Exchange Partners For A Night Part 1

David was waiting expectantly at the train station. He had only just said goodbye to his wife, Katie, who had boarded a train half an hour earlier.

Katie was on her way to Emma and Rob’s flat in Leeds and he would shortly be expecting Emma herself to arrive. It was a straight swap. Even the thought of such a thing made his stomach drop; it was a simple enough concept but the uncertainty made him nervous to no end.


David was certainly excited, Emma was stunning. He had thought about this kind of thing often, but he felt that the dynamic between all 4 people would be forever changed. There was also the matter of allowing his wife Katie to spend the night with another man. The natural urge to keep his partner to himself was a strong one, but so too were the feelings inside him stirred up by the thought, a potent mix of jealousy and arousal.

David found himself overwhelmed by his thoughts and decided to play on his phone to distract himself. Emma’s train was due in 20 minutes from now, so he went through the motions of scrolling through various social media apps to put his mind at ease. His mindless browsing was interrupted, however, by a message alert from Katie. He opened the chat and read:

“I’m here! Talk later babe! Good luck :D”

There was a selfie attached which showed Katie, tongue poking out and fingers posed in what was her signature peace sign that she liked for photos. Also in the photo was Rob, his good friend, beaming, with his arm draped around David’s wife.

It was a strange thing to see, it was not like Rob and his wife had never touched before. They had hugged and even exchanged pecks on the cheeks plenty of times. It was the context of the photo that was alien, it implied that for tonight Katie was all his, and David supposed it was true that Rob would be all hers too.

His wife was wearing all black, at 26 she still retained her fashion sense as an alternative teenager. Black leather jacket, jeans, and top, nothing especially provocative but it did highlight her figure.

She was 5’2″ with large breasts and curves in the desirable places, her brown hair cascaded in carefully primed curls down her shoulders, and with alabaster-pale skin, she was a striking contrast of black and white. If David had a type, it was like her.

David was not musing for long, he caught a glimpse of an incoming train and judging by the time (16:30) it must be the one that was carrying Emma. Thoughts of Katie and Rob were put on hold as a new sort of nervousness gripped him.

He stood up from the bench he had been sitting on and straightened himself out, he became keenly conscious of his own appearance. David had thrown on some jeans and a t-shirt to see off his wife and collect Emma. He had arranged a nice dinner in town but would dress up later.

The train slowed to a halt and David was nervously searching the alighting passengers to see if he could spot Emma, there was quite a large crowd disembarking, however, and he could not see her.

David was starting to wonder if it was the right train after all when he felt a slap on his shoulder. He quickly turned towards his attacker and it was of course Emma.

Emma was similar to Katie in a few ways, brunette and pale, also rather short (maybe 5’4″). She had a quite coltish figure, where Katie was full, Emma was slim. As David was fond of noticing though, she carried large tits, maybe bigger than Katie’s (David often scolded himself for making old-fashioned judgments like these, but it was true).

Today she was wearing blue jeans, a pullover, and lugging a small wheeled suitcase behind her. She quickly abandoned her suitcase to wrap her arms around David. After a brief pause to overcome his surprise, he also returned the hug. David certainly wasn’t a prude but the simple act of a hug from his longtime friend took on a new dimension.

He became acutely aware of her warmth, the smell of her hair, and the feel of her breasts squashed against his chest. The hug can’t have lasted more than 3 seconds but to David, it felt like a dive into the unknown. He wondered if Emma was reading into everything as much as he was, she certainly seemed bold in the way she had greeted him but surely this didn’t seem completely natural to her?

“Hiya Dave! How are you doing?” She asked excitedly, with a wide grin.

“Not too bad pal, wasn’t waiting too long for you, you look nice!” Replied David, he was impressed with the casual air that he had said it.

“Ohh this?” Emma asked, tugging at her pullover.

“I am changing into something a bit nicer, at your place, if that’s okay?” She added dryly but with a look of mischief in her big brown eyes.

It seemed to David as though she was enjoying the mundane exchange of pleasantries, skirting around the “secret” of what they were to do later.

“Yeah sure, I can take your suitcase if you want?”

“I think I’ll manage” Emma replied in a slightly condescending tone, it was a small bag after all.

