Don’t Tell HR

The call comes over the grocery store’s loud speaker, but I don’t recognize the voice. Mr. Chris is home with his wife and new baby, the manager’s office should be empty. Still, not wanting to get in trouble if I’m wrong, I quickly move my six-wheeled trolley through the aisles and around display stands.

I’m the dairy manager, also the only employee in that department, and I don’t want all this stuff to go bad if this takes too long. I push the trolley through the two black swinging double doors that separate the sales floor from the employee only areas and turn right. I walk till the hall dead ends at the large metal door to the dairy department. The door rolls on a track, when it works, which it isn’t today. This is why I wear steel-toed boots. A couple good kicks and the door works like new. I wheel the trolley in the cooler in time to hear the page again.

I close the door and take off at a run. The store isn’t crowded, we aren’t that busy since that big box store opened just two blocks away. I punch the code into the door that leads into the office area, then up two flights of stairs where I’m greeted by a closed solid wood door. I catch my breath then walk up to the door and knock.

“Come in.” The voice from the speakers calls out.

Opening the door is a double-edged sword. Sitting at Mr. Chris’ desk is Ms. Clarece Jones. She is a drop dead gorgeous black woman, shoulder length hair, sparkling brown eyes, a full chest, small waist, wide hips and legs that go on for days. She is also our district manager.

“Have a seat Tommy. As you are aware, we just had an inventory of the store and I have some news for you. Your department was the one bright spot, by keeping your back stock low and watching your dates, you actually managed to add to the profit of the store. You made the company eight thousand dollars and for that you have my personal congratulations.”

I’m glad I sat down because otherwise I would have fallen. It was too good to be true! I got promoted to the position after the last dairy manager was fired for keeping the place a mess. For the last four months I’ve worked my ass off, it’s good to hear it was all worth it.

“Unfortunately, with the poor performance of the rest of the departments and the decreasing sales, we will be closing this location. As a full time employee, the company is prepared to offer you a severance package of fifteen thousand dollars.”

Oh God, I think I’m having a heart attack. That’s less than half of a year’s pay. My contract said if they closed my store and didn’t offer me a position at another location I’d get a full year. I ask her about that and she has the nerve to smile at me as she shakes her head.

“Sorry, that program was discontinued two months ago. You should have received a letter in the mail to that affect.”

“Ms. Jones, please, isn’t there any other place I can be transferred to? My mother is sick and my father can’t work anymore. I’m their only real source of income. Even if it meant a small pay cut, I’d rather stay employed.”

She gave me a long look and let out a loud sigh. “I’m sorry, I just don’t think it will be possible.”

“I’ll do anything, absolutely anything, just please let me keep my job!”

She looks me up and down, her head tilts to the left like she’s considering, and then her lips curl up in a smirk. “Do you mean that? You will do anything?”

I shake my head yes, praying that she’s changing her mind.

“Stand up and strip.”


“Either start stripping or get out.”

I stand up slowly, my mind pulling me in two directions. This is wrong, illegal even, but the commanding tone in her voice sends a thrill through me. I take off my shirt. Her eyes are glued to my every movement. I’ve never considered myself attractive, I’ve got more pounds on me than I should. Yet there she is, watching intensely as I kick off my shoes and undo my belt. My jeans and boxers slide down and off and I’m in nothing but my socks. I get goosebumps all over as the air conditioner kicks in, and my dick is starting to stir from the attention I’m getting. She starts to laugh. I look behind me to see if there is anything there but of course there isn’t. Clarece is looking right at my cock and laughing.

“That’s it? You have to be kidding me! How does a big guy like you have a small dick like that?” I go to say something but she slams her hand down on the desk, “Did I say you could speak shrimpy?”

I close my mouth as she stands up and walks around to sit on the front of the desk facing me. Her red buttoned shirt is straining against her chest and her black skirt rides up high enough that I see a flash of pink before she crosses those chocolate legs.

“Well, today is your lucky day. You see Tommy, I want a baby and I’m ovulating. It’s all wet and wild in my pussy and your tiny dick is the only one here that hasn’t failed every drug test. You live a clean life, you are probably a virgin, so today you will fuck me and cum as deep as that pathetic thing can, and then you can keep your job. If I somehow get pregnant from that stump, you’ll even get a bonus. But first I got to see if you are even big enough to make it past my labia lips. Start stroking.”

I stand there just kind of dumbstruck. Before I realize it she has closed the space between us and slaps me across the face hard, her nails raking my cheek. “Do it now small dick or you walk out of here and go live under an overpass!”

