Chris Came Home Early Part 1

Chris came home early on Thursday from his second year of college. He hadn’t been home since Christmas and it was now close to Valentine’s Day. His younger sister was starting college in the spring and he had planned to give her a tour of the school. He had five days without classes so this was the perfect time.

Secondly, he had bought a new video camera for Christmas and then promptly walked off and left it when he returned to school. The small palm sized camera was digital and took great pictures and even better movies. He had been to several parties where the camera would have come in handy. He did not have a girlfriend at the moment and cameras seemed to break the ice a lot of times.

Mom and dad’s cars were in the driveway and so was Sherrie’s. He parked behind his sister’s car and hurried to the front door. Coffee this morning and a forty-four ounce drink during the drive had his eyeteeth floating. He was rocking from one foot to the other as he unlocked the front door. Once inside, he hurried to the bathroom.

With that pressing matter out of the way, he went to his room to get the camera. He had left it sitting on his dresser still in the box. The box was there but the camera was not. “What the fuck?” He said aloud as he looked around the room. Nope, no camera in sight.

His first thought was his sister, so he headed for her room. Her door was open and she was sitting at her vanity putting on her makeup. He stopped and smiled, she had on a white party dress, her hair was up, and she had on white fuzzy socks. Such contrasts were normal for her. Leaned forward as she was had the dress pulled tight across her small ass and even tighter across her small breasts. There was no bra under the dress as her nipples made little tents in the soft material.

“Hey sis, have you seen my new camera?” Chris asked and then grinned as his sister jumped in surprise.

“Hey! What are you doing here?” Sherrie replied with a question of her own as she stood up and came over to hug her brother.

“I wanted my new camera and I hoped you would have some time so I could show you around school.”

“Alright, I was hoping you would do that before I had to make a decision one way or the other,” she replied as she hugged him even tighter.

“I figured a couple or three days would do the trick.”

Sherrie chuckled and stepped back. “I don’t know if mom and dad are going to go for me being gone with you for that long.”

“Hey now, I’m trust worthy,” Chris said with a grin.

“Yeah, you are but there are a couple of your friends that aren’t. Mom has already given me the don’t date your brother’s friends speech and several more.”

Chris gave his sister the once over from her face to her fuzzy socks and back again. “I’ll protect you from those bad old boys.”

In a whisper, she replied, “Yeah, but who’s going to protect me from you?”

With a chuckle, Chris replied, “So I copped a feel when I was teaching you how to kiss. It was your fault for kissing so good.”

Sherrie shivered as she remembered kissing her brother and his hand suddenly covering her right breast. He had jerked his hand away almost instantly but…. “You never heard me complain, did ya?”

Chris dropped his eyes to the front of her dress. The little tents were not so little anymore. He took a deep breath and looked back up at her face just in time to see a blush fading. “Okay, now where is my camera?” He asked to change the subject.

“I haven’t got it. I did see dad with it last week.”

“What would dad want with my camera?”

Sherrie giggled. “All I know is he and mom were headed for their bedroom with it. I had a date and left shortly after that.”

Chris grinned and said, “Mom and dad on my camera? Now there is a bargaining chip if I ever heard of one.”

“What do you mean by mom and dad on your camera?” Sherrie asked and then her eyes got wide. “You don’t mean they….”

“Yeah, exactly,” her brother replied. “Mom and dad doing the dirty. The only question is, does dad know how to download it to his computer or is it still on my camera.”

“But, but, but…” Sherrie sputtered.

“Where are mom and dad now?” Chris asked quickly.

“Uh, next door at the Martins. They’re having a Valentines party. Why do you ask?”

“We need to find that camera.”

“What do you mean we, pale face? I’ve got a date in a half hour,” Sherrie protested.

“Call and tell him you’re sick or something. We have more important fish to fry than you getting your little monkey spanked.”

“Hey now!” Sherrie started to protest.

“Do you want to go to State with me or get stuck here at home and going to the local junior college? Which is it, freedom or four more years here at home?”

Sherrie looked at her brother with wide eyes. He was right; mom and dad kept pushing her toward the local college. They did not seem to care where her brother went but she had to be protected. It was totally unfair but you couldn’t fight…. Her eyes narrowed and she turned toward the bed and her phone.

