Daddy’s Girl Gets Punishment Part – 2

He was carrying the folding massage table we sometimes use. Pushing the door closed behind him, he set the table down and slipped out of his jacket. He gave me a hug and a deep kiss, and then got right down to business. He told me to get my Hitachi wand and then to come back and do a striptease for him.


By the time I had rounded up the vibe from its place in the toy drawer, he had the table set up, the lights turned down low, and some slinky music on. I laid the Hitachi on the table and began to try and move to the music.

Like those times he asks me to masturbate for him, stripping for him brings a mixture of excitement and embarrassment. Once I get into the zone, though, I love it! As I undressed, I rubbed cat-like against him and nuzzled his neck. It was very sensual, and I could feel the air charged with sexual energy! It was only when I tried to touch his cock through his slacks that he stopped me and gave me a stern look.

When I finished dancing and was standing there naked, he had me lay down on the table. Again, he wasted no time and got right down to business. He spread my legs wide and put the soles of my feet together.

Cupping my mound in his big, warm hand, he said, “Under no circumstances are you to allow yourself to orgasm, understood?” I nodded yes and he continued, “If you are about to cum you will tell me, and you have to tell me in time for me to stop. You have to tell me specifically that you’re about to cum, because I will ignore every other plea to stop. You know you can’t fool me, so don’t even try to get away with an orgasm, either. If you cum, the punishment will be very severe. Is all that understood?” He sounded very serious, like he was giving orders or something. I suppose he was, but I was more focused on the way he was lightly squeezing and releasing my mound in a slow pulse.

His hand moved from my pubis to my nipples, and he began teasing and tweaking them absentmindedly. “Lexi?” he asked, but I didn’t answer right away, being distracted by his touch, so when he squeezed my nipple hard and said “Lexi?! Do you understand me???” I yelped a quick “Yes, Daddy!!”

“Good,” he said. “Let’s get started…”

For a very long time, he did nothing but play with and suck my nipples. He knows that drives me crazy, and there are times I almost cum just from them being stimulated. This time, though, he played so long that they went past feeling good to feeling kind of irritated, but I didn’t dare say anything. Anyway, soon enough he switched to the vibrator.

Now, sometimes my Hitachi makes me have an almost instant orgasm, so I was a little worried about him using it on me. But OMG! He tortured and teased expertly! Sometimes he’d barely touch my labia, or run the vibrating head up the inside of my thigh, tickling me. Other times, he’d use it directly on my clit, and I’d have to warn him that I was about cum! At one point, he pressed it hard against my pubic bone, just above my clit, and just held it there. At first, it didn’t feel like too much, but after he held there awhile with steady pressure, it made me feel like I might pee, or cum, or crawl out of my skin! I begged him to stop, but he didn’t. Not til he was ready. Right at the end of the session, he brought me just to the brink with direct contact to my clit again. He did this twice, then three times, and by then I was shaking and begging him, sooo afraid I was going to cum, and almost not caring what the punishment might be if I just let go and orgasmed. It was horrible And wonderful.


When I went to bed that night, I had a soft ache in my pelvis, and my nipples and clit were tender. It was hard to go to sleep, but once I did, I slept like a rock.

The next day, Wednesday, was another long one at work! The time crawled, and I found myself checking my phone a lot to see if he’d texted. That’s pretty unlike me, but I felt out of sorts. It wasn’t because he was teasing me and denying my orgasm. He has done that many times, and usually I secretly love the anticipation it builds! This was different, though, because it spanned so many days. Even the fact that he was coming over every day was unusual. Like I said – usually it was once or maybe twice a week.

I don’t know what I was feeling, exactly, but it was weird. And I still felt weird when he came over.

When I opened the door, he was standing there with a bag in one hand and flowers in the other. He sat the bag down on the floor, and handed me the flowers.

“I thought you might like these,” he said. “I know it’s going to be a long week, so I wanted to get something pretty for my pretty baby.”

