Chris Came Home Early Part 2

She shook her head quickly. “I… I got scared and made him take me home.”

“The same guy you had a date with tonight?”

Sherrie shook her head. “I never went out with Jack again after that first date.”

“Uh, his choice or yours?” Chris asked, again fishing for information.

“More or less ours. I think we embarrassed each other,” was his sister’s reply.

“Scared, is more like it,” Chris said as he leaned over and licked the very end of his sister’s untouched nipple.

Sherrie gave a jerk and shivered. Her pussy had a death grip on her finger. As it slowly relaxed, she whispered, “Usually, one, maybe two orgasms and I’m done but….”

“With someone else around you’re still wound up,” Chris ventured.

“Pretty much,” his sister whispered in reply.

Their dad had wiggled down in the bed and pulled the fingers out of their mother’s pussy. When he stuffed them in his mouth, her arm gave a jerk and she moaned deeply. Sherrie moaned just as loud.

“Let me have your finger,” Chris said with a grin as she sister shook her head quickly and sharply. “Why not?” He asked a moment later.

“Because,” Sherrie said quickly and then moaned again as she continued to watch her dad suck her mother’s fingers.

“Because why?” Chris asked.

Sherrie moaned and whispered, “Because I’d have to pull it out of my sex, for one.”

“And for two?” Chris said softly.

“Because I’d come my brains out again.”

“And the problem is?” Chris asked with a chuckle.

“You’d know what my pussy tastes like,” she whispered.

“Do you know what your pussy tastes like?” Chris asked softly.

She nodded quickly and whimpered softly as she pulled her finger out of her sex. She pulled her hand out from under her dress and looked at the shiny, wet looking digit. “I, uh, you,” she whispered and then groaned as her brother reached up and took a hold on her wrist.

Chris moved her hand up close to his face and opened his mouth. Sherrie moaned loudly as she stuck her finger in her brother’s mouth. He closed his mouth and sucked on the finger as his tongue swirled around it.

Sherrie gasped loudly and then moaned at the sensuous feelings around and over her finger. She tried to jerk her finger out of his mouth but he had a grip on her wrist and her hand didn’t move. His tongue felt weird but very good as it moved over and around her finger.

Chris popped his sister’s finger out of his mouth and licked his lips. With a grin, he said, “As sweet as sweet can be.”

She groaned deeply and blushed a hot red. “I, I, I,” she stammered and then groaned as she nodded her head.

Sherrie jumped up and ran over to close and lock her door. She turned and leaned on it looking at her brother. “I, uh, I,” she stammered as she pushed her dress down until it pooled around her feet.

Chris smiled and stood up. His shirt hit the floor. A moment later, he was pushing his shorts down. Sherrie groaned loudly as she saw the head of his dick sticking up above the top of his underwear. The shorts fell down and Chris kicked them away. His eyes ran up and down his sister’s body to land on the exposed part of her sex where her underwear was pulled to the side.

“What now?” He asked as he sat back down in the chair.

Sherrie shivered as she walked over and sat back down straddling his thigh. Her brother groaned softly and she grinned as she felt the heat in her vagina fed back from his thigh.

“Hot, hot, hot,” Chris said as he bounced his sister on his thigh by raising and lowering his heel.

Sherrie groaned and looked at the laptop screen. Her dad was flat on his back and her mother was sucking his dick. “Back it up,” she said quickly.

Chris reached around and took a moment to find the spot where his dad was sucking on his mother’s fingers. When he pulled them out of his mouth, he used both hands to lift her ass as he lowered his head to her sex. They couldn’t see what he was doing but their mother went wild.

“We can’t see,” Sherrie said with a deep groan.

Chris stopped the video and stood his sister up. Her panties ended up on the floor in seconds. Then she was being picked up and carried over to her bed. She ended up across it with her ass right on the edge. Chris smiled as he pulled a pillow down and handed it to her.

“Fold that up and put it under your head,” he said as he lifted her feet to the edge of the bed on each side of her ass. He used both hands to spread her knees. “You can’t see what they are doing but you can see what I’m doing,” he added as she went to his knees in front of her.

“I, I, I,” she stammered and then let out a long groaning moaning sound as his tongue traced a line up one inner thigh and then the other.

Chris looked up to see his sister’s eyes closed. “You can’t see anything with your eyes closed,” he said teasingly.

Her eyes popped open and then closed as the tip of his tongue flicked back and forth on the end of her clit. Her mouth was wide open but nothing came out. She was coming like mad and kept right on coming as Chris continued to lick and flick her clit.


Sherrie awoke with a start. Her brother was back in the chair watching the movie on the computer screen. She groaned as she looked down at her wide spread thighs and her fully exposed sex. “You, you, I,” she stammered and her brother looked around at her.