“Good choice,” Chris said as he turned toward the bedroom door. He paused and looked back at his sister. “You need to keep a watch out for mom and dad while I search for my camera.”

Sherrie had the phone to her ear but she nodded to her brother as she made several coughing sounds and said, “Hey Jason, sorry to spring this on you so late but I’m coming down with something terrible.”

Chris grinned as he headed for his parent’s bedroom. He found the camera, the charger, and the manual in the second place he looked, his father’s top dresser drawer. Sherrie was coming out of her room as Chris returned to the hall. “Dad’s office,” he said as he headed her way.

The small corner bedroom was the office and Chris took a seat in front of his dad’s computer. He opened the camera and popped the memory card out. He plugged it into his dad’s computer and opened it to see if anything was on it. It was almost full.

“Someone has recorded something,” he said as he pulled two blank CD’s out of the rack above the computer. “You go keep a lookout while I copy it.”

“But….” Sherrie said and then left the room without saying whatever it was she was going to say.

Chris grinned at his sister as she left and opened the hidden porn directory his dad had on his computer. He made a new directory called “Family Secrets” and dumped the camera disk there. He played just a few seconds of it to see his father setting the camera up on the corner of his dresser and his mother climbing on the bed.

“Perfect,” Chris whispered to himself as he put a CD in the drive and copied the file to it. When it finished, he made a second copy. He labeled the first one, “Family secrets,” and the second one, “Mom and Dad.” With the copies made, he erased the camera chip and returned it to the camera.

Chris hurried to his parent’s room and put the CD marked “Family secrets” in his dad’s top drawer. Then he returned the charger and manual to his room and got the camera box. With everything packed away, he headed out to find his sister.


Sherrie was in the dinning room peeking out the bay window. That gave her a view of the neighbor’s side gate and the driveway all the way to her car. There was no way her parents could return without her seeing them. What she did not see was her brother sneaking up behind her. The first she knew he was there was a pair of hands covering her breasts and giving them a gentle squeeze.

She gasped loudly and then he was pressed up against her back massaging her sensitive breasts through the thin cloth of her dress. He kissed and licked the back of her neck as his hands squeezed her breasts firmly. She moaned softly and arched her back.

“See anything interesting?” Chris asked with humor in his voice.

“N…. N…. No,” Sherrie stammered and then whimpered as her brother released her breasts and stepped away from her. She pulled her head out from between the drapes and looked at him. Her eyes were wide and her mouth slightly open.

“Do you ever wonder what they do over at the Martin’s house? They’re over there several times a week and most of the time they stay late.”

Sherrie shook her head more to clear it than anything in the way of a reply. His hands on her breasts, his lips on her neck, the sudden change with the question all had her slightly off balance.

“They play cards and visit,” Sherrie finally got out.

“Maybe they’re secret swingers,” Chris offered with a grin.

“Bullshit,” his sister shot back. “They’re not the type.”

“And just what is the type?” Her brother asked.

“Uh…. Well…. I don’t know exactly but it is not them. They don’t even show skin around us. Well, no more than people would normally show.”

“I said they were secretive about it,” Chris said still teasing her.

“What was on the camera?” Sherrie asked to change the subject.

“I only watched a few seconds but dad was setting up the camera on his dresser and mom was climbing onto the bed.”

“Was… was she, uh, you know, naked?” Sherrie asked with a shiver.

“She still had on her old housedress but dad had his shirt off.”

When Sherrie groaned softly, Chris asked, “Do you want to watch it with me?”

“Eww, watching our parents have sex? I don’t know about that.”

“Well, I’m going to sooner or later. Sooner if I can borrow your laptop and later if I can’t since mine is at school,” Chris replied.

“I don’t want that on my laptop,” Sherrie protested.

“It won’t be on your laptop. It’s on a CD.”

“Oh, okay but what is the hurry?” Sherrie asked.

“We don’t know exactly how late mom and dad are going to be tonight or what kind of shape they will be in, in the morning. I just want to know what kind of leverage we have.”

Sherrie turned and looked out the window for a second and then turned back. “My laptops in my room.”


Chris was sitting in the chair at his sister’s desk and she was standing behind him as he put the CD in the drive. When it came up, he told it to play as a movie. Sherrie fidgeted behind him and asked, “Do I really need to watch this?”

Chris grinned up at her and said, “Who knows, you might learn something or at least how you came to be.”

