Mistress Makes My Fantasies Real

Looking at my watch I noted that it was time to go. I had a case of butterflies As I always looked forward to my sessions with Her, but Mistress can be genuinely overpowering sometimes and took a deep breath.


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My long distance boyfriend

This is a true story to say the least. My long distance boyfriend and I finally met up, on August 23rd of this year. So in this, I recall the details of my, ahem, ‘our’, first time.


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The Slutty Virgin

“Will you hurry up Ava, damn… You’re so extra… We’re just going to Cubboost, not Rome. Sheesh girl, you’re an adult, not twelve. Why do you always take so long to get dressed?” my twin scolded me…


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Broken In By Brother

Description: A girl tells the story of her life in remote Wyoming, and how she and her brother learned about life and having babies together. Mom and Dad discover their relationship and while trying to discourage it get drawn in.


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