Daddy’s Girl Gets Punishment Part – 3

He told me to turn around now, and get up for a minute. I heard him spreading a blanket or towel on the couch, and then he made me sit again.

“Sit back and spread your legs for me. Knees up. There, that’s a good girl. Now, masturbate for me.” I hesitated, wondering how I could be expected to masturbate while I was hurting so badly! “Lexi! I’m not asking.


Play with your pussy for me. And be careful. You don’t want to get any of the pepper cream on your fingers, or you’ll be in even more pain than I intended.”

I did as he said. I would like to say I took no pleasure in it, but in a strange way, the pain intensified the electricity zinging through my clit as I fingered myself.

He stepped in close again, and made sure my blindfold was tight. Then he started playing with my nipples! It was almost overwhelming to have all these sensations rushing through me. Then I felt him changing up what he was doing. I couldn’t tell what was up, but then suddenly I felt a searing pain as he clamped something on my nipple!!

I cried out helplessly and struggled to get up, but his firm hand on my shoulder held me in place.

“Don’t stop touching yourself.”

The stern succinctness of his tone stopped me cold. I might have felt less stunned if he’d yelled at me, or slapped me. He never yells or slaps, though.

Tears burned my eyes as I whimpered, “What are you doing, Daddy??”

“Clothespins,” he said simply, then added, “And enjoying my sadistic streak. A lot.”

“Ooohhhhh,” was all I could moan. Then I cried out again as he clamped the second clothespin on!

“There, there,” he soothed. “Keep rubbing that pretty clit for me.”

I felt his hand join mine between my legs, and he slid his fingers inside me while I circled my pink nub with a fingertip. My gasp of pleasure could have been mistaken for a thick sob.

He kept doing this for a long time. I suppose he was waiting for the pepper cream to peak in strength. I don’t really know. Occasionally he would take his fingers from my wet pussy and slip them into my mouth and down my throat. Then he would return to fingering me. All the stimulation was like an explosion throughout my body, yet I don’t think I ever came close to orgasming. The burning pain of the cream became a dull aching warmth before long. The clothespins, on the other hand, started as a screaming pain, and then I seemed to go partly numb for a while, only to have the sharp, gnawing pain grow in intensity all over again. I was miserable and squirming helplessly, and yet – it felt amazing! Pleasure and pain mingled in an inescapable roar.

“Mmmmm, my beautiful, helpless little girl. My sweet, sweet girl. My incorrigible slut. You make me proud, Lexi.”

Eventually, he stood up and stepped away. I sensed that the night was almost over. He tugged the clothespins off, freeing an incredible rush of pain as the feeling returned to my nipples. My blindfold was still tight as ever, but I could feel him nearby.

“Are you there?? What should I do now?” I asked in a whisper.

“Ssshhhh, baby. Just relax and keep playing. I want to watch a while longer. Maybe you should rub some feeling back into your nipples for me… Good girl. I love watching you.”

I heard him move around a little, but he said nothing else for some time. Then he asked, “How’s the pain, love? Does the cream still burn?”

“Not too bad,” I answered. It was true. The burning had almost completely subsided. I felt a slight warm sensation, and that was all.

“Do you think you could cum for me now?”

“Ohh! Yes, I think I could! Do you want me to?”

“We’ll see, Lexi. Spread your legs more. Put on a good show for me…”

His voice trailed off, but I was excited at the prospect of getting to cum at last!! I spread my legs wide, and used my fingers with abandon now.

I was close to an orgasm when I heard him stir again, and then I felt him next to me on the couch. He kissed my ear, and my neck, and I let out a little moan. Getting close! I felt him draw a fingertip across my lips, and it was slick and wet. I had a sudden fear that it was the pepper cream! Then the soft, subtle, but intoxicating smell reached my nose – cum!! He had rubbed cum across my lips!!

“Ooohhhhhh, Daddy! You came!!”

“Yes, baby girl, I came!” he rasped, and then touched my face again. This time he drew a fingertip across my upper lip, just under my nose, spreading a warm dollop of jism there.

Straining my ears, I heard him scoop another fingerful of his creamy white goo, and I opened my mouth and stretched out my tongue!

“No no,” he chuckled softly, “you don’t get a taste until tomorrow, my greedy girl. But you get to wear me and smell me…”

He painted the next couple fingerstrokes all around my mouth, and the musky scent of him filled my head! He spread the last of his seed across my breasts and rubbed it into my skin. It was so weirdly erotic, I was within seconds of cumming, and I rubbed my clit furiously!

Then I felt his strong hand over mine, stopping me!

“Noooooo! Please!!” I begged. I had been soooooooo close!!

“Sorry little one,” he said softly, and he sounded truly sorry. “If you had cum before me, I was going to let you. But now you need to wait until tomorrow.”

“Ohhhhhhh! Please let me cum now! I’m so close!!” I still had my hand pressed against my pussy, and I squirmed hard! “It’s not fair!!”

“No, Lexi.” He pulled my hand away, and kissed me sweetly. “But I will make it worth your while tomorrow. I promise.”

And he did!

He spoiled me all day Saturday, in every way. He treated me like a queen rather than a mere princess! It was amazing! I had all the cock, all the cum, and all the orgasms a girl could want, along with fun shopping and delicious meals. The night ended at a beautiful hotel with a hot tub on the balcony. It was wonderful!

Looking back, it was the most amazing and the most memorable of weeks. I learned a lot about my Daddy, and I learned a lot about myself. I had no idea he had such a sadistic side to him! Even more surprising, I had no idea how much pleasure I would get from the pain and the denial. Along with our usual fun, we have begun to incorporate more of the sadism and masochism into our play.

That’s a story for another time, though!