I reach down and grip my penis, lightly rubbing my hand up and down the half flaccid shaft. Between the cold air and the fear, it’s difficult to get going. I take a deep breath and exhale, doing my best to clear my mind, and just focus on her. Despite the fact she’s acting like a bitch, I do find her very attractive. I watch her full lips, focusing more on the way they move than what she says. Then there is the way her breasts rise and fall as she breathes, the way that skirt hugs the curve of those luscious hips, the long shapely legs, after a few seconds I’m getting hard.

“Well that’s a little better, though still probably the smallest one I’ve seen.” She says as she walks toward me again. She gets down on her knees in front of me and swats my hand away. Clarece is now eye to eye with my dick. I’m not a virgin but it has been a hell of a long time. Crazy hours at work and trouble at home, I haven’t even kissed a woman in over a year. Every atom is shuddering in anticipation.

Clarece looks up at me, those beautiful brown eyes promising as much as that pink tongue which runs along her lips. I’m caught completely by surprise when her right hand shoots up and grips my shaft like a vice. I let out a yelp of pain and surprise, my feet try taking me away, but she tightens her hold and twists.

“Did I say you could move? You thought I was coming down here to blow you? You’re what? Five, five and a half inches if I’m being generous? If I ever need to get spinach out of my teeth I’ll call you.”

She relaxes her grip slightly and gives me a few strokes. “Short, but at least you got some girth on you. But what have we here?” She grips me hard again and pulls up. I’m instantly on my toes and she reaches under me to grab my balls in her left hand.

“You’re like some kind of freak. A small dick but some of the biggest balls I’ve seen.” She rolls them in her hand and finally releases her death-grip on my shaft. I let out a moan as she plays with my sack. I know it’s a mistake the moment the sound comes out. The palm of her hand is replaced with her fingernails. I cry out but make sure not to move. Then she pulls her hand away slightly, only to come back in a slap to my balls. My vision is filled with explosions of white light as every nerve in my body burns through me. I haven’t recovered when she does it again, harder.

She just watches as I collapse on the floor, curling up into a ball. “Lay on your back.” she says but there is too much pain to comply. “Obey me Tommy or I’ll punish you.”

It takes all of my self-control but I manage to lie prone on my back. With an effort she pulls the hem of her skirt over her hips and up to her waist. I don’t have long to observe as she quickly straddles my head and starts grinding down on my face. She reaches down and grabs my hair, pulling my head up as she rolls her hips down, rubbing her pussy all over my forehead, nose, lips and chin.

“Stick out that tongue! I’m definitely going to get off before you disappoint me with that micro-penis.”

I did as I was told, she moved up so that my tongue was pressed against her ass while her pussy ground down on my nose. She would press down against me, driving my head into the tile floor, smothering me, then let up slightly and rolling her hips back till my tongue was on her clit. I reached up and grabbed her ass, kneading the supple flesh like dough, guiding her forward and back so I could breathe easier. When my tongue was rimming her ass she would pinch the hood over her clit and move it up and down, jacking it off like a cock.

Her breathing began to get more rapid as she moved her clit back onto my tongue. There was a little cry with each exhalation, coming faster and faster as her orgasm built up. She raised up on her knees, no longer on my face but over me, and quickly shoved three fingers in her pussy. She thrusted quickly in and out, her cries coming louder and louder till finally she threw her head back in a high pitched scream. She pulled her hand away and a hard stream shot out of her and onto my face. She squirted again and again, her body quaking with the intensity of her orgasm, drenching me in her girl cum.

She moved over to my left and lay on the floor next to me, trying to catch her breath. She unbuttoned her shirt, reached in and undid the front clasp of her bra. The cups sprang to either side, revealing dark chocolate tits crowned with even darker hard nipples. They rose and fell magnificently, my mouth watered at the sight. I rolled onto my side and reached for one. She slapped my throbbing dick hard.

“What do you think you’re doing. I didn’t do this for you!” she yelled as my world once again exploded in pain and all the air rushed from my lungs. She got up to her feet and walked over to the desk. She cleared some space and sat down, leaning back and spreading her legs wide.

“Now get over here and fuck me!” she commanded. Despite the pain, maybe because of it, I was still hard as a rock but I was having trouble catching my breath. “Come on you little bitch! I’m giving you the chance to fuck like a real man! You just going to lay there like a pussy?”