She took off without warning, in the direction of David’s place and he followed after her. He suddenly felt on the back foot, as if his nervousness about the whole thing had made him come off a bit sheepish. In a sudden burst of courage, David grasped her hand with his and walked alongside her.

“What do you think you’re doing?” she demanded with mock disapproval, her full lips pouting.

“Ohh, grow up Emma.” David retorted.

This broke her mock-anger and it seemed like she couldn’t help but smile.

“Sorry David” she replied after a few seconds, making sure to use his full christian name and giving his hand an affirmatory squeeze.

David was pleased, it felt good to push their existing boundaries. Her hand was warm, her skin soft, and the innocent action felt oddly intimate. After all, he wondered:

If we’re going to fuck each other we can definitely hold hands.


After a pleasant stroll in the setting sun to David’s house, having exchanged the usual friendly banter, they arrived. David led them in through his front door, reminding Emma to take off her shoes and place them on the rack. She took her trainers off dutifully, holding onto David for support as she slipped them off, revealing her small feet in white trainer socks. Emma straightened up and looked at David expectantly. He suddenly realized that in his house, the onus was on him.

” Let’s sit down and have a drink, I’ll make you whatever you like?” David suggested. Alcohol seemed a good idea.

“Sure, sounds good! Rum and coke pleasee. I will have to get changed and do my makeup at some point though” Emma said.

David ushered her into the lounge where she rather ungracefully dived onto the sofa, putting her feet up on the ottoman. She looked at David with a glint in her eye, daring him to say something. She knew from many previous visits that David was obsessive about his home.

“Oh yeah make yourself comfortable by the way Emma” he said, taking the bait.

“Pff, what are you gonna do?” she teased.

David wasn’t a fool, he knew Emma was just easing the tension with playfulness.

“Make your own drink then?” David said sternly.

Emma stuck her bottom lip out.

“Nooo, please, I’ll be good, I love you” she pleaded.

The word ‘love’ out of nowhere hit them both like a truck into silence, as deviant as the night would be, ‘love’ seemed completely out of place and wholly inappropriate. David reassured himself that it was a slip of the tongue and it was oddly comforting to see a slip in Emma’s relentless confidence. He raised his eyebrows and went to the kitchen to make their drinks.

He returned with her Emma’s rum and coke in one hand and a measure of whisky for himself. She took her drink eagerly and took a comically large gulp as if it was the perfect medicine. David inwardly smirked and took the seat opposite her, taking a bracing sip of the whisky. He was about to speak when Emma blurted out:

“Are you nervous?”

“Well, yes, I am actually.” He spoke carefully

“Right good, ’cause I’m so fucking nervous. Don’t get me wrong I’m excited too, it’s basically the same emotion, I just can’t believe we’re going to do it, like. God. Also, I’m sorry if I was being bratty it just seemed like the right thing to do, I’m sorry if it’s annoying. I’ve kind of wanted to fuck you since we met. I…”

She trailed off, either from lack of breath or from being stunned at the last revelation she made. She looked at David with pleading in her eyes, willing him to say something.

There was a lot to unpack there David thought to himself, he knew that the bratty thing was an act, Emma was a very mature and kind person. Her wanting to fuck him since they met? David pushed the thought aside.

“Haha, slow down Emma, it’s fine. I’m glad we’re both nervous, that is obviously normal. I know we had the ground-rules chat a while ago but it goes without saying that we can just do this at our own pace. If it doesn’t feel right at any point we don’t have to do anything.” He said earnestly.

This seemed to placate her enormously, she took a deep breath and a zen smile spread across her face. David took this moment to appreciate her big eyes, little nose and her wide smile. She really did have a gorgeous little face. He found the innocence of her vulnerability very attractive.

Without warning, she had leant forward and planted her plump lips on his, the wetness and warmth of the kiss caught him off-guard. It wasn’t a snog but definitely not a peck either.

Her face pulled back slightly, ending the kiss. Rather than heighten his anxiety about the situation, a calming warmth spread throughout his body and he found himself wanting more, much more.

Emma bit her bottom lip almost imperceptibly, David reckoned that his want was reciprocated. He could hear her soft breaths and feel his own, shuddering in his chest.

