Cheating My Husband For Anal

Story Line: A reflection from a cheating wife’s anal slut transformation.

Well, it took a couple of weeks for me to get up enough courage to go and ask my hubby to set up a second experience. I think I was afraid of what he’d say and scared of my shame for wanting it, no, needing it so badly.


After putting down our little guy one night, I went to him and brought up my idea to do it again. As is our deal, I asked him if he could arrange another guy for me. He seemed agitated and dug into me about liking it, but he did not make me feel bad. He just pointed out that he didn’t think I would want to again based on how badly I had said it felt the first time. He agreed that I had lived up to my side of the bargain by getting the guy to video it and then telling him about it and posting about it. After a bit of discussion, he said he would find another guy.

He took the week and went back and forth with a couple of guys but came to me on Thursday and told me that he had found another guy and had arranged to be home Saturday night with our son so that I could have my outing. My stomach was in knots, but I was also excited. Friday came and went. On Saturday, I spent the day around the house just being domestic, cleaning, and doing laundry that had piled up over the week. I made a nice dinner, and after we ate and I bathed our son, I went and got ready. I spent some time in the bathroom and shower cleaning myself out, giving myself a coconut oil enema that I’d read about on the internet. It isn’t about not wanting the pain as much as not wanting to poop while it’s happening. I wanted to be clean.

After I was sure that I was thoroughly cleaned out, I slipped into a lace thong and bra, put on a simple pair of skinny jeans and a top, and kissed my hubby goodbye, promising to text him when I got there and when I left. The entire drive to the guy’s house was a flood of emotions, guilt, anxiety, and excitement. It was a longer drive than I’d had the first time, and my mind wandered to what the guy would look like? How would feel? Would it hurt as badly as it had the first time? I turned on the radio and tried not to obsess too much.

My husband had told me that the guy married also and that his family was out for the night. His wife didn’t know, so we were both cheating. I guess I could not judge as I was pretty much doing the same thing except that my hubby knew. It was strange that being the “other woman” made me feel worse, but I also felt more wrong and naughty.

I pulled up to the address and before me was a regular house in a plane neighborhood. I texted my husband that I was there and about to head in. He texted back, “I love you, be safe.” When I walked up to the door and knocked, I was greeted at the door by a very large, slightly overweight but athletic mid-30’s black man. My husband had done it again. I was excited and hoped he was like the last guy. He invited me in and offered me a drink that I politely declined, asking for just water. When he came back from the kitchen with the water, I took a sip and asked if we could not have too much small take or foreplay because I did not have a lot of time and honestly didn’t know if I would back out if we did not get to it quickly.

He smiled and led me to his bedroom, where I proceeded to undress. It was strange that I don’t recall ever feeling shy even though I have a lot of body image issues. As I stood there naked, he casually got undressed, and when I finally saw his manhood in its entire splendor, I was not disappointed. It was easily longer than a soda can and very hard and erect. I’m not good with measurements, but I would guess he was as big around as a Redbull can or something like that. I handed him my cellphone set to video record mode and asked him to please record the entire thing.

Without much discussion, he told me to get on my knees with my belly on the bed and my ass up. In one abrupt thrust, he came up behind me and pushed his entire length into my defenseless and exposed asshole. I wasn’t physically ready at all, and OMG, it hurt soo badly. I could not help but let out a rather loud squealing whimper as he proceeded to very roughly fuck me full length in and out, taking my breath away each thrust. I could feel my insides struggling to adjust to accommodate the ravaging intruder into my bottom as I also could feel my cunny starting to moisten and then drip like a turned-on faucet.

He pushed my head down and shoved every inch of his cock into my asshole over and over again. He was like a jackhammer, I mean something about the position, and he was tall, and the bed was low, so my knees were on the ground and my ass up and belly on the bed, and he had like an almost in and downward thrust, and it allowed him to drive in and out of me hard. I was soo sore, and it hurt soo badly… but after he came, he grabbed my head and forced his cock into my mouth with all the slime from his cum and my asshole on it. It smelled soo terrible and was so disgusting, but somehow it made me soo wet. I mean it. It was soo arousing and horrible. As I sucked him, he got hard again, which was a surprise. I have never been excellent and deep throating, and I always felt that I gag easily. But I managed to take all of him down my throat, and though I did gag pretty back and had a lot of foam and drool, I did get him all into my mouth and throat somehow. I remember feeling proud of myself despite my disgust and shame.

