Couple Struggling With Wife’s Infidelities

Deanna was acutely aware of the damp stickiness of her panty as she followed David upstairs, loyally carrying his briefcase and carryon bag while he lugged his two, larger pieces of luggage. She had felt herself becoming wet, with more than arousal, as she was pulling up to the lower level of the airport terminal where arriving passengers could claim their checked baggage.


Her apprehension abated when she noticed her husband pausing to once again admire the unrestrained swinging and swaying of her breasts. Her newfound habit of going braless combined with the cleavage exposed by the somewhat daring neckline of her dress might have allowed her to persuade him to stop to have an expensive dinner if the restaurants hadn’t been closed again by yet another lockdown.

She was pleased that wearing a dress rather than the hospital scrubs that had become her habitual attire was provoking his attention. She had shamelessly savored the sensation of moisture seeping from her sex during the drive home as she became reacquainted with her spouse after yet another three week absence.

As David stowed his luggage temporarily, Deanna seductively unzipped her dress and slid it off to stand before him in just her stay up stockings and white, bikini style panty. She was acutely aware that the normally translucent fabric of her panty became almost transparent when it was damp. As she was hooking her thumbs into the waistband of her panty to begin sliding it over her wide hips, a pang of guilt combined with apprehension motivated her to suggest, “perhaps I should take a shower.” She belatedly realized that her red hair had been damp from a rushed shower when she picked David up from the airport.

David responded to the sight of Deanna’s pendulous breasts and red pubic hair that was only half covered by her panty but fully visible by eagerly stripping off his suit as he said, “don’t worry about it. Leave your stockings on too. You look so sexy in stockings rather than pantyhose,” he said as he turned the bed down to expose the sheets that she had once again neglected to change.

Deanna was relieved that David was so eager. As a concession to the Covidvirus, he was usually away from home three weeks at a time rather than only one week as had been his habit before the pandemic. An unexpected blessing to his prolonged business travels was that his absences did seem to make the heart grow fonder. They hadn’t been bickering as much during his infrequent weekends home as they had been while they had been under lockdown with their children. They didn’t need to waste another, precious weekend in sullen silence again either.

Unfortunately; Deanna’s attention was drawn to her CycleBeads. The marker ring on the first of the white beads was an unwelcome reminder that she had been forgetful and reckless, again. She was acutely aware of David watching intently as she glanced at her calendar, counted the days since the day circled in red that recorded when she had started her last period, then counted beads as she nervously advanced the marker ring to the second white bead, then the third, then advanced it again to leave the marker ring on the fourth white bead. She was dismayed by the belated realization that she was on the twelfth day of her cycle. Even more disconcerting was the possibility that David might be realizing once agai that she had been a few days late. Her earlier explanation that she was getting to an age when her cycle was no longer as regular as it had once been was no longer entirely plausible.. Fortunately; her husband didn’t interrogate her as she approached their marital bed until her sex was only inches from his face.

Deanna was both thrilled and alarmed to feel David hooking his thumbs into the waistband of her panty, that was already at almost half mast, to push the garment the rest of the way over her hips then down her tapered thighs until it slid down her legs so she could step out of the garment. His hands on her hips gently but relentlessly encouraged her to swing a knee up over him then lift the other so that she was kneeling with her damp pubic mound pressed against his face. She was in what had in recent months become her unrepentantly favorite position.

The sensation of David’s lips and tongue caressing her labia and clitoris quickly brought Deanna to her first orgasm in over two hours. Her orgasm was rewarded by the sensation of his tongue plunging deep into her sex. David tongue fucked her to yet another orgasm. The contractions of her pelvic and vaginal muscles unleashed a flood of fluid.

Momentarily satiated, Deanna slid her pelvis down David’s torso until his rampant erection entered her with an effortless ease that was no longer unaccustomed. Deanna noticed her husband glancing at her CycleBeads again as she desperately impaled herself on him. She could almost see the gears turning inside his head as he counted the days, but there were no questions or recriminations. She attempted to distract him by assuring him, “don’t worry. I’ll be extra careful.”

