Ended Up With Wife Swapping Part – 3

After a few minutes she further arched her back, forcing her clit down onto his tongue and exposing her wet opening to his touch. Sensing what she wanted, John slid a finger, and then two and then, feeling how wet and relaxed she was adding a third finger inside her as she rode his tongue.


She continued to rock her hips as her moans grew, pushing his fingers in when her hips rocked back, and easing them out when her hips rocked forward. When her orgasm arrived it wasn’t as sudden as Diana’s had been but it took its time slowly building until it seemed to claim her body from knees to chest, seizing her core and making her legs tremble. Her hips bucked as her orgasm made her muscles spasm and jerk. John kept licking and sucking and fingering until he felt Julie’s body beginning to relax as she came down from the peak of her climax and he eased his attentions to match, bringing her down slowly as opposed to dropping her off the sexual pleasure cliff.

When her breathing had returned to some semblance of normal she released the headboard and moved back down his body, stopping as she straddling his waist, bending to kiss him, tasting herself on his mouth and lips. John’s hands were full of her hips, reaching to caress her ass as his tongue and lips moved with hers, swirling and tasting, sharing the sweetness of the pussy juice she’d left on him. It took him a moment to realize that she was very slowly… so slowly he almost couldn’t tell… very slowly moving her hips farther down his body, her legs spreading farther as she moved from straddling his waist to straddling his hips. She stopped moving down when she felt the first bump of his stiff cock against her open wet lips.

They continued to kiss, his hands exploring her skin, as she rocked her hips up and down, barely moving an inch or two, splitting the lips of her pussy on his cockhead and moving her hips to slide it up and down her slit. He could feel how hot her sex was. He could feel her wetness so slick, mixing with the precum he was freely slowing. Depending on whether her hips were at the top or the bottom of her motion, he could feel the temptation and invitation of her opening or he could feel the stiffness of her hardened clit. His cock was so hard that the opening in his penis was open and each time it rubbed over her clit, it almost felt like she was trying to penetrate him with it; quite the reversal of roles but it was extremely erotic. And then before he even realized what was going on, Julie moved just right and forced her hips back, and took the length of his stiff manhood completely within her in a single stroke, grinding her pubis down into his, forcing his cock balls deep into her. A deep mutual moan escaped them both as his hands found her hips and helped to push their bodies together. In that instant, a single burning question exploded through his sex-passioned brain: was David fucking Diana?

In the other bedroom, when David had eaten Diana through two orgasms he had stood up between her legs. The master bed was at the perfect height so that a man of average height was positioned just right to fuck a woman laying spread on the bed. Diana looked down between her legs to see David’s cock, fully erect and dripping precum. As the first few drops fell from his length she felt the heat of them on the skin of her pussy lips. The image of his precum dripping onto her made her think about how it would look or feel when his cock actually ejaculated a full load of cum. It was another watershed moment. She knew she wanted to see or feel it… or both if she could. And his cock… John’s cock was more than sufficient and he often made her twinge when he fully penetrated her, but David’s cock was something different. It was longer than John’s by a couple inches and thicker by half. She hadn’t been a blushing virgin when she’d married John, but she had never been fucked by a cock this big. Part of her cringed in fear. Part of her blossomed in desire. The desire part won out and she couldn’t wait to feel that cock sliding into her, stretching her open and filling her deeper than she’d ever been before.

Reaching down, David grasped his cock at the base with his right hand. With his left he held her legs pushed apart. As they both watched, he used his cock like a small baton, tapping the weight of it on her pussy, aiming so that the length smacked into her slit and the head of it smacked against her stiff clit. Diana could feel the heaviness of his manhood as it thumped against her sex and it just served to further build her perception of his size. He began to tease her further, guiding the head down to her wet opening and pushing just enough so she could feel it and how wide it was as compared to John’s. Her breath caught as she anticipated the stretch she was about to feel when he filled her with his cock… and then it was gone. His cock was back to thumping on her sex. She whined in frustration as her desire to feel his cock inside her grew even deeper. Back and forth he went over the next few minutes, from teasing her hungry hole to thumping on her mound. Each time she thought he was going to push into her and then he didn’t it just fed her level of frustration until she couldn’t take it anymore. “Just fuck me already!” she growled at him.

Across the hall, just as Julie’s pussy was grinding down on John’s cock, he heard his wife make her demand. “Just fuck me already!” He listened carefully even as Julie moaned and ground on him and John clearly heard his wife’s deep lust-filled moan, almost as if it was pushed out of her as David pushed his cock in. It was if there wasn’t enough room inside Diana for both her air and David’s cock.

