Exchange Partners For A Night Part 2

“Right so that’s option 1, I’ll show you option number 2” she seemed to hurriedly switch gears.

Emma turned to face away from him and pulled her top over her head, being careful not to smudge her makeup. With her sudden undressing, David thought that this was his cue to leave and after a bit of hesitation, he correctly surmised that this was planned, he was to stay and enjoy the show.


As she was facing away he could see only the straps of her black bra, they were taut against her soft, pale skin. With a little wiggle, she pulled her skirt down over her butt and discarded it to the side. Just as he was hoping for a better view of her ass, she seemed to read his mind (or more likely had this choreographed) and bent over, on all fours, to fish a garment out of her suitcase.

David almost bit his lip, her ass, which wasn’t large, was amazingly round and pert. The string of her black fishnets pulled tightly against her pale skin was mesmerizing. He also found himself staring at her black underwear, complete with frills that covered her sex, although he could see the outline of her plump lips underneath.

Whilst in her prone position, David could see a tattoo on the back of her upper arm. It was simple in its linework and quite small, but he knew that Rob had an identical one. It was evidence that she had a partner. David suddenly found it extra intoxicating that another man’s partner was in his house, ass and pussy in the air and he could take her right now.

Whilst taking in the view he became aware that Emma was no longer rummaging in her suitcase, she was simply on her knees, ass raised up. She was giving him what he wanted.

As he was wondering if he should make a move she straightened up and wordlessly put on the dress she had grabbed. It was a bold red color to match her lipstick, David was a little disappointed as it slid over to conceal her ass, but it did accentuate it nicely.

She turned around to provide a front view, it clung to her hips and waist nicely and it was cut quite low so David was treated to a tantalizing view of cleavage: a silver necklace hung between her pale breasts.

“So which one do you prefer?” She asked sweetly as if she hadn’t just put on that alluring display for him. She was slightly blushed.

“I think the dress, it looks awesome on you.” David replied.

She turned towards the full-length mirror and assessed herself, making sure to look over her shoulder to admire her own butt.

“I think I will wear this, but it doesn’t really go with the fish-nets.” she sighed.

“Oh no?”

“No” she confirmed.

She sat on the bed and pulled them off from underneath her dress. It wasn’t a graceful maneuver and she felt David staring at her. She was a little bit cross that she had broken her seductive mystique but was overcome with a giggle at the situation and flung the tights at David. He found the whole thing amusing and batted the tights off their course mid-air.

“Go downstairs and wait for me, I’m just going to sort my hair. Taxis here at half seven right?”

“Yeah it is, I guess the show’s over huh?” he tutted.

“For now” she confirmed.


The taxi arrived a little early, David and Emma were in the lounge. They were looking at the menu of the restaurant on David’s phone, pre-planning what they were going to get. Emma had pulled her hair back, apart from a few carefully twined curls that hung either side of her face, framing it nicely. They were deliberating on desserts when a text from the taxi company came through, informing them of the taxi’s imminent arrival.

They filed outside into the brisk night. It had gotten dark quite fast and it was chilly. Neither of them had brought coats because they planned to go to a bar after and they both shared a mutual hatred of lugging jackets around. David went to sit on the low wall of his front garden, Emma quickly followed and confidently parked herself on his lap.

“Hey” she said, looking back over his shoulder into his eyes.

“Oh hey there, what are you up to?” he asked of her.

“Nothing at all, just keeping warm.” she said, shrugging.

This seemed reasonable enough until she slowly started to grind her ass into his lap, It started out innocuously enough. David might have thought she was just trying to get comfortable. The circular motion remained slow but Emma increased the pressure with which she drove her butt into him. He was suddenly overcome by the smell of her perfume, it had an intoxicating, sweet floral scent.

He had smelled into it many times before but now he was consumed by it. His dick hardened in his jeans as her tight ass massaged it. He felt helpless to her movements so he decided to regain a bit of control. He parted her hair from her neck and gently left a very soft kiss on her neck.

Until then she had not made a sound, so focused she was on her task. But after he had planted the first kiss she left out a soft moan of pleasure.

David suddenly caught a glimpse of headlights heading down the road towards them and warned her. Aroused as they were, they stopped short of putting on a show for the local cabby.