I hugged him tight and thanked him for the flowers. “Does it have to be such a long week, Daddy?” I asked softly. “I’ve learned my lesson! I won’t tease you any more!”

“I know you won’t, Princess,” he soothed. “At least, not on purpose.” He smiled and tucked my hair behind my ear. “Discipline’s very important, though…”

“Daddy! Please! I… I’m not just complaining, but I feel weird! I feel like something is really wrong!”

“Sshhhhhh, shush, little one,” he murmured tenderly. “Nothing is wrong. Your Daddy loves you, and will take care of you. It’ll be alright.”

He kissed me, and I looked up into his warm face. “Okay, Daddy. Thank you for taking care of me.”

He caressed me again, and said, “Does my little girl need to get fucked?”

Surprised, I gushed, “Yes! Ohhh yes please!” I nearly clapped with joy!

“I thought you might,” he said, and he reached down to pick up the forgotten bag. “That’s why I brought these…”

He had bought a huge, HUGE suction cup dildo and a clear pink double-ended one.

“Oh!” I exclaimed, trying to hide my disappointment. I mean, I like toys, but I thought he meant he was going to fuck me.

“I know, Lexi, you’d rather have the real thing, but that can’t happen.” He sounded genuinely sad, but also very stern. “So, I thought these might be a good compromise? Unless you’d rather I just tease you with the wand again…”

“No, Daddy, I’m sorry to be a brat. Thank you for thinking of me and buying the toys.” I meant it, too. I was thankful. I’d just had a moment of petulant disappointment.

Once again, he got right down to business. He didn’t make me do a striptease this time. He just took my clothes off himself. After kissing my nipples and fingering me until I was soaked, he had me sit on his lap. He arranged me with my head tilted back over his shoulder and started using the double-ended dildo on my throat! For a long time, that was all he did with me – fuck my throat with the toy. Sometimes he’d focus on going as deep as he could, other times he went fast. Occasionally he’d shove it very deep and hold it there until I was desperately trying to suck air around it! He tested my oral limits in every way. In between rounds, he’d let me rest, and he’d cuddle and comfort me, or slide his fingers over my soaked pussy.

And I was embarrassingly soaked. I don’t know what it is about getting throatfucked that makes me sooooooo wet, but it does. Even when it’s difficult or even unpleasant, it still stimulates me, and my Daddy loves that fact.

When he felt like I needed a break or a change of pace, he asked me to stand up and go get each of us a drink. I wiped my runny nose and watering eyes, and headed to the kitchen. My drink was a hard seltzer and his was the usual whisky. The cold, fizzy liquid felt so good on my throat!

“Thank you, Daddy,” I said, feeling very submissive. “My drink tastes sooooo good!” It didn’t matter that I’d been the one to go fetch them.

When we’d finished our drinks, he had me get out the massage table again, and I crawled up. He had me get on my hands and knees this time, and made sure my posture was good, with my ass up high in the air.

I felt him lubing my ass with his warm fingers, starting gently with one finger, and gradually inserting two, and then three. Then he got the large suction cup dildo he’d brought.

He held it up in front of me, letting me gauge its size.

“Think you can take it all?” he asked, with a challenge in his voice. “I know it’s too thick to fit down your throat, but that’s not what I had in mind, as you’ve probably guessed.” He grinned mischievously.

“I don’t know, Daddy! It’s huge!” And it was. I’m not good with measurements, but it was waaay bigger than any real cock I’d ever seen, and quite a bit bigger than any dildos I’d played with, too. It looked as big as my whole forearm. “I’ll try,” I promised.

“I have faith in you,” he encouraged, and started spreading lube over the shaft.