“I’ve already got that last part figured out, thank you very much,” she said and then stuck her tongue out at him.

He chuckled and asked, “What are you planning on licking with that?”

“Nothing you’ve got, that’s for sure,” she shot back.

“Were you going to lick your date?”

“That is none of your….” Sherrie stopped talking and stared at the screen, her mouth hanging open. Her dad was naked from the waist up and her mom was sitting on their bed pulling her housedress off over her head.

“Damn!” Chris whispered. “Mom’s got a nice set of tits. Not to mention, she’s in good shape for a lady her age.”

Sherrie just nodded. Her mom’s breasts were shaped like her own cone shaped ones only a little fuller. The puffy ends were darker and her nipples were larger. She had a real nice tan, an overall tan. Then it hit her; her mom did not have any tan lines.

“She has a nice tan also,” Chris said more to himself than his sister.

“And no tan lines,” Sherrie whispered.

Their dad moved forward, dropped his shorts, and climbed on the bed with their mother. He had a great tan and no tan lines either. “Where did they get those tans?” Chris asked.

Sherrie giggled and said, “Mexico.” When her brother gave her a funny look, she told him, “They took a vacation back in the fall to a resort in Mexico.”

“From the looks of things it was a nude resort. Did the Martins go with them by any chance?” Chris asked with a grin as he watched his dad lay down next to his mother.

Sherrie watched as he leaned over and sucked on his wife’s closest nipple. She whimpered softly as he did and so did her daughter. Sherrie’s nipples were supper sensitive and sucking them made her come if it was done right. Watching her dad suck her mother’s similar nipples had her hands up covering her own in a second.

“Well, did they?” Chris asked as he looked up at his sister. Her hands were covering her breasts. She was just holding one cupped in each hand. “Earth to Sherrie,” Chris said loudly.

Sherrie gave a start and whimpered softly as she looked down at her brother. He was grinning and staring at her hands covering her breasts. She gave her breasts a firm squeeze and then quickly moved her hands away as she remembered what his hands had felt like earlier.

“I take it, you like having your nipples sucked?” Chris asked softly.

Sherrie looked back at the screen and groaned softly. Her father had most of her mother’s breast in his mouth. Chris looked around at the screen and whispered, “Damn dad, get you some.”

“If… if her nipples are anywhere near as sensitive as mine, he’s going to get a lot more than just some,” Sherrie whispered as her hands went back to the front of her dress.

As if to prove what Sherrie had said was true, their mom’s hips rose up and flexed slowly. Her left hand came up and over to caress the back of her husband’s head. Her right hand snaked down across her stomach until it was cupping her sex. The middle finger was moving up and down in her slit slowly.

Chris laughed and whispered, “Get you some mom.”

Sherrie moaned loudly and then leaned over her brother’s shoulder to grab the mouse and hit the pause button.

“Hey!” Chris said sharply.

“I… uh… can’t watch this with you here,” his sister said quickly.

“Uh…. Why not?” Chris said in confusion.

“Because!” Sherrie said sharply.

“Why because?” Chris asked but a smile was coming to his lips. He realized that watching their parents was turning his sister on big time.

Sherrie blushed deeply and Chris chuckled. “You’re feeling what she’s feeling,” he whispered a moment later.

With a soft groan, Sherrie found herself nodding.

“What if I did to you what he does to mom?” Chris asked in a whisper.

Sherrie groaned even louder but shook her head quickly. “I’d…. I’d…. Come my brains out in seconds.”

“And the problem with that would be?” Chris asked.

Sherrie moaned deeply but did not reply.

Chris turned in the chair and pulled his sister around in front of him. She moved hesitantly and then moaned again as he pulled her down to sit on his left leg. “I… we…” she said softly and then gave a jerk as she felt his hand on the back of her dress. She shivered and moaned as he pulled the zipper down.

“You… I…. Uh, we…” she said again and then added, “Shouldn’t.” But she did not resist when he slipped the thin straps of her dress off her shoulders and pulled the top of her dress down around her waist.

She groaned as he turned her upper body more toward him and looked at her breasts. Her nipples were so hard they hurt under his gaze. “Your breasts do look very much like hers,” Chris whispered. “They are beautiful.”

Sherrie’s eyes darted to the screen and the frozen picture of her dad sucking her mom’s breast. Then she groaned deeply as the tip of Chris’s tongue teased the light brown skin on the puffy part of her breast just below the nipple. Her left hand flew to the back of his head and pulled lightly.

