Cuckold Cleanup

Story Line: Black wife empties herself into her white cuck.

Mitten introduced me to cleaning after she’d become reacquainted with her dealer and chose to pay for her once in the manner she’d used when she was a whore, sucking, fucking and giving up her arse.


She’d been shopping and came home about an hour late and slightly disheveled. I’d told here to sit down and relax while I unloaded the vehicle which took about half an hour.

Finished I joined a now much more relaxed and still disheveled Mitten slouched along the lounge, BBC bong with a wisp of smoke rising near to the fingers of her right hand, those of her left hand idly twisting a nipple of her exposed tits. I took a seat sitting opposite Mitten and reached across the coffee table to take the bong. The dope bowl was full and a sandwich baggy lay open and wet besides it.

Mitten opened her eyes as I began to pack the bong,

“Hi honey.” She smiled directly at me, suddenly staring intently

“Honey, I ‘bought’ the dope.” She added raising one eyebrow.

I grinned as I inhaled and through the smoke watched my clearly aroused partner closely. She teasingly continued to pull and twist one nipple with her left hand while the fingers of her right hand began by lifting her dress to expose her shaven mound, it looked slightly swollen and pinkened as if just used.

I inclined my head towards her exposed crotch where her fingers were now parting her thick brown outer lips to expose the long pink inner set clearly used and drooling pearly juices.

Mitten lowered her head slightly and even blushed as I heard her intake of breath, saw her plunge four fingers straight into her cunt. She grunted and began to hump her hips onto her hand,

“I paid for the dope with my hole honey.”

I heard but was rapt by her earthy sexuality being demonstrated right before me in a heated, smelly rutting.

“He fucked ALL my holes honey.”

I started to reply but,

“He’s got a BIG, Thick, COCK honey.”

I was hard as iron now and the cock-ring ensured I’d be able to pound any hole for ages.

“You’re a slut whore aren’t you Mitten?” I growled

Mitten trembled with excitement as with closed eyes she leant back against the arm of the lounge. Her left calf was placed along the low back of the lounge fully exposing her body, her soft tits falling free and now showing drying cum stains, bites and bruises, her cunt-lips raggedly surrounding her knuckles as her thumb joined the remaining fingers to plumb her clearly messy depths.

“Oh god Yes!” She squealed and pushed her hand into her cunt.

She was so fucking horny I had to consciously hold myself back from attacking her and chose another cone as I watched Mitten slip deeper into her grunting, grinding rut, surly reliving her morning.

“Tell me.”

Mitten grunted.

“Tell me all the details.”

Mitten groaned and ground her cunt around her fist.

“TELL ME NOW WHORE.” I shouted.

Mitten flinched but began to speak.

“Urgh, He fucked me. He fucked all my holes.” She groaned and began to twist her fist back and forth inside her sloppy cunt causing obscene gurgles to rise.

“I’m full of his cum. It’s in my womb. It’s creaming my guts and I can still taste it!”

“You beautiful fucking slut, tell me every filthy detail.” I admonished her.

Mitten was sprawled along the lounge her thighs pulled apart and back to allow her to access her cunt with her fingers and fist. She was very stoned, very fucked and right now inhumanly horny. She trembled fiercely and humped her cunt onto her rotating fist as she grunted onwards in her story.

I took another suck on Mittens BBC dong getting really stoned.

Mitten continued,

“I got there and he was just getting up and dressed only in a pair of boxers, and he had a big boner.”

“Go on slut.”

“He wasn’t that happy with me being there as his girlfriend was in the bedroom and she gets jealous but he waved me in and said I should go through to the games room out the back. I was looking at the full sized snooker table when he walked in behind me as I was bent over the table and my short dress rode up exposing my arse cause I never wear panties when I go to buy ganga, as you know.”

“Slut. You just want it to be easy to get at don’t you?” I snarled reaching for another come.

“He stepped up close behind me and pressed against me so I could feel his cock pressing against my arse through the thin silk material so I ground back onto it as my cunt tingled and got wet.”

“Got wetter.” I commented

“Wetter. He asked how much I wanted. I told him an once. He asked me how I wanted to pay. I asked him what his terms would be and he shoved me down so my tits and face were pushed into the baise and he shuffled himself between my thighs so my sloppy cunt was pressed right against his covered knob and I moaned.”

“You filthy slut. Any cock makes you wet doesn’t it?”

“Yes, yes any cock, any cock at all!” Mitten squealed as she hammered her cunt into a frothy mess which began to spread across the cushions.

“He pulled his boxers down and stuffed his hard cock straight into my cunt, balls deep and told me, one ounce, one world trip, all three holes. I grunted my agreement. He went on, bareback as he began to fuck sliding back and slamming in making me grunt. I agreed again, louder and more eagerly. He began to fully withdraw and slam balls deep faster and faster until I began to cum and couldn’t stop as long as my womb was being pounded. I screamed as I came and got pounded hollow and he grabbed my hair roughly pulling me backwards so he could fully stuff my hole causing more screams until her covered my mouth and hoarsely growled, ‘shut the fuck up whore. My missus hears us and I’ll let her have you for the kennel.’ So I shut up.