After confirming it was the right cab they clambered in the back, ladies first of course. David confirmed the destination with the cabby who commented:

“Pretty nice place, are you guys on a date?”

Emma and David exchanged an amused glance.

“Yep, our first one actually” Emma replied.

“Oh well then, you be on your best behavior lad” he directed to David.

Before he could give a tepid reply to the driver, Emma said:

“I’ll keep my eye on him” she now pointed an accusing finger at David “No funny business alright?” she said, her serious demeanor suddenly betrayed by a smile.

This proved very amusing to the driver who gave a hearty chuckle. The rest of the journey was quiet, with the passengers staring out the back windows at the passing lights.

There was a middle seat between them so they had a good opportunity to cool off from their earlier rendezvous. The restaurant was only a short trip away and they soon arrived. David paid the fare with his card, Emma did protest but he assured her that she could buy him a drink to make up for it.

They were then waiting at the front of the restaurant to be seated.

“It is a nice place this.” Emma said, taking in the modern decor.

“Have you ever taken Katie here?” She continued curiously.

“No, no. It’s my first time here too.”

The sudden mention of his wife was a slight surprise to David, any other day he might have felt guilty at her being mentioned. He found that there was no guilt in him though, compared to before, what he was doing felt natural.

More than natural, it felt good. He was on a date with a lovely woman who, unlike many other dates, he knew he got on with and genuinely enjoyed her company.

They were soon ushered to their table by a member of the waitstaff. It was a nice table at the back, quite private and they had even placed a candle there. Almost as soon as they had sat down, Emma said:

“I’m just going to nip to the toilet, will you order my drink for me?”

“Sure, what would you like?” David asked.

Emma pondered a while before asking for a coke.

“Not drinking?” David asked with sincere puzzlement. They both liked to drink and some social lubricant could do no harm.

“Well… look. If this was before I would be downing shots if I had the chance. But now I’m here, I feel nice, comfortable. I kind of want to see what it’s like to have a nice, romantic dinner with you. Is that okay?”

Emma said this with slight embarrassment, as though she was scared of showing actual affection.

David found this to be quite touching, it was a big contrast with her boldness earlier. He thought it seemed a nice idea though.

“No problem, that’s a nice idea. I think I’ll copy you. Have a nice wee.”

he said, hoping the non-sequitur would catch her off-guard and lighten the tone which had become slightly serious.

Emma was accustomed to his humor however and was quick to reply:

“Oh I will, and I’ll think of you the whole time. Buh-bye!”

And off she went, in the direction of the toilets. David made sure to watch her ass as she sauntered away. He was genuinely warmed by the comment she had made about wanting to have a proper date with him. On the other hand, the whole thing was becoming a bit more complex than planned.

A waiter came by shortly after and took their drinks order, two cokes. They were delivered quite promptly. He suddenly found himself remembering back to when they had made their ‘arrangement’ two weeks ago. The four of them had been drunk (surprise surprise) at Rob’s place in Leeds.

It had been a discussion punctuated by drunken giggles, the details were hazy to him but he seemed to remember that it was Katie who had first suggested a swap. It was floated as a joke, of course, probably to provide plausible deniability.

But there was at least some interest in each member of the group. David remembered making eye contact with Emma and then feeling very embarrassed, he-

David’s thoughts were interrupted by the return of Emma.

“You looked very serious there Dave” she remarked, with a hint of concern.

“Oh I was just lost in thought, nothing serious” he replied.

Emma took a sip of her coke and probed:

“Okay, so did you get a Snapchat from Rob?” she asked tentatively.

“I did.. But I haven’t looked at it yet, have you?”

“Well yeah I did actually, how come you haven’t?” she asked

“I mean, I got it a while ago but I didn’t want to distract myself, I’m still feeling a bit weird about the whole situation. Not with us, but with what they,re… doing.” “What was it?” he added trying not to seem flustered.

She sensed he was still a bit anxious about it and trod carefully.

“Pretty much what you might expect. But listen, Dave. I’m going through this with you, I’m not feeling quite the same level of stress as you might be but it affects me too. I’ve definitely had fun so far and they’re entitled to it too right?” She spoke not in a scolding tone but a firm one. She did seem genuinely concerned for him, David thought.

“Yeah, I know, I know. I’m glad I have a beautiful lady to eat dinner with me and keep me sane” He said.

