Disaster To Delight Prom Night

“Leave the heels on,” I groaned.

“Yes, Papi,” she whispered over her shoulder, eyes wide with wonder as my hand moved down her back, tugging the zipper with it.

The bodice of her frilly prom dress fell to the floor, leaving her in a tight half teddy, straining to cover her young, full breasts, the outline of hard nipples pressing out of the lace.

I stepped back as she plucked her tiny thong out of her ass and pushed the panties down, the smell of her arousal filling the classroom.

She stepped out of the pool of dress, turning. I drew in a breath at the sight of her damp, bald pussy lips glistening, having recently learned that they were unbroken. She smiled, shaking her long mane of thick black hair, teasingly blowing me a kiss. Those lips I could kiss forever.

“Te gusta?” she inquired. I could only nod as I licked my lips, watching the hottest girl in the whole school, the captain of the cheerleading squad I supervised, reach behind her back. A moment later, her top slipped free. Her exquisite body on full display. I wagered her firm breasts to be around a D cup, their mocha color capped by half dollar sized areolas, stippled with goosebumps and hard, long nipples begging to be licked and sucked.

My tuxedo pants were already feeling uncomfortably tight as I stepped closer, my hand caressing her cheek. Cupping her chin, I pulled her close, her lips meeting mine. Warm, wet, her tongue invading my mouth. Was the taste of cinnamon only in my mind? I didn’t care as I kissed her fervently, my teenage soon-to-be lover.

My hand slipped into her hair, gently tugging, hearing her moan into my mouth. Gently breaking the kiss, I began nibbling my way down her chin, her neck, kissing the exact center of her warm cleavage. Feeling her hands in my hair, guiding me to her left, the hard nipple in my lips, sucking, then biting, as she gasped with pleasure.

“Oh, fuck, yes, Mr. Thomas!”

Just an hour before, Esther Isobel Ramirez had shown up for the prom, along with a few hundred of her classmates and her date. The week before, she had confided to me, in a moment of vulnerability, that she was excited about attending the dance with her date, Victor. She had just turned 18, and felt she could now experience the fullness of womanhood.

Unlike most of her fellow cheerleaders, she had not given up her virginity, not even touched herself or used a toy out of respect for her very religious mother who had died just before Esther graduated middle school.

She was glad she had waited, but now she wanted to experience what her cheer sisters had told her about. She was ready to be a woman in every sense of the word.

I moved to suckle on Esther’s right nipple, then back up to kiss her again. I gently slid my hands down her silky soft back, gripping her tiny waist, and lifting her to perch on the edge of my desk. Her butt shifted on the soft faux fur I had laid down for her and watched as I slowly lowered myself to my knees.

I gently pushed her legs apart, kissing the inside of each thigh.

“What are you doing, Mr. Thomas?”

“You’ll see, Izzy.”

I leaned in close, inhaling her scent. So delicious. I moved back to her thighs, licking and kissing closer and closer to her unopened prize. She trembled, her breathing accelerating. Looking up at her, I blew my hot breath across her moist lips, eliciting a shudder.

I ran my tongue around the outside of her pussy lips, tracing the crease between her thighs and her sex.

“F-f-f-uuuuck…..” I glanced back up; her hands cupped her breasts and tugged on her nipples.

I funneled my tongue to a point and speared it up her plump slit, letting it catch right at the top, then pop out. Her eyes rolled back into her head as she moaned loudly.

Smiling, I noticed a protrusion — she was so aroused, her clit was already poking out, not only from its protective hood, but extended out a tiny ways from her lips, begging for attention. I leaned down.

Victor, the team quarterback, was fully duded up in a fashionable, fitted tux, and looked pleased to have Esther on his arm. I knew he was famous for his conquests and I worried a little about Izzy, but at least I knew she would have a better first time than most girls.

Esther was stunning in her tight taffeta dress. It seemed perfectly made to accentuate all her athletic and sexual assets. Which made sense. I knew her aunt had made it for her special — the next step up from her Quincenera dress, and much more flattering.

But for whatever reason, Victor wasn’t staring at Esther. His eyes were all over the dance floor, checking out the other couples. He shared one dance with his date, then went off with his teammates to get up to some nonsense, I am sure. Thankfully, I saw the Principal take note and head after.

Izzy was shaking uncontrollably. Her whole body wracked with an orgasm — and I had only just started to suck and nibble on her sensitive button. I pressed my mouth to her, my hand on her tight belly, holding her as she came over and over. When at last her excitement subsided, I leaned up, kissed her tasteful tummy piercing and stood up.

She vaulted forward, into my arms. “Oh my gawd, Mr. Thomas, that was intense!!”

“Plenty more to come, Izzy. And I think you can call me Paul now. At least when we’re alone.”

“Thank you, Paul!”