The insertion was tough, but he had opened me up and relaxed my muscles pretty well beforehand, so it wasn’t as bad as I feared. What was really painful and difficult was when he went very deep. Daddy’s cock is pretty big, and I definitely feel stretched when he fucks my ass, but this thing was so long, I felt it rearranging my innards! I tried not to complain, but I told him what I was feeling, which he encourages. He rubbed my lower back and reassured me that it wouldn’t injure me, and that he was being careful. He kept adding lube and he went very slowly, but he was relentless. At last, it got to a point where he could penetrate me completely and it didn’t really hurt – I just felt super full and there was a pressure, but it wasn’t totally unpleasant.

The whole process of getting me used to the dildo took a long time – like maybe half an hour or more – and I was getting shaky from holding the same position. He noticed, and instructed me to lay the upper part of my body down on the table, but to stay on my knees. It helped.

While I was in that ass-up position, he began to stroke that monster phallus in and out of me, from tip to base. At the same time, he started rubbing my clit with his other hand.

I was amazed how quickly I began to approach an orgasm! In what seemed like seconds, I had to warn him, “Ohhhh! Daddy! You’re gonna make me cum!! Stop! Stop!!”

He stopped rubbing my clit but kept the dildo slowly stroking. “Good girl!” he praised. He rubbed my back and bottom as he spoke, telling me how happy he was that I remembered to tell him.

The rest of the night went along the same lines. At one point he stuck the dildo to my glass coffee table and made me straddle it and fuck it with my ass while he used the double dong on my throat again. It was exhausting and overstimulating, and I was so thankful when he said that was enough for the night. He got us drinks this time, and a snack, and he held me late into the evening, caressing and soothing my sore body.

Before he left, he put the flowers he’d brought into a vase, and told me he’d be back tomorrow evening. He kissed me, and I watched him walk slowly down the sidewalk to his car.

I closed the door as he drove off, and then headed up to shower before bed.

As I lay there in the dark, trying to drift off, I realized being penetrated all evening had left me even more turned on than the repeated edging from the night before. Thinking about him holding me close and sliding that long dildo down my throat made me squirm, and without even meaning to, I was fingering myself. I just couldn’t help it. I played until I came, hard! And then I slept hard.

Thursday night came as if my workday was nothing but a dream, and my session with Daddy was my only wakefulness.

It began similar to the first night, where he had me strip and dance for him. Then, instead of using the vibe or having me masturbate, he used his fingers on me. He teased me hard! He’d get me sooooo close to an orgasm that I’d be gasping and squirming, and I’d tell him he’d better stop because I was about to cum! And he would slow down a little, but keep his finger slowly circling my throbbing clit, til I was just twitching and helpless. I thought sure I was going to cum, even though I was trying hard not to. I felt guilty about masturbating in bed the night before, and I felt even worse that I couldn’t bring myself to tell him.

He began talking with me as he played, asking me questions.

“Did my slutty little princess like getting her throat and her ass fucked last night?” he purred.

“Yes! Yes I did, Daddy. It felt amazing!”

“Good,” he said. “I had a feeling you were in need of a good fucking, but I wanted to follow the rules, you know. No seeing or touching Daddy’s cock…” He was picking up the pace as he talked, rubbing my kitty with intense circles, and I let out a moan.

“MMmmmhmmmm,” I whimpered. “I did need it. Thank you Daddy!”

“You’re welcome, little one. I know how hard this is for you, not being allowed to cum…” He was getting me close to orgasm again, and it was almost painful in its frustrating pleasure.

Plus, he was talking so sweetly, and with such regret, that I felt the guilt well up again. I knew I had to confess, no matter what might happen.

“Daddy?” I began timidly. “I have to tell you something…”

He slowed the motion of his expert hand and looked at me expectantly. He didn’t say anything at all, though, and that was the worst he could have done.

“I’m sorry, but… last night, I… I couldn’t help it. I couldn’t help myself! I masturbated after you left, and I made myself cum! I’m sorry, Daddy!” The words gushed out of me, an outpouring of guilt. A confession.

He sat stock still for what seemed forever. Then, finally, he said, “I see.”

