Daddy And Kitten Have An Intense Session

“Lift your hair kitten” he says in that seductive and demanding tone meant only for me. I shiver as his words caress me, luring me into submission. I raise my eyes to meet his. He is holding the impossibly black fur lined collar in front of me.


It’s thick, heavy leather is adorned with silver rings strategically placed along it’s center, to secure the leash wherever he saw fit. This is my session collar.

Even though Daddy and I have used it many times before, it always scared me a little. It meant things were turning serious. Daddy was going to be able to let go and unleash his inner Bear, the primal force inside him he battles with daily.

This is as much about surrendering for him as it is for me. Here, he can truly be himself which makes our sessions so much more powerful and intimate. He is a tidal wave of pleasure and pain, crashing over me and demanding my surrender each time.

I don’t want to lift my hair just yet. I want to continue looking into those rich hazel eyes, blazing with so much heat and promise. They keep me locked in place for a moment too long.


His voice is more forceful now but his tone still soft and soothing, wrapping me in a blanket of desire. I shiver again, smile and slowly turn my back to him, lifting my hair. I feel his breath tickling my exposed skin as he wraps the weighted collar around my neck.

“Mmmm” I moan softly as I feel it tighten briefly before he buckles it into place. I’m caged, encased by his ownership. I instinctively lean back against him, sighing as I feel his hands run from the tops of my shoulders and down my arms. I rest my head back on his chest and push my small ass against his growing cock, trying to melt into him. He feels so good.

“Turn around”

I do as he says, turning all too eagerly to face him again. I watch him as he stares intently at the collar, making his final adjustments. He stops to examine, making sure everything is perfect before locking his knowing eyes on me. I whimper, barely audible. This ritual is all too familiar and I drift closer to submitting. It’s exactly like this every time. Daddy needs everything to be perfect before we begin.

I watch as he gets on the bed and lays on his back, legs spread, cock throbbing. I stare in awe, as if seeing him for the first time. It always feels like that, brand new.

I can feel my mouth start to water as my eyes drift up and down his body before settling on his cock. I know what he’s going to ask me and I painstakingly wait for his question, feeling my nipples harden around the barbells and the wetness starting to seep from between my lips.

“Do you want Daddy’s cock in your mouth kitten?”

“Yes, please Daddy” I say, trying not to sound as desperate as I feel. I shakily walk to the edge of the bed and crawl forward, settling myself between his legs and placing my hands on his thighs. I slowly run my lips and the tip of my nose up each inner thigh, taking in his smell, gently licking and nibbling as I go.

My lips softly slide up and down the sides of his pulsing member, careful not to touch the tip. I want to experience all sensations before finally taking him in my mouth.

The smell of his skin is fresh and clean. The heat of his cock against against my lips sets me on fire, want and need ripping through me. His moans encourage more worship from me and I answer by taking the length of him deep into my tight throat.

“Oh Fuck!” he snarls, his hands tangling in my hair, forcing me to stay put until I gag around him. He pulls me off him and I gasp, tears starting to form in my eyes and spit dangling like a lifeline attached to his cock. We lock eyes and I strain against his hands, trying to get close enough to take him in my mouth again. I need to taste him. Now.

He loosens his grip and I hungrily take him into my mouth again, taking him right to the edge of my throat repeatedly. I wrap a hand around his shaft, pull him out of my mouth and spit all over the head of his swollen cock.

I repeat this again and again, coating him in spit, making him slick in my hand. I worked at him ferociously, aching to feel his cum spurt into my awaiting mouth and down my throat. His moans and growls soak my pussy, dripping down my thighs. I need this. I need this desperately.

I feel his hands twist in my hair again and pull me up and off him. We lock eyes and he smiles, watching me gasp for air. My eyes give away my disappointment and the sudden emptiness leaves me craving him even more.

“Face down, ass up Kitten”

I scramble to obey knowing I won’t be empty for long. He slides off the bed and I hear him grab the leash off the bedside table, the chain clanking as loud as church bells, calling me home. The noise vibrates through me, sending another gush of juices to coat my thighs.

