Cowgirl Accidentally Falls In Love

“Com’eer Juniper… a’da girl,” Dee said as she finally got her last cow into its pen.

The sun had set far too long ago and now only a few clouds in the west still offered a rosy light. Kip, her loyal cowdog, wagged his tail in excitement when she finally closed the gate and turned towards the ranch-house. Dallas Miller was a good old fashioned country girl, after college she returned to her family’s ranch. to work as a cowgirl.


She and her step-brother Jed had both been to uni, but unlike her brother she never enjoyed the city and preferred to work in the quiet, peaceful countryside. She was tall and athletic, with light brown eyes and straw colored hair that she always kept back in a ponytail, and she always kept her nails a bright yellow color.

It was well past dark by the time she made it back to the ranch-house. Dee heaved a long sigh, slipped off her boots and put her feet up.

“Did you ever have so much trouble with those cows Carla?” She asked one of the ranch-hands.

“No miss, perhaps they feel more comfortable with you so they think they can get away with things.”

“Maybe so… hey! That tickles!” She laughed, pulling her feet away from the nosey dog.

“Are you excited for Mr. Jed’s arrival tomorrow?” Carla asked as she went to fill Kip’s bowl for the evening.

“Oh… I didn’t realize he was coming. I will be happy to see him though, we haven’t seen each other since graduation.”

“I’m sure you will have great fun together.”

After the dog was fed the two girls sat down to watch TV. Dee felt exhausted, and so after the episode was over she wished Carla goodnight and went to her cabin. Jed arrived early the next morning and was already catching up with the ranch-hand when Dallas walked in, sleepy eyed and still in her pajamas.

“Morning Dee!” He said when he saw her.

“H-howdy Jed,” she replied, yawning. They hugged and Dee sat down to eat breakfast.

“Mr. Jed was just telling me about all the fun you had as kids, I never knew you were such a dolly growing up!” Carla said teasingly.

Dee went along with it, but deep down she was extremely embarrassed. As a teenager she had built up a persona of tomboy-ishness which was the only version of herself most people knew. And she didn’t need her older step-brother reminding people of the girly imbecile she had been as a kid.

“Say, I heard those cows have been giving you trouble lately, mind if I come along and help out? I haven’t seen the ranch in years.” Jed asked when breakfast was over.

“Of course, let me just get dressed.”

Dallas went to her cabin and returned in her work clothes: jeans and white tank-top showing off her beautifully tanned arms and belly, she then put on a pair of white socks, slipped into her boots and grabbed her hat as she and her brother left to start the day. As Dee expected, Juniper and Daisy put up a fight when she tried to get them out of their stalls, but Jed, who seemed to have forgotten nothing about cowherding, gently but firmly urged them along, and with Kip’s help he soon had them all out and ready to go.

“Not bad for a city boy,” she said, half teasing, to which he playfully responded, “Thanks! I grew up on a ranch, you know.”

“Oh, did you now? Well you must have had a wonderful family then.”

“Ehh, my parents are nice, but my sister’s kind of a bitch sometimes.”

“Heyyy!” she said smiling, and gave him a friendly punch in the arm.

They began to walk Dallas’ 8 dairy cows down to the field where they fed. They stopped along the grassy side of a hill overlooking a little brook that divided the ranch. The cows began to graze and the two siblings sat under a mesquite tree and chatted about their childhood.

“Do you remember that time -we must have been only 5 or 6- when you announced to the family your intention to marry me?” Jed ribbed her.

“Yes,” Dee laughed and blushed a little.

“Oh man, the look on my mom’s face when you said that-“

“Yeah, and then the hour-long lecture as to why siblings couldn’t get married…”

Dee picked a dandelion and blew the seeds into the wind; the incident was humiliating for her and Jed’s bringing it up gave her a strange mix of nostalgia and uneasiness, she suddenly felt extremely vulnerable, but also knew that he was the safest person in the world to trust. The morning passed quickly while they sat and talked about old times, occasionally checking to make sure none of the cows got too far. After lunch Dee took off her boots and socks and announced that she was going to take a nap.

“Pfew! Gosh sis, you really had to do that?”

“What?” she said wiggling her toes, “it’s natural! You city boys and your unreasonable standards…”

“Maybe so… but I remember your faaaavorite part of bathtime was always the part when mom scrubbed those ticklish little feet,” Jed gently brushed her bare sole with a blade of grass. Dee scrunched her yellow-painted toes and pulled away, “you wouldn’t dare!” she stubbornly replied.