I went and got a couple of beers before returning and stripping off before Mitten as she fisted herself, described her days whoring and perved at my smooth shaven nakedness.

She moaned as she watched, “So tasty.”

“The details slut.”

Mitten relaxed back, “He came in my cunt and after pulling out made me kneel on the floor next to the table. Then he had me reach behind and grab my ankles, he said if I let go he’d cut my nipples off. Hes really mean and I was scared but so fucking horny being such a filthy slut. He pushed his slimy cock around my face smearing his cum and my cunt juice all over until he stuffed it into my mouth. I sucked it real good. It’s a bit over 8″ but thick, much thicker than yours.”


“With just the head in and my tongue running around it making it wetter and drinking in our juices he settled, entwined the fingers of both hands in my hair and positioned me so my head was pressed back against the table, my tits thrust forward, my knees spread wide and my cunt dripping his cum onto the carpet. He looked down at me telling me to keep looking into his eyes. Then he skull-fucked me!”

Mitten came fiercely humping her fist, rolling to her left and squirting everywhere.

“You lovely filthy slut.” I screamed at her and stepped over the table, I pulled at her so her fist gurgled it’s way free causing Mitten to moan. I positioned her so I could straddle her, my cock inches above her near unconscious lips, my own face descending towards her hugely gaped cunt with its loose pink and ragged looking lips, her dark pink inners on show, her dark brown skin shining where it was wet.

“Tell me everything.” And I plunged my face into her splayed cunt.

Mitten squealed and reached around with both hands to push my face into her cunt deeper.

“Suck his cum out faggot. Eat the semen out of my cunt and arsehole you faggot.”

I devoured her and she rode me with abandon.

“He pounded my throat, down past my swallow and choked me over and over again. I was seeing stars when he eventually groaned and I felt his cock throbbing as cum pumped straight into my guts. I was wanking my sloppy cunt and had let go of my ankles so when he saw that he said I had to be punished.”

I was nearly drowning in the copious cunt juice and god knows what was flowing out of my stretched slut.

“He bent me across the snooker table and went and got two cues. He made me suck them and then he fucked my arse with them, both at the same time!”

“You are such a whore aren’t you!” I demanded

“Yes I’m a nasty whore, $50 and you can do anything you want with me.”

“Tell me everything.”

“He used the cues to ream me open and made me scream until he began to slap my arsecheeks. Then when it’d got a bit easier, those grips on the cues really tear up a hole you know.”

I could see how swollen her pucker looked, purple with the hint of a hole, trembling as the remnants of her last orgasm ran through her.

“Then he arsefucked me. He gripped out the cues and slammed himself into me. It was so hot. It was a big hot cock raping my arse and I came. I remembered times I’d been arseraped before, my uncle slowly taking my arse one night while my sister in the next bed watched silently, my cousin accidentally sodomising me at a rodeo instead of fucking me over the rails in the crowd.”

Mitten now had me pulling her open, my thumbs and two fingers of each hand pulled her easy cunt wide open so I could see her cervix, the ring and little finger of both hands were buried in her sphincter and had that retracted so I had a view inside her cum lined rectum as I licked her clit keeping her just cumming,

She screamed, “It was so dirty. “He made me lie on my back across the table and then rammed himself back in my arse. It was still loose so he made me lick his hand, get it real wet and he stuffed it in my cunt while he fucked my arse. It hurt a lot but I kept cumming as he fisted and arsefucked me hard. When he came he pulled out and made me lick him clean. He pushed an ounce bag up my cunt and pushed me out the door just as his girlfriend woke up. I was pulling on my dress when I heard them beggining to argue. Then I came home and you’re going to fuck me.”

I did two things at once. I stuffed my right hand into Mittens loose cunt and I let my hips fall down to drive my 7 1/2″ into Mittens guts.

I plunged in until it hurt my balls where they pounded into her nose, I formed a fist inside her and consciously started to destroy her cunt so it’d just hang uselessly open. Mitten screams were muffled by my cock and she sprayed spittle everywhere as I furiously pounded into my slut wife. She was going to take it until her lips were bruised and swollen and she’d end up with a painful swallow for days.

I just mindlessly pounded my being through my cockhead into the soft wet tube Mitten had become. My whole being seemed to become electrified and then course through every cell in my body focussing on through my balls, and then explosively through my cock to blast straight down the tunnel that was Mitten into her stomach as she struggled, choking as I filled her, her desperately contracting gullet massaging my last drops as I bit into her clit.

I pulled out in a long gurgling withdrawal, she gasped for a breath and screamed as I bit harder.

“Oh god, oh god, oh god, BITE MY CUNT.”

I sucked her inner lips into my mouth and but down onto her most sensitive flesh, she screamed then devoured my cock and we both screamed in orgasm before collapsing in a messy pile.