David pulled back and relaxed into his seat. Before her visit, he had formed a plan in his head and this wasn’t quite it. He made the aching decision to prolong the excitement. He was now sure that they wanted each other, and things would go well. Emma’s face hardened from a lusty daze into a wry smile.

“You… are a fucking tease, Dave” she said slowly, not without humor.

David shrugged,

“Come on, there’s plenty of time for that later. We can have a few more drinks and then we need to get tarted up” he said.

She acquiesced, and they resumed chatting. Both were more comfortable and they got through another two rounds of drinks. They talked about the things they usually did: music, games, nights out and so on. One thing that didn’t come up were their partners, Katie and Emma’s long-time boyfriend, Rob.

Mid-way through a conversation about some new game, David excused himself to go to the bathroom. David found himself pleasantly tipsy after a few whiskeys and he trod up the stairs carefully. He went into the bathroom and used the toilet, after washing his hands he fished his phone out of his jeans pocket.

As always it was on do-not-disturb so he had had no vibrations or alerts but his home screen showed a few random Facebook notifications that were of no particular interest and a Snapchat off Katie from 15 minutes earlier. He and his wife regularly snapchatted each other since their teenage days. In his slightly drunken state, he did not grasp the significance of the Snapchat before he opened it.

The short video played, taken from Rob’s perspective, showing his beautiful wife on her knees. She had seemingly changed out of her casual outfit and was now wearing a very low-cut crop top, black leather skirt and thigh-high socks, all black of course.

Her left hand (wedding and engagement ring removed) was clasped around the base of Rob’s large dick, her pretty mouth was sliding up and down his shaft with her eyes fixed on the camera. Her eyes, with meticulous winged makeup on, betrayed a carnal lust and seemed to gaze into David’s own through the phone. It ended abruptly.

Before processing what he saw, he had turned his phone’s sound on and replayed the video. This time he heard the wet sucking and slurping of his wife’s mouth and Rob’s moans. He also noticed the sway of her bosom and Rob’s hand guiding Katie’s head in her dutiful motions. It was a lot to take in.


David’s stomach sank. Whilst he had been having an amicable chat, his friend had been sticking his dick in his wife’s mouth. From the video it was clear that she loved it, he wouldn’t have been surprised if she had initiated it.

He suddenly shivered, what he had just seen might drive another man into a murderous rage. The jealousy was there all right but so too was the stirring in his pants, he didn’t suddenly hate Rob or Katie.

They had all signed up for this. It was clear that his wife was enjoying herself and wasn’t that the goal?

Also They had all ‘sinned’, David recalled the kiss he shared with Emma not 10 minutes ago. He sighed, there would be time to process this later. He did have a beautiful woman waiting for him downstairs after all.

David did his best to enter the lounge nonchalantly, as he sat down Emma still hadn’t looked up. He saw that Emma was gazing at her phone intently. He tried to read her expression but she wasn’t giving much away.

“Is that the same snapchat that I got?” He asked

“I think so, Katie sucking Rob off?” she replied

“Er, yeah, that one.” David confirmed rather timidly. Her reaction was still a mystery to him.

She looked up and understood his confusion.

“You know, I think it’s hot. Rob’s got a nice big dick and it looks like she’s doing a good job, I kind of wish I was there to help” She said sincerely. The lewdness of what she had just said occurred to her and Emma blushed red. She was probably a little drunk too.

David suddenly became conscious about his manhood, it wasn’t small but it definitely wasn’t Rob’s size and he felt an acute pang of jealousy. Emma would obviously be accustomed to it and now his wife was becoming familiar.

Emma sensed his uncertainty and invited him to sit next to her by emphatically slapping the sofa cushion beside her. He lowered himself into the seat so that he was close to her. She leaned into him and placed her hand on his left thigh, more in a comforting way than anything else. It was clear that the combination of alcohol and their earlier conversation had made them blissfully comfortable with each other. He enjoyed the warmth of her leaning on his shoulder and her smell, she smelt nice.

“So…” She began carefully.

“You’re probably a bit jealous that your wife is over at my flat getting fucked by Rob’s big dick” she continued with almost motherly concern.

David nodded his assent The repeated mention of the “big” dick stung a little and he hadn’t even considered that they might be fucking now but he listened carefully.