He clips the leash to the back of my collar and rests the freezing metal on my back, causing me to arch and moan in anticipation. I know what’s coming next and all I can do is wait, laying on the bed with my knees tucked up under me and my ass high in the air.

He removes the leash from my back and I feel him give the leash a quick jerk, my head tipping back. The sudden motion has me cry out in pleasure and pain. God, I want this. I want him. I am almost fully out of my head now, close to the edge of floating away. There is only one thing he could do now that would seal my fate.

All of a sudden a torrent of blows from the flogger rain down on my back, my thighs, my awaiting ass. This. This is what I need. This is what I crave.

I respond by pushing back against to him, feeling the head of his cock slip into my hungry pussy. The blows continue to snap against my back causing me to moan from the intense pleasure I’m experiencing. His voice cuts through the fog, starting to crash over me in waves.

“You stupid little bitch! You want Daddy’s cock in that whore pussy, don’t you?”

I beg mercilessly,”Yes daddy! Please! Split my pussy wide open!” All I want is the fullness only he can provide. The overwhelming feeling of being stuffed to the brim is one of the few things I’m willing to beg for.

Suddenly, I feel his cock drive home, burying deep in my cunt. He is so impossibly large, forcing his way into my tight, dripping pussy. I tip my head back and growl at the immediate pleasure and pain coursing through my body. It’s too much. Too much pleasure.

It feels like my soul is drifting away from me as I feel him rip into me, the sounds of his constant degradation slam against my ears, the flogger marking my back in deep crimson lines. Oh god, the sensations are overwhelming, causing me to forget my own name. Kitten is all I am now.

“You fucking slut! Take Daddy’s cock little girl! I OWN you!” he yells, his words cutting into me, piercing through the ecstasy I’m engulfed in.

I am his. All of me.

I push back against him with every thrust, his cock stabbing in and out of my soaking cunt, my moans turning into growls.

And I rake at the bedsheets with my nails, clawing my way towards exquisite orgasm. He knows I’m close and won’t deny me this release. He very rarely does.

My body is his to do with whatever he wants. And what he wants is for me to experience the most intense orgasms as much as possible. To leave me a quivering mess, lying in a puddle of my own cum.

“God you’re so fucking tight kitten! Cum from me! You’re mine!” he yanks hard on the collar, snapping my head back as I let out a guttural sound, obeying his command. My cunt clenches around him steadily as the orgasm rips through my body.

If I had claws the bedsheets would be shredded. I can’t control myself. Sounds I’ve never heard before emanate from my open mouth. I am soaring outside my body, out of control from every sensation I’m experiencing.

How long has it been? Minutes? Hours? I have no concept of time anymore. All I can do is surrender completely to him. I am his through and through.

“Oh fuck kitten! Daddy’s going to pump all of his cum into you! Take it all you stupid whore!” He screams it, his voice commanding and rough. The flogger suddenly is replaced with his nails, scraping down my back. My response is instant.

My back bowes, my head tilts back, and I scream, “DADDY!” It’s exactly what he needs to push him over the edge. I feel it then, hot, spurting cum flooding my pussy. The feeling is exquisite. I want it all inside of me. I start to clench my inner walls as hard as I can, milking him for every delicious drop.

He pants as he glides his fingers over my back, calming the angry scratch marks, making me convulse under his touch. He slowly, so slowly exits me and moves back to lay on the bed, his glistening cock still at attention.

“Time to clean Daddy up kitten.”

I raise myself up shakily and crawl towards him, salivating again at the thought of him bruising my throat. I start to lavishly lap at tip, collecting all the leftover cum still leaking out of the head of his drenched cock.

I take him fully into my mouth and down my throat, being awarded with the lift of his hips and a moan tumbling from his mouth with so much force my already punished pussy is begging for more. I look up at him, mouthful of cock and we lock eyes.

His smile is brilliant, white hot and I beam underneath it. He lovingly strokes the hair away from my face and says, in the most tender way possible, “Good girl.”


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