Deanna desperately struggled to get more of David’s penis inside her, but he had no more penis to give her. She moaned in frustration as she began to rhythmically flex her pelvic and vaginal muscles around the phallus that no longer seemed quite adequate. Her desperate efforts were eventually rewarded by yet another orgasm. Her husband might not be spectacular, but he did remain at least adequate when she truly was in the mood.

The sensation of David’s erection faltering provoked dismay. Deanna intuitively understood why as she felt his penis softening and shrinking inside her. A combination of guilt, and she was ashamed to admit even to herself, another far more primal instinct, motivated Deanna to dismount from David’s penis then slide her pelvis down his legs as she lovingly kissed her way down his hairy chest and somewhat prominent gut. She was soon wrapping her lips around his faltering erection. In recent months she had been practicing the skills that had atrophied during nearly two decades of somewhat staid courtship, engagement, then marriage. She eagerly took his softening penis deeper into her mouth until her nose was nuzzling his graying pubic hair.

Deanna was elated to feel David’s erection reviving. The sensation of his glans actually penetrating her throat evoked memories of her high school and college dalliances. She was no longer worried about her husband loosing respect for her. She had already forfeited his respect. Ironically; she had been liberated to become the uninhibited lover that he deserved. She took his glans as deep into her throat as his merely almost average endowment allowed.

Deanna was relieved and thrilled, but also dismayed, to feel her husband gently entwining his fingers in her hair to encourage rather than coerce her. She was ambivalent about obliging his tacit request. After so many years of marriage, it was obvious when his orgasm was becoming eminent. She allowed a few inches of David’s pale shaft to emerge from her lips so that his glans was in her mouth rather than in her throat. She had learned years ago that every man’s semen had its own distinctive aroma and flavor. It was unfortunate that her husband’s semen was rather objectionable compared to other’s. She wanted to savor the bouquet in her mouth anyway. She owed him at least that much.

Deanna was bemused to hear David gallantly warning her, “I’m almost ready to blow my load,” while his gentle grip silently implored her to continue to fellate him. She continued to suck on his penis until she could feel and taste the first jet of semen spurting into her mouth then another and another. She suppressed the urge to gag, pull away or spit.

Deanna wasn’t naïve enough to presume that her husband didn’t masturbate during his prolonged absences. However; the volume of his ejaculation assured her that he hadn’t masturbated often or recently. She resolutely kept her lips sealed around his penis to ensure that none of his precious essence would escape. As she eagerly swallowed his semen, the knowledge that hundreds of millions of David’s sperm were being condemned to a futile death in her stomach rather than be allowed the opportunity to bring forth life in her womb provoked guilt and regret while perversely inflaming her arousal.

After she had finished swallowing all but traces of David’s semen, Deanna released his penis from her mouth then laid down beside him to cuddle with her head on his shoulder. The couple remained silent until David simply stated rather than asked or accused, “your boyfriend has been visiting you again while I was out of town.”

Deanna responded somewhat coquettishly but not deceitfully, “what gave me away?”

“Such an eager blow job is always a clue,” her husband responded. “Your boyfriend is also better endowed than I am. I can always feel the difference after he has recently been inside you. You’re more reckless with him than you are with me and you didn’t bath again. I can still smell and taste his semen. You also forgot to change the sheets again. I’m laying in his wet spot.”

“I’m sorry,” Deanna pleaded.

David asked,”you’re sorry for what? Are you sorry that you invited him into our bed yet again or are you just sorry that you were indiscrete enough to not change the sheets again? I told you how much it bothered me that you had defiled the sanctity of our marital bed.”

“You’ve forgiven me for cheating on you, more than once,” Deanna reminded her husband. “Why are you so offended by my cheating on you in our bed?”

“It just seems so much more sacrilegious that you allow another man to fuck you in our marital bed,” David explained.

“With the Covidvirus locking down most of the hotels and motels, it is more convenient. It also seems more intimate and innocent,” Deanna argued. “It also seems less deceitful when I don’t conceal the evidence too?”

