Ended Up With Wife Swapping Part – 2

When Diana got home to John, she could hardly contain herself and had to share the news about Julie and David; the fact that they were swingers and Julie had fucked another man on the business trip. John took it all in, listening as Diana described her evening, being quite honest about having danced with Ed and how excited it had gotten her.


When she was done describing the events of that evening, John said, “It sounds like you would have enjoyed taking Ed upstairs too.” He kept his voice flat and his poker face on but Diana knew he was asking a question. Diana couldn’t tell if he was upset or not about her having danced and made out with Ed and the fact she’d not only let but enjoyed Ed feeling her up. She was careful in her answer.

“I won’t lie to you,” she said. “It was fun dancing and kissing and groping and all that, and it was hot to know Julie was taking someone besides David upstairs to fuck… “

“But?” prompted John.

“But…” Diana considered her words. “While I’m sure it would have been fun to take Ed upstairs to fuck as well, I couldn’t do that to you… to our marriage.” She paused, thought and continued. “I wouldn’t have even danced and all the rest with Ed if you hadn’t essentially given me permission last time all this was discussed.” Now she looked genuinely worried. “Are you upset that I did?”

John smiled at his wife. “Not even a little bit,” he said honestly. “It’s kind of a turn on to think about you acting the slut role.”

“Slut!?” Diana replied with a smile, now sure that her husband wasn’t upset. “Slut? If I was a slut, I’d have gone upstairs to fuck Ed and his brother both!”

John’s smile faded a bit before he asked. “Is that what you wanted to do?”

“No,” replied Diana honestly. “Ed was hot and after all the kissing and groping on the dancefloor, I can’t lie — I did want to take him up to the room, but I already told you I couldn’t do that to you. Now, as I think about it though, if I HAD taken him upstairs, he and I would have been on one bed while Julie and Devin were on the other. I’m not sure what kind of adventures that set up would have inspired.”

“So fucking one might have meant fucking both?” asked John.

“I guess that’s possible,” replied Diana hesitantly, before she added with a smile, “and THEN I’d have been the slut it apparently turns you on to think about me being.”

“I get turned on by you being turned on,” said John seriously. “Now when you all go on these business trips, I’m going to wonder every time if you’ve met a guy you want to fuck… and if you do.”

“I would never do that to you,” said Diana seriously. “YOU said you wouldn’t mind if I danced and flirted and kissed a guy… actual sex is a whole different thing.”

John was quiet for a moment and Diana wondered what he was thinking. Finally he spoke. “Well,” he said, “I have two things to say to you… and I hope neither upsets you at all.”

Diana cocked an eyebrow. “Go on, baby. I’m listening and I won’t be upset.”

“You say that,” said John. Then he took a big breath and stepped into unknown territory. “When you’re on those business trips, if you meet a guy… and the dancing and flirting just makes your pussy drenched… and you just want to fuck him so bad you can’t stand it…” He paused before continuing. “Then just practice safe sex and make sure you never hide it from me. You tell me about it before or after. No babies. No diseases. No lies.” He paused again. “I want you to enjoy life as much as you can.”

Diana’s jaw had dropped open as she listened to her husband’s words, but when she recovered it was to have a smile on her face. “Are you serious?” she asked. “You’re giving me permission to have sex with another guy?”

John took another deep breath. “Not only am I giving you permission,” he said carefully, “but I may be responsible for you having your first extra-marital dick.”

“Explain,” Diana said.

“Well,” John said carefully, “David and I were playing pool and…” he paused, took a breath and looked guilty as hell. “I may have bet you on a game of pool.”

“May have?” Diana asked pointedly.

“Did,” confessed John.

“What exactly was the bet?” Diana asked.

“It started out just as some bullshit,” John said, “But David kind of pushed the issue and I was sure I’d win and… it ended up being a bet that the winner could fuck the loser’s wife.”

Diana looked at him pointedly. “And I take it you lost?” John just nodded.

“So… do you expect me to fuck David to pay off your bet?”

“Well,” said John, “after I’d lost, he agreed that the actual pay off was for me to tell you about the bet in front of him. Whether or not you paid off would be up to you.”

“I see,” said Diana. She was quiet for a few moments before she said anything else. Finally she asked, “So… do you want me to fuck David?”