“Yeah, you did. Knock yourself out that is. Just for your information, you are very juicy.”

Sherrie groaned again as she closed her knees and tried to sit up. It took her three tries before she made it. Her feet back on the floor is what helped her make it. “That, uh, was insane,” she whispered.

“In what way?” Chris asked.

“The orgasm I just had,” she replied with a blush.

“Wait until you see the one mother had,” Chris said with a grin. “Let me back things up.”

Sherrie stood up and found her legs wobbly as she walked over to stand behind her brother. She held onto the back of the chair as the video flashed by in reverse. “Uh, how long was I out?”

“Long enough for me to watch mom getting off and laying out like you were more or less and then…. Well, I’ll let you watch it for yourself.”

He stopped the video and fast forward it a little ways. Sherrie groaned. Her dad’s head was still in the way but her mother’s hips were as high as they would go and flexing up and down hard and fast. From the look on her face Sherrie knew she was coming long and hard.

When her dad backed up, her mother’s hips were down to shaking and slowly settling back to the bed. Her slit was wide open and her clit was a bright reddish pink bud at the top of her very pink slit. Her short inner lips were spread against the inner part of her outer lips. Sherri groaned and whispered to her brother, “Pause it right there.”

When he did, she leaned over his shoulder to stare at the screen. “Mom is so wet,” she whispered softly.

“Like mother, like daughter,” Chris said with a chuckle.

“I, uh, wonder what dad’s face looks like.”

“Probably about like mine earlier,” Chris replied. “It took two of your wet wipes and four tissues to clean it up.”

Sherrie groaned as she straightened up. “What else have I missed?”

“Come sit on my knee and find out,” Chris said softly as he patted his left thigh.

“I, I’d make a mess,” Sherrie whispered.

“I’m washable,” her brother replied.

Sherrie groaned deeply as she came around and straddled his knee. They both made soft groaning sounds as her hot sex made contact with the top of his thigh. Chris hit play and sat back. Their mother was laying there motionless except for her heavy breathing and an occasional twitch in her hips.

“How, uh, long does this go on?” Sherrie asked.

“For a while,” Chris replied. “Should I fast forward to the next action?”

When Sherrie nodded, he did just that. He stopped as their mother sat up. “Pause,” Sherrie said and then asked, “Who was out longer, her or me?”

“You were but since it was your first time, I can see where that would happen,” Chris replied as he started the video again.

“Where did you learn to do that?” Sherrie asked and shivered as she did.

“Hey now, I don’t kiss or lick and tell,” her brother replied and then added, “The first time was pretty much a train wreck but the young lady in question took pity on me and showed me what I was doing right and wrong.”

“Do you still see her?”

Chris shook his head. “Shortly after my last lesson, she got back with her old boyfriend, got pregnant, and dropped out of school.”

“That sucks,” Sherrie said.

“She gave a great blowjob but there is no such thing as a bad one,” Chris replied with a laugh.

“That’s, uh, something I could probably use a few pointers on.”

“Such a deal I have for you,” Chris said with a bigger grin.

Sherrie blushed deeply and whispered, “Lets, uh, watch more of the movie.”

Chris hit play and it showed their mother still on the bed and then there was a very short blank section and it came back with their dad laying on his back on the bed. “Hey! What happened? What did we miss?”

“I think they took a break. Mother probably need to get her strength back for round two,” Chris said quickly.

“Round two?” Sherrie asked and then groaned as their mother climbed on the bed with her ass pointed right at the camera. She came to a stop between their dad’s legs. It wasn’t long before her head was bobbing up and down and their dad was making soft moaning sounds.

“What….” Sherrie started to ask and then groaned. “She’s giving dad a blowjob.”

“No shit,” Chris replied. “And we can’t see any of it.”

Sherrie groaned again and shook her head. “Nope, I can use my imagination and past experience to fill in the blanks.”

“Chicken,” Chris said softly.

Sherrie didn’t reply as their mother suddenly crawled forward straddling their dad’s hips. She reached down between her legs and raised their dad’s dick up vertically. She rubbed her head in her slit for a moment and then sat down hard. His dick disappeared completely.

“Holy shit!” Sherrie said loudly. How fast it disappeared is what surprised her. Where it went was obvious from their view.

“Yeah, mom’s had some practice at that,” Chris said with a soft groan as his mother started to rock her hips and bounce up and down. “She’s had some practice at that also.”

“I, I, uh, yeah,” Sherrie said with a groan mixed in.