When David didn’t respond, Deanna became fearful that they were going to endure another weekend of sullen silences. She attempted to appease his wounded pride with a deep kiss that shared the aroma and flavor of semen that was his rather than her paramour’s. She was relieved to feel her husband relaxing to return their kiss, even probing her mouth with his tongue. “You must be famished after your flight. I splurged on some prime steaks,” she dissembled. The precious steaks were a gift from her paramour. Thanks to David’s parents, they were fortunate enough to enjoy an abundance of free range beef as well as wild game such as elk, deer and even bear. However; she was a city girl who preferred beef that had been finished on grain.

Deanna climbed out of bed then slipped on a camisole. The garment had become her preferred alternative to a bra when she couldn’t go braless. The lacy hemline was more than a few inches to high to be decent, but it wouldn’t be to scandalous. She felt free to be scandalous. They had taken their children to David’s parents early last spring where the freedom to roam over thousands of acres of crop land and grazing land would enable them to escape the stress of being locked down although not the specter of resurgent pandemic.

As David slipped on a bathrobe, Deanna walked to the kitchen to get a package of steaks out of the refrigerator then carried them out onto the back patio to fire up the gas barbecue. As she waited for the rocks to heat up, she glanced around to see if any of their neighbors or anyone else might be in a position to see over their privacy fences and the low hedge that delineated their boundary with the greenway with its public walking trail. She could rationalize that her red pubic hair could be mistaken for a panty from a distance. She then felt herself blushing with shame as memories of her most recent indiscretions asserted themselves.

Fortunately; David didn’t express any disapproval about her near nudity as he walked out to the porch. Given her earlier indiscretions, she could not have blamed him if he had became irate again. She stood closer to the barbecue and glanced around nervously, looking for anyone who might be able to see her. Fortunately; she saw no one and it was almost dusk.

As she waited for the barbecue to heat up, Deanna went back into the house to mix them some cocktails. The expensive, almost unobtainable sake was yet another gift from her paramour. As an air freight pilot, he traveled the world which enabled him to develop extensive connections for somewhat informal bartering. She had yet to be brazen enough to wear the silk kimono that her paramour had given her when her husband was home.

As she was returning to the patio, Deanna became acutely aware of the sensation of the warm breeze on her pubic hair which had become soaked with semen that had exuded from her sex during their love making. A pang of guilt inspired her to consider taking a belated shower, but she was hungry and David was no doubt hungry as well. She was relieved to find her husband reclining on the round, chase lounge for two. He was uncharacteristically unconcerned about his robe hanging open. When Deanna glanced at his exposed genitals he quipped, “I don’t have much to be ashamed of, especially when anyone who might see me are looking from a distance.”

Deanna refrained from responding to the self deprecating humor. She didn’t want to further inflame David’s understandably acute anxieties about his less than spectacular endowment. Savoring the memory of her most recent orgasm only inflamed her guilt. While no one would accuse her husband of being hung, he wasn’t truly inadequate, at least when he was determined to pleasure her as well as just himself.

When they had finished their drinks, Deanna arose to put the steaks on the grill. The knowledge that the precious steaks had been procured from the black market didn’t provoke guilt. There were no shortages of meat or anything else in the District of Columbia and other privileged enclaves even though the chronic shortages of food frequently provoked rioting in certain inner city neighborhoods. The folks in flyover country were struggling to fend for themselves. The pandemic had put an end to America’s endemic obesity. She’d lost twenty pounds herself.

While the steaks were grilling, Deanna retreated to the kitchen again to mix another round of cocktails. She was not unaware that the alcohol would make a repeat of their lovemaking less likely. However; that might actually alleviate David’s anxieties. The prolonged, not quite sullen silence that endured as they had their second drinks certainly confirmed her expectations.

They ate sitting up on the chase lounge. There were no side dishes to go with their steaks. Potatoes had become almost as hard to find fresh vegetables for salads. The only starch in their meal was bread that Deanna had baked herself with the help of her bread machine. They were fortunate that David had yielded to right wing rumors by encouraging her to stockpile staples.

As they finished their meals, Deanna noticed that David’s penis seemed to be reviving. The prospect of making love on their patio so soon after she had gotten laid on the same patio only hours earlier provoked her arousal. She bent over to take David’s penis in her mouth. Although she could feel his member swelling, it failed to become firm enough.

“Sorry,” David apologized. “I’m not a virile, young stud who can get it up ten times a day. Maybe in the morning?”