Julie’s voice brought John back to his present and his location, his cock buried into her sex. “It doesn’t get any hotter than this does it?” she whispered. “Listening to your wife get fucked while you have a hot pussy rocking on your cock?”

“No,” John growled back, picturing what was going on in the master bedroom in his mind’s eye.

“Actually,” Julie said, beginning to ride up and down on his length, “It does. Watching it is even hotter than listening to it.”

John’s brain seemed to explode with bright lights and the silence of the imagined passion in the other room. The orgasm he’d been fighting to contain would be contained no longer and his back arched as his center growled and his cock exploded into Julie’s welcoming depths. “YESSSSS,” Julie hissed as she felt his cock spitting into her. She moved her hips in timing with what she felt, making sure his cock was fully inserted as each jet of cum shot out of him.

As his orgasm passed a part of him felt embarrassed that he had cum so quickly, but Julie didn’t seem to mind or care. When his cock stopped pulsing, she slid up and off him, moving down his body, sucking the mixture of his cum and her juices off his slowly wilting cock. As she did so, from the other room, John could hear the distinct sounds of his wife getting fucked… and loving every minute of it. The sound of David’s body slapping against Diana with every thrust of his manhood was clear. The sounds of Diana’s moans were timed such that it was clear… David’s big cock was not only delivering her pleasure but forcing the sounds of it from her.

Julie’s mouth left John’s semi-erect cock as she moved back up his body, kissing him… forcefully; making him taste his cum and her pussy as she did. It was a deep passionate energetic kiss accompanied by her hand stroking his cock which, he noticed, still wasn’t going soft. He remained semi-hard and seemed to be coming back to life — faster than he had in a long time.

When she broke their kiss Julie leaned over so her lips were practically touching his ear when she said, “Let’s go watch.” A brief look of surprise crossed John’s face but by the time Julie had pulled away far enough to see the look on his face, the surprise was gone and only eagerness was to be seen. She climbed up off the bed, holding his hand and pulling him with her. Keeping his hand in hers, she led him out of the guest room and the few short steps to the door of the master bedroom. She stopped him there for a moment, turning to him and moving close, her breasts rubbing against his chest; her hand stroking his cock. “You okay with this?” she asked tentatively. He thought for only a moment before nodding… Yes.

She stepped through the bedroom door, pulling him with her. His eyes went immediately to the bed… to Diana on her back, her legs spread wide… to David between Diana’s legs; his hands holding her legs high and wide; her hips thrusting between her thighs. And with another two steps closer, John could clearly see Diana’s pussy lips clutching at David’s length as he thrust in and out… hard and fast. Every thrust David made into her body ended with his hips slamming into her pelvis. Every withdrawal stopped with just the head of his cock still splitting Diana’s pussy open.

As John watched, David looked over at him, smiled and nodded. Obviously he didn’t care about being watched as he fucked his best friend’s wife. He also obviously didn’t care that his best friend had just fucked his wife. Well, at least John assumed David knew. As John watched, another orgasm grew and exploded through Diana. When her back arched at its peak David stopped and held his cock buried deep, just grinding his hips, moving his cock with very shallow movements.

“Fuck yes,” Julie said. “It feels so good when he does that.”

Hearing Julie’s voice, Diana’s eyes flew open in surprise and looked toward the door. She was shocked to see her husband John standing there, watching her get fucked. It added to her shock as she watched Julie drop to her knees and start sucking John’s growing cock. The reality of the moment and the sudden hard pull-push thrust of David’s cock made pleasure blossom through her pussy, moving in ripples up her body. Her back arched again as her head fell back and she let herself go to the moment. David’s length so thoroughly pleasuring her pussy. Her husband John watching and apparently loving it. Her best friend, Julie, sucking her husband’s cock as he watched her get fucked by Julie’s husband. Briefly Diana thought that it all should have felt super weird… but instead it all felt overwhelming erotic and fantastic — and David’s cock felt absolutely heavenly as it stretched and filled her, over and over again.

As David continued to pummel Diana’s pussy, Julie hungrily sucked John’s cock back to life; to full erection. Watching Diana get fucked was easily the hottest thing John could ever remember seeing in his life. As much pleasure as he was getting from Julie’s mouth and hands, his focus was almost entirely on his wife. She was so sexy; so uninhibited; so entirely focused on enjoying the cock inside her. In a flash he had the thought that his wife was acting like an utter slut, completely disregarding the fact that her husband was there… watching… Letting herself go to the reality of being a female animal, simply enjoying being taken by a male animal. She had released her body’s innermost cravings and desires and was living in the moment; a moment that wouldn’t end until this male animal was finished using her. That she was getting pleasure from being used was an untold bonus.

