Exchange Partners For A Night Part 3

David found himself oddly detached, it was definitely his wife getting fucked but rather than resentment he found himself quite ambivalent towards it. Sure it was as hot as any amateur porn he had seen but it was not the big heartbreak he was expecting.


He was glad his wife had enjoyed the experience. It might have been his drunkenness, he was sure he might feel differently in the morning but for now, he just wanted to be in the moment with Emma.

“Katie has a really nice body, by the way, Dave. You’re lucky to have her.”

“Yeah I guess I am lucky, and you’re lucky that Rob has that thing”

It was said jokingly but Emma sensed that she has some reassuring to do:

“Listen, Rob does have a pretty big dick, and I’m not going to lie and say that I don’t like it. It feels good, when we first met I had to be quite creative when I took him. Buttt, it’s not everything, I’ve spoken to Katie about this kind of thing before and she assures me that you know what you’re doing. I think we can work with whatever you have, I’m not a size queen. Mmmmmkay?

It was at times like this that David really appreciated the type of person Emma was. He was being a bit childish, but instead of scolding or embarrassing him, she made him feel better. Also, the South Park reference was pretty funny.

“I understand” David said.

“Good, so how are you feeling about the video? You seem pretty chill about it?” she asked.

“Yeah, it is what it is, it’s pretty hot and now I can focus on you. You have my full attention.”

Pleased with his response, she tilted her head to one side and gave him a radiant smile.


The remaining shots were dispatched over the course of 20 minutes. David went to the bar to get another round in for them. The crowd around the bar was only one person deep but after 10 minutes he still hadn’t been served.

He began to think that maybe girls in tight dresses did get served quicker. Eventually, he was served and was on his way back to the table. Whisky for him, rum and coke for Emma.

As he approached the table, he saw Emma was typing what must have been a long message, her thumbs working quickly. He set down their drinks and waited, he wasn’t going to pry. She finally finished what seemed like an essay and, put her phone face down on the table with a sigh.

“That was Rob, basically he wants to know what we’re doing. He’s worried that we’ve not contacted him at all tonight.” She explained.

“I mean fair enough, I suppose I should have replied at some point but I didn’t really know what to say about those videos” David admitted.

“I think, that he maybe thinks we’ve just been at it all day and have left him out of the loop.” Emma said.

David chuckled.

“It’s not our fault that we’re playing the long game, doing things properly. How do you think he feels now about the whole situation?”

Emma bit her lip thoughtfully.

“I’m not a mind reader or anything but I think he’s okay, he probably expected some dirty pictures by now I guess. We’ve simply got too much self-control.”

“Hey scoot over here a second” she motioned beside herself.

As David joined her she opened the camera app and prepared to take a selfie of them. She pressed her body into David’s. With little preparation, he mustered the best smile he could. Emma of course, had the selfie business down to a ‘T’ and managed to look striking and lovely.

They examined the result, David thought that he looked a little goofy but overall they were a fine pair. They both deemed it acceptable and the selfie was sent to the group chat containing the four of them. Almost instantly a reply came from Katie. It was likewise a selfie that showed Rob and herself in a similar pose.

This time the pair were on the couch in Rob’s place, Katie’s makeup was gone and she was clothed in only a large pullover that David assumed to be Rob’s. They were bathed in blue-light and David assumed that they were snuggled up, watching a movie. They looked happy, glowing.

“I guess they got tired” Emma suggested with only a tiny hint of melancholy.

David wondered if this photo, innocent as it was, had planted the beginning of doubt in Emma. He supposed that maybe wearing Rob’s jumpers was somehow sacred to her.

Or maybe embracing and watching a movie was something that she thought should be reserved for her alone. He suddenly felt quite glum.

As much as he wanted her, she still longed for another and he couldn’t bear to see her unhappy. He was debating using this moment to kiss her when he hear a long, gloomy chord come from the speakers.

He stood up and extended his hand to her. There was still sadness in her eyes but also understanding. She allowed herself to be pulled up and he led her to the dancefloor. By the time they reached the dancefloor the chord has been taken over by loud, pulsing guitar.

They started to dance. At first, it was the well-oiled movements they had done a hundred times before, in this club and that club around the country, going through the motions. It was a good song though, a mutual favorite. Emma was a good dancer, it obviously wasn’t choreographed ballroom dancing.