It was the first time he had called her beautiful and her face lit up with pure joy, she suddenly became aware of herself and relaxed her features. It was cute.

“Also, whatever they’re doing, we can do later. And like I said, it’s not a competition. But I think we might be able to do it better.” Emma looked into his eyes playfully and took a sip of her drink after she had finished her opinion.

David couldn’t help but laugh at this, he already felt better at the prospect.


The starter and main course passed without significant event. David found himself chatting to Emma with the easy casualness they had when they were just friends.

Throughout their meal, he found himself enjoying her in different ways: the sound of her voice as she spoke about music passionately; the way she periodically tossed her hair out of the way; her big brown eyes, and how they observed him with unguarded affection.

He found himself somewhat in awe of her, not that she was some heavenly creature but because she was an old friend in a new light. He began to wonder if he really wanted to fuck her, it definitely seemed like she wanted him but he was worried that it might alter how he felt about her now.

After they had finished their mains, Emma reached her hand across the table to place her hand over David’s.

“How you feeling buddy?” she asked gently, with only a hint of mockery,

“Good, thanks. I’ve sobered up quite a bit now, I feel chill”

” How about we have a light dessert. I don’t want to be bloated uh… later” she said coyly. “And then we can go get a couple of drinks at whatever bar’s good around here?”

David found it amusing how she alternated between embarrassment and bold sexuality. He liked it, he admitted to himself, probably something to do with the male urge to have a ‘whore’ and a ‘virgin’. He decided not to delve too deep into philosophy though.

“I’m with you on the dessert. You trying to get me drunk again though?” he replied finally.

“Well, in my experience, sex is always a bit awkward the first time with a new guy. There’s lot of fumbling and you don’t quite know what each other wants. We’re friends though, you can tell me exactly what you want and-. And I’ll tell you what I like if that’s okay?”

“Yeah that sounds fine with me, so that’s made me wonder…”

“Yes Dave?”

“So when you’re with Rob, is one of you like, in charge?”

The question seemed to amuse Emma, who prolonged Dave’s awkwardness by wiping her lips with a napkin before answering.

“So, basically I’d say that he’s in charge. We’ve done quite a lot of …power stuff. I quite like being told what to do. But like I say, if I …need something, I ask. And he’s obviously going to do it. I’ve never fully tried being in charge of man but I’d like to, one day.” she added somewhat nervously, as though testing the waters.

David was glad that his direct question wasn’t considered too intrusive and appreciated the candor and detail with which Emma replied.

“How about you Dave? Or should I say Daddy?”

David almost spat out his drink, he was not prepared for that. Emma was grinning, she was pleased she had got her intended reaction out of him.

“Okay, full disclosure I don’t go around calling people Daddy, that was just to wind you up” she told him.

David collected himself, it was funny he supposed. The whole ‘Daddy” ‘Little girl’ thing wasn’t for him. He did experience a slight reaction when Emma had said it, but she had a lovely voice and he wasn’t reading too much into it.

“To answer your question, It’s basically the same in our bedroom, I call the shots mostly. I think it’s pretty common. I uh, think I would quite like to be directed though. I’ve not properly tried it.”

With this admission their eyes met, a tacit understanding had been met. Once again David found himself struck by her dark beauty in the candlelight, It was becoming something of a cliche.

They both ordered sorbet, to keep things light. They made a big show of feeding each other with a spoon. It started out as faux-sexy and devolved into airplane noises and whatnot. The silliness kept them both at ease. David felt like the awareness that they were going to have sex ebbed and flowed, but was always present between them. Their little secret.


In true modern fashion, they had split the bill at the restaurant. David then led them to a bar where they could have a few drinks before returning home.

It was carefully chosen on the basis that it was not too quiet that they would feel awkward and not so loud they couldn’t hold a proper conversation. Emma was a year younger than David but they were both beyond the age of thumping nightclubs.

As they entered a mutual favorite song of theirs was playing and it felt like they had chosen well. It was quite crowded in there but they managed to find a sticky little table and two seats. Emma drew him close and said rather loudly in his ear:

“I owe you a drink remember? I’ll go get us a round. I’ll probably get served quicker”

He heard her loud and clear but her volume was somewhat painful.

“Jeez, I can hear you, go get my drink before I go deaf”

“Oop sorry” she said at a more moderate volume, shrugging apologetically.