Chris felt her hand on the back of his head, sucked in just the puffy part of her breast, and swirled his tongue over and around it. His sister gasped loudly and then her hips were rocking on his leg as her stomach muscles contracted and relaxed. It took him a second to realize she was coming. When he did, he sucked her whole breast into his mouth and alternated between bathing it with his tongue and flicking her nipple hard.

Sherrie’s eyes were closed and she had her lower lip trapped between her teeth. That was all that kept her from yelling at the top of her lungs. The orgasm had literally exploded as he had sucked on her nipple. With her whole breast in his mouth, the orgasm had shot up even higher and was now a long rolling wave.


When Sherrie swam back up to the surface of her consciousness, Chris had his arms around her and was rocking her back and forth gently and slowly. Sherrie sighed and snuggled against his shoulder. It was a few moments more before she realized where her right hand was. It was under her dress on the front of her panties. She shivered as she slowly curled her middle finger and then straightened it.

“That was a strong one,” Chris whispered softly.

Sherrie nodded and whimpered softly as her finger moved again on its own. It brushed across her very sensitive clit and she whimpered again. She shivered and whispered, “It still isn’t really over.”

He reached over and pressed play on the movie. His dad went on sucking his mom’s breast and her finger moved lazily between the outer lips of her pussy. Sherrie groaned softly as her finger moved the same way. Chris glanced at her and then looked down to where her wrist disappeared under her dress.

“You’re doing the same thing mom is doing?” He asked a moment later.

“I… uh… have panties on but yes,” Sherrie confessed breathily.

“Uh, do you want to take them off,” Chris asked hesitantly.

“Oh God, no! I’d come instantly,” she replied quickly.

“Will you come again when I suck your other nipple and breast?”

Sherrie blushed deeply but nodded just the same. “Harder even,” she whispered a moment later.

“Let’s wait and see what dad does,” Chris said but his eyes were on his sister’s hard nipples.

He looked back at the screen to see his mother’s hips fluttering up and down quickly. He groaned softly and then Sherrie whispered, “She’s close, very close.”

About then, her dad sucked on the breast in his mouth hard and slowly raised his head. The breast stretched and then the puffy nipple appeared and stretched the same way. When it came free, their mom made a gasping groaning moan, her hips jerking up higher, and her finger sliding down to enter her sex. Then she was shaking all over as she made a soft whimpering sound.

Sherrie groaned long and loud, her hips jerking back and forth slowly. “Are you coming again?” Chris asked and when she nodded quickly he asked, “Is your finger in your pussy?”

With an even deeper groan, Sherrie nodded her head, her hips jerking harder.

Chris reached over and paused the movie. Sherrie’s eyes were closed and her lower lip was once again between her teeth. “That’s two,” Chris whispered as he hugged his sister.


Sherrie sighed and opened her eyes. Her head was on her brother’s shoulder and his arms were around her. Her pussy was rhythmically grabbing and releasing her finger. Pleasure was still flowing throughout her body in waves that seemed to feed back on themselves. She had felt this way before when she masturbated but never with someone else present.

She sighed again and opened her eyes. Her mother was still arched up with her finger buried in her pussy. “Start it,” she whispered and Chris did.

Her mother’s hips continued to shake and shiver for another minute or two. Then they slowly settled back to the bed with her finger still in her pussy. Shellie shivered and whispered, “I know that feeling well.”

“Uh, with guys, or alone?”

Sherrie giggled. “Masturbating with one finger,” she whispered softly.

“No toys?” Chris asked either out of curiosity or to tease her, he wasn’t sure which.

“So far all I’ve needed was one finger, one hand, and my imagination.”

“What if someone added a tongue on your nipples or your clit to that?”

Sherrie groaned long and loud as her hips jerked back and forth several times. Her pussy had a death grip on her finger.

“I guess that answers that question,” Chris said with a chuckle.

“More than you would believe,” Sherrie whispered softy as her hips rocked back and forth.

“Have you ever sucked a dick?” Chris asked softly.

Sherrie moaned loudly and nodded before she even thought about it. “I, uh, once….”

“And you came when he did,” Chris said, fishing for information. When his sister nodded, he asked, “Did he return the favor?”

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