Her naked body pressed against mine resurrected my delayed desire, and I saw her eyes widen as she felt me growing in my pants. She smiled.

“Te toca a ti!”

She kissed me on the lips, then dropped to her knees, her hands grabbing at my cummerbund. She unhooked it, undid the closure and tugged my tux pants down hard.


Now her eyes were saucers as she stared at my thick, hard cock bobbing in her face. Her tiny brown hand just managed to reach around the shaft and gave it a tentative squeeze. The head widened and a dollop of precum oozed out, promptly gobbled up by her tongue.

“Mmmm! Que rico!”

I watched as she wrapped her lips around the mushroom head, sucking. I let my head roll back, enjoying her young, inexperienced ministrations for a few moments. Then I looked down, gently stroking her hair as I encouraged her to take more in.

She was more than eager, taking the shaft deep, until she hit the back of her throat, choking a little. She managed to keep it in her mouth, but stared down at the half she still hadn’t touched. I helped her pull back, then let her slowly fuck my cock with her mouth, moaning my approval the whole time.

I slowly pushed her back, off of it. She immediately started licking up and down the whole length. I moaned some more. Felt her hands on my thighs as she licked my cock like a lollypop. She stopped for a moment, causing me to look down.

She caught my eyes, holding them as she leaned in and slurped one, then the other heavy ball into her mouth, slobbering all over my nutsack. Once again, she had me moaning.

Eyes still on mine, she licked her warm wet tongue all the way up the shaft, then teased around the base of the head. More precum flowed into her mouth. She slurped it right up, and I went blind for a second as the tip of her tongue speared into the eye of my cock.

When I could open them again, I saw her lips suckling on the head as her hands stroked up and down the shaft. I took her left hand and guided it lower, feeling her index finger tease my asshole before gripping my balls and tugging.

Her hands and mouth were working magic on me, as I felt my cock start to thicken as I neared the danger zone.

“Izzy, I’m… I’m gonna…”

“I want it, Mr — Paul. I want to taste it all, my… love.”

She began bobbing harder, willing herself to take my dick deeper, managing a little. I didn’t have much time left, then…

I saw Esther go in search of Victor, her face annoyed. This was supposed to be her big night. Not a good idea to piss off a horny Puerto Rican woman, I thought to myself. Then considering — maybe I should follow her?

Trying to not appear stalkerish, but just a concerned teacher, I followed at a distance, just keeping her in sight as she rounded each corner down the hallways.

A loud gasp brought me up short.

“What the actual fuck?”

I peeked around the corner. Esther had her hands on her hips, glaring at Victor, wrapped in someone else’s arms, kissing them.

I groaned loudly as my cock began to pulse, filling Izzy’s mouth with my hot, salty cum.

She gulped it down, relishing the taste, then pushed me back just as the last spurt jetted out of my dick, splashing across her left breast.

She looked down at the thick white cream, contrasting with her mocha skin. I don’t know that I’d ever seen anything hotter in my life — although it was a short lived record.

Izzy scooped the cum off her tit and lifted it to her eyes, then opened wide and dripped it from her finger into her open mouth.


I almost came again at that.

My cock started to deflate a little, but my teenage lover grasped it in her hand, as tight as any pom pom she’d ever shaken, stroking it as she stood to kiss me.

“That was incredible, Iz.”

“I hope it’s not the end, M–Paul.”

Her free hand reached around me, grabbing my ass, pulling us closer together. I felt her leg stroke up and down mine, her high heel raising goosebumps on the back of my thigh as it traced up and down.

I wrapped my arms around her, lifting up, burying my face in her breasts, kissing, licking, nursing on them. She moaned at this, but never let go of my shaft, which was once again stiffening.

While I ravished her cheerleader tits, she was licking and nibbling on my neck and ears, something that absolutely drives me wild. I’m not always big on dirty talk, but hearing my naked student whisper how she’d waited her whole life for a real man to take her, fuck her, cum in every hole, as she stroked my cock, was an instant aphrodisiac.

I carried her back over to the desk, lifting and laying her down on the faux fur, this time fully stretched out. I kissed down her body as I laid her back, taking time to tongue fuck her pierced belly button, which elicited a giggle that turned into a low moan. Kissing down, I lapped again at her plump, brown pussy lips, her extended clit head.

My hands on her thighs, she spread wide, propping her high heels on the edge of the desk. I leaned back and just admired this incredibly beautiful young woman before me. Smiling up at me, she ran her hands down around, over her breasts, her tummy, then over her thighs, coming together to rub her sensitive button with both thumbs, causing her own moans.

“I’m all yours, Mr. Thomas,” she cooed.

“I told you, call me Paul,” I reminded her.

“No, sir. Not until you take this precious child and make me a woman.”