It was just moving to rock music. He still found it charming to watch her move her body. Despite this, Emma seemed lost in thought. Much like the song, there was a jaunty melody, but melancholy lyrics and a message of doom. He pulled her to him so that her back was against him, he wanted to be closer to her.

They moved together in an easy, natural way. Her warmth and movements felt more comforting than erotic to him. In this position, his mouth was close to her ear and he said “I love you.” It came easily and he did not regret it.

He loved many of his friends and often told them when he had had a few (the English way). He was not sure what he had meant by this, but he did not care.

She turned to him, the song was crescendoing to its final chorus. They sang the lyrics to each other with more feeling than skill.

As the song ended, Emma flung her arms around David and pulled her face up to his. She kissed him hard at first but then her body and mouth softened against his. David felt her warm lips move over his and pulled her even closer. Her mouth was hot and wet, his body felt electric.

It can’t have lasted more than 10 seconds, before she pulled away, beaming. She seemed joyful and her lipstick was only slightly messed up.

“Let’s go home”.


The jolly pair bustled into David’s house. They had drank a reasonable amount but were energized by each other. Emma kicked off her boots and made a point of staring at David as she placed them with exaggerated care onto the shoe rack. This made them both giggle.

After their laughs subsided they found themselves standing apart, staring at each other, with a mix of hunger and apprehension.

“Would you like a drink?” offered David.

“No, Dave” Emma replied wistfully.

“Oh god, we’re really going to do this aren’t we?” she said after a few moments.

“Yes, if you still want to?” David said carefully.

“Don’t be silly of course I do, I’m just nervous” she admitted.

Emma could tolerate the waiting no longer and gently took David’s hand. She began to lead him upstairs and he took in the alluring form of his friend from behind.

The elegant red dress that covered the curve of her ass and the gentle curve of her hips, her pale legs extending underneath it. He longed to smell the raven hair that descended down her back.

At the top of the stairs, Emma guided him into the guest room. David assumed they might use his room with the larger bed but could see this might have unwelcome connotations.

David sat on the made bed and reached to turn the lamp on. A soft orange glow bathed the room.

The edges of the room were still dark but Emma, who was standing over him, was illuminated perfectly.

Now lying on his back, propped up bu his elbows, he took in the view of his friend. The apprehension was gone from her face, now only determination.

“I’ll tell you what to do now, okay Dave?” she proposed, it was said gently but her mind was made up.

“Go ahead, Emma” he said softly, his whole body suddenly felt alive with nervous energy.

Emma made no reply. With a look of dominating seriousness, she reached down to the hem of her dress and began to pull it up over her body.

It was a slow, sure movement and the first thing revealed was the front of her black underwear, they were black with a severe ‘V’ shape that left a lot of her beautiful pale skin exposed, he could see the tantalizing impression of her sex underneath the frilly fabric.

As the dress rose over her body he saw her flat stomach and her breasts dropped free from the tension of her dress.

Still clad in her matching bra he could see they were large and how they shuddered gently with her breathing, it was not cold in the house but there were the beginnings of goosebumps on her cleavage.

At last, Emma was free of the dress which she dropped to the floor. She stood proudly, with one of her hips cocked in a way that made her look like a model. David was in awe once again, his friend was sharing her body with him.

He was still hungrily taking her in when she deftly reached behind her back with her hand and released the catch on the bra.

Emma then pulled her arms out of the loops and the bra fell to the floor. Her breasts changed shape little after their release, he realized they were a little larger than Katie’s and far rounder. Her silver necklace still hung between the two.

He saw her pale areolas which were only a slight shade darker than her skin and the small pink nipples. His breathing quickened and he felt his dick harden in his jeans. He longed to hold them and to suck them, to play with her little nipples and feel them harden in his mouth.

“Get your dick out for me David” she asked him.

He could see no other option but to oblige, his hands felt unsteady but he unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them down to expose his underwear and the prominent bulge underneath them. David was seconds away from exposing his hard cock to his friend’s girlfriend, the thought excited him and made him a little dizzy.

He tugged down the elastic waistband and his dick sprang out, he realized he was fully erect. He looked to Emma, who he thought might be disgusted by his exposure, but she only looked at him lustfully, biting her lip a little. She bent over him, her big boobs swaying along with her necklace and he felt them brush against his chest.

They were surprisingly warm and he felt the hardness of her nipples. What’s more, is the head of his dick brushed against the soft skin of her stomach, he ached with pleasure and felt a drip of precum smudge against her.