Julie stood up in front of John and, once again leading him by the hand, stepped around to the other side of the bed. Releasing his hand she got on the bed on her hands and knees, her ass pointed at John and her back arched to present herself for use. Her position was perfect so that her face was directly above Diana’s. Julie looked down at Diana’s face. Julie’s husband’s cock continued to fuck in and out of Diana’s pussy. Diana looked up at Julie’s face just as Diana’s husband’s cock slid into Julie again.

A moan of pleasure escaped Julie as John thrust into her again… and again. His hands held her hips firmly in place as he started slow and built up his pace until his thrusts matched David’s, each of them fucking in time to the pace their wife was taking cock. John’s gaze was locked onto the sight of his wife’s spread pussy, creaming around David’s manhood; his shaft was covered in her juices as he continued to pound her sex. David was looking down at Diana’s face… as Diana looked up at Julie’s face just above her.

Depending on what they were feeling at any given moment, each wife saw looks of intense pleasure cross the other wife’s face. Both knew exactly what the other was feeling. Each wife had repeatedly and often felt the pleasure of the cock the other wife was now enjoying. Each wife knew that their husband was thoroughly enjoying the sensations of the other wife’s pussy. Mentally, it was as if the wives were being fucked by both husbands as they looked at each other.

Diana didn’t think she’d ever experience or enjoy seeing the look of pleasure on another woman’s face as she was fucked, most especially with that pleasure being caused by her husband John. Even as she had that thought, it also struck her as how completely alien it felt to look into a woman’s face, knowing that woman’s husband was the man fucking her… and the wife not only felt no jealousy, but seemed to be taking great delight in the moment.

And then David’s breathing changed and Julie recognized it for what it was. His climax was close. She looked up at David, smiled and encouraged him. “Yes, baby… get it. Cum for her. Cum for me. Cum hard… show me.” Her words were like fire in Diana’s mind. She desperately wanted David to force his cock deep when he came, but she also wanted to see it spitting thick ropes of hot cum all over her. It excited her that she would be the cause of his orgasm and that his wife wanted to see it as well. Then she thought about John. He was right there; watching. What would he be thinking? His best friend was using his wife’s pussy to reach orgasm and he would watch as that best friend came all over his wife. What would his reaction be? Would he like it? Not?

The thought escaped her as her final orgasm built and exploded through her, her pussy clenching around David’s thrusting shaft, tightening and increasing the friction despite how wet she was… and then she was empty. She looked down to see David’s hand stroking his steel hard length. She heard Julie’s voice cry, “Yes! Cum for me!” and then saw the first thick sticky glob of semen fire out of David’s cock.

A loud moan from behind and above Julie caught her attention and even as she watched David’s cock jerk, spitting thick rope after thick rope of hot cum onto her belly, she knew that her husband was cumming. Had he pulled out of Julie? Or was he cumming up into her? Julie answered the unasked question. “That’s it,” she said with a devilish grin, obviously talking to John even as she watched her husband’s cock empty itself onto Diana. “Cum all over my ass and back.” Diana could hear John’s moans as he came and it seemed to her that David’s climax passed at the same time John’s did… at least based on the moans of pleasure John made. They eased at the same time David’s orgasm did.

Both women giggled at the same time. The passion of the moment eased and passed. John and David looked up at each other at the same time, and then down at their wives and then back up. Both wives had cum on them from the other husband. It didn’t feel weird. No one was jealous. Both men felt satisfied and both women seemed more than pleased. John knew that his wife had been fucked better than she had been in a long time. David’s much larger cock had certainly opened her farther and deeper and her orgasms had obviously been deep and intense. For all that, Julie seemed more than happy with John’s still above average dick. As John thought about it though, she’d been more of an enabler than anything else. It occurred to John that Julie had wanted David to fuck Diana and had done what she could to help make that happen. He was fine with that. He didn’t hear anyone complaining.

Having caught his breath, David suggested that John take Diana to the guest bathroom to shower. They were welcome to stay and get spend the night if they wanted. John smiled as he said thank you and then looked down at Julie before saying thank you again. David thanked Diana and she replied with the same.

The next morning, as everyone was in the kitchen enjoying their first cup of coffee, nothing seemed weird and no one seemed uncomfortable. In fact, except for the great memories from the night before, nothing seemed different at all. Later, at home, John and Diana made love after discussing the events of the night before. They had no complaints and there seemed to be no worries. Their love making took on a new energy and passion and after they had consummated their reunion as husband and wife, him emptying his seed as deep within her as his length would reach as she held him close, clutching him against her…

And life went on. Although… the business trips Julie and Diana took certainly were more fun after that.