“I don’t know,” John answered honestly. “Just a few minutes ago, imagining you with Ed, dancing and flirting and making out… and the possibility of you having taken him up to the hotel room to fuck… it all turned me on a lot. But thinking of you fucking David… it doesn’t feel the same way.”

“Why?” asked Diana. She was genuinely interested in his answer. She was delighted that he had given her permission to play on her business trips because, truth be told, she’d been envious of Julie’s freedom to do so, but if John got excited thinking about her fucking other guys, why would David be different?

“I think it’s because they are our best friends… David and Julie. There’s so much potential for that friendship to be messed up or damaged. And there’s always the question of what Julie and I do if you’re fucking David.”

Diana hadn’t considered that, but John’s words immediately put that vision in her head: him fucking Julie. She imagined it… focused on it… clarified it… how did she feel about that? In a few moments she realized that the idea of it didn’t bother her at all. She wasn’t feeling any jealousy and she was enjoying seeing John having fun.

“I think,” she answered John, “that if I’m going to fuck David, you and Julie should be free to do whatever you want, but we all have to agree to everything up front and we have to all agree that if it gets weird in any way, we just go back to being friends like we have been.”

John took in her answer and considered all of the implications. “Then I think,” he said, “this weekend is going to be interesting, even if only for the conversation we have.” Diana smiled and nodded her head in agreement. Then she took her husband by the hand and led him into their bedroom. The conversation, she realized, had made her horny and she wanted to be fucked… hard and long.

– – – – – – – – – –

The following weekend the two couples had planned a get together for Friday evening. The weather was supposed to be beautiful so they got together at David and Julie’s house with the intent of enjoying the pool. After everyone had finished their work day, gotten home to freshen up and change, they gathered around on the pool deck, each with their beverage of choice in hand. David and John were in their comfortable bathing suits — more like shorts, but they rarely wore them in the pool anyway — while Julie and Diana were in bikinis. The bikinis weren’t modest by any means, but they weren’t string bikinis either. Plenty was on display but nothing was simply hanging out.

The conversation was light with plenty of jokes and nothing serious was discussed. As the evening moved and the drinks flowed, both couples relaxed and the conversation started to fill with sexual innuendos. The jokes became more about sexual adventures and then some “I’d do that” versus “Nah… that ain’t happening.” There came a time when David gave John a look that said, “Now is the right time to bring up that bet,” and John recognized it.

“So, babe,” John said to Diana, “there’s something I need to tell you. We’ve already discussed it but I’m required, as part of payment, to bring it up in front of David.” Diana nodded, smiling a small smile because she already knew what was coming, so to speak.

“While you ladies were on your last business trip, apparently having quite a bit of fun from what you’ve told me,” he said that last part with a knowing look at Julie, “David and I made a bet over a pool game. We bet each other our wife and I lost.”

“What exactly was the bet?” Diana asked, although she already knew.

“Winner gets to fuck the loser’s wife,” John threw in real fast, almost sounding eager.

Julie spoke up at that point, reaching over to slap her husband’s shoulder. “You didn’t tell me about this, you dog!” she teased him.

“I honestly didn’t see the need until John manned up and told her about the bet,” David defended himself. “And in the end, that was actually the pay off — that he tell her about the bet in front of me.” Then he looked over at Diana before he finished his statement. “Whether or not she pays off his debt is up to her.”

It was quiet for a moment as everyone tried to organize their thoughts. “So,” Diana broke the silence, “I can’t say I’m against paying this debt,” and then she paused, dropping her eyes as the reality of the moment hit her, “but I’m not ready to say ‘sure, let’s have at it’ either.”

Julie laughed out loud. “Sweety, it’s very rarely ‘sure, let’s have at it’ but sometimes you do find that moment where you know, just seconds after meeting a guy, you’re down to fuck.”

Then John spoke up. “But what’s holding you back in this case?” he asked sounding sincere. He seemed genuinely interested in what Diana’s concerns were.

“I think it’s our friendship and background,” answered Diana, just as seriously. “We’ve been friends for so long and while we’ve seen each other naked plenty of times, it’s a whole different world to consider the reality of being with each other’s spouse. I’m just worried about the friendship being harmed or weird afterward.”