Their mother bounced up and down and rocked her hips for minutes on end. Suddenly she leaned forward and just rocked her hips back and forth quickly. Just as suddenly, she threw back her head and let out a soft yell as their father raised his hips and held them up.

“What, what happened beside mother coming like mad?” Sherrie asked with a confused look on her face.

Chris hit pause and looked at his sister. “Three things happened. Mother was getting close from bouncing on dad’s dick, she stopped bouncing so she could rub her clit on dad, and then they both came. Dad bridged up to get his dick even deeper than it was.”

Sherrie looked at him with wide eyes and then groaned long and loud as her eyes slowly closed and her hips jerked and flexed rubbing her hot wet sex on her brother’s thigh. He groaned at the branding iron heat and grabbed his sister as she started to fall sideways.

He had a big grin on his face as he hugged his sister tightly. “You have more to learn than just blowjobs,” he whispered softly as he turned the video off.


Sherrie groaned as she lifted her head from her brother’s shoulder. It took her mind a few moments to get into gear. With a jerk she sat back and looked everywhere but at her brother. “That, that one snuck up on me,” she whispered with a blush.

“And a barnburner it was,” Chris whispered in reply.

Sherrie shivered and started to stand up. Her legs were shaky and she sat back down with a wet squishy sound coming from the contact of her sex and her brother’s leg. “I, I, I,” she stammered as she rocked her hips back and forth.

“Lean forward and do that,” Chris said.

Sherrie gave him a funny look for a second before the light bulb went on and she shook her head. “I, uh, I, uh, no way,” she finally got out.

“You don’t want to feel what put mom over the moon,” Chris asked with a grin.

Sherrie shook her head.

“Okay then. We both need a shower. Together of separately?”

“Not, not together. Mom and dad might come home early.”

“It’s not as early as you think,” Chris said with a grin.

Sherrie looked at the clock on her desk and groaned. “Where did the time go?”

“Time flies when you’re having fun and or orgasms,” her brother replied.

Sherrie slowly stood up on shaky legs. They weren’t as bad as earlier but…. “You, you head for your room and I’ll get in the shower,” she said softly.

“Not quite yet,” Chris said as he stood up and took his underwear off. “There is this small problem that needs taking care of. I promise, it won’t take long.”

Sherrie’s eyes were on her brother’s hard dick as he took the underwear off and sat down. When he turned the chair her way, she groaned deeply and slowly went to her knees. “I, uh, I,” she stammered and then groaned even louder as he pushed his dick away from his body.

Her hand shot out and she gripped the base of his shaft. Her head went down until her tongue could reach the spongy head. She swirled her tongue around the head and then sucked it into her mouth. Her tongue was going wild all over everything in her mouth.

The smell, the taste, the feel of his dick in her mouth had Sherrie’s head spinning. Now what, she wondered until she felt a hand on the back of her head lightly pushing on it.

She groaned long and loud as she slurped every inch in until she reached her hand. “Bob your head slowly while you hold suction on me and swirl your tongue around. Slow and steady is deadly for me.”

About three minutes later, her brother was coming in her mouth as she swallowed and came right along with him.


Sherrie had her cheek on her brother’s hip as she still nursed on his softened dick. She groaned and lifted her head slowly. His dick stretched out and popped out of her mouth. “I, I, came when you did,” she admitted with a deep blush.

“And the problem with that is?” Chris asked his sister.

She shook her head and grinned up at him. “Nothing as I’m finding out about a lot of things.”

“Then go get your shower while I order us pizza for supper. Not exactly Valentine’s food but it’ll have to do,” Chris said with a wink.

Sherrie got to her feet slowly and moved forward to sit down on her brother’s thigh. He groaned as she rocked her hips from side to side. She was branding him again as she leaned forward and kissed him softly on the lips.

When the kiss broke, she sighed and said, “You still kiss great. Even better now, I think.”

“You’re better also,” he said with a smile.

As she stood up, Sherrie said, “Yeah, State is the only way to go.”

Chris chuckled. “So I guess you don’t need the fifty cent tour?”

“No but three days alone with you is something I wouldn’t miss for the world,” she replied as she stood up and turned around. She got her robe off the back of her door and slung it over her shoulder. She opened the door and looked over her shoulder at her brother. “Make me a copy of the “Family Secrets.”

“Masturbation material?” Chris asked.

“Not on your life. I want it for comparison when we make our own video.”

“You won’t hear any complaining from me and I promise to do a better job with camera angles so we get all the action.”

Sherrie grinned. “That sounds good.” With that said, she was out the door and left it open.

Chris had a grin on his face as he looked around and found a blank video disc. As he made a copy for his sister, he wondered if she was on birth control. “Something to ask about later,” he said aloud as he leaned back and laced his fingers behind his head.

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