Then, he stood up, straightened his clothes, and walked to the door. My heart hammered!

“Where are you going??” I cried! “Please don’t go! I’m really sorry!” I felt like crying, and I felt a pain in my stomach. Was he going to leave for real? For good?? “Daddy??? Please?” I begged. “Are you coming back??”

His look softened, but only for a moment. “Of course I’m coming back, Lexi! I won’t abandon you. You should know that.” Then he hardened again and he said, “I am very disappointed, though. I need to go home and think of what to do about it. But I will be back tomorrow. You may regret it, but I’ll be back.”

“No, No!” I cried. “I won’t regret it! I won’t ever regret you coming back, no matter what you need to do!”

“Good,” he said softly. He motioned me to come to him, and I did, though I was a little worried because he had the door open and I was still naked. I think he noticed that I peeked up and down the street before I stepped all the way into the doorway. He wrapped me in his arms and kissed me, deep and hard. “I’ll see you tomorrow, 6:00 sharp.”

I looked forward to 6:00 with a mixture of excitement and dread. I was excited because it was the last night of my punishment, hopefully! And of course I dreaded it a little because of the vague promise that I might regret daddy coming over. I knew I wouldn’t really regret it, but I also knew he could be fairly creative with ways to make me behave!

At 5:30 I got a text. It told me to stand naked in the doorway at 6:00, and not to move until he got here and told me I could! I just knew he caught me checking the street last night! Now he was going to make a point that I shouldn’t second guess him.

Being a good girl, or at least trying to, I got undressed and watched the clock. At 6:00 on the dot, I opened my front door and stood on the threshold. I glanced nervously up and down the street, but I didn’t see anyone stirring. I live on a street that’s basically all duplexes, mostly rented by young singles and families, along with a few older people. I know a few of the neighbors a little, but mostly we just recognize one another. It can be a busy neighborhood, so I was thankful no one was out. He drove up just a short while after I opened the door, and I was doubly grateful for his punctuality.

I turned to head inside as he got out of the car, and he called out, “Lexi! I didn’t say you could go in yet. Wait right there.”

I did, and he took his time getting out. He gathered a few items from the seat and locked the car before ambling up the sidewalk. Though he’s old enough to be my dad, or close to it, his grin made him look like a teenager. A naughty teenager, at that!

When he reached me, he took a black cloth out of his pocket and tied it around my eyes without even greeting me. He snugged it well and made sure it covered my eyes.

“Daddy??” I asked timidly.

“Yes, love. Almost ready.” I heard him rustling around, and then he murmured, “Almost forgot. Be right back.” And he left me standing there, naked and blindfolded, while he walked back to the car. I heard his car door open, and then to my terror, I heard another car drive by on the street! They didn’t stop or honk or anything, though, and momentarily I heard the car door close again and heard Daddy’s heels clocking up the walk. He took my hand then, and guided me by the arm back inside. I heard the front door shut, and then he led me to the couch.

“Tonight will be a night of mystery, I think,” he began. “I couldn’t decide whether to blindfold you the whole time or not, but I think I will. Now, sweetie, I have something important to ask you.”

The way he said it made my stomach tighten up, and being blindfolded made it worse somehow.

“Yes? What is it?” I heard a tremor in my voice.

“Well, I guess you already know there will be repercussions because you masturbated the other night. I plan to use a punishment tonight that I have never used with you before. It hurts, and it can hurt quite a bit, but it will not injure you, I promise. The thing is, once I start it, I can’t make it stop, and it can be very uncomfortable for a long time. Like, up to a couple of hours.”

My heart raced in my chest, and I found it hard to catch my breath.

“You… you’re going to hurt me?” I asked, feeling small.

“Yes.” I waited for him to say more, but he didn’t.

“Why do you want to hurt me?”

“Now Lexi, you know why. But, since this is kind of a different thing than a spanking, I want to ask you if you are okay with it. I won’t do it if you say no.”

