Fake Casting Agent Part -2

Lisa could still feel enormous pressure, and it didn’t relent as Vince worked him dick deeper into her, pushing further in with every stroke. Finally she felt his belly against her.


“That’s it,” he said. “It’s all the way in now.”

He stayed there with his dick balls-deep in her arse for a few moments. The pressure was bearable, and Lisa was almost accustomed to it, when Vince started to move again, starting to slowly fuck her tight arse. He made tiny movements at first, but pulled out a little further with each stroke. Lisa started to finger her wet pussy, and it felt better. Soon she was moaning as she enjoyed the feeling of his massive cock stroking deep into her, his balls slapping against her. She felt herself shudder as she came for the third time as he drove his cock hard into her. Her first anal orgasm.

Vince was relentless and continued to pound her arse, faster and harder with each stroke, for what felt like forever. Lisa closed her eyes, savoring every stroke.

“Spread your cheeks,” Vince said.

Lisa reach out and spread her buttocks. Suddenly Vince pulled out.

“Look at that gape,” he said.

Lisa lifted her head to see Henry close by with another camera trained on her gaping arse.

Vince slammed his cock back into her once more. He lifted her legs over his shoulders again and pulled her off the edge of the desk again, repeating what he’d done earlier, with his hands behind her head. But this time she could see his enormous, glistening cock stroking in and out of her arse.

Lisa watched and savored the feeling as Vince repeatedly pulled out only to slam back into her. She came again, her pussy gushing, and her juices mixing with the lube coating the huge cock that was fucking in her arse.

Vince pulled out. “Suck my cock,” he said.

Lisa knelt in front of him and slowly took his huge black cock in her mouth. She was surprised: it tasted of coconut from the lube; she’d never expected her arse to taste like that. Then again, she’d never expected anyone would fuck her arse. She pushed her head forward, taking his cock down her throat once more. She sucked him greedily for a few strokes, swallowing the lube.

“Enough,” Vince said. “I don’t want to cum yet. First, I’m going to fuck your tight arse again.”

They repositioned her once more: this time face down, bending over with her large boobs flat against the desk, and once more looking into the camera. Vince thrust his cock hard into her gaping hole again, pounding her fast and hard for what felt like forever. She felt herself cum once more.

Lisa felt Vince pause, his enormous dick still balls-deep in her arse. She felt him put his arms around her waist. He lifted her, with his dick still deep in her arse, and stepped backwards until he sat down on the leather sofa with her astride him, still impaled on his hard dick. It felt like he was deeper in her arse than ever. Lisa wiggled on his lap, enjoying the feeling.

“Lift your feet up onto the sofa,” Vince said.

It wasn’t easy, but Lisa managed, keeping the massive black cock inside her the whole time.

“Now reach back and put your hands on my chest.”

Lisa tried and felt Vince’s hands guide her. She lifted herself slightly off his dick intending to start riding. But as soon as she did so, Vince rammed his cock up into her. *It felt marvellous*. She could see her huge boobs bounce every stroke. She came again, her thighs shuddering. She’d never cum like this before. Ever. She was loving every moment and had lost count of the orgasms.

Vince continued pounding her arse, his cock sliding easily in and out of her, until suddenly he stopped balls-deep in her.

“I’m going to cum,” he said urgently. “In your mouth.”

Lisa eased herself off his cock, turned, and wrapped her lips around his enormous glistening cock, sucking him hard. She felt his black cock jerk, and a huge flood of hot, salty cum filled her mouth. She felt some escape to dribble down her chin. She swallowed hard, but yet more hot cum flooded into her mouth. Finally, Vince was drained and withdrew his cock.

“Open wide,” he said.

Lisa hardly noticed the camera as she opened her mouth, still full of his hot white cum. She licked her lips then swallowed.

“Fantastic,” Henry said. “We’ve got everything we need, so go and clean up, then we can discuss what happens next.”

Lisa wiped the cum from her face, showered and got dressed. When she returned to the office, there was just Henry.

“So, how was it,” Henry asked.

Lisa didn’t have to think. “I loved every moment,” she said. “But I want to be paid. You promised.”

After some brief haggling everything was done and Henry promised to contact her once he’d talked to the studios.


“That’s where it all went wrong,” Lisa said. “Phones were out of service, and the office deserted. I’d been thoroughly scammed.”

She paused, then drew a breath. “But I’d do it again. It’s weeks ago now, and I want another dick in my arse.”

She looked at the obvious bulge in my trousers.

“Will you, please?” She said. “Helen and the rest of the girls won’t be back for ages.”

Of course, I agreed. Throughout her story, I’d imagined fucking her slim teenage body. We went to my bedroom and undressed. I looked her up and down, admiring her perfect body. Lisa’s huge boobs didn’t disappoint. They were lovely: real, with large nipples, and no sag at all. The porn industry really should snap her up.

Then Lisa knelt in front of me and took my cock in her hands. She looked up at me and grinned. “You’re a bit bigger than Vince,” she said critically, before taking me in her mouth.

She gave a fabulous blow-job, taking my whole length down her throat, and looking up at me the whole time. Soon I felt close to the edge and pulled away.

“I don’t want to come too soon,” I said. “It’s your turn now.”

Lisa gave my glistening cock one final suck then wiped the spit from her mouth. I positioned her in doggy position on my bed and knelt behind her. I started working on her pussy, fingering her and massaging her clit, until she was soaking wet.

“Please just fuck me,” she said softly.

I ran my hands down her until they were positioned around her hips. I felt her hand reach back to grab my cock, and she guided it into her. She was very tight around my big cock as I rammed it slowly in to the hilt. Then I fucked her tight teenage pussy, doggy-style, for a while, ramming ever harder into her.

“I want it in my arse,” said. “Now.”

I pulled out, and reached for the lube. Lisa moaned softly as I stretched her arse, still in the same doggy position, working first one oily finger, then a second, and finally three fingers into her tight arsehole. I finger fucked her briefly then wiped the excess lube onto my rock-hard erection. I rubbed my tip up and down between her cheeks, teasing her.

Lisa thrust her arse into the air. “Do it. Please…” she said. “I want it in my arse.”

She groaned as I slowly eased my tip inside her. With a few hard strokes, I worked my massive member balls-deep into her butt-hole and paused there, pulling her as far back onto my cock as possible.

She let out a long sigh. “I’ve been longing for this,” she said. “Now fuck me. Fuck me hard.”

Soon I was slamming my cock deep into her teenage arse, fast and hard. It didn’t take long for her to cum noisily, and feeling her shudder as I pounded her bum almost sent me over the edge.

“Quick. Where do you want me to cum?” I said.

Lisa said nothing but pushed me away. When my cock was out of her arse, she turned around and took me straight into her mouth, looking up at me as she sucked. I exploded and shot a huge load deep in her throat. I saw her swallow, and she carefully licked my cock clean.

“Thank you, I loved your huge dick inside me,” Lisa said. “I really needed that.”

She stayed in my room that night and we fucked again, several times, but more gently when we woke in the morning. When we finally emerged together for breakfast, I noticed a sly glance between Lisa and my daughter Helen. When they both smiled slightly, I realized she wasn’t the only one who’d been scammed.