I have noticed some things going on that we wanted to address but didn’t know how without upsetting the apple cart and making things awkward. We, well certainly, I, have noticed the two of you checking each other out when the other isn’t looking, and checking me out too. Both of you! When we’re getting ready or showering. And, don’t think I haven’t noticed what you’ve been looking at online, although you certainly do clean your browser histories.”

Frankie and Craig suddenly sit bolt upright, wide-eyed, faces flushed and hearts racing, not knowing where to look nor what to do with themselves. Lucy goes on to say, “Now, your father and I have discussed this, and, I think this is the perfect opportunity. Maybe the only one. You both can do whatever you like with us. Anything.”

“Anything?,” asks Frankie.

Lucy confirms, “Anything,” and proceeds to take her shirt off and unclasp her bra, discarding them aside whilst her awkward adolescents watch with mouths agape at the playfulness of their mother. Almost straight out of the online porn vids they definitely do not watch.

Frankie can’t contain herself and calls out, “Oh, Mommy!,” and crosses the room to embrace her mother and collapse onto her into a deep, passionate kiss on the mouth, sucking and writhing on each other as they finally feel what they’ve fantasied about for so long.

George, saying nothing because of the annoyance of missing his favourite TV programs and also just general tiredness from work, slips off his trousers and boxer briefs, discards them, then takes off his shirt and piles that on the heap too. Watching the hot display in the dim dark next to him, his penis starts to fill and grow, twitching with every pump of blood from his excited heart.

From across the room, Craig notices his father’s arousal, and diverts his gaze from staring at his sister kissing his mother and looks longingly at his father’s cock, almost drooling as his mouth waters. George sits back on the sofa comfortably, almost presenting his cock to his son, offering it without saying a word.

Craig gives in to his craving and darts across the floor on his knees to his dad’s cock, and he grips it with one hand and puts the head of it into his mouth, slicking it with saliva as he rotates his lips tightly around the head as he holds the shaft steady, feeling some saliva trickle over his thumb.

Frankie turns to notice what is happening next to her, and giggles as she says, “I knew you loved cock. I’ve seen the way you look at the boys at college.”

Craig annoyedly replies, “Shut up!,” and resumes caressing his father’s cock.

Getting hotter, Frankie slides down her mother and unbuttons her trousers and slides them off, and Lucy also helps slip her panties off too, exposing herself for her daughter. Frankie, now having the giggles, looks playfully at her mother’s bare pussy, glistening with wetness even in the dim dark of the drawing night, and the daughter strips herself off as fast as she can, desperate to indulge in her deepest desire.

Lucy wriggles herself into a more comfortable position on the sofa and to also allow greater access to between her legs for her eager daughter, who, now fully naked, dives at the crotch with her mouth and licks up the labia to the clitoris and sucks and licks like her life depended on it. Saliva soon was coating between Frankie’s tongue and Lucy’s pussy, creating sensual sensations forcing Lucy to buck her hips with pleasure in a way her husband normally makes her feel.

Lucy wonders to herself if her daughter had done this with anyone before, but she didn’t like to pry about this stuff with her because she wanted to be the cool mom who didn’t want to embarrass her daughter. Whether Frankie had done this before didn’t matter though, because Lucy was loving the feeling, breathing heavily and gripping the sofa leather as she cums hard. Frankie notices and probes her mother’s pussy to pick out some sticky cum and lick it off her fingers, saying, “Mmm, Mommy tastes good.”

“Thank you, Frank… ie…,” Lucy says breathily, and she says, “I want cock in me.” Lucy goes to get up, and Frankie moves to allow her to stand, and Lucy lies down on the floor resting her head and shoulders against the other sofa, and spreads her legs invitingly as she calls, “Craig,” and he turns from sucking his dad’s cock to answer his mother, and she says, “Come here and fuck Mommy.”

Hesitant, but not wanting to disappoint, Craig backs away from his dad, and walks on his knees to in between his mother’s legs. Frankie lays down next to her mother and kisses her and fondles one of her motherly breasts. Craig has been throbbing hard for a while now amid all this, but sits there, waiting, hesitant.

Frankie turns away from her kiss to glare at her brother and giggles mockingly, and Lucy catches the unsure gaze of her son and says, “It’s OK. Fuck me. My birth control works because your dad regularly fucks me and we don’t have any more kids. I know you like the Mommy porn.”

Craig’s cock bounces with a harder throb upon hearing his mother’s words, just being outed by her about what he thought he was careful and secretive about. Craig says nervously, “It’s my first time. Like, ever.”

Frankie mocks, “Virgin!”

Craig says, “Shut up!”

Lucy says, “It’s fine,” and Frankie holds open her mother’s pussy lips with her fingers as Lucy begs, “Please. I know you want it. I want it to, my son.”

In disbelief, but wanting to please his mother, Craig pushes his cock into the waiting slick hole. He rocks his hips gently in a circular motion to content gasps from the woman who bore him, and Frankie kisses and teases her mother’s tits.

Frankie’s arse sticks up in the air from her position as she leans down to her mother’s tits, and George wants fun of his own. He shuffles down from the sofa, still rock hard, and walks on his knees to behind his daughter, and he parts her legs to an audible shocked gasp from the unsuspecting young woman. Lucy glances at her husband with a knowing look and a wry smile, almost like everything was pre-planned and plotted like a mastermind, and he knew what to do in this moment.

