Couple Meet Young Woman

I met her on a website that promoted people meeting people. The site was not exactly meant for meeting vanilla women or couples…but it was exciting to view others profiles and imagine actually meeting some of the adventurous people.


Actually, I met her and her husband. They had listed themselves as a Domme & Dom couple. I responded because she had listed that she was the one that was seeking a single female for some extracurricular activities. Her/Their profile was exciting and even though they didn’t have a picture posted, I sent them a ‘hello.”

Several months went by and then, on New Years Eve of 2008, we made contact again and my life changed.

We got on a chat channel and as we slowly got acquainted, She made me feel wanted and warm and safe. I could tell fairly quickly that she was different from some others I’d chatted with and felt more and more trusting. I usually don’t send face pics but felt comfortable enough to send Her/Them one. I had found out that he, the Dom was there too. We found out we had some mutual loves, Scuba diving and sailing…

Gradually, before I realized it, I was getting hot and excited just chatting with someone I didn’t even know or looked like. She had said that under no circumstances would she send pictures as they were to prominent for Their pics to be on the net. I understood but by this time, was beginning to feel I could send her anything and even tell her anything. She had told me that They were professors at a college so I understood Their concerns.

Suddenly I received a picture of a woman that was gorgeous, sexy; figure to die for and it made me feel so warm all over that she started trusting me enough to share her picture.

I shared that I was still virgin to men but had been with 3 older, aggressive women in my life and even went into detail on how it happened…Even as I was sending her this personal information, couldn’t believe I was being so open so soon. She seemed to understand and as we chatted, I found my body responding in a very sexual way. I was looking at her picture, she had sent me one in a bathing suit and I was drooling, and I could feel a tingly sensation in my lower abdomen with little electrical shocks reaching towards my womanhood.,

God, this woman and our chat was making me want to masturbate. I told her it might cause a flood as I was a gusher as well as a screamer…she said ‘good’. She slowly took me through a buildup of sexual tension and I became so hot and wet I was actually getting my robe wet.

I slowly succumbed to her will and directions and found myself masturbating and experiencing the most exquisite orgasm I’d had in a long, long time…maybe the best ever. Imagine this, I still had only see two pictures of her and chatted for what seemed like a little time but was hours, and I was sitting at my desk cumming all over myself, the chair and the floor.

Even though I’d told her I wasn’t sure about being with a man, suddenly found I wanted to eat her pussy as he was fucking her from behind. And, even was thinking that I’d like him to do me too when after he came in her and I was eating her cum filled pussy.

I wanted to please her so badly; I was willing to do anything, everything she requested.

When I had to get water to drink, she had me use the bottle to fuck myself. It was a 16 oz water bottle that was approximately 10″ long and nearly 3″ in diameter…I just knew it wouldn’t fit but my Mistress told me to do it – so with KY jelly, I slowly sat down on ½ the bottle and then, after some initial pain, moved to my bed and got all of it in me…I was soooooooooo stuffed, stretched so open, I thought I’d never be the same again. I came in a rush and roar. When I took the bottle out, it seemed like the entire 16 oz of water, now cum, came with it. The comforter and I were totally soaked.

I wanted to please my Mistress and be her whore, slut cunt and I hope she realizes that I now belong to her, to do with as she pleases. I hope it’s to make me a bigger whore, slut cunt used everyway she can think of with toys, fingers, hands, tongue, WHATEVER!