He smelt her perfume still, but now also the natural scent of her skin. With her arms propping her up on either side of him for support. She kissed him, their kiss before had been romantic, this was needful. Her tongue deftly explored his mouth and she ended the kiss with a soft, testing bite on his lower lip.

“I’m going take your dick in my mouth now” Emma said, not even disguised as a question this time.

She lowered herself down his body, the feeling of her warm tits smushing against his body was blissful and David closed his eyes and let out a deep moan.

When he opened them, Emma was staring at him with her head beside his dick which was now standing straight up, her arms were resting on his legs and her tits were pressed against the bed, sadly out of view except for the line of her cleavage.

He was silently willing her to engulf his cock with her wet mouth, he ached for it. Emma seemed to be relishing in her power though. Her fingers left teasing caresses around his head, Emma’s face was fixed in concentration as her touch extracted more moans from him.

After a minute of only the lightest touches, she positioned her open mouth other his erect cock, her eyes locked to his own. In one motion her mouth descended down the length of his shaft, he throbbed as he was engulfed in the hot, wetness of her. She had taken his whole length and she still gazed at him with hungry eyes.

Emma’s mouth then slipped into a steady up and down motion on him, it was slow and deliberate and he groaned as the pleasant texture of her lips gripped his skin. He felt his pleasure reaching terminal levels and his hips started to push his dick deeper into his mouth.

Sensing that he might be close, she removed her head from him. He could see how her saliva had drenched him and how some dripped from her mouth still, she had a wild look about her as if she was in a trance almost.

His pleasure had barely receded before she started to work her small hand up and down his wet cock, it was making a rhythmic squelching sound. The pleasure felt more intense and hard than the oral as her fingers worked deftly up and down his sensitive head.

“I’m going to try something Dave, if you’re going to come you need to warn me” she said in a serious voice.

Before he could grunt his assent she had lowered her face between his legs and he felt her wet, probing tongue dragging expertly up and down his balls.

This what not something he had experienced before and to his surprise, his pleasure increased dramatically as her tongue darted down to the underside of him. Throughout all this, her hand had not stopped its relentless work on his cock and he started to feel a building pressure inside him.

Eager not to come he needed to stop her but she was indisposed. Without thinking he tried to move her head away from him but in doing so accidentally tugged her hair.

He heard something between a moan of pleasure and pain. Her hands and tongue had stopped their work.

“Fuck” she said.

She clambered up so that she was straddling him, her pale thighs on either side of him. David felt trapped, in a good way.

“You need to be careful with me” she told him. But her eyes betrayed the lie. David was tempted to throw her down on the bed, pull her panties aside and have her. Emma had other plans.

She climbed off him and propped herself up on the pillows of the bed perpendicular to how David had been lying. Facing him bathed in the lamplight, breasts heaving with anticipation, she was quite a picture.

When she felt she had his full attention, Emma made a show of slowly parting her legs open for him. His attention was immediately drawn to the black filmy fabric that separated him from her pussy. Emma must have had a lump in her throat from anticipation.

“Take them off for me David” she said, her voice quavering very slightly.

With almost religious observance, David obliged. Digging his fingers underneath the sides of the fabric, he began to slide them down her legs.

To aid in the removal, Emma placed her dainty feet on his chest so that they could be pulled off with ease. He discarded them onto the carpet as Emma lowered her feet and again spread her legs, allowing him a look.

Her pussy was as pale as the rest of her, with large swollen outer lips and rose pink inner ones. It was also meticulously shaven except for a thin strip of dark hair trailing up.

Although she was in control of the situation he felt he was experiencing the ultimate intimacy of Emma being exposed to him like this. Again, for a brief moment, he saw her as Rob’s girlfriend, with her wet, dripping little pussy inches from his engorged cock.

If he were to enter her now, he could fuck her till she was screaming and fill his mate’s woman with his come. He could tell she wanted it too. As if sensing his thoughts, and only just overcoming the urge herself, Emma commanded him again.

“Dave, will you lick my pussy?”

As silly as it sounded, the words “my pussy” seemed so far removed from his previous familiarity with Emma only heightened his lust.

Mindful of the teasing that she had ‘inflicted’ on him, David set to work slowly. Beginning at her small belly button, he left small kisses on a trail leading down to her pubis.