Deanna leaned forward to kiss her husband passionately. She was pleased to feel a hand gently squeezing one of her breasts. When she finally broke the kiss she assured him, “tomorrow would be wonderful.” Fortunately; the groping continued. Soon David bent down to kiss and lick her breasts, then suckle on her swollen nipples. Deanna yielded to the temptation to grasp his head to gently urge him lower. She savored the sensation of his lips kissing their way down to her navel then lower until they reached her pubic hair.

When David’s loving lips hesitated, Deanna knew why. “There’s no shame in it,” she assured him. “It isn’t as if this will be the first time.” After a few moments, she felt David’s loving lips reluctantly continuing their migration until they reached her swollen clit. The blatant wantonness of encouraging her husband to pleasure her while her sex was still seeping semen from her earlier assignations was more than enough to provoke an orgasm. David’s determination to pleasure his wayward wife prolonged her climax.

Eventually; Deanna felt David’s loving lips slowly migrating to her naval, then to her breasts where they lingered, then up her sternum to her throat then her chin until his lips met hers. The familiar aroma and flavor of semen that was so distinctive from David’s and far more agreeable was almost enough to provoke yet another orgasm. The sensation of a revived erection penetrating between her labia again pushed her over the edge and into the abyss of ecstasy. Deanna eagerly wrapped her legs around David’s hips encouragingly.

The exquisite sensation of David’s penis thrusting into her was soul satisfying but she quickly realized that she wasn’t going to orgasm again. “Relax. Enjoy yourself. Don’t worry about me,” she cooed as she hugged his hips with her thighs.

The pace of David’s thrusting increased. He was plunging his penis into her frantically, struggling futilely to reach the depths that he instinctively understood had so recently been explored once again by her paramour. Deanna was elated to feel his penis swelling even larger inside her as his climax began. She was almost dismayed to feel him begin to pull away. Although a brief pang of guilt inspired her to restrain him for a moment, respect for his decision combined with her own, true desire compelled her to release him. The sensation of his glans emerging from between her labia just as the first spurt of his semen began to ejaculate from the tip pushed her over the edge. The sensation of spurt after spurt of semen soaking her pubic hair was arousing, but it was truly the knowledge that her husband was once again dutifully denying himself the opportunity to inseminate her by wasting his seed that prolonged her orgasm.

As David collapsed onto her, Deanna whispered, “I guess this means that I’m forgiven, again.”

As David rolled off Deanna to reveal his softening penis he replied, “I guess it does. It’s almost as if we are already separated anyway. We have a few friends and acquaintances who reconciled even after one or both of them didn’t remain monogamous while they were separated.” He reached down to touch her sex, rubbing his fingers in her semen soaked pubic hair. “How many times did he cum in you this last visit? Once? Twice? Three times?”

Deanna briefly considered dissembling, more to spare her husband humiliation than to deceive him. She finally decided to tell the truth. “I wasn’t counting, but he probably inseminated me half a dozen times this morning and this afternoon. He must have filled me with his cum a dozen more times last night and the night before. I might have been careful if I hadn’t forgotten to perform my nightly ritual with my CycleBeads.”

“You’ve gotten away with being reckless before. Hopefully; you’ll get away with being reckless again,” David responded somewhat doubtfully.

“I am getting to the age when I’m not as fertile as I used to be,” Deanna responded reassuringly. However; she knew damn well that her cycle might be becoming somewhat irregular might not be simply because menopause was on the horizon. She was getting to an age when she was more likely to suffer an early miscarriage that could be dismissed as a period that had been late.

“Even so,” David gently chastised her, “you must be crazy to be so reckless. I must be crazy to keep forgiving you. That’s why I scheduled a counseling session with Doctor Binder for tomorrow morning. We need counseling. While an anonymous stranger might be less embarrassing, I thought that a therapist who is connected to our church might be able to offer a Biblical perspective.”

Deanna considered the prospect of marriage counseling. She had been considering the idea herself. She had also been considering the idea of a real separation, or at least a trial separation. “Okay,” she agreed. “I can go if the appointment is early enough in the morning that I will not be late to start my shift at the hospital at noon.”