“That’s definitely normal, a natural man thing I guess. But don’t think about it too much now. You have to take me out on a nice date and you can’t be moping about David.” Emma consoled.

“And guess what?” she said coyly.


“Well…. ” Her hand gently stroked along his thigh as she continued and he felt a swelling emerge.

“Not that it’s a competition, but you’ll get a chance to even things out if you play your cards right. Maybe we could take a few videos later of me in a compromising position?”

Emma proposed, her breaths were quickening with nervous energy.

“It’s a bit embarrassing but er, I kind of like it when guys come on my face…”

The word ‘come’ was stressed in such a way that it betrayed Emma’s embarrassment about such an admission. David too was dumbfounded by the prospect.

It wasn’t especially taboo nowadays but the thought of Emma’s pretty, innocent face, all done up in makeup, being covered in come (his come!?) was a strong one. As before he was overtaken by lust but it was Emma’s turn to be the tease. She removed her hand from his thigh, stood up and announced

“I need to go get ready, you should too!”

She glanced at the very obvious bulge in his jeans and gave him a cheeky wink as she departed upstairs.


David remained on the couch for a little while, mainly to allow his erection to subside but also to decompress a bit. It was all coming on a bit fast, but he was glad that Emma was there with him. She really was a lovely girl and as well as the strong lust he had just felt, he had a strong desire to be intimate with her.

Everything from the hand-holding, the little pep talk, and her leaning against him felt lovely and filled him with a sense of contentment.

He decided to play on his phone for a short while, the clock read 17:22 and he remembered that Emma had assured him by text earlier that it would only take her an hour and a half to get ready. He had pre-booked the taxi for 19:30 so it should work out okay.

He was in the middle of taking satisfaction from his timekeeping (a welcome distraction) when he saw he had received another Snapchat, this time from Rob. He was on the verge of opening it when he decided against it. He thought that it was almost certainly a video of Katie taking his dick and moaning for more, probably stark-naked with her big tits jiggling up and down.

The prospect excited and scared him. David decided that if he was going to put on a good date for Emma, he would have to save that for later. With not a small amount of self-control, he locked his phone.

He could hear Emma upstairs in the guest room, the unzip of her suitcase and the unpacking of what he assumed would be a large cache of makeup and several outfit options. At 26 himself, he wasn’t old-fashioned.

Although he thought that Emma looked stunning without makeup he could also admit that she looked amazing with it too, neither was better, just different. From experience, he knew that makeup was just as much for the woman’s benefit as it was for the observer.

Even so, he knew he had a long wait before she would be ready to go. He went to his own bedroom to get himself ready. Through the wall between their two rooms, he could hear the music playing on her phone, it was a good song, it reminded him of school.

David selected some jeans and a shirt that he thought would be appropriate, he ironed the shirt, donned it, applied some aftershave, and checked the time. It had been about 20 minutes. He felt a little bad that Emma or women, in general, went to such lengths to get ready but he assumed they enjoyed it a bit.

He banged on the adjoining wall with his fist.

“Are you ready yet?”

“Fuck off” came the reply, elongated in frustration but still playful.

Pleased with himself, he settled down on his bed and passed some time on his phone.


“Daveeee, come here!” came the call from the guest room.

Dave got up and made his way to her door.

“Yeah you okay Emma?” He asked through the door, he was wondering if she wanted a drink or something passed through.

“Come in, I want to show you something” She replied.

Now, that was a tempting prospect to David, who with only a little hesitation opened the door and let himself in. The floor of the room was strewn with an assortment of brushes, bottles, and boxes that David couldn’t quite identify beyond the fact that they were makeup.

David who was caught up in excitement had distantly hoped that Emma might be naked, she wasn’t. He was not disappointed however, she looked gorgeous. Her face was made up beautifully in an understated fashion, the focus being on her lips which were coral red.

She wore a shoulder less plaid top which allowed a good view of her delicate shoulders and neck, which although pale seemed to be glowing. She also wore a black skirt with fish-net tights underneath. David loved fish-nets.

“How do I look?” She smiled proudly, she knew she looked good.

“Amazing” David said, it wasn’t a very original or poetic comment but it was said with such sincerity that it seemed to satisfy her.


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