When his lips reached the soft hair of her landing strip he took in the earthy scent of her wet pussy. Below her hair, his lips had only just grazed the hood of her clitoris when she let out a small gasp.

Encouraged, he repeated this slowly, applying a tiny amount of pressure on her each time. Eager for more Emma’s hips bucked towards him and her wet folds were pressed into his lips. David enjoyed the primal loss of her control but used his hands to press her thighs back into the mattress. He would retain control over this.

“Dave, more” she moaned, her fingers sliding into his hair and willing him closer.

David further explored her with his tongue, tracing over all of her folds and gently probing her hole, it was soaking wet, ready for him. His tongue returned to her clit where he used the smallest flicks of his tongue to graze over her.

Emma began an open-mouthed moan and her body responded by shuddering to his touch. He maintained the rhythm as her moans turned to cries and raised in volume and pitch. Releasing one of her thighs, David slowly inserted his index and middle finger into her wet, waiting hole as he continued lapping at her clitoris.

This sudden insertion invited another gasp and he felt Emma start to piston her pussy around his fingers. He continued licking her as she neared completion. As she came she breathlessly urged:

“Keep going, fuck, keep going Dave, Dave, fuck, lick my fucking pussy” Her legs suddenly closed, barring David from her sex, in her final throes it had become too intense.

After her tensed muscles had relaxed, her legs opened and David planted a final kiss squarely on her swollen clitoris. This sent a small spasm arching up her body and another gasp.

David sat up on his knees. He felt her wetness around his mouth and face, her legs were now either side of him, gently squeezing him toward her. He looked at Emma underneath him, her whole body was heaving after the quakes of her orgasm.

Her pussy was glistening with her come, it was ready for him and him only. His gaze was drawn up to her beautiful face, he could see the flush in her cheeks and the sexual seriousness on her face.

“Dave, that was fucking good. I need you to fuck me now. Please fuck me, I want you.”

He leaned forwards over her. His face was buried in her neck. He kissed her neck gently as she seized his cock and guided it to her entrance. His head gently probed past her folds and settled into the wetness of her cunt. He felt her warmth spread over his tip.

On a sudden impulse he leaned into her, the full length of his cock glided into her in one movement. They both gasped simultaneously at the sudden pleasure. The velvety wetness of her felt exquisite on his aching shaft. He lifted his head up to look at her face, her mouth was open in the same satisfaction he felt. Her big brown eyes gazed into his.

“I love you too” she said, her eyes starry with emotion.

Rather than respond, he began to slide in and out of her, his dick burying itself in her welcoming wetness. Each time he slammed home the base of him gently pressed against her labia. He carefully watched her features respond to his penetration, her expression akin to shock as her pleasure built.

“Fuck me harder Dave, fuck my little pussy” she pleaded.

Abandoning his steady movements he let himself pound into her, his pace and force increasing. He could feel his body pushing hers deep into the mattress and the wet slapping sounds of sex.

Her cries got very loud and her legs wrapped around him, it threw his pace off a little bit but the feeling of her pulling him closer into her wet cunt enticed him. Emma began the uninhibited gasps of completion and this sent him too, past the point of no return.

“I’m gonna come” he gasped into her ear.

“On my face remember” she managed between gasps, being equally breathless.

She quickly helped him extract his dick from her and coaxed him to sit on the upper half of her body. She deftly began to stroke his dick to completion with one hand and used the fingers of the other hand to finger herself.

With his balls cradled in her pillowy breasts and her expert working of his dick, the pressure soon became almost unbearable and a stream of hot come erupted from him and showered her pretty face, landing on her chin, cute little nose, and in her open mouth.

Encouraged by her facial, Emma too reached a shuddering orgasm and their spasming muscles did so in unison, finally they relaxed into quiet breathing.

Emma was smiling up at him, marked with his come.

“Take the picture”

David had forgotten about that aspect of the night and, rolled over to fish his phone out of his pocket. She remained still whilst he do so but put on a sultry, knowing smile as he took the picture.

“Will you send that to me?” She asked after viewing it. She was obviously pleased with the result.

“Sure. That was quite a maneuver you managed there, by the way. I take it you’ve done that before?” he probed.

“Maybe” she smiled wryly.

David was slightly let down by her teasing. As ridiculous as it sounded he felt a protective urge towards Emma and was disappointed he wasn’t the first or the last person to share that experience with her.

“Oh do you want a towel by the way?” he hurriedly asked her

“What do you think?” she said dryly.


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