Julie replied with a question of her own. “So, if you could be sure that everything would be cool afterward, you’d be okay with fucking David?”

John, who had been quiet since his admission of the bet, was practically holding his breath. Through the conversation he had discovered that the idea of seeing Diana fucking David was turning him on. When he thought about fucking Julie he had to adjust his growing cock.

Diana looked over at David with a serious look on her face and was quiet a moment before answering. “Yeah, I think so,” she finally said. “But it would have to be more of a spontaneous thing rather than just going, ‘ok, let’s fuck.’ I just don’t want to feel like I’m doing something because I have to. I want it to be one of those moments where we both want it and since we both know you’re both okay with it,” she gestured to Julie and John, “then we can just go with the flow.”

“That makes perfect sense,” Julie said with a smile. “So… let’s just enjoy the evening and see where things go. As I understand it, the bet has been paid off with John’s admission, so whatever happens can happen, but nothing has to. That sound okay?”

John and Diana nodded yes as they raised their drinks in a toast. That seemed to relax the moment and all of the friends. The evening continued to progress. John realized at one point that he was constantly looking for when Diana might make a move on David or vice versa. He was also looking for when Julie might come on to him but his outlook was that if anything was going to happen, it should be between John and Diana first. After all, he owed David Diana because of the bet.

Just when it seemed to John like nothing was going to happen, David got up to go to the bathroom. The sun had set but it was still warm out and the pool water was plenty warm. While David was gone, Julie got a devilish look on her face. “Quick!” she laughed. “Let’s get naked and be waiting in the pool!” Before Diana or John could react, she stood up and pulled off her bikini top, pulling her bottoms off just as quickly. Diana gawked for only a moment before giggling and joining in getting naked. John wasn’t going to be left behind and was pulling off his shorts as her heard the splash of the women hitting the water. He joined them just a few moments later.

When David came back out of the house, still wearing his shorts, everyone else was standing in the shallow end of the pool, and with the pool lights on, he could see that they were all naked. Both women waved at him playfully while John said, “You’re a little over dressed, bud!” Shaking his head but with a smile on his face, David dropped his shorts, left they where they fell and jumped in the pool. He did it aiming to splash them all and he succeeded. While everyone laughed at his antics, the laughing didn’t last long. He surfaced next to his wife, immediately picking her up and throwing her toward the deep end. John and Diana laughed until David surprised Diana by grabbing her next, picking her up and throwing her the same direction.

While they’d all been naked before, it was the first time anyone had touched anyone else other than their spouse while undressed. It didn’t seem like any big deal, but when both women had surfaced they attacked David, trying to dunk him. As a result, Diana’s boobs ended up smashed in his face while Julie went under, almost face-to-dick with him in an effort to get his legs out from under him. When he did fall over backward, Diana was on top of him, her legs nearly around his waist and her boobs still in his face.

Julie came up laughing, face up, getting her hair to fall back out of her face and down her back. She and John saw the same thing at the same time: as David stood up, Diana’s legs were still around him, but now her arms were too and his arms were around her waist, one hand dropped to have a handful of ass cheek. Diana’s eyes met David’s and the moment was real. In that instant, she knew that she wanted to kiss him. She wanted to explore him. She wanted to experience him and she was acutely aware of the fact that his massive cock was hanging in the water beneath her spread pussy. If it was hard, instead of hanging, she could probably have sat down on it.

Julie looked over at John and they exchanged a wordless message. The look they both had said, “That looks hot. I hope they go for it.”

As if they could hear their spouses thinking, Diana and David began to kiss. It was odd to see at first, for John, but he realized it didn’t turn him off and he wasn’t jealous. Instead, he was turned on, and when Julie swam up behind him, putting her arms around him and reaching down to grasp his cock, she found him half erect. “They look hot together, don’t they?” she whispered in his ear. He just nodded in reply. The situation seemed a bit surreal to him. Julie’s hand stroking his cock made it very real though.