Jed grabbed his step-sister by her ankles and whistled for Daisy who was grazing nearby. “Here Daisy! Got something nice and tasty for you!” he said as the cow meandered over and took a sniff, and then a lick. Dee lost it when the full length of the tongue came stroking up her bare soles.

“Stahap Jed pleahehese!” she whined, but there was no chance of escape.

The long tongue licked endlessly up and down her arches, scratching and tickling like crazy. But the real torment was when Juniper came along to join and another wet, ticklish appendage began probing in between each sensitive toe as she writhed and protested loudly. The salivating animals were delighted by the new lunch option, infinitely more flavorful than grass, and soon her feet were a squirming, dripping mess.

“I think she’s enjoying it, isn’t she Daisy?” Jed teased as Dee pounded her fists on the ground in ticklish agony.

“Please…hehe… Jed you KNOW how ticklish I-I a-AHAHAHA!”

Jed let go of her ankles and she quickly pulled her soaking feet away. Suddenly her brother looked different. He was the same, boyish tease he had been growing up, but he was so… strong, and as strange as it was, his little antic awakened a small, helpless side to Dallas that she thought was buried long ago. A weird craving started to bubble up, one that she had never imagined before.

“You alright Dee? It wasn’t that bad was it?” Jed asked at last.

Dee snapped out of trance, her heart picking up, “N-no, no it actually released a lot of pent up giggles,” she said smiling and edging closer to him.

“No! This isn’t right… he’s my BROTHER!” Dee screamed in her mind as she stole a glance at him. Jed was a head taller than her and well built. His modestly large biceps and pecs were just peeking out from behind his plaid blue shirt, and wow, his thick, dark hair and deep blue eyes were almost too much to handle. Dee decided to take a nap, maybe she would feel better when she woke up. As she slowly drifted off to sleep under the warm sun, the comfort of knowing her strong big brother was by her side planted a big, girly smile on her face. She awoke to the sound of voices; Carla Lopez, the young, pretty, 5″2′ Latina ranch-hand was laughing and talking with HER step-brother. She quickly got up and, without thinking, joined the conversation.

“Hey Carla! How’s your section doing?”

“They’re well, Ms. Dallas, I just came to see how you two were getting along.”

“That’s great, we’re doing great! Aren’t we step-bro?”

“Yeah I was jus-“

“Yeah we were just about to check on Juniper actually, say you’ve got some pretty pesky ones too haven’t you? That Clover really can be a hassle, in fact you probably shouldn’t leave her for too long on her own.”

“Well alright, if you insist,” Carla politely excused herself.

Jed was very confused. She was visibly defensive, but why? The more he thought about it the more confusing it became, his little sister was suddenly giving him so much attention, he was actually starting to enjoy it. Dee deliberately kept her shoes off, some subconscious part of her wanted to feel vulnerable towards him, just like in the tickle fights they would have as kids. But eventually they had to start heading back to the stables, so she put on her socks and boots again and the two walked slowly back.

That night Dallas could not stop thinking about him. A small part of her resisted, saying that it was gross and wrong, but deep down she loved the taboo, the fantasy, the romance. At last the feelings became unbearable; she was thinking with her leaky pussy when she stole out at night to visit his cabin, then sneaking in she gently kissed his sleeping mouth. The sensation sends thrills of estrogen and dopamine through her brain, then quietly she snuck back to her cabin and began touching herself. She slowly stroked around her slick clitoris until she nearly lost her mind. Pleasure was streaming through her genitals when she stripped off her clothes and straddled a pillow, grinding her erect clit into the soft fabric till she came helplessly against it and fell asleep.

The next morning she was unbelievably nervous. “Silly dumb blonde!” she said to herself, “Common Dee… you aren’t like this!”

But as soon as he entered the dining area she realized that she very much was “like this”.

The poor girl’s heart picked up horribly and she struggled not to blush talking to him. Then she learned that a pipe had burst late that night and Jed would have to spend the next night in her cabin and nearly fainted. The day passed excruciatingly slowly, but finally the last cow was in its stall and Dee practically ran to her cabin, showered and put on the sexiest clothes she could find (which, her being a tomboy, was only a matching set of light blue underwear). Jed entered the cabin later that night to find her reading a book in bed.

“Woah, sorry I didn-“

“O-Oh don’t worry about it… I always wear this to bed… besides… we’re step-siblings… it’s not like you haven’t seen me before.”

She thought she sounded calm and collected but in reality she was trembling. The entire evening Dallas tried to keep the conversation on girls. She asked all about his old fraternity and whether he had any crushes.