George knows his wife’s birth control is good because of his virility and having Frankie and Craig straight after each other, so she’s safe with their son, but, their daughter has no use of it, so, George massages Frankie’s areshole with his finger, and coats it with thick saliva to lubricate it and ease entry.

After a brief moment of relaxing his daughter’s arsehole, George deftly replaces his finger with his cock in a very practised and precise motion, Frankie moaning slightly as she feels the throbbing cock softly twitch inside of her as her arse instinctively tries to push it back out. George presses back in, and thrusts back and forth, deeper and deeper until he is fully inserted, and he begins to thrust harder and faster, slapping his scrotum against the labia of his daughter’s pussy whilst he fucks her arse.

Meanwhile, Craig, who has been enjoying his use of his mother’s pussy says, “I’m… I-I’m gon….na cum!”

He starts to tense up as his mother moans, “Mmm, yes, cum inside me, Craig. Cum in your momma-aaaagh…” Craig, encouraged by his mother’s words, ramps up speed and force until he shoots spurt after spurt after spurt after spurt inside his mother’s pussy, with every thrust. A big and thick load that waited so long to come out.

George loved the sight of his son coming to orgasm for the first time, and sharing that moment with his family. So much so that George couldn’t contain himself and quickly came inside his daughter, to a surprised gasp from Frankie as she felt her arse fill with a warmth that was strange to her. But, she giggled about it and groaned approvingly as she felt her dad dismount, allowing her to flip onto her back to lay next to her mother again. Legs shuddering from the feeling washing over her.

Craig was going flaccid after finishing in his mother and pulled out, and Lucy said, “Now, your turn to eat my pussy.” So, Craig leaned down and shuffled into position so he could press his mouth against his mommy. He closed his eyes and savoured the feeling, the texture, the taste that was going on in his mouth as his lips and tongue explored everything.

All of a sudden, Craig felt a fat, thick finger push into his arse, making him breath heavier against his mom’s crotch, but didn’t object as a newly hardened cock replaced the finger as his father pushed into him, bucking his hips to get more comfortable as he takes his father fully. Frankie mocks, “Look! He loves it.”

Craig pulls his face away from his mother’s pussy and says, “Shut up!,” and resumes play.

Frankie remarks, “I just know how good it feels to be fucked in the arse by Daddy. Enjoy!”

Frankie and Lucy enjoy a kiss, whilst George fucks his son’s face into the crotch of his wife. Craig whimpers with pleasure as he braves the full force of his dad’s thick cock, wanting to please him greatly. George thrusts with vigour into his son’s arse, but savours the feeling this time, unlike with his quick cumming in his daughter, hoping this time to be fully satisfied.

The men of the family continue to go at it, until George unleashes a full and heavy load deep into his son’s arse, and pulls out, some of the spunk slopping out with it. George gets up and sits back in his usual seat on the sofa.

Lucy says, “Now then, I think it’s time Frankie got some loving now too.”

Craig sits up between her legs and asks, “What do you mean?”

Lucy leans a hand down to her daughter’s pussy and says, “I mean, you, should fuck her.”

Frankie says, “Eww gross. I want Daddy.”

Lucy says, “I’m not comfortable with your Dad doing that because of what might happen, even with birth control even if we started you on it right away, but, I am curious to see you two become closer.”

Frankie looks at her brother’s cock and remarks, “Well, at least he is hung. Look at him! Fucked like a little bitch by Daddy and already hard again.”

Craig responds, “Shut up!”

Lucy asks both of them, “Please? For Mommy?” Both Frankie and Craig scoff and shuffle into position, and…

“Oh!!,” says Frankie, as the lights and TV turn back on, and her phone pings with new messages. Lucy grabs her daughter’s phone and turns it off, and George turns off the TV with the remote. Frankie says, “Well, good for me, I guess we don’t have to do this anymore.”

Lucy runs her fingers across her daughter’s boobs and says, “Aww… But, I wanted to see the two of you get along!”

Frankie rolls her eyes and stares menacingly at her brother, and says, “You tell no one about this. None of your freak friends.”

Lucy says openly and frankly, “Yeah, no one is to discuss this with anyone. Ever!”

Frankie lies back and sighs as she says, “Let’s get this over with.”

Craig slaps his cock against his sister’s pussy lips and presses himself inside. Frankie gasps and moans approvingly, and Craig teases, “You like it.”

Frankie scoffs and says, “Eww, no! Just keep going. Geez…”

The brother and sister give into the pleasure whilst their parents watch, and it isn’t too long before Craig finishes inside his sister. “Good boy!,” says Lucy.

Frankie says, “Yeah, good boy! Make him sound like a dog. You done? Doggy want a bone?,” and giggles as Craig pulls out and goes to get dressed again.

Craig shoots a look at his sister and says, “Shut up!”

They all had their supposed secrets, and all were kept in the dark, but, in the dark, the family brought all the secrets to light, and shared an unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime experience. All secrets laid bare. All desires shared. All satisfied…

For now…