As she turned towards the bar he reached out nimbly to give her ass a little squeeze. She turned around, mouth agape with mock horror, and glared at him with her eyes narrowed.

“You’re cute when you’re angry” he shouted after her.

He didn’t see her face as she continued towards the bar but, she saw through the whole macho act and she smiled inwardly. She was glad he was coming out of his shell and being the Dave she knew.

When she returned, much to David’s horror she was cradling a rack of ten shots. They were suspiciously green in color.

“What the hell are those? Where’s my drink?” David asked

“Oh shush, they’re just apple liqueur things. They’re not strong” she replied.

He picked one up and brought it to his lips, she mirrored him. With a mutual nod, they both downed the shot with ruthless efficiency and put them on the sticky table. They were sickly sweet but tolerable.

“Truth or Dare?” she suddenly demanded of him.

“Well that came out of nowhere” he said rolling his eyes. It was all preamble though, if a pretty girl wants to play truth or dare with you, you do it.

“Oh don’t be boring” she pleaded, elongating the last word.

“Uhh, Truth?”

“Have you ever fancied me?” she asked, this question was as prepared as it was juvenile.

David thought this was an odd question that seemed obvious to him. But he knew everybody had insecurities and self-doubt and he saw no sense in playing it cool this late in the night.


“…Yep? That’s all I’m getting”

“That’s all you asked Emma, sorry,” He said, rather pleased with himself. It was now his turn and he wondered how far he could go.

“Truth or Dare” he asked.

She responded instantly “Dare”

David was struggling to think of anything and was going to see if they could bow out of the game. But he supposed it was important to Emma and he wanted to indulge her.

“Lick the table”

“You, fucking, what?” she said, genuinely cross.

“So you’re not going to do it then?”

“Of course I’m not going to do it, I’ll get fucking hepatitis or something from that you dick”

David sensed that her anger stemmed from the ridiculous dare but also his reluctance to take it seriously. He thought of a proper one that might please her more.

“Hey okay sorry, here’s one” he beckoned her closer so he could speak into her ear.

“Send me a nude”

She looked at him and instantly picked her phone up and was doing something quite intently. Sensing his confusion she said in a business-like fashion:

“I’m on it”

David realized that she was accessing what must have been a secret folder of photos and selecting one for him. After a few seconds, he saw a whatsapp notification from her pop-up. Unlike a snapchat, she had intended this one for keeps.

“Are you going to look at it?”

“No, I think I might save it for later. It might sound a bit lame but I want to see you for the first time later” he said with confidence.

Emma looked quite touched by the sentiment and it seemed as though she might kiss him there and then. Instead, she said:

“Dare or Dare”

“Ohh, I see, I feel like you might want me to do something here y’know Emma”

“Pick” she insisted.

“Okay, tell me what my dare is”

“I will, but first we’re going to do some shots.”

He sensed that she might be nervous with this next one so he agreed and they polished off two more shots each, the familiar, warm body high of drunkenness spread through his body as she scooched her chair over to him conspiratorially.

“I dare you, to watch the video of Rob and Katie” she said carefully

This was not what he was expecting at all.

“I think you should see it, you know, it’s not like Katie’s having an affair. This is something that we all agreed to, we’re all part of it. I don’t want you to be wondering what happened. You should have a clear head for later.” she spoke softly.

David saw some of the logic but mainly agreed so that it wasn’t hanging over him. His chair was backed against the wall so he was confident that nobody could see what he was looking at.

Apart from Emma who it seemed wanted to view the video with him. He opened Snapchat and played the video. As he did he felt Emma’s arms encircle him and her chin rest on his shoulder. Once again he smelled her perfume.

The video showed Katie lying on her back on a bed. Her legs were spread wide open and he could see that she must have freshly shaven her pussy for Rob.

Rob himself was deep inside her, thrusting as his big cock slid in and out of her pussy, he could see her lips wrapped taught around him and could see her mouth move in throes of ecstasy as he slammed home (the phone was muted).

Midway through the video, Rob put his thumb in Katie’s mouth, and she sucked on it obediently, her cries stifled. With his other hand, he was gently slapping her breasts.

At the end of the video, Rob pulled himself out of her wet hole and shot his come over her belly as Katie smiled on. All in all the video was maybe 20 seconds long.


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