Julie moved around him, jumping lightly in the water and wrapping her legs around him just as Diana was doing with David. Julie’s arms went around his neck, just like Diana’s were around David. Then Julie moved her face closer and he realized she was going to kiss him… and he kissed her back. In that moment, he realized he wasn’t thinking about Julie-his-best-friend-David’s-wife; he was thinking about Julie-the-naked-sexy-woman-who-seemed-to-want-to-fuck-him. Briefly he glanced over at Diana where he saw that his wife was still locked in a passionate embrace with David. David had one hand holding her up as she seemed to be grinding on his waist. Were they fucking? John’s cock jumped against Julie as he watched David caress one of Diana’s breasts, pinching and pulling the nipple… and John heard his wife moan.

Julie heard it too and broke their kiss. Giggling she said, “I think that’s our queue. Let’s get dried off and take this inside.” She spoke loud enough for everyone to hear her and, as a result, Diana and David broke their kiss as well. Diana looked over at John with a question of approval on her face. John could also see the desire in her face and it wasn’t for him; it was for David. He smiled and nodded, giving his consent for her to do what she wanted — and then he realized that what she wanted was to fuck his best friend.

Without anyone saying anything else, they all got out of the pool. Both men had half-hard cocks that didn’t shrink any as they dried off. When everyone was dry, Julie took John’s hand and led him toward the house. He looked back at Diana to see her doing the same to David — taking him by the hand and leading him toward the house.

John and Diana had been in the house countless times before. They had spent plenty of nights in the guest room which was furnished with a king size bed (just like the master bedroom), a couple nightstands, a large easy chair and a chest of drawers. That was where Julie took him, guiding him by the hand up the stairs (where he thoroughly enjoyed the view of her sexy ass walking ahead of him) and down the hall. Behind him he heard David and Diana going into the master bedroom. Neither couple closed the door so sounds would be easy to hear. That was the thought on his mind as Julie turned him and gave him a small push, dropping him onto the guest bed.

Hanging off the bed from his knees down and with his cock pointing at the ceiling, John closed his eyes and moaned out his pleasure as he felt Julie’s mouth engulf his manhood. Julie used her hands and mouth to explore his package, caressing and licking from beneath his balls to around the swollen knob of his cockhead. She moaned, he supposed at how hard he was or how his precum tasted. With his eyes closed, John pictured Diana doing the same thing to David and it made his cock throb. Julie felt it and something akin to a giggle mixed with a moan escaped her.

Across the hall, David and Diana were actually in a reversed position: David had pushed Diana onto the bed and then knelt on the floor between her spread thighs to dip his head and taste her wetness. Even as his wife’s mouth was engulfing his best friend’s shaft, David was tasting Diana’s wetness. He approached his task slowly, kissing each puffy outer lip and inhaling her scent before taking a long slow lick of her from puckered backdoor to buzzing erect clit. The badly needed stimulation roared through Diana’s body causing her back to arch and a groan to bubble up out of her core. Adding first one and then two fingers to her pleasure, David slowly finger-fucked Diana’s pussy as he licked and then sucked her clit. Pinching and pulling her own nipples, Diana closed her eyes and imagined her husband doing the same thing to Julie — and just the thought combined with David’s stimulation of her pussy pushed her into her first orgasm. It came upon her in a rush but was deep and intense and her groans became a high keening mixture of panting breaths incoherent expressions of desire.

Even as Julie’s mouth seemed to swallow his entire length while her hands caressed his balls, John heard his wife’s growing sounds of pleasure. “Fuck! Oh, shit! Ughugh ohh!” Opening his eyes and looking down at Julie, John had to gently push her head away. He realized how close he was to cumming and he definitely didn’t want to happen yet.

Feeling aggressive with both his desires and passion, John took a handful of Julie’s hair as she smiled up at him and pulled her up onto the bed. She complied with his desires, climbing up onto the bed, straddling him as she did, thinking he wanted to fuck. But he kept pulling, releasing her hair to grab her chest, caressing but pulling, his hands moving to her waist and then hips, continually pulling until she realized what he wanted and ended up straddling his face.

She grabbed the headboard and spread her knees until her wetness lowered down onto his reaching tongue. She kept lowering until his tongue was pushed into her wet sex. With his hands on her hips and occasionally full of ass, John eagerly ate Julie’s pussy, sometimes licking her tight asshole, as she rocked her hips back and forth and up and down.


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