Fuck, I loved her in that moment. I quickly unbuttoned and cast off my tux shirt – it would go straight to the dry cleaners on Monday. Izzy licked her lips and I was glad I’d kept up my workouts after my wife left me last year.

I moved closer to the desk, stroking my cock head on her lips, slapping it on her clit, listening to her gasp, then beg.

“Fuck me, Papi. Fuck your teenage slut. Take your darling cheerleader’s most precious gift, please. PLEASE.”

I rubbed the thick head of my cock against her lips, then pushed it in, penetrating, pushing til I got to her fleshy barrier.

“This will hurt a little at first, baby.”

She nodded, clenched her jaw as I…

Victor turned — and I found myself in shock. He was kissing Travis, his tight end. No pun intended, but, well…

Esther turned, tears filling her eyes, and fled, slamming right into me.

She pressed into my chest, sobbing, panting. The Principal came around the back of the hallway then, seeing the commotion. He gave me an understanding nod, and I hoisted Esther into my arms. He turned to Victor and Travis as I carried Esther towards my classroom.

“OWWWWWW! Fuck!”

Esther bit down on her lip to suppress her shriek as I thrust into her hymen, accepting her gift. Blood flowed and I stood stock still, letting her body accommodate the girth and heal a little. Tears streamed from the corner of her eyes, but she smiled, mouthing, ‘Thank you, Paul.’

In the closet of my classroom, I pulled out a faux fur one of my students had left behind after class the previous summer. I gently laid it across Esther’s shoulders. She relaxed a little at the warmth, then leaned forward and snuggled into my chest. Her heavy sobs had subsided, but she was still leaking tears and sniffling a bit.

“It’s alright, Esther.”

I caressed her hair, down her back, comforting her as best I could.



“Please call me Izzy, Mr. Thomas. Thank you for doing this.”

“It’s my pleasure, Es–Izzy. I just want to make you feel better.”

“You do, you always do…”

She trailed off, sniffling again. Then cleared her throat and glanced up at me. No, more than a glance. She pressed tighter against my arms, chest. Looked up at me.

“You’re so good to me.”

“You’re a good girl.”

She snorted.

“I wasn’t trying to be tonight.”

“I know, sweetie.”

She giggled at that, then leaned her head closer.

“You smell good, Mr. Thomas. Like a man. Like a real…”

I blinked as she kissed me, full on the lips. No, I couldn’t let this happen.

“Esther, this is wro–“

“Izzy” she moaned into my mouth, her hand wrapping around my neck and pulling my down to her.

She broke off the kiss, her fingers tracing my lips.

“You’re a good kisser, Mr. Thomas.”

I smiled, uncertain.

“I bet you’re good at other things too… Would you… would you help me? I’m 18, all legal, and still a–“

“Yes, I remember, but don’t you want someone your own age to–“

“No, Papi… I want you to…”


I wanted to remind her to keep it down, but my brain and body were not totally in sync as I thrust in and out of her tight, newly un-virgined cunt. I wasn’t yet halfway deep inside her, taking my time as I felt her slick walls stretch and open around my cock.

“All the way, please, fuck, please!”

On the desk, I’m straddling her now, her high heels digging into my ass cheeks as I pound this 18-year old head cheerleader, giving her the first, best fuck of her life. She’s tugging at her nipples. I can feel her swollen clit rubbing my shaft as I penetrate her.

Looking down, seeing her plump mocha pussy lips stretched wide and tight over my thick shaft as my balls slap her ass — THIS is the hottest thing I’ve seen in my life.

She pulls me down, fingernails clawing at my back, then I feel her whole body explode. A much bigger orgasm than her first on my tongue. She kisses me as her body spasms and shivers, shaking as she continues to cum over and over.

Before long, I’m at my breaking point. I start to shift as my cock swells for the second time that night, trying to ease out of her.


I look down at her, surprised by the insistent tone.

“I’m about to cum, I didn’t want to–“

“I want to feel you explode inside me, fill me up, make me a woman.”

“Are–are you on birth–“

“No, and I don’t care. I want you inside me. I want to be–pretend to be your wife. Make me your wife, Paul. Papi. My lover.”

My head swimming, mind scattered — I want this and I don’t, at the same time. But it’s her body, and she–

“Breed your cheerleader bitch,” she whispers in my ear, and sends me over the edge.

I pound harder, arms around her lifting her up, kissing her, the head of my cock banging on the door of her cervix as I pump rope after rope of hot, potent cum deep into her body.


She cums again as I’m filling her, impossibly firing a larger second batch than the one I fed her only minutes earlier.

I gasp, spent finally, lifting her and the faux fur coat off the table and settling us both on the floor, wrapped in each other. Holding her as my member slowly loses its thickness, still resting in her gaping pussy.

I gently kiss her, loving her. Treating her as my wife.

“Thank you, Paul,” she whispers just before she falls asleep, cradled in my arms.




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