When he was hard again, he laid down on the bed and made me get on top of him cowgirl, forcing me to lower my asshole onto his cock, and ride him again. This was the first experience I’ve had where I actively participated in my own anal fucking. It was a super turn-on. I rubbed my cunt and managed to cum in writhing full-body convulsions that caused me to feel my anus squeezing hard on the entire length of his shaft buried inside me. He came in my ass again, and I was a mess. He made me suck him clean again, and I didn’t even hesitate.

After I finished, I was very sweaty. I had sticky drool and saliva on my chin and down onto my chest and breasts. My hair was a mess. I could feel my anus puckering. I could hear and feel small wet bubbly farts as air and cum escaped from my sore butthole. I didn’t even go into the bathroom and clean up. I was so ashamed and embarrassed that all I could do was get up and put my clothes on. I slipped my thong on, and as the material slid between my butt cheeks, it instantly stuck to them. I remember thinking how bad an idea wearing a thong was in hindsight. I put my jeans on and then my bra and top, and finally, I slipping my socks and shoes on, picked up my cellphone from where it laid on the bed, and thanked him for everything. He didn’t even get dressed or walk me to his door.

I hurried to the car, and once inside with the motor running, I texted my husband that I was done and okay and would be home soon. The entire drive, I felt so disgusting physically, sweaty, sticky, and sore. I knew that cum was leaking out of my butt and making my pants stick to my ass. I could taste the funk in my mouth from him and luckily found some mints in the console box to get the taste out of my mouth.

When I got home, my hubby was still up. I gave him a quick peck on the cheek and told him I needed a shower before I could talk. I went straight upstairs and stripped. I stepped into the shower letting the hot water wash over me. After a thorough lathering and a good hot washcloth scrubbing of my bum, I got out and brushed my teeth, and headed to our bedroom. Even though it was late, my hubby was still up. He had my phone and had watched the entire video. He asked how I was and how it was. I told him I was okay, if not a bit sore. Then he made me watch the video with him. I was so embarrassed.

When I got to the part where I was sucking the guy right after he pulled out of my asshole and saw how much white ass slime was on his cock and then how much drool and frothy foam I made while accomplishing deep throating him even I was awestruck. My husband asked me about it, how it felt, and why I had never done that with him. I told him I didn’t know, maybe because he had never actually “made” me. That honestly, the guy had just pushed my head down all the way and held it and would not let me up. He asked if I liked the experience in its entirety, and I honestly answered that I did.

As we talked, I felt my husband getting hard, and it was crazy how aroused it made me that discussing this had made him hard. He climbed on top of me and shoved his cock into my very wet, very aroused cunny, and it felt wonderful. He fucked me hard for a bit, and I had a crashing full-body orgasm. He pulled out of me and told me to suck his cock like I did the guys. I got on my knees and took his cock into my mouth, and loved the taste of my own cunny. As I sucked him, he is as long but not as thick as the two black guys were. He grabbed the back of my head and pushed me down on his cock as hard as he could.

He’s never done that before. I could feel his cock stopped and stuck and the back of my throat, and then it popped into my throat, and I almost vomited. I didn’t struggle, and he held me there for a good long few seconds before letting me up and then proceeding to push my head down and up, full throat fucking me until he erupted in a massive load of his cum puffed my cheeks. It came out of my nose, burning my nostrils. I was tearing and trying from it and tried my best to swallow what I could. When he finished, he slid out of my mouth. I got up and went back to the bathroom and rinsed my face and mouth and went pee, and wiped my cunny clean. When I came back to bed, I kissed my hubby, and we both fell asleep.

As I lay there, I remembered I had a fleeting realization that I had wished that it was the other guy’s cock I was sucking again and not my hubby’s. I can’t believe I’m telling you all this. Am I just a deranged disgusting deviant? I enjoyed it soo much but feel soo guilty.