My anger overcomes my pain and lack of oxygen. Before I know it, I’m on my feet, my cock in my right hand. I rush up to her and place my head at her entrance and plunge in with one movement. She grunts at the sudden entry, her eyes close and then go wide as I once again grab her hips, holding her in place as I piston in and out of her. I can barely feel her, all my focus is on venting my rage on her pussy, pounding it with my cock, getting a bit of my own back. I’m going as hard as I can, pulling all the way out to the tip, thrusting till I’m balls deep, trying to be rough. The bitch is actually enjoying it. She’s leaning back on her elbows, pinching her nipples as she watches me slam into her. There’s a slight smile on her lips as she inhales each time I pull out and exhales whenever I thrust home.

Suddenly I realize I’m there, my dick is twitching like crazy and my balls feel like they are going to explode. I force myself all the way inside of her as I shoot into her. It’s amazing how good it feels to cum inside of a woman again, I’d almost forgotten. Jet after jet of semen shoots from my head and I cry out as the spurting finally draws to a close. I finally look at her, my eyes are hazy but the fury on her face is unmistakable.

“ALREADY! You couldn’t even last a full two minutes! I’m not laying you off, I’m going to fire your two pump ass! How dare you touch my pussy with that weak shit!”

I let the abuse wash over me. I’ve heard it all before, but I know something she doesn’t. Yeah, I may not win any measuring contests and I ain’t winning any marathons, but I’m also not going soft. Some trick of biology, they say that God doesn’t close a door without opening a window, well my window is that I can stay hard and keep cumming.

I wait till she’s out of breath from venting and ram into her again. The last of her air is forced from her lungs and a look of confusion crosses her features. In seconds I’m back up to full strength, pounding into her as hard as I can. She’s just staring down at where I’m disappearing into her, in shock at what is going on. I bottom out again as I cum just as hard as before.

My penis flags for a second in her sticky velvet cave but then revives again. Clarece’s shock finally goes away and she starts to meet my thrusts, rubbing her clit as our bodies collide.

“Well aren’t you just the little engine that cums! You going to fill me up with all that juice? Go on then! Give me that baby with the high yellow skin! Fuck! Give me triplets! Pound the fuck out of that shit!” She’s yelling at me incoherently as she orgasms again. I’m right there with her, her pussy spasms milk the semen from my cock.

It takes me longer to recover this time but I know I’ve got one more in me. Fuck it! I’m tired of not getting anything out of this. I shoot out my right hand, grab a handful of her hair and pull her in for a rough kiss. I’m probably bruising her lips but I don’t care as the purely animal side of me comes out. She’s slapping and clawing at me, drawing red streaks across my skin but I don’t care. I release her lips and pull her hair back hard. She screams as she arches her back, lifting those titties up to my waiting mouth. I catch her left nipple in my teeth, sucking and chewing on the little pebble. The thought that it will be full of milk and that my child will be drinking from it is all I need to get back to full strength.

I pull out of Clarece and roll her over so her chest is crushed against the desk and her ass is up in the air. I give it a couple vicious spanks as she’s screaming and calling me everything but a child of God. I spank harder till the sound of my hand hitting her is louder than her cries of pain. I keep going till my hand hurts. Finally I mount her from behind, shoving my meat all the way into her. She lets out a long moan which fades into short sharp breaths as I fuck her as hard as I can.

“That’s it! Blow your load into that dripping pussy! I want you to cum! Fill me up so much that I feel it in my throat!” she cries. It seems nothing will stop that mouth!

My last load is my biggest yet. It actually hurts when I start shooting into her, just like everything else about this has hurt. I’m yelling at the top of my lungs, eyes rolled up into my head, my legs shaking as the last ounce of sperm jets out of my balls.

I pull out of her easily, my dick completely flaccid and spent. I fall to the floor, there’s no strength left in my body. Clarece on the other hand pushes off the desk and stands straight, inhaling a deep lungful. There is a smile on her face as she looks down at me. I can see cum leaking out of her pussy, once she feels it on her inner thigh she reaches down, scoops it up with her finger and shoves it back in. “Waste not, want not.” she says in a happy tone. With her hand still in her pussy, keeping all of me in there, she awkwardly walks around the desk and opens up her purse. With her free hand she reaches in and pulls out her panties and a small plastic plug. She works the plug up into her vagina, corking it up like a bottle of wine. In a moment she’s fully dressed and except for a sheen of sweat on her skin is every inch the professional I’ve always known.

“Get up and get dressed. I’ll have HR contact you with your new location within a week. I think you have earned a bit of vacation. If anything else comes up, I’ll get in touch. Oh, it should go without saying, but not a word about this to any body.” and with that she walked out.