“Yeah, I guess I do sort of have one crush right now.”

“Really? Who is it?”

“We’ll it’s a girl I’ve known for a while, the only problem is the relationship is totally inappropriate.”

Jed’s boner was raging, he couldn’t believe the words coming out of his mouth when he caught himself describing his own sexy, half-naked sister as his crush. She had been so attentive, so attached to him for the past two days that he was almost sure she felt the same, but not quite sure enough for comfort.

“Wow,” Dee said with a lump in her throat, “that sounds miserable… say, have you had your first kiss yet?”

At that he was certain, and a naughty smile crossed his face as he eyed her perfect, undressed form laying in bed. Jed crossed the room and sat down next to her. “Is there something you’d like to do tonight, step-sis?” he said, leaning down toward her face.

Dee’s heart fluttered horribly and her face flushed a rosy pink, “I-I… y-yea-” she stuttered, but was cut short by a deep, long, intimate kiss.

The step-siblings held their lips together while Jed unbuttoned his shirt, exposing his muscular, well-trimmed chest. The sensation of skin on skin flooded the cowgirl’s mind with oxytocin as her brother laid down in bed to deepen the kiss. At last they broke and looked at each other.

“I-Isn’t this wrong though?” she nervously stammered.

“That’s what makes it so much sexier,” he replied as they relapsed into a flurry of impassioned kisses.

A firm but gentle finger nestled its way between the lips of her throbbing cunt and began to gently stroke up and down, making special, swirly stops around her clitoris which tingled with excitement. Her hands began to slowly explore her brother’s manly chest as her mind wandered into intense, sexual fantasies. Then one of her hands reached into his pants and curled around his big, erect penis. It was warm to the touch and already dripping precum.

“May I?” she softly asked.

Jed nodded and watched his sister unzip his jeans and pull out the sensitive shaft and slowly kiss it. All sorts of lovely hormones were pumping through her mind and body as she took it in her mouth and fondled the tip with her tongue. All the while his rhythmic fingers slowly stroked her burning clit. The pleasure gradually built the more she played with the throbbing cock until she thought she might explode.

“Oh Jed… Jed please… I want you in me!” Dee moaned into her brother’s dick.

Jed wasted no time and soon the two were naked together on Dallas’ bed. Jed slid his cock over the outside of Dee’s warm, wet pussy once, twice and then thrust deep inside. She gasped as she felt the thick shaft rushing past 10,000 nerve endings all bursting with love and pleasure.

“Oh… f-fuck!” she whimpered as her legs began to shake from the pulsing sensations.

Jed stroked his sister’s clit as his balls slapped into her over and over again, her cunt contracting tightly around his cock and bringing him closer to orgasm. She smiled at the thought that she was fully vulnerable to him, fully his. Jed monitored himself, stopping when he got close and rubbing her erect clitoris in between to edge her ever closer, he promised not to cum until his little step-sister had had at least one orgasm. Dee was unable to speak while her brother was inside of her, reverting only to heavy breathing and trembling moans which harmonized beautifully with his erotic grunts. But when he touched her clit the words streamed endlessly,

“Oh yes Jed! Right there! YES YES, oh gosh… you’re the best brother I could have ever asked for! AAAAHHH!”

At last Jed felt her beginning to climax. Her toes spread uncontrollably and legs stuck out like a frightened cow. “JED! JED FUCK I’M CUMMING! YES! YES!” she shouted as he muffled her orgasmic cries with his hand. Her pussy closed tightly around his cock in long, deep clenches while pleasure surged from her clit to her womb. Jed tried to pull out to finish but she crossed her legs behind him, pulling his cock deep inside her.

“Stay in me!” she softly cried, “please… cum… i-inside me…” her quivering voice moaned as her orgasm ended and his began. Jed’s heart fluttered at his sister’s pleading voice and with a loud grunt he squirted a load of hot, sticky cum inside her tingling belly.

The step-siblings gently kissed and cuddled on the bed until they fell asleep in each other’s arms. In the morning the two woke up to a rooster’s call and sleepy morning kisses. Jed’s morning wood was quickly dealt with as Dee gratefully sucked on his cock until loads of salty, warm cum flooded her mouth which she swallowed with a smile.

Jed returned the favor by eating her out in the shower, lapping up his sister’s sweet, tangy juices like honey as she orgasmed against his face. It was their last day together and the siblings made the most of it, until at last they gave each other a deep, long hug and Jed drove away.

Dee shed a tear as she watched his car disappear down the road, Carla never suspected that she cried for anyone more than a brother, and certainly not for the love of her life.