“Now, what is it you want to do to me?” I was feeling confused and scared.

“I’m not going to tell you that. I just want you to experience it. Like I said,it’s a night of mystery. And trust.”

“Okay,” I said, thinking. I wasn’t sure what to do, and I was feeling panicky. He was being so strange and secretive! Still, I trusted him and I wanted to please him, so I asked, “So, you… you want to do this, this thing to me? You want to cause me pain? But it won’t really injure me, right?” I swallowed hard.

“Yes, princess. I do. And no, it won’t cause any lasting injury.”

“Then… then… Yes. You can do whatever it is you want to me.”

He didn’t answer with words. He just squeezed me, and kissed me deeply and slowly.

He stood up, leaving me sitting on the couch, and I could hear him rustling around the room. Finally, he stepped close and told me to turn around and get on my knees, up on the cushion.

I didn’t know what to expect. The blindfold made everything seem vaguely threatening and kept me on edge. It was exciting, though, too! He moved me into the position he wanted, with my upper body resting on the back of the sofa and my ass up in the air. He spread my legs a bit more, and then let his hands wander over my body. My senses were on high alert, so his touch sent electricity through me and I shivered. It felt good, soooo good, but I also expected the pain he’d promised, so I was very tense. He teased my nipples to aching hardness, and smoothed his warm hands over my round cheeks, and finally he began playing with my kitty. I let out a moan as I grew wetter, and he slid his fingers inside me.

He brushed my hair forward off my neck with his other hand, and kissed the nape of my neck softly.

“Oohhhhhhh, Daddy! Ohhh, you know just how to touch me! You’re going to make me cum before long if you keep doing that!”

“MMmmmmm,” he rumbled in his chest. “My sweet girl.”

He played with me and kissed my neck and shoulders for a few moments more, and then stepped away. I strained to hear, but I couldn’t tell what he was doing. I thought I heard plastic or maybe cardboard rustling. A package being opened, maybe?

When he spoke again, he was right beside me.

“Spread your cheeks for me, Lexi. Nice and wide.”

I did as he asked. He rubbed my lower back, and then reached between my legs to play with my pussy again. In that spread-open position, I felt naughty and slutty, and his touch had me dripping again in no time. I moaned softly in protest when he stopped yet again!

I heard a sound that I felt like I should know, but I couldn’t place it. And then he used one hand to spread my anus wide, and I gasped as the finger of his other hand put something wet and cold on my open rosebud. I thought he would insert his finger deep into my ass, which he often does, but instead, he just rubbed the creamy liquid in a small circle, just sliding the tip of his finger in a tiny bit. To my surprise, I realized he was wearing a rubber glove, like the one a doctor wears. He doesn’t usually bother with gloves when he’s playing with my ass. There’s no point, really, as he often ends up licking and tonguing me anyway. My puzzlement grew. Was he lubing me up for an even bigger dildo than the other night?? I couldn’t imagine that.

He kept fingering my ass that way, and after a few seconds I started to notice the cold of the cream giving way to a tingling, and then it started to burn!

“Daddy!??!” I squealed in alarm, “what is that??”

He gave one final poke, sliding the tip of his finger inside me, up to the knuckle, and then pulling it out and stripping off the glove.

“That, princess, is Capsicum. Pepper cream.”

I heard him step away and throw the glove into the wastebasket.

“Oh my god, it burns!!” I cried!

“Yes, sweetie, it does. And it will get worse before it gets better. It should reach maximum intensity in 20 minutes or so, and then taper off over the next couple of hours.

“Oooooohhhhh!” I moaned, and it sounded wretched in my ears. It was already burning so bad it felt hard to bear! How was I going to stand it if it got worse??

“Now you know why I asked your permission,” he said, and I swear there was some humor in his voice! Was he amused by my pain and discomfort??

I didn’t know what to say, so I said nothing, but I couldn’